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greetings! new to the game, and ready for some RP!

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Well my Ashley [MaiMizzu] finally dragged me over [kicking and screaming] to FF14. After a war of attrition [or at least thats what it felt like] with getting onto a server that seemed to have a manner of RP population, both open RP, and FC/Guilds, we got onto Gilgamesh!

I have 5 characters made, all really just starting their adventures.  

Joshua Arkwright, a young adult human Thaumaturgist who has set out with his best friend Mina to explore deeper into their magical arts and see what adventures await them doing so!


Jacob Arknyte is a young Miqote gladiator. His father had a bad reputation as an adventurer, being particularly prejudice against those who used magic. This young man wants to redeem his family name in part by the legacy he hopes to make with a sword and shield, defending the innocent and seeing what else might come his way on his quest.


Minako Lunacrest is a Miqote that shouldnt be alive, but on the dawn of a enw year, she was touched by a manner of magic that could be deemed a miracle, but turned her hair a brilliant white and piercing and possibly enchanting golden eyes. She now travels, working on her skills in white magic, firmly believing that this world kept her here for a reason, that being to offer a helping hand to those in need, while making a friend or few along the way.


Abigale Loxley is an arcanist. I dont have much for a backstory on her yet, other than she loves books and aspired to be an accomplished summoner, she always wanted to be an adventurer though 


Janelle Ashlynn is an Archer, and a damn good one at that, or at least so she wants to think. She is a very energetic woman that loves hunting, sparing, dancing, and is simply itching for an adventurers guild she can call home because she loves making new friends!


now..most of these characters are only level 1 for now as I literally just made them a little bit before getting to this post,I'm open to all manner of RP from action to romance, drama to comedy, cause i think a good ongoing story could have all of that and more! if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me! my timezone is Eastern, but i often am up late enough that even buddies on the west coast don't need to worry. Thanks for reading and I cant wait to get going here in FFXIV!

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Welcome to the game! :D It's always fun when you've got a partner to drag you in. :>


I understand that Gilgamesh has a smaller but more close-knit RP community, so you'll have to perhaps investigate additional channels to find the interaction you need...but if you get some good RP going, the legwork would be worth it.


If any of your characters will carry over into the forum RP, then I'll be sure my own characters look out for you. Meanwhile, welcome to Eorzea and enjoy the RPC! <3

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