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  1. How's it going everyone? This is kind of a new experience for me (Haven't really joined any forums or RPed for a while) so I hope I don't do anything to screw up my first impression! Gonna just follow the template for now. MMORPG Background Barely any; haven't really played any MMOS since I was much younger, and even then, wasn't that big on them; wasn't a big talker so I mostly just made characters and solo'd content. FFXIV so far has really captured my interest; was a casual sort-of fan of Final Fantasy (FF4, 6, 7 & 10) for a while before it, and always enjoyed the lore and world-building in those games! RP Experience Something I actually do have (some) experience in! I've frequented RP boards a lot when I was younger (proly too young thinking back lol), mainly on places like TV Tropes and Fanfiction.net, sometimes through AIM, sometimes through post-by-posts, almost entirely through free-prose. In any case, I dropped off for a while as RL (school, college, etc.) got in the way, but recently have gotten some semblance of free time back! It's been a couple years, so I'm admittedly a bit rusty, but I'm hoping my slowly-built creative writing skills haven't completely left me. Character Ideas/Info Just got finished not-too-long-ago creating a page for my current character, a Xaela Thaumaturge by the name of Hinala Kagone. To boil her down, basically a super-introvert nerd whose fear of people is only matched by her obsessive love of history, culture and burning things! She also likes to sew. Spent a good while looking through Sounsyy's lore archives, so I'm hoping everything checks out moderately well given the in-lore stigma against the pursuit of dark magic. If not, please yell at me for it below; I''ll be sure to slap my forehead and go through a hopefully more thorough readthrough! How did you learn about the coalition? Honestly? Searched for FFXIV RP communities and this was one of the first recommended/mentioned on Reddit. Seeing that there was still a relatively active community after all this time was what really gave me the push to try to develop my character more and attempt an RP server! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Going by the descriptions on the Handbook page, I'd say I'm relatively medium to start; I like to get in-character, but I also want to experience the main story of FFXIV too. (Hopefully with other like-minded people.:P). I'm always raring to test my novice writing chops, so I definitely don't mind taking a break from the main game for a bit, even if it's only for light banter or skits! When I get really into it though, I tend to have more of a heavy writing style; trying to gauge how my character would really respond to others, how they might conflict, and how they truly feel about the world they inhabit. ...Only if other people are really interested in that, though.:P Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? Having recently graduated from college, I'm currently in the midst of accurately balancing my life between the interests I really want to pursue (Writing, Art, Animation), Work (Bartending/Bookkeeping) and goofing off every now and then (Gaming, watching Anime, imagining dumb stuff without actually writing it down). So far, things are mostly holding up well, even if my sleep schedule is kinda in the toilet! I'm a particularly late-night person relative to my time zone (EST), but like to make frequent check-ins throughout the day. My current character is on the Mateus server, though I'd like to make one on the Balmung server if I get a chance/ get a handle on this one first. ...And that's pretty much it. Hope I didn't bore or scare away anyone with a mountain of rambling text. Eager to see if the general idea of my character works, and if anybody has some tips on how to really get into the FFXIV RP scene. Thanks for reading this!
