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  1. Right, so in the context of the healing school idea, WHM it would just be handled like extra advanced mastery of conjuring and not the actual White Mage idea as it exists in the lore. With similar adaptations made where necessary to avoid the conflict of illegality (unless it being some sort of underground thing, where the illegality is acknowledged and part of the FC's background story as well). For my part, I am just looking for others potentially interested in RP built around arcanima and its study and application (so effectively an extension of the in-game guild), but thought t
  2. I know that Jobs and RP have been discussed a fair amount, but I couldn't find something quite like this (apologies if I missed it). I've been reading a fair bit lately about Jobs in relation to RP. I've always chosen my classes/jobs/crafts/etc in games based on the character I am playing (even if not actively RPing them). FFXIV seems to make RPing your Job very difficult because the Jobs are often handled in the game story as one-of-a-kind, the PC is the first in a Age with the Gift, etc. As such it doesn't seem that common for people to incorporate their jobs into their RP in thi
  3. Is there a resource regarding travel times between cities? At least between the main city-states? I have seen some threads claiming the it takes 2-3 months to sail from Limsa Lominsa to Kugane (I'm not far enough along to have a clue where the latter location is). I've seen someone reference NPC dialogue claiming that a chocobo rider can get from Ul'dah to Gridania in a day, but they are pushing their bird to the max to do it-- so I'd guess that means 10ish hours? So maybe double that if it's a traveler on foot? I am just trying to get a sense of timing for my character
  4. So far my best bets seem to be hurrying along through the MSQ into Stormblood so I can have interaction with other Ala Mhigans who've all mostly played through that point in their respective stories. The MSQ has gotten a bit more OP for an RP plot line, so I'm more using the Arcanist Guild quests as her main IC questline, and then just picking and choosing which other quests are IC or not based on how reasonable they are. So though you might see me crafting around Ul'dah, IC Rilya is still located in Limsa Lominsa and has not been to Ul'dah in recent years, though she has gone before, as an as
  5. ooh, good to know. I'm just skimming FCs and seeing what vaguely looks like a possible fit for now, so the more options the better.
  6. Yeah, I know. Just both worlds are locked for new characters so I just went with where my old character was. I am not opposed to potentially paying to transfer to Mateus (if I'm correct in understanding that is the only way to get a 'new' character over there currently? and Balamung is totally inaccessible to me aside from visiting) but I'd need to network and bit and see about visiting for some events or whatnot. Not going to spring for that blindly, but could definitely do it down the line if I locate a group that looks like a good fit. I should definitely look into joining some
  7. Yeah, I've gotten a few random invites to FCs but have generally declined. I've always responded asking for more info on the off chance they are RP focused, but since they haven't mentioned that in the invite, I assume they aren't. I didn't notice anything regarding Returner status, but I'll check around when I log on tonight.
  8. ngl, there is a good chance that I might eventually pursue a Red Mage build eventually too but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. You are absolutely right, she would be aware of them though, if vaguely due to her young age. I am thinking she was only 5 or 6 when it happened.
  9. After further reading, I'm finding that apparently many regard incorporating the main storyline in the game as something of an RP taboo and so I do want to clarify that I don't mean RPing as the Warrior of Light, which strikes me as rather god-modey, but just following the general trajectory of it, while adjusting our IC aspects accordingly for things that are too OP for an individual to do. Hence why I initially noted that things would be adjusted as needed in the first paragraph above. I'm mostly going with the, I think, vague premise of Rilya wanting to master the arcane arts to help free A
  10. So I haven't logged into the game for a few years, but I have a few questions about chat channels and things. Apologies if these are discussed elsewhere. In the absence of a global chat channel, how do new players chat with people before joining FCs or Linkshells? I mean, aside from sending tells to specific individuals. When I first sampled this game in 2014 I remember the chat being inundated with goldspammers, but I also remember being able to ask for a rez if I died out somewhere and usually someone was around nearby, they'd come help, but it seems very quiet out of the cities
  11. I am new to RP in FF (and more or less new to the game overall, despite having had a few false starts in the past). I've got a character and am looking for some traveling companions, basically. Or a FC that has lower level players interested in RPing through the main questline (adjusting things as necessary on occasion, I assume). The character is based on a character I am developing in some original fiction, so this is sort of an AU version of her. Mainly to help me work out her personality some more. So with my original fiction premise in the back of my head, I did some cursory r
  12. Hi, I'm Andi. 33 years old, located on the west coast of the US and mostly active in game in the evenings after 6:30ish until 10 or 11ish. MMORPG background: I've been pretty active in Lord of the Rings Online for the past 8 years. Dabbled in FFXIV when it relaunched back in 2013, but didn't have the time for 2 MMOs. I've also dabbled in ESO. Basically, I get sporadically bored of LOTRO and want to try something new, but my love of Tolkien often brings me back to that. When I tried FF in 2013, it was riddled with goldspammers, which made chat unbearable and I didn't continue past m
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