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In the aftermath of the Calamity, many of us thought to rebuild and re-make our lives anew. From the ensuing madness arose both hero and villian alike. Generous hands fed the hungry mouths of the poor, whilst greedy fingers exploited, and sought only to feed themselves. Though some might think the war over, whether out of desperate hope or ignorance, many know that conflicts with the Beast Tribes, the looming threat of the Garleans, are still an everpresent, and ongoing struggle. Despair is just as rampant as it ever has been--and from that, we Grim Wolves prosper.



Everything from illicit goods, to a hired axe--perhaps even a dagger, helps to aid those in need, at least those with the coin to pay. We offer an escape from the drudgeries and anxieties of this war-torn existence, protection for those that cannot carry a blade for themselves, and the silence of pesky rivals who seek to cause only more strife.

We are not heroes, we are not the enemy, we are the thin line inbetween that can provide arms and goods to the righteous--as well as their location, unit strength, and numbers to their enemies. We aid the people of Eorzea by offering them an escape through our numerous products and services. While the law, or the righteous, may frown upon our actions--What can they really do when their attentions are drawn to the impending doom that comes for us all?



The Grim Wolf Syndicate is an RP focused Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, based on the Balmung server.



We're a group of older players that have been together for awhile now, and through various games. Though we do love to RP, we also enjoy playing the game itself, without enforcing harsh mandatory raid times, or anything like that. 

We're new to FFXIV: ARR, and have thus far enjoyed doing all the dungeons (Numerous times!), FATEs, and all the rest of the PVE // PVP content. 



We do have a Teamspeak server if you'd like to join, but in no way is it mandatory. We have both women and men and any sexist/racist comment meant to offend anyone will be dealt with immediately, including a possible ban. 

We're on all hours of the day and night, and are really sort of an international guild, and once we've established ourselves a bit more and have the numbers, we'll be scheduling RP events all throughout the day, so that our friends from other time zones can interact and remain involved.



Interested in joining us? Please hit the 'Recruitment' button up at the top of the page, thank you!

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