  2. One of the greatest challenges for me is socializing with others. I'm hoping that possibly there would be some individuals out there willing and interested in participating in Kamil's journey. As of right now, he's still fairly low in the levels but I would be delighted to share some events and adventures with some folks. His backstory I'll fill in a snippet of here, there is some spoilers for those that are familiar with the character or where he's based from. This is Kamil's story currently: "The Wandering Gladiator, as many would call him; travels far and wide across the lands searching for something, or someone. It is hard to say which. His skills are unmatched and style is unlike many have seen; as though he is not from this world. In truth, he is from a distant world; a world where Evil slowly plagued the minds and hearts of it's inhabitants. Although the evil was slain, for what price? It seemed like a heavy burden on the mans shoulders. Yet despite the hardships and sacrifices, the warrior known as Kamil Dowonna says very little about it. The place of his origin is a world known as Ticondera. Kamil, was one of seven Apprentices hand picked by King Reemer to find seven runes. The prize was becoming the next heir to the kingdom. Yet, there was a great deal of tension during this journey. One of the apprentices betrayed the remaining six in hopes of gaining the seven runes and reducing the competition. Upon retrieving the seven runes, Reemer; revealing himself to be Gorsia, used Kamil and the others to gain his powers back; killing the real King Reemer. In an instant, Gorsia zapped the remaining six apprentices with lightning sending them 5000 years into the past. Using the seven runes that were crafted by Saro's Disciples, Kamil and the others confronted Gorsia and defeated him. But not without Gorsia getting one final blow of his own. How Kamil arrived in Eorzea remains a mystery; yet there is a heavy burden the plagues the warriors very heart. It seems to weigh heavily on his chest as he ventures forth. Having arrived at Ul'Dah to begin his new journey. What that is, remains to be seen." I'm open to a few options while traveling along. Feel free to let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month (and fifth Monday, if applicable) at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  4. [RP-FC] Luck of the Drakaina «Lucky» is now hiring! An all-ages casino, fun for everyone, with unique games and menu. Looking for roles such as Game Master, Dancer, Bar Tender, Companion, and more! Visit our card for more info! (Application link at the bottom of "About Us" page.) ♥♧ luckydrakaina.carrd.co ♤◆
  5. Freya is shy but friendly. She has been learning to trust a bit easier as time goes on. She works as a botanist and sometimes miner but is primarily a botanist. She does not like to fight and tries not to. She has quite a few friends that have become her new family. She is very caring and empathetic and loves to help others. Schedule: I have a pretty open schedule at the present though I do plan to start online classes soon so I may become a bit limited while those are going but if I set up something I will be sure to be there. Types of RP: I am alright with most types of RP. Some will need to be discussed beforehand though. combat/injuries: Any injuries must be discussed beforehand though I am not totally against them. Combat I prefer a descriptive written system to a roll based system. Freya is not a skilled fighter and it would not make sense for her to totally best a person whose job it is to fight simply cause I kept getting the better rolls. Romance RP: I am open to it as long as it is not forced and just happens. It also is IC only! Freya is bisexual. Also Freya's friends are very important to her so any romantic interest would need to also RP with them at times and get along with them preferably. Other RP relationships: It would be odd for Freya to find a relative of hers. She makes friends easily though and loves them very much and typically considers them family after a time. Lore: I am new to FF and not very knowledgeable on lore myself and I play Freya as not knowing too much either. I am alright with lore bending especially since most times i wouldn't even notice it myself. If it gets too bendy though it should be discussed ahead of time. Eastern US time zone Server: Mateus can be reached here/in game or on discord Mira#7337 Freya's carrd
  6. I. Basic Info Characters: Wolf Chan (Male Midlander) Primary character: Wolf Chan Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: I.5 PREFERENCES Gay, and only accept Highlanders, Roegadyns, and Hrothgars as potential romance partners. 21 irl, and would like at that age or above!! II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): medium, with a focus on ERP. I like to have an all-encompassing experience though. Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't mind roleplay combat to add more flare but also like having duels to kind of hand-in-hand visualize the combat more. Views on IC romance: Open romantically Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I don't mind lore or world building with my character, I like fleshing them out. Views on lore: ^As above, I like to include as much as I like to my character Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Any and all!! III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: Central Anything else or specific you like to know? Just reply or message!!!
  7. I am new to RP in FF (and more or less new to the game overall, despite having had a few false starts in the past). I've got a character and am looking for some traveling companions, basically. Or a FC that has lower level players interested in RPing through the main questline (adjusting things as necessary on occasion, I assume). The character is based on a character I am developing in some original fiction, so this is sort of an AU version of her. Mainly to help me work out her personality some more. So with my original fiction premise in the back of my head, I did some cursory review of places/situations in Eorzea that would allow for a semi-similar scenario for her background to what my own fantasy world entails and what I've come to at the moment is this: My character, Rilya Oroa, is an Elezen Arcanist. She was born and raised in Ala Mhigo (or perhaps a small village nearby) and she was orphaned when her family and most everyone she knew was killed when the Garlean Empire invaded. She comes from a long line of Arcanists and is determined to master the craft and return to Ala Mhigo to help free it from Imperial rule. After the invasion, she escaped and fled to the Black Shroud with some other Elezen survivors and she grew up there, coming to Limsa Lominsa now in her mid-to-late 20s to join the Arcanists' Guild and begin her personal quest to aid in the freeing of her home. (This premise is because it looks like liberating Ala Mhigo is an eventual plot point in the main story, likely quite a ways away from my character at this time, but I might have misunderstood, so by all means, enlighten me if so. I skimmed some stuff, but didn't want to have the entire plot spoiled from the get for me since I've yet to play through). She is reserved, thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, and kind. She also lacks confidence, is not always honest with her feelings, and is not the most courageous person (of course, hopefully she is able to grown in some of these areas through the story, but we will see how she does). Yet she is determined to do her part to free her home and is committed to learning all she can about the arcane arts to enable her to do just that. I do consider my class/jobs as relevant when I RP, so I am focusing very much on the Arcanist/Scholar path and might pick up a craft or two, if one seems like it would make sense alongside that course. Others don't need to be concerned with Ala Mhigo, but if you have a low level character in the Limsa Lominsa area that might also have personal reasons that will move them along the main storyline axis, perhaps Rilya and them can journey together. Play Time/Days: I am located on the west coast of the US and most often play in the evenings after 6:30pm, with Mondays, Tuesdays (possibly slightly later start), and Thursdays currently being my most regular days. Occasionally I am not up for RP and just want to do some questing, but usually IC is the preferred mode. I am not concerned with rushing to endgame. I'll get there when I get there. So ideally if I could find some people to quest with maybe once or twice a week as we slowly but surely advance the main story together, that would be ideal. Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, FC recommendations, etc. Hope to connect with some people in game soon!
