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Absolver of Sins - need contacts~

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So my character is named Red Duck and in the shortest way to describe him -


he is a hired goon hellguard.


since i'm trying to get back into an RP scene, i thought i'd tap one of these things out and see how it goes.


i'm looking for pretty much all contacts - but if i had a preference, it would be contacts related to being a hired goon. characters that want to hire my dude and the like, people that would like to beat up my dude because - lets face it, hired goons are basically built to lose, especially when it gets important.


that is more or less it, not entirely sure what other details i should add - but, i'll subscribe and keep eye on this thread~





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Now I have the urge to make a new drink: Red Bull and Cold Duck. What goons crave.


EDIT: wait... or this.




I have an alt in the works who could very well benefit from some muscle-for-money, but experience has shown me that everyone is going to be going cuckoo over 2.5 for at least a week or two...

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"'Ey boss, we need someone to go take care o' dem guys."


"Get the duck."


"The duck boss? You sure? Remember what happened last time..."


"Yes.. get the duck."



(Time to form the Goon Squad FC :) )

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