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2010/2011 Version Update Lists!

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Didn't see this posted elsewhere, so, without further delay...


SE finally released a list of the major changes coming in November, December, and also the first update of 2011!



Fixes to SP and partying, UI issues, and market wards all around! They're even going to give us our long overdue delivery system.


Tons and tons of new additions. One of my personal favorites (Outside of, you know, fixing nearly everything that needed to be fixed) are these gems:



The addition of "companies" (player-run guilds)

The addition of company-owned ships

The addition of company-owned buildings



Now, having a building is cool enough. But ships!? ...I can't wait to see what the "Multiplayer content" aboard them is all about.

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Instead of making yet another thread, I'll just post this here. New details about the Nov. 25th update were posted today: http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/topics/detail?id=ae522972e787f44f3f98486de21b1ab2f941c524


Inventory sort, ease of equipping things, chat changes, targeting enhancement, and more!


Please note that SE stated that this is not the full list of expected changes for the Nov. 25th update, but just a portion. Details on the rest of the stuff will likely be brought up at a later time.

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