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The Haul: What did you get for Christmas?

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Today, it would seem Santa finally realized how much of a goddamn nerd I am and gifted me with some really awesome stuff. So far, this is just a portion of it, but I'll be adding pictures as I chronicle everything. These are being taken by my PS Vita's camera, so excuse the poor quality, I tried my best.




So here we have the layout. Pretty awesome stuff.




Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Vocaloid Project Diva F2nd! Ah, I'm dying inside, man.




These oddities came with the P4AU game. A stack of Tarot cards Fool-Wheel of Fortune, and an inflatable Teddy. Sadly, does not open up to reveal a blonde guy crossplaying as Alice. Le sad.




I got the Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition last year, and this year, it seemed only fitting I would get the Trap Team Dark Edition as well. What's awesome about this edition is it comes with an extra figure, and the rare-as-hell Kaos trap. But wait, what's that in the lower left corner...




Oh fuck yes. Fuck yes.


Kingdom Hearts II.5 Remix, and a necklace of the famous Crown seen in the game. The game also comes with a special pin, which I didn't photograph because it really isn't all that special in comparison to the necklace. Still, absolutely wonderful.



So, while I get back to snapping pictures of the other awesome stuff I got this year, I'd like to see what you guys got. Go on and brag!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

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My gaming rig itself. FFXIV. (these were early gifts), Drakengard 3, FFX/X-2 HD, Jak and Daxter collection, a PS3, bunch of harvest moon and rune factory games, Bravely Default, etc. I got more then I can REALLY count here. Oh, and Smash Bros on 3ds, Wii U, and a few Amiibo figures too.

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It was a light haul this year and I'm perfectly OK with that.


I got a visa gift card from my parents, which will soon be put to good use.  A very large, heavy coffee mug which is white with black cat paw prints on it and "Cats like obedient people" (I have cats irl...).  Plenty of homemade cookies.  And in game, a FC mate gifted me with a couple of Choral attire augmentations, which I used almost immediately.

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I'm partially joking - We don't open our gifts until... Saturday I think since that's when the big family bash happens. But I'll probably get cash because the people who'd give me gifts told me they would have no idea how to shop for anything they think I might want so they'd just rather give me the money.


My christmas gift to myself was GGXRD and corrupting my drivers so I would play that instead of FFXIV apparently.

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I still haven't gotten all my presents, but so far!


I got Mount Your Friends and Goat Simulator on Steam from some online friends

A movie theatre giftcard


Lip gloss

Makeup bag

A lot of clothes

An apple spice candle

A total of $135 (and a scratch off ticket winning $1...)

Two Pop! figurines (Daenerys and Baymax)

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I gots... From my lovely wife:


A very pretty white peacoat that I reallyyyy wanted.An electronic violin in a shimmery blue. ♥

FFXIV (which she also gots!)

Takenoko (epic - and kawaii - board game)

Harajuku Lovers perfume in Wicked Music

Smite - all Gods

A beautiful body harness with onyx ♥


From my dad:


A $50 dollar gift card for whatevers. 


From my in-laws:


$200 each - damn

Clue the board game

Hanafuda the card game (Jen and I are big Japan fangirls, so it's very special)

Popcorn with lots of seasonings

Strawberry Daiquiri

New PJs and socks

New slippers

Badass necklace with feathers - handmade 

A handmade gingerbread ornament

Body spray, toothbrush (I love the PJs and toothbrush tradition!)

Talking Yoda who holds candy. xD

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I got to spend a few hours with my adorable niece singing Frozen songs and teaching her colors in ASL with Candyland.


It was a lot of fun. ^_^


Oh! I also got some fuzzy socks and a vacuum! :D

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The peace gifts I received were decidedly less nerdy than the other folks here, it seems. xD Well, except for a few.


- a crap ton of Mamma D's cookbooks that contain recipes that have been in the family for a long while. If you don't know who she is, google her! A wonderful woman and Italian-American cook who was loved by so many in Chicago.

- seasons 7, 8, and 9 of Supernatural yay

- Pacific Rim, Maleficent, and The Desolation of Smaug (extended edition)

- a gift card for Kohl's, which will be appreciated either for work clothes or things that were on our wedding registry but we didn't get xD

- an album of The Decemberist's big hits (can't wait for the new album to come out...!)

- from the husband, a racquetball set, including a snazzy glove that makes me feel like I could climb walls like Spiderman. xD He got himself a set as well. I think this was a message.

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Driving gloves because damn does that steering wheel get cold once the temps hit -20F! (I lose all of my gloves, eventually. It just happens)




lots of scarves

stun gun

B&N gift card


Ever since my niece was born we mostly put most of the gift efforts towards her. She's pretty much spoiled rotten, as she's the only grandchild in my immediate family. :) One of her favorite gifts was a pretend cash register (she's 4), and so I pulled on my long ago retail experience to play cashier for her as she picked up objects from around the house to purchase. My reward was big eyes and a quiet "whoa" when I gave her the full customer service experience. Kids can be so much fun.

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I got not having to pay for rent or food for December, the complete box set of "Xena: The warrior princess", a replacement PS3 (since my old one broke back around this time last year...), a new set of PJs, bully the scholarship edition, dynasty warriors 8: xtreme legend ("complete" edition) and my other half paid for our eternal bonding as a joint Xmas/birthday present to me! (Because I'm one of those assholes that have their birthday close to Xmas) and my best friend got me something too, but she is waiting for it to arrive xD

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Ever since my niece was born we put most of the gift efforts towards her.  She's pretty much spoiled rotten, as she's the only grandchild in my immediate family.  :)  One of her favorite gifts was a pretend cash register (she's 4), and so I pulled on my long ago retail experience to play cashier for her as she picked up objects from around the house to purchase.  My reward was big eyes and a quiet "whoa" when I gave her the full customer service experience.  Kids can be so much fun.


Aw! Sounds like my niece, she'll be 4 in February. I love playing with her, that age is so fun.

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Lets see...

$15 for Target & $20 for the chocolate store I work at which both were given by the chocolate company.

$50 for Forever 21

$50 for Victoria's Secret

$50 for Sephora

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick

Purple Eye-shadow, Eyeliner, Lip Crayon

Travel Size Makeup Wipes

Snazzy Looking Makeup Case

Two Nail Polishes: 1 glittery, 1 with stars

Decorative Soap

Usable Peppermint Soap. Apparently its organic??

Casual Dress(its sooooo soft!)

Pretty fashion tights.

Hair Pins

Glitter Duck Tape. Holy frick frack paddy whack people, its like blinding when you put it in the light!

IOU for Hard-case Luggage

Chocolate! Candy Canes!


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I took a bunch of pictures of myself posing with my gifts for a Secret Santa in a different forum. The last picture is the stuff I got from my family (sans a pair of slippers and some underwear).














We need more details!!!


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Never heard of those Pop! figures before this year, but our brother- and sister-in-law got us the Daenerys and Drogo figures and that was kind of our highlight this year! This was also our first Christmas in our first home together so we got a lot of functional stuff - new dishes and decorations and tools for the fireplace and stuff like that. And lots of whiskey which pleases us both greatly!

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I received a few of my presents early but I'll still count them in my list:


- PS4

- Dragon Age: Inquisition

- Cologne/various cosmetic products

- Lots of chocolate

- Cooking utensils/specialist ingredients

- Money

- A few gift cards for stores that I frequent

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