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I'm new 'round these parts!

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Just wanted to introduce myself to you fine people! You can call me Grim, or Ulfr. I'm an older gentleman from the east coast of the U.S.


I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with a few of my long-time guildies, and can now officially declare that we have arrived.


While we aren't on Balmung yet, we've created characters on Cactuar and intend to pay transfer over to Balmung after the initial 3 day period, which should be about another day or so.


Grim, is going to be a former Maelstrom soldier, who has recently turned to a life of crime and banditry. A terrible thing, yes, I know, but times of war sometimes brings out the worst in people, and in Grim's case, especially so.


We've already amassed the funds necessary to start a free company of our own, hopefully that transfers with the server transfer, and have about 5-6 people with me from previous games, long time friends you see.


You will all probably see a new ad for said Free Company once we work out the details, but it would appear that Balmung will be home to a new criminal organization. I'm not sure if there are any others, and no, we won't be merging with you, even if it is unlikely that we'll attract new members, because frankly, we're used to each other's shennanigans, and cannot abide by the rules of a new overlord that will separate us.


Now, with that all said. I hope to befriend many of you, and look forward to a bright future, in an MMO we've come to love. (After so much searching and an exhausted bank account. Damn you Archeage, The Secret World, Firefall, WoW, Wildstar, Defiance, etc, etc.)






P.S. If my character does intrigue you, and/or the ideas of my yet to be born FC, please send me a PM! I'd love to find some folks interested in maybe coming up with some RP, background RP together!

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Welcome! :)

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Ooh welcome to the RPC and Eorzea! ^^ I'm mostly known around here for giving lore help, but if you ever wanna RP with a sorta similar character lemme know! Sounsyy's still an active Captain in the Maelstrom though, even if she's not the most model soldier. War does pretty crap things to good people.

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Hello there, welcome to the RPC and good luck on the transfer to Balmung! I'm glad to chat or RP anytime, so feel free to say hello sometime once you've made it onto the server!

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