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Chris Ganale

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Apex is firstly a linkshell and secondly an organization focused on the bounty hunters of Eorzea and their targets. In-character, it functions as a communication device for the bounty hunters of the realm to aid one another. Out-of-character, it exists as a tool for bounty hunters and personages with prices on their head to organize roleplay and communicate with one another.




[align=center]In-Character Community...[/align]


Apex exists to provide sanctum, security, and fellowship to a particular service sector in Eorzea. You know who you are. The tireless tracker who pursues their quarry through desert expanses, island wilderness, and urban jungles, and always delivers on their contracts. You’re a bounty hunter, and your word is your bond. And you’ve no doubt noticed the significant lack of a support structure for those who share your occupation. Apex seeks to rectify this.


In seeking to provide a banner under which Eorzea’s bounty hunters can unite, Apex looks to provide the same sort of resources, support, and trusted expertise available from any of the other various guilds and companies of the realm. Licensed and legally recognized by the city-states of Ul’dah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ishgard, and the adventurers’ guild of Revenant’s Toll, bounty hunters of Apex have the necessary freedom to pursue their acquisitions through any territory considered friendly to the Eorzean Alliance without fear of undue interference from local law enforcement.


We aim to provide first right of access to bounties before they are posted with the city levemetes. And last but not least, the professional courtesy of Apex means that you need not fear another licensed hunter interfering with your pursuit, as well as a near-guarantee of assistance should it be needed.


So if you’re a bounty hunter tired of being considered the scum of the realm, consider the fellowship and advantages of Apex and request membership to the linkshell from a charter member.




[align=center]Out-of-Character Communication...[/align]


Apex exists to aid and help both the players of bounty hunters and bounties organize and develop roleplay. Both kinds of players are welcome. As such, the Apex linkshell is both in-character and out-of-character.


In-character communication is strictly limited to those who have been given a linkpearl in-character and is limited to bounty hunters that join the Apex organization in-character. In-character, the linkshell is to be considered as the Eorzean equivalent to a military radio frequency that all our hunters can use to communicate to one another.


Out-of-character communication is used to facilitate roleplay between hunters and hunted and all chat is welcome. That being said, any usage of in-character information that your character is not privy to will be responded to harshly.


Please be sure that, when you are using the linkshell, you make it abundantly clear whether you are speaking in-character or out-of-character, using some form of clear indicator such as (text) for out-of-character remarks.






Apex is a role-playing organization. We are not involved with the in-game hunting of elite marks.  Please do not mistake our purpose and please seek a different linkshell for these purposes.


We do not charge real money or in-game currency to involve yourself in role-play with us or post a bounty. If you have submitted a contract to us and someone claiming to be of Apex approaches you seeking an actual trade of money or gil, decline and report the incident to a leader of Apex.


The default style of in-character combat for Apex is freeform, wherein one combatant takes a reasonable number of actions in a turn and are answered by a reasonable number of actions from their opponent, but players are free to use other methods such as dice if all parties agree to do so.


Godmodding and meta-gaming are never allowed. Infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and we will strive to provide corrective support on the issue, rather than straight-up banning. Repeated offenses with no obvious efforts to improve will result in removal from Apex.


Please separate in-character issues from out-of-character relations. We do not want out-of-character soap operas interfering with having a good time and getting paid for acquiring a bounty. If you have an actual, non-roleplay-related issue with a member of the linkshell, deal with it in an appropriate manner away from your fellow members.




[align=center]Contacting & Joining...[/align]



[align=left]To join the Apex linkshell, please contact one of the names below to receive an invite.



  • Chris Ga'nale
  • Devilish Sarracenia
  • Garon Crayson
  • Gunnbjorn Darkblade
  • Vervara Rozthan


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This is a Linkshell I might be interested in! Though I'd like to ask a few questions to people about it first if at all possible! :)


I'll keep popping by and checking for the names mentioned here too :3 But if you see me online, do poke me! :D

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