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    Open World RP Linkshell .‘By the Seaside’ is a linkshell for players who seek new faces and relationships in open world RP. We are a laidback group that does not want the structure or commitment of a free company, yet still want to host events together and make friendships in a shared hobby. Our RP typically is based in La Noscea, yet all of our members RP and write plot for places in Eorzea and beyond. We are LGBTQA+ friendly, PG-13 rated linkshell with monthly events--if you're seeking connections with a little less railroading to your RP, join us!
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    Just a little place for Garlean RPers/Enthusiast to come together to hang out, chat or RP! This can be loyalists or deserters and everything in between (Half-Garleans welcome as well!)
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    RP Linkshell for those who want to get together and roleplay.

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    A Linkshell for my custom Xaela Tribe, the Irmegiin

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    Dedicated to GM-led story arcs with lore-abiding characters. For the storyteller enthusiasts who enjoy long-term development in a collaborative way. The club is used to keep track of arcs and provide information as well as a repository for past activity. You must participate in an event to be invited to the club.

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    A linkshell for all those characters ICly involved/part of the Order of the Twin Adders. Useful for connections and future possible roleplay events among members! No need to leave your FC or friends behind.

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    **This is a Cross-World Linkshell, meaning anyone is able to join!** An in-game hub for those who are seeking to make RP connections with others within the First! A native to Norvrandt? A Guard from the Crystarium? A noble from Eulmore? Perhaps your character somehow made it to the First and is trying to find their way back home? We are seeking all walks of life who want to be able to experience the realm that is Norvrandt. Anyone is welcome, regardless of what alignment your character may be. The primary goal is to help other RPers find RP and get connections with others in order to discuss future events, plots, and long-term/short-term connections! For an invite, please send an In-Game tell to Vena Hyskaris, or in Discord (The Black Flower#5132)

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    TGS is a late night RP linkshell for people who are most active between 6 pm to noon, though anyone outside of those times is also welcome. We are a laid back group who are LGBTQA+ friendly and seeking other people who might find it hard to find RP with others from their after-dark schedules. The discord and the LS are 18+ and politics-free, with a general rule of being respectful to others. We are Mateus centered, but any server in Crystal may join.
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    A linkshell dedicated to an alternative approach to RP.

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    The Warden's Reliquary is an OOC networking linkshell for tribal and semi-tribal Seeker of the Sun miqo'te role-players.

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