  8. Edit: Saraana has been set up!! But I have two other characters I would like to work with please see Carrd link below!! Hello and thank you for coming by to look at Saraana, I am looking to expand on her role play a bit more and have someone or someone(s) join in on the role play I have set up with her and her mate on the Mateus Server. This would be a more xaela style tribe information and we do not need to be apart of the same FCs, its simply a slice of life style role play and that we can get together and well..live as if we are on the Steppe as xaela. You can be from any tribe you want! Some information on Saraana she is of the Himaa tribe and has two older brothers that are twins (both played by another player), she had grown up in the Steppe but due to tragic events most of her memories of the Steppe are gone and she's relearning her culture all over again with the help of her mate Arslan who is of another tribe. Currently they are building their home in a area that they had journey to as children and loved how peaceful it felt... So what I'm looking for 1. People interested in doing a Xaela Role Play tribe! 2. Those who are willing to learn the lore (but we aren't nazi's about it) 3. Are on the Mateus server or data server so we can do IG scenes together. 4. Have access to discord as it would be easy to set up scenes there for times we just can't be IG 5. No drama starters and we can all be adults 6. This would have adult theme content so those who are 21+ or at least be mature about stuff, act like an adult don't start drama we don't need any bleed. 7. Be friendly and fun to be around 8. Contribute come up with ideas or scenes that we can all do together or you would want to do to help grow your own character! 9. We will not be allowing the whole warrior of light (or darkness) into the role play. 10. Have fun! If you can follow any of that and also just be a good sport in the art of role play then feel free to look at the link below of Saraana's profile and I look forward to talking to you! Saraana, https://dusktodawn-rp.carrd.co/
  9. I'm quite new to RolePlaying in general but I feel like my character is a least relatively fleshed out, I have a backstory and a pretty consistent personality for my character, Although I don't think my character is the problem since I'm not even getting to point of actually talking to someone. I've gone to quite a few events and so on but I just really struggle getting someone to really engage with me, I'm not really hiding away in a dimly lit corner waiting for someone to approach me or anything and I do try to chat with people who are somewhat near me or if I see someone standing at the other side of the room alone I'll give them a /smile to let them know I'm open to chatting with them but nothing really seems to work. It just seems like everyone has these pre-existing groups and I'm starting to get quite disheartened with the only people I'm seemingly able to communicate with being the tavern staff.
