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You’re not afraid to experiment with concepts seen in other FF titles and apply them here in Eorzea—that’s something I’ll always commend! Especially if it’s done rather seamlessly. Plus, Lami’s a cute Lala.

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I am loving your odd jobs thing, wonderful!


And Aya, she us sexy and a barmaid.... like the best thing ever!

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Kellach is one of those people who has one of the most calm, cool and collected heads on his shoulders, and he can even come across as goofy when he wants to. I'm also very sure that he's also a amazing RPer, and that's why I really need to RP with him!


Even though I haven't interacted with him much, and every time we've talked it's been very minimal and random, he is super awesome.


All in all, Kell is a great guy, period.

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CAUSE HOLY GUACAMOLE I HAVENT BEEN HERE IN AGES! Also Eleni is best Daughter, she is a delightful Chubby Marshmallow that brightens our discord channel anytime she speaks *goes to disappear for months on end.*

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Anyone who has "Chubby SMILE" as their forum title must be outstanding. I have seen Eleni around the forum but have never had the pleasure of direct contact. I hope that changes and that I can experience the chubby smile directly.

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I can speak from much experience that Steel is one of the friendliest folks on the RPC and now that they've got a more open schedule, folks really should prod them for RP time!


Whether serious or shenanigans, Steel's not one to turn down RP fun. Our characters had a crazy fun scene where there was a giant bar room brawl not too long ago! :D

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