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I like to Ninja, I want to Ninja for your raid.


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I just got back into the game a little over a month ago, and fell in love with Ninja.  I started looking a little on the forums, but now that I'm back from my vacation I want to start looking with a little more dedication. 


I'm a role player, and I'd like to find a FC/LS/Static that respects that, and maybe even wants to do that WITH me when I'm not stabbing all the bad guys for you.


Definitely not hardcore, so I'd be pretty content as an alternate for a raid if I can't find one that only wants to go 2-3 days a week at most.


I haven't done any real raiding in this game since like..turn 3 or 4?  Long time ago.  I mean I've done a lot of the Trials, but the only Extreme I have down is Garuda, so I need to learn, but I'm willing to do just that.


(and yes, I still need to get lancer to 34, Im gonna do that this week I swear!)

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