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Eorzean Chronicles - Ch. 1: Welcome to Ul'dah



Hello! My name is Markus Duskridge. I am 33 years old and decided today to leave my homestead and begin a new adventure in the town of Ul'dah. I'm not sure what the world has in store for me, but I hope to become a grand mage and carve a name for myself in the history of this world. This journal will be a log of my adventures as I make my way across Eorzea. I hope you enjoy reading about my tales.


Upon arrival in the grand sultanate, I made my way to the local tavern, The Quicksand, and met with Momodi, the proprietress and leader of the adventurer's guild. She accepted my registration as an adventurer and asked me to familiarize myself with the area so I don't get lost or swindled during my journey. I'm glad she looks out for new adventurers. She instructed me to attune myself to the central Aetheryte, scope out the Sapphire Exchange bazaar, and then visit the Thaumaturges' Guild to begin my training.




made my way over to the aetheryte using an enchanted map that Momodi so graciously provided for me. Upon arrival, I noticed how diverse the population is in Ul'dah compared to my small village. There are so many different types of people and each with a different style and personality. It's rather refreshing, really. As I made my way around the town performing Momodi's tasks, many of the townsfolk called out to me and asked for help. I suppose I do look like a helpful fellow! Most of the tasks they gave me were rather menial, though as a budding adventurer I can't be too picky about what jobs are sent my way. Perhaps once I've established myself a bit more, I can be more...selective. This new land is so vibrant and the sights are something to see! While I was trying to find the Sapphire Exchange, I happened upon the entrance to the Ul'dahn Palace and boy was it beautiful!




All this running around made me quite famished, so when I finally reached the Sapphire Exchange I sat down and enjoyed a nice Marmot Steak with some Orange Juice. The Garlean Garlic they used in this dish was so aromatic and flavorful! Even the shopping hub here in Ul'dah is something to see. All the different merchants peddling their wares and even the townsfolk were available to craft any items you needed right there on the spot! They even have a market board where you can browse sales tickets and purchase items from anywhere in the world. Having completed all of my other tasks, I made my way to the Thaumaturges' Guild and met with Yayake, the guild receptionist. Momodi had sent word of my arrival, so they were prepared to meet with me. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed, as Yayake told me my admission was dependent upon me reading all one hundred and eight volumes of the Fundamental Thaumaturgical Principles. However, this remark was in jest and she informed me that practice had been abolished and I would simply need to meet with the heads of the Thaumaturges' Guild. The five elders greeted me and told me I had potential to join their guild, but first I would need to complete a trial of slaying certain monsters outside of the city gates. They told me this was an initiation rite to understand the depths of the destructive powers of a Thaumaturge. Very well.




Outside Ul'dah I put the Thaumaturges' advice to action and began slaying beasts as requested by the guild master. The battles were rather simple and nothing I wasn't used to living in a remote village, although I was reminded that I need to keep an eye on my mental fortitude if I plan on becoming a powerful mage. Focusing too much on one arcane element can be very draining, so it is vital to my survival that I get plenty of practice with each arcane specialty. The elemental gauge trinket that the guild provided me should prove useful in monitoring my elemental affinity during battle. I returned with my bounty to the guild hall and met with Cocobuki again, where I was formally indicted to the Thaumaturges' Guild. He gave me a notebook called a Hunting Log and told me that the creatures detailed within would help me hone my skills as a Thaumaturge and improve my ability to manipulate the arcane energies. I was instructed to return to him once I had filled out some of the hunting log. With all of my work at the guild completed for now, I made my way back to the Quicksand and asked Momodi if there were anymore jobs available. She told me I have already begun to make a name for myself and a man by the name of Papashan wants to speak to me at the Dispatch Yard in central Thanalan.




I made my way to the Dispatch Yard and met with Papashan. He's was a rather kind old man. During our discussion, he informed me of all the work that has gone into restoring the nation since the calamity five years ago and all the work that is still needed. I don't remember much of the calamity, which seems to be the case for most people. From what I've heard, it was such a devastating event worldwide that there was mass amnesia and very few people, if any at all, have any kind of concrete idea of the events that happened on that fateful day. Night fell as Papashan and I were speaking, so he graciously handed me a bedroll and unlocked one of the Dispatch Yard's storage rooms for me to take shelter for the night. He has asked me to deliver some rations to his sentries in the morning, so I shall do so. In the meantime, I think I deserve a good night's sleep. As my consciousness drifted away from me, I thought about how my new adventure has started. I am excited, yet nervous, to see what is in my horizon.


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