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Legend of korra and THAT FINALE!


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I needed to make another thread because thread-whore and/or some posts earlier made me wanna feel goods about myself inside and out.


Socially and online I haven't made much qualms about my statement that I'm a lesbian... and anyone who has been remotely interested in korra has probably heard about the finale!


Aka that wonderful last scene that made me giggle as that Korrasami fangirl that I am.


As an old A:TLA fan and somewhat more moderate fan of Korra (Second half of Season one and oh god season 2 why), I've been a shipper as soon as Korra and Asami were put in to the scenes. Then they showed screens of Korra and asami pretty much roadtrippin together. Shipping~


anyway, the words of the gods aka Bryke aka Mike and Bryan have come out stating that no, this wasn't just an image of two friends but it was the image of Korra and Asami's relationships evolving from not just friends but to loving relationship of the CANON SHIPS kind.


When I first saw it, I was honestly blown away. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was hoping beyond hope that it was true... and lots of media outlets were getting to it as well. I can't begin to express how joyous I was when I read both of their blog posts stating yes, it's canon. It was end-game. Yes that was what we were allowed to work with with Nickelodeon constraints.


I'm super happy that they were able to, wanted to, and allowed to do it.


Anyway, do you perhaps think that perhaps other showrunners may start to be able to/want to/allowed to do such similar things?



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I'm so glad the creators cleared up the "ambiguity" of the ending with the same thing that I thought--that there was no ambiguity and those who thought there was were looking at things distorted by their own prejudices or perceived social norms.


I do think this a great step forward, though! Bisexual female characters are a rarity in anything (other than in depiction of "slutty" characters looking for sexual pleasure wherever they can find it) and a confirmed non-heterosexual couple in a children's show is an amazing leap forward.

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I think it was a wonderful ending, and I like that they didn't throw it in your face like they did the MakoxKorra pairing initially. As someone who was put off by the heavy teen-romance settings from Book 1 and 2 this came as a pleasant, subtle, and well executed surprise and I hope it helps set a precedence.


I felt the constraints worked into their favor as I didn't need a kiss or anything more beyond what we got.


I do kind of wish we had a bit more of a general cast closure, but I suppose they'll release comics like they did for LA.

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I've not really watched Korra or Avatar, but I've heard a lot from my friends in terms of two series. I think in my personal opinion - Nickelodeon has approached something that many kids based cartoon shows (including Cartoon Network) have not done before and that's coupling two females as lovers. I respect their decisions and I think they made the right one too. :3

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Also, either just Bryan or Mike or Bryke had stated in their blogs that it was not "just lesbianism" representation but a bisexual one.


I did laugh when he stated that they knew Makorra was not end-game and that they didn't really want it.

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I'm really big into more LGBT representation in media and go to protest rallies for equality and all that jazz.


I have to make sure people know this because when I say I felt like the Korra ending was legit pandering people call me a homophobe.


To me the whole thing was jarring and felt like they were trying to earn cool points.

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It did feel a bit like it came out of left field (the only hints were way too subtle for that ending), but a lot of that can be chalked up to the show's issues in general (namely, that they were writing literally season by season instead of having an overarching storyline like they did for TLA).


And it's still nice that they did it, pandering or not. It's nice to see non-het pandering for once, you know?


I admit to not watching Season 3 because Season 2 put me off so horribly.


Bolin in the beginning of Season 2 was just /cry


But I think he got better in Season 4? I think. Lava bending though.


We know BolinxOpal.

Wait, what? You skipped the BEST SEASON!?


Go back! Go back right now and watch that shizz!

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I'm really big into more LGBT representation in media and go to protest rallies for equality and all that jazz.


I have to make sure people know this because when I say I felt like the Korra ending was legit pandering people call me a homophobe.


To  me the whole thing was jarring and felt like they were trying to earn cool points.


I've seen people on both sides of this. The idea that it was too fast too soon or the fact that there was no lead up.


I think it was very subtle, if not at all. *flashes yuri goggles*

Korra and Asami were pretty close from the snippets of scenes I saw of season 3. Asami is the one Korra writes to when she's at her lowest. Maybe it's because Asami is the one other girl. *keeps flashing them goggles* But maybe it's because she does feel closest to her of all people. She's drawn to explain to her and apologize that she hadn't written her. It'd take me awhile to comb through it, but I think Bryan's comment about rewatching seasons 3 and 4 has merit.


