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Mobile FFXIV APP to Allow for Off-Game FC Chat!


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Apparently there are discussions about making a new mobile app for this.






The news originally came from the podcast "From Eorzea With Love"(in Japanese) where Yoshida-P was interviewed. The above link summarizes the news and translates as follow:


•New FFXIV App in the making



•Will allow to chat with FC members(among others)



•Planned to be released around Heavensward.



Sounds good :D It was a very small announcement near the end of the podcast, so no details revealed yet.



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I'm almost positive I'd be staring at my phone for inordinate amounts of time if this comes to pass in the States.


(I assume that, as almost everything else related to this game, the neater out-of-game stuff is Japanese only unless confirmed otherwise.)

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This would be amazing! There's some site/app that already allows you to talk in chat channels on your phone, but it's a paid feature and requires you to be logged in game on your computer. =/

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