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Alliance of Defiance (Disbanded)


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Alliance of Defiance-updated 10/25/11



Captain-Sayuri Katayama

Quartermaster-Amalthea Ghoulheart

First Mate-Selig Erdna

RP Style: Moderate


Website/forum: www.alliance-of-defiance.proboards.com


RP theme: Our mission has evolved slowly since the founding. We're still a pirate crew headed by a Captain hellbent on cleaving Sahagin and their Reaver friends, however more pressing matters are at hand. Currently, we are still on the hunt for Viktor Pearl, who has caused various grievances including:Capturing and wounding the quartermaster, crashing the wedding and capturing Sayuri in order to get the necrologos that he seeks, and betrayal. We're also putting out ship, the Lady Defiance, together. Having apprehended a badly damaged Lominsan Armada vessel, we plan to make it float once more and throw on a Garlean cannon. Or two or three.. Our dreams for the future are nothing short of pillagin' and pirating proper, once the Lady Defiance is up and running, and armed to the teeth with powerful weapons, the Captain will be offering merchant vessels an escort fee for a steep price-which of course will be paid. What with Sahagin and the empire crawlin' around, no puny merchant ship will be able to make it to Limsa Lominsa safely with their cargo still intact!


Headquarters: Mistbeard Cove.


Application criteria/process: Registration on our forums. We also ask that you create a character wiki on the RPC so other members can get to know your character OOC a bit. It is also required that you meet one of our leaders in character, in game, so we can get a feel for how you roleplay. All you need to do is cross paths with myself, Amalthea Ghoulheart, or Selig Erdna in game and get our attention. It's usually not that hard.


Rules: Pirates don't have rules! (Okay really, just don't annoy me and you're golden) Since we're heavily based on a storyline, missing more than a few events in a row is surely to get you reprimanded(or removed). It's hard to have a crew that doesn't show up when needed! There are some conduct based guidelines as well that can be found on our site, but they're pretty obvious.


Additional info: After the LS break&remake on September 1st, our roster has taken a heavy blow. I look forward to recruiting some fresh roleplayers to our ranks!


If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me on here, on our forum or in-game. I'll be happy to answer them.

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Just wanted to give everyone an update!



Life escaped me for a short while, but I've not forgotten my loyal crew! :D


In the coming weeks we will be having some SERIOUS plot and character development, as we will finally be announcing our new first mate! Stay tuned!


Also, I am open to collaborating with other shells for more interesting events. Send me a pm or a tell if you're a LS leader.

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I'd like to take a moment to apologize to whatever former crewmembers that may read this. I haven't been around to take care of everyone nearly as much as I should have, and I am at fault for dragging this out so long. The Alliance of Defiance has indeed, died. It was no single thing that did it, but the culmination of a failing game, a lull in the community, and of course, pay to play. I will always remember all of our adventures together with great fondness. I hope oneday, maybe, The Alliance will rise again. As the Seventh Umbral Era comes to an end, so does this shell. With a heavy heart, I close the Alliance of Defiance. To be honest, I never suspected closing down a linkshell to be so difficult, but it truly is. I hope those who once called the Alliance of Defiance home are able to assimilate to whatever is left of the community and have a place to call home.

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