I won't get into the fact that if Korra and Mako or Asami and Mako can get together that fast there's no reason why Korra and Asami can't U-Haul it out to the spirit world. Oh wait, I did xD Also, this is not them full-blown getting married but they're moving into the "let's go date [and develop this in the spirit world]!'


Is it fan pandering? Bryan mentions in his post that they'd wanted it for awhile. Years. Perhaps even longer than before they got started with and finished Makorra.


Wait, what? You skipped the BEST SEASON!?


Go back! Go back right now and watch that shizz!

I um... I bought it on amazon? To be honest the biggest reason I got into watching season 4 was because I saw Toph >.>;

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Eh, they can say a lot of things to justify it, doesn't make it true :P


HOWEVER Zyrus is right, it's good to see some non-het pandering for once. If we're talking about the fact it was romantic love between two women on a kids show, great strides were made that that even got in. If we're talking about it PURELY from a story front, it felt phony to me

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Yes I watched it and thought they had been building to that for a while. I was glad they did it but it was a bit of a departure of the general tone of the series in that it ended on romance.

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I stuck with the show through all 4 seasons and actually -hated- the MakoxKorra stuff. To me -that- felt more forced than anything. And I won't lie, initially I wanted BolinxKorra because (to reuse a commonly used phrase) it would've been something outside the norm (the somewhat larger/typical comedy relief character gets with the main character rather than the 'omg so hot/so cool' character), IMO.


However with the changes to the characters that happened over the seasons, I have to admit that I too initially thought that Korra only wrote to Asami because they were basically the gal pals of the group. She'd come off a break up with Mako and Bolin was essentially her little brother of sorts. But to me it did feel like something that gradually built up over time and I didn't read the ending as anything ambiguous at all. It didn't need the deal sealed with a kiss (though if it were a hetero couple I'm sure it would've been...baby steps though), as their looks and the music/general set up said enough.


And while I normally wouldn't consider myself much of a 'shipper' I agree that it's nice that they came out to say 'bam! this is canon!' lest the battles of the internet continue to wage on over 'if they were' or 'if they weren't'.


Plus, it was just nice to have the acknowledgement for the sake of the folks in my life who identify "outside the norm" (quotes because lawl in general at norms, normal is variable).

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I squealed so loud when it happened. I must have yelled 'WHAT?! WHHHAT? WAIT HOLD UP! WHATTTT?!' in my friend's ear while we were watching it. I've been shipping them ever since they began laying down little hints of a possible pairing. I'm am incredibly happy that they paired them together.


If you think about it really this is a huge step for a a kid's channel. In my opinion this is when we need to expose children to the different types of races, genders, and sexual orientations. To show that no matter who the person is, what gender/race they are, or who they love doesn't matter. That we should all be treated with respect, and decency. I'm really proud Nick did this.

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In a show with four seasons and 14 episodes per season max...with so many different characters, situations, locations and circumstances, it's really really difficult to do any more buildup than they already did. It started in season three, strengthened in season 4 and finally culminated. 


When people say it came out of left field I feel like they really didn't notice season three and season four's little hints. Mind you, given that the ENDING itself was as smooth and subtle as possible, we couldn't exactly expect a powerful buildup. Not to mention it's still a kids' show that adults can watch, in the end! They did what they could and I love them for it. I will never call a step in the right direction pandering -- because with stepping in the right direction, someone's gotta give.




Kuvira and Korra's fight was a ride. Short, but just as brutal, stubborn and to the point as the characters were expected to be, with AMAZING music to accompany it. 


Before that, the scene after Sato's sacrifice when they were running up the machine to get in and Korra had to water/ice bend to keep Kuvira from smashing them. Everything about that. The music, the motions, the sequence of events, Kuvira's expression -- small irises, the sweat, the panic/rage. So so well done. SO MANY SHOWS LEAVE IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THIS OUT. 


It was a fun ride, and I don't regret having stuck with the series at all.


It did give me feels, too. Always feelsy when something good ends.


*remembers resisting the urge to sob hysterically when LOST ended*

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Bryan Konietzko just released this Korrasami piece that will be at the art gallery. All proceeds are going to go to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.




Aww I loved what they did at the end,

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It's been a long time since the Finale, but some might enjoy this tidbit.


At SacAnime 2015, Seychelle Gabriel (voice of Asami Sato) and Janet Varney (voice of Korra) were at a session together. [David Faustino (voice of Mako) also had an appearance but was kicked out for this act.] Korra proposes to Asami ; ~ ;






For those, like me after a certain point of time, who cannot see videos..











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