  10. My name is Ekama Lykos, aspiring crafter and gatherer for those with a need be it for finer things or weapons with which to slay beasts of heightened legend! I find myself lacking in connections with fellow role-players in Ultros, and would seek to remedy this. If you're ever in need of a helpful Disciple of the Land, with a hidden knack for tanking, then just hit me up! Character Name: Ekama Lykos Discord Tag: EleosGallahad#4448
  11. Hey! I'm not new to rp but I am new to ff14 rp especially ingame rp but I am more than willing to learn as I am getting used to the lore as well. My character Aisa is an introverted bookworm, who loves to delve deep into her studies. She may appear shy at first but once she opens up to you she will seem like a different person,very hyper and a social butterfly to all those she allows in her life. Currently roaming between two places, She lives in Shirogane primarily with her roomate Vexika Blackwood however she does own a small apartment in the Mist when she is in the area. RP Hooks - Adventure RP (can be on discord too as that is where I am best if it suits you) - Romance is awkward for Aisa but is she likes you she will be flirty,ooc I am down for whatever. however it has to be a natural romance Contact me if you are interested, Discord is Uncle Urdnot#1882 or reply to this thread. https://aisaspage.carrd.co/
  12. Hey everyone! me and my fiance are currently looking for an active RP FC on Brynhildr to join and have fun to help make friends, and potential rp hooks. We are also willing to join a cross world linkshell for larger group rp! Any heads up would be amazing because every little bit of digging I've done I couldn't find anything D: thanks in advance!
  13. We are a super-duper-small Cross-World Linkshell for People Who Should Be Adulting, and are opening our Cross-World Linkshell to other people in that stage of life too. We're Gen Xers or older Millenials - if you're old enough to miss gaming all day/night but have WAY too many IRL responsibilities to do so anymore, come play with us, and bring your favorite mix tape!! We juggle kids, jobs, houses, responsibilities, etc but still like gaming when we can where we can. Ages 25+ irl. No politics, discrimination, or drama - gaming is our *escape* from all that, pleases respect that and keep it family friendly and fun. We don't host weekly/scheduled events atm, though you're welcome to host one! We'd be thrilled to make more friends and have More Game Stuff to Do, but my co-founder just started a new job and I have a 3 year old who always comes before gaming, so we haven't structured too many formal events for now until those things settle down more. For now, we keep most things ad hoc and when people are in the mood and have the time and energy to devote to it. We know that's a LOT different from how most organized groups operate, but it's what fits into our lives right now and we're hoping there are Others Like Us out there. Surely we're not the only ones who love playing but have other time commitments and responsibilities too, right? Right! All of us come from a long RP background (longer than I expect many players are old), and we're always happy to roleplay or goof off. We can do serious, but our style tends to be a little more pulp than dark - think of the atmosphere of shows like Firefly, the Mummy, or Farscape - sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but generally meaning well. We're big damn heroes, yo - the world is too ugly right now for us to want to RP or hang out with bad guys, too. We have a FC house for RP events, otherwise are around many evenings bopping our way through Mooglestones, casual content, leveling, and chit-chatting. There is a Discord, but since it's fairly new to a lot of us we tend to be quiet and low volume (also hard to Discord chat all day while juggling kids and jobs, yaknow...) Thanks for reading, and party on Garth!
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    Ellia Moongleam and I'kayada Zurk are Eternally Bonding on Friday, June 5th at 3:00 PM EDT! Join us afterward for their reception at Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server!
  15. Hey just updated and switched over to Balmung!! Viera dancer here , love to RP but new to it on here . Let me know if I should check out anything fun! stay safe everyone
  16. Hey everyone, you can call me Freyja. I'm a returning player to FFXIV. I've been a roleplayer for 16 years now (tabletop, LARP, forums, etc.) and have wanted to get into MMO/FFXIV roleplay for a while now, but have only just decided to take the plunge. Looking for rp connections, friends, etc for my main gal, Leadore Beltora (Carrd | Wiki - unfinished) and her son, Uhtred Worlwright. (Carrd) Leadore is found on the Mateus server, usually somehwere in Ul'dah, and Uhtred is on the Coeurl server, likely found in Ul'dah as well. I also have other characters on other servers, but none are a high enough level for me to really want to do much with them yet. I'm walk-up friendly, so feel free to approach if you see me. Tells are also fine. If I don't respond, I may not have gotten your greeting, so feel free to send a Tell as a follow-up. Also potentially seeking a Free Company, but I'm admittedly a bit picky, as I'll want it to match the character, but feel free to tell me about your FC anyway so I can suss it out Open to pretty much all forms of rp, and okay with just about anything. I just wont do explicit E-RP (bit too cringe for me, I enjoy some smut & am more than comfortable with sexual themes, but not roleplaying out the sweaty bits. Fade to black is so much easier.) Anything else? Feel free to ask. Note: No romance for Leadore though, she's married. Leaning towards darker, horror, or grimdark themes as my faves. Gritty reality is where it's at. Happier things, like slice-of-life for example, are also welcome too though! Character development and character driven story should always be at the forefront, no matter what. Feel free to send me a message IG or OOG. Thank ye!
