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    Open World RP Linkshell .‘By the Seaside’ is a linkshell for players who seek new faces and relationships in open world RP. We are a laidback group that does not want the structure or commitment of a free company, yet still want to host events together and make friendships in a shared hobby. Our RP typically is based in La Noscea, yet all of our members RP and write plot for places in Eorzea and beyond. We are LGBTQA+ friendly, PG-13 rated linkshell with monthly events--if you're seeking connections with a little less railroading to your RP, join us!
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    Just a little place for Garlean RPers/Enthusiast to come together to hang out, chat or RP! This can be loyalists or deserters and everything in between (Half-Garleans welcome as well!)
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    RP Linkshell for those who want to get together and roleplay.

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    A Linkshell for my custom Xaela Tribe, the Irmegiin

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    Dedicated to GM-led story arcs with lore-abiding characters. For the storyteller enthusiasts who enjoy long-term development in a collaborative way. The club is used to keep track of arcs and provide information as well as a repository for past activity. You must participate in an event to be invited to the club.

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    A linkshell for all those characters ICly involved/part of the Order of the Twin Adders. Useful for connections and future possible roleplay events among members! No need to leave your FC or friends behind.

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    TGS is a late night RP linkshell for people who are most active between 6 pm to noon, though anyone outside of those times is also welcome. We are a laid back group who are LGBTQA+ friendly and seeking other people who might find it hard to find RP with others from their after-dark schedules. The discord and the LS are 18+ and politics-free, with a general rule of being respectful to others. We are Mateus centered, but any server in Crystal may join.
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    A linkshell dedicated to an alternative approach to RP.

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    The Warden's Reliquary is an OOC networking linkshell for tribal and semi-tribal Seeker of the Sun miqo'te role-players.

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