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    Teatime <<Tea>> will be collaborating once more with the Wonderfaire, this time in their Goobbue Revelry event. The collaboration, Le Chateau de Goobbue, will take place on Sunday, May 24th from 7:00 PM EDT until 8:30 PM EDT on the second floor of Lavender Beds, Ward 17, Plot 6 on the Diabolos server. Along with doing some light RP, will be giving away some in game HQ food and housing items. Come see us, RP, get some free items, and enjoy the rest of the festivities the Wonderfaire has in store! This event features some lighter RP, so if you're just dipping your toes in or curious to give RP a try, this is a great chance to enjoy some RP.
  18. No longer seeking ---------------------------------- So, hello! As the title says, I have some characters in the Crystal Data Center that I'd really like to find more RP for. I'm not looking for FCs, but individual RPers to interact with both IC and OOC, to form new stories to tell and gain new friends willing to run content with me. I'm a very active player in the sense that I will, at the very least, log on and check my friends list to see who's around nearly every day at varying times. I realize this may sound strict, but please have a basic (or better) understanding of English grammar, meaning capitalizing and punctuating as necessary while roleplaying. If you want to chat OOCly in all lower case with no punctuation, that is 100% fine and I often do that myself, but for RPing proper grammar is a strict requirement. I will provide more detailed descriptions of the two characters below, but here is what I am seeking: For Salem, I would like at least one active RP partner. By 'active' I mean roleplaying the characters together at least once per week (barring irl circumstances that I am notified of preventing you from getting on that day). I have a lot of free time, so I am completely willing to adjust as needed to your schedule within reason (aka I can't be getting on at 4 in the morning or something crazy). Salem Blackstorm is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. However, her family is not tribal, and are not part of any clans, nor will she partake in any tribal activities or adhere to any tribal customs. Currently 18 years old, Salem is a spunky, smartass teenager, so expect cheerful sarcasm and some quick wit. She's somewhat tech-savvy and often fiddles with her gun, but not exactly a brainiac. Probably average intelligence, not great with using magic IC, though she has no qualms with folks that do use it. Looking for romance RP for her (male characters only), but friends are important too! Currently this character is still relatively new, so I may not have a lot of things completely ironed out, but please give her a chance. I am still in the process of leveling machinist, but I promise she will look amazing glamor-wise when I'm finished. This character is located on the Coeurl server, but it is an extremely easy thing for me to go to your server or vise versa with the world visit system. Don't feel obligated to help me level or give me things, but if you do want to party up for roulettes or some PotD I welcome it For Senrhi, I am seeking purely platonic relations. She needs friends that will stick around and be up-front with her. Not as strict about activity for this, but at least once every two weeks would be nice. Senrhi Nyerhah was born and raised on the Sharlayan continent, but after reaching adulthood, set out to study magic in Eorzea and establish her independence from her family. She specializes in arcanima, but is also proficient in thaumaturgy, conjury, red magic, and blue magic. Currently 25 years old, she is happily married to Tetsu Kariya and lives in the Lavender Beds. The pair work as adventurers, sometimes together and sometimes seperately. Senrhi is on the Mateus server, but again world visiting is a thing! ~I would prefer to RP with characters that are the correctly gendered character model for their character's intended gender. I don't mind at all if they are trans, but if you are roleplaying a female model as a male character or vise versa that's cool and you do you but I would prefer not to get involved with them. It causes undue confusion for me personally and I am not a fan.~ No Lalafells or Hrothgar. If you are interested in roleplaying with me, please either reply to this thread or shoot me a private message! I try to be friendly, but I apologize for any offense my standards may cause.
  19. Hey! First time posting, I'm new to the world of FFXIV RP, but not rp itself, I'm finding it difficult to get into RP here as I'm a little awkward when starting things, but ultimately I'm looking for an RP partner, the RP itself could go any which way and I am open to most things! My character Vexika is a Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun, she exists on the Brynhildr server but I'm more than happy to visit other worlds to commence in the RP itself! Please give me a poke in game: Vexika Blackwood -- Brynhildr or add me on discord! Derpy#5105 She is a Miqo'te Seeker She's from Ul'dah but likes the East Her sexuality is Bisexual, leaning gay with a soft spot for other Miq'ote and Au Ra, though isn't limited to such She's a little on the tougher side but has a soft underneath She has nightmares and often seeks solitude, though that can change
  20. Seeking contact for possible romance rp with my female Viera Vareena Shes a healer that runs a little clinic out of the lavender beds as well as running a small business empire. If interested please message me in game : Vareena Vitae Or on discord : Aly #8817
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    Shroudrose Teahouse will be selling teas and treats at the annual Little Ladies' Day Charity Ball and Banquet! Come RP with us or just enjoy the rest of the festivities! You’re Invited! To the fourth, annual “Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet!” All members of society are invited to an evening of mingling, entertainment, dinner, and auction. All proceeds are going to the Moonlight Reverie, Home for Children. As always, we bring new and exciting ways to participate. Join us for the banquet, performances, games, and an exciting raffle with even more exciting prizes! Of course, we’re bringing back our scrumptious dessert auction featuring cultural cuisine sponsored by the Midnight Pearl. Our raffle features exquisite attire, cute companions, and even a once in a lifetime Pearl Appeal accessory! New games this turn reward one of a kind pink sapphire flowers upon your success! Enclosed you’ll find more details on our auction, performances, games, vendors, and raffle. We look forward to seeing you at the Yainu-Par in the Lavender Beds, first ward! Yours Truly, The Production Team. Save The Date ––– – Annual March 1st, Sunday 5:00 PM PST // 8:00 PM EST Lavender Beds, Amethyst Shallows, Ward 1 Balmung, Crystal Data Center About The Event ––– – Hello everyone! Crystal’s finest & the Midnight Pearl are teaming up to host the fourth annual Charity Ball & Banquet for Little Ladies’ Day! It will be taking place Sunday, March 1st, at 5:00 PM PST. We’re going to have games, a raffle, the banquet, and planned performances! You can find out about all those below. We look forward to seeing you there! Festivities ––– – Dance, Dance for Refuge! Do you fancy yourself a good dancer? Are you good at following instruction? Show off your moves or attention to detail by participating in this mix of dance moves and S’imon says! Join our instructor near the rock wall to be crowned King or Queen of the moves! Sponsor an Orphan! As this is Little Ladies Day, it brings attention to the many children orphaned by the turmoils of living on Hydaelyn. Does your gil pouch feel a little heavy? Well now would be a time to sponsor an orphan! Receive a gift and a letter from your orphan! Join our advocate under the awning to subscribe today! Shroudrose Teahouse! Selling one of a kind exquisite teas! Come try out the Hingan game of otedama; jacks with azuki bean bags! This tradition is popular among girls and is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. See if you can win your very own doll! Come browse handmade toys, artworks and accessories, all in wood, at the Painted Peryton! FREE toys for children and parents in need– or if your tastes are expensive, commission an exclusive artwork carved just for you, with all proceeds going to the Moonlight Reverie! Visit Uranami Onsen’s booth for our special limited bath items this Little Ladies’ Day! All of our stock come in three styles and can be purchased in sets for the little lady in your life! The Ashen Enclave will be in attendance, offering a wide array of themed seasonal bouquets, corsages, and flower crowns - so every attendee can feel just a little more like the princesses they’ve always dreamed of being! We also will have: performances, raffles, dessert auctions, and more. Please read the carrd for full details! Final Notes ––– – The carrd has a lot of details on it this year! Beyond further information about our activities it also has a handy map so you know where everyone is! We want to thank everyone who signed up to staff this year and you for attending! We look forward to seeing everyone there. https://tea-ffxiv.tumblr.com/post/611333312697548800/xivbumblingseabiscuits-little-ladies-day-charity
  22. Hey there! As the titles says I am looking for a group to get stuck into when I finally get FF booted up tomorrow once its finished downloading. Unfortunately I think mostly everyone I used to play with have moved on, and it was long enough ago that I am completely out of the loop with things. I'll probably need to relearn the lore and stuff as I go once again. In the past I have played a snotty human nobles child which ended pretty well and then Roe warrior that ended pretty much the same way with character deaths. As a result I have a blank slate as far as characters go I'd like to develop when I find somewhere with openings and maybe a few suggestions to what they think they are lacking. As it stands I'll probably play a bog standard human something. But we'll see! Looking forwards to hearing from you all! I hope the community is as busy as it was! Thanks!
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    Escort is a premier bar and lounge RP venue, located on Brynhildr in The Goblet, Ward 12, Plot 13. If you're looking for a hand-crafted cocktail and a good time, we are open Monday nights, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST. If you're looking for some company in a more intimate setting, the club maintains several rooms at the Sultana's Arms just across the street. Please speak with one of our lovely escorts for details, or check out our site: https://escortlounge.carrd.co/ SIGNATURE DRINKS The LB3 - three shots guaranteed to end your suffering - 5,000 gil The Tashi Highroller - an exclusive flight from our private reserve - 100,000 gil FEATURED DRAFTS- 2500 gil Ifrit Red Ale (I.R.A.) - knock one back and set the dance floor on fire Shiva Ice - enough of these will send you to Oblivion Tsukuyomi Half and Half - sink an ale, end your pain Lakshmi Pink - When you need to rest your weary head in someone's bosom
  24. I. Basic Info Characters: Fjola Eryut, Senogg Primary character: Fjola Eryut Linkshells: Norvalla, ClanDestine (non-rp) Primary RP linkshell: Norvalla II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I usually swing between Medium and Heavy depending on which the crowd I roleplay with. Views on RP combat and injuries: Injuries are bound to happen in stories. I'm all for temporary wounds, permanents if they are discussed in advance, but I don't plan to kill any of my characters. My past experiences with combat RP were both with /rolls fight and descriptive turn-base narrative. Views on IC romance: As long as it feel natural and not rushed or pushed on the characters, I don't mind. However, I'd like to avoid any OOC misunderstandings regarding romances: it is purely IC and nothing else. I'd like to avoid ERP, as I'm not comfortable with that kind of roleplay and would prefer to use "fade to black" instead. Whatever you imagine with the characters afterward is up to you. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): It's always fun to make new acquaintances and expand my RP circle. Family ties can be created for each characters as both have a vague amount of siblings, but the ties would have to make sense without having to change their backstory. Views on lore: With such a rich lore provided by SquareEnix, it would be a shame not to use it to it's full potential. There is so much to learn and use from the FFXIV's universe that I find little reasons to deviate too much from the source material. In other words, I stick to the lore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use emotes and say chat for the normal RP interactions. Anything in between double parentheses is OOC. III. Other Info Country: Canada Timezone: UTC - 4 Contact info: /t or PMing one of my characters in-game 
  25. It was a beautiful sunny day in Limsa Lominsa, not a cloud in the sky. You could hear the birds tweeting up in the trees, the calming sound of the waves coming from the beach and the sound of a cannon going off at a distance. What could it be you ask yourself? You want to go and take a look? Oh god ... if you insist. Here you are, in front of the Sky Wolves FC house. You look up the roof of the house and there is no more roof. There's an Au Ra standing behind the cannon, an unconscious Roegadyn on the main floor, a Viera looking like she wants to end her suffering and a faint smell of baked beans. The Au Ra turns toward you and ask ''What do you want? Are you here to join our Free Company? Does it look like I have the time for this? Look at the mess! Fine, sit down somewhere, I'll send you someone.'' Everything happened so fast and you find yourself sitting down beside the fountain when the Viera approaches you. She hands you out a piece of paper covered in bloodstains and throws a pen at you. ''Sign here, there and there and welcome. What, you have questions? Fine!'' You could see that she wasn't very happy. Maybe because of the mess around? Or maybe it's you. Who knows? She proceed with the usual description of the Free Company ''We are Sky Pirates without a ship. As you can see, our house is half destroyed. We are looking for SOCIAL people that likes to hang around in Discord. We do endgame content, mostly EX and Raid but not Savage. We're in the process of making RP events and would love to have more RPers. And you need to be an adult to join because we often say explicit things. Are you going to sign now!?'' You see something moving in the debris of the main flor. The Roegadyn slowly stands up, not looking so good. He takes his sword and rush toward the Au Ra. A couple of swings later and the Roegadyn is back on the ground, looking worse than before. The Au Ra looks at you and say ''Are you going to sign or not?''. The Roegadyn slowly raise his hand and does a thumbs up and whisper ''Just sign it.''. And you hear a loud shouting coming from the basement ''DINNER'S READY!''. That must mean the baked beans are ready. '' Are you going to sign?'' said another Viera perched in a tree sipping her tea. If you are interested in joining our Free Company, you can reply to me here or add me on Discord. Dhante#2361
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