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  1. N'aric is a troubled soul, joining the Dark Knights due to their promise of enough power to protect those he loves. Known to be a bit of a morally grey adventurer, he does only what he feels compelled to do, and if that be protect a vulnerable ally to his final breath, or slaughter bandits in cold blood, it makes no difference. On his quest for power, gil, and notoriety, nothing will stop him or give him pause. Under it all, however, he's a gentle soul with a serious trouble-making streak once you get to know him. He was once described as the "most endearing pain in the ass I've been unable to rid myself of." He's obsessed with money and power and would do anything for them, leading to a few secret hobbies on top of his adventuring duties and his officer's commission in the Immortal Flames. Story hooks: -Adventuring to gain fame and fortune- Without sounding too mysterious, he's looking for a certain someone who wronged him in a time past, and he believes that spreading his name across the known world can either drag his offender out, or by virtue of his contacts, hunt his enemy down. -Officer in the Immortal Flames- Tying into his love for gil and fame, he has received a commission from the Immortal Flames, and is seeking to use their grand net of connections to hunt his adversary down, while making enough gil to live comfortably the rest of his life -Secret hobbies- N'aric, owing to his lithe and nimble frame, moonlights as an 'exotic dancer'. With a veil and a little makeup to conceal his scars, he makes a rather convincing woman, and has no problem exploiting men for a few extra coins. -General adventure- N'aric is an adventurer, he can be found nearly anywhere, he could reasonably fit in pretty much any story hook you desire! He's a versatile lad like that. My RP and stuffs: I am willing to do pretty much anything. I'm a new face to the FFXIV RP game, so I don't have much experience, so you'll have to forgive some mistakes here and there, and I am certain many lore mistakes. As long as you don't mind correcting me, I think we'll get along great! As for specific types, I can do in-game, over Discord, the like. I'm not too picky. If you want more physical interaction, obviously in-game is best, but if you want long-term, in-depth RP, Discord is the best. I'm always on it, even when I can't be in game, and I'm always happy to play with you! I'm happy to do either long term, or one or two-shots, as for my boy's canon, the more associates he has, the better, so don't be afraid to approach me! I'm in Balmung, and while I don't have set times because life, I'm usually on most afternoons, at least for a bit. Let me know if I miss you and we can try and get a more solid time hashed out! If you're interested, feel free to message me here, or add me on Discord as N'aric Tia#3948. Hope to get to meet a bunch of you!
  2. Howdy! I’m looking for more contacts for my Hingan lad who’s currently in Eorzean, while a Yakuza and a bit of a criminal elements, he does the odd bit for charity and can fit in well with more wholesome toons, as for what I’m looking for I’ll leave a little list under this to give an impression, anything that isn’t listed? Well that could be discussed in dm’s I’m generally open to most things + A fellow student of Samurai Techniques + Fellow criminals, be they eastern or western + Suppliers for his up and coming bar + anyone who wishes to gamble + family + Romance + Friends + Enemies https://littlenogitsune.carrd.co/ https://hoshinotamaa.carrd.co/ Discord: BlastedTempest#0633
  3. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month (and fifth Monday, if applicable) at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  4. The Immortal Flames < F L A M E > is R E C R U I T I N G ! COEURL || CRYSTAL DATA CENTER Battalion Based Free Company Led By: Captain Thalya Nadir If you have a character that is new to the Ul'Dah area and is looking to enlist in The Immortal Flames, please consider joining under Thalya Nadir ! If you enjoy D&D style missions taking place in game or thru Discord, you will be able to participate in bounties hosted by a few fellow officers as to rank up within the FC itself. We strive for an immersive and fun role-playing experience! We will also be hosting live in-game events within the Coeurl Server, so if you enjoy games, casual, and fun experiences, we are definitely planning some big things! Currently: We are SEEKING RECRUITS ! After all, it is not much of a battalion with no one in it to lead! We are a very welcoming bunch and are more than able to help you level thru MSQ, Trials, etc. Why not come join us under the banner of Ul'dah and Raubahn!? We would certainly love to have you! RECRUIT APPLICATION { x } <<P L E A S E FILL OUT >> May Your Flame Burn Bright & True! Be Ready for Anything & Everything! Hope to see you in the barracks!
  5. until
    The Rengo bathhouse is a place to relax, meet new people, and maybe get naughty. We accept every race, gender, and sexuality. Come on down Saturday and Sunday nights. Balmung Shirogane W17 P40 10pm-2am EST 5k Fee
  6. until
    Shroudrose Teahouse will be working as a vendor at the Autumn Winds Faire on Saturday, November 9th at 6:00 PM EST at Fallgourd Flout in the North Shroud on the Balmung server! We will be located at point H on the map! Come RP with and purchase our wares, or just enjoy the rest of the festivities! More information here!
  7. until
    Shroudrose Teahouse will be working as a vendor selling teas and foods at the Festival of Nhaama presented by the Dusk-Spear Alliance on November 16th, 8:00 PM EST at Reunion in the Azim Steppe of Othard on the Balmung server. Come say hello to us and browse our wares, or just enjoy the rest of the festivities! More information here and here.
  8. until
    On Friday, November 1st starting at 8:00 PM EDT Shroudrose Teahouse will be working as a vendor at Khurim Sunsun hosted by the Monsaran Tribe in partnership with the Midnight Pearl at the Hidden Shores in Shirogane, Ward 1 on the Balmung server! More information here!
  9. Hello, My name is Euphemia Corina. I have just finished all of the Main Scenario Quests, and I am looking for a community. I am currently on the Mateus Server so if you're also located there let me know. I just switched from Goblin, and to give you all a brief synopsis: -I have played a few other MMORPGs over the years. None of which were as fun as FF14. -I have little to no RP experience, but I am willing to learn and can't wait to get started! -I am aiming to be a medium role-player and with practice heavy soon. -I am in the midst of creating my character. However some help would be amazing. - I am looking for a bit of help with my character's background, but mostly I am here for friends on and off of my server. So please feel free message me.
  10. It was a beautiful sunny day in Limsa Lominsa, not a cloud in the sky. You could hear the birds tweeting up in the trees, the calming sound of the waves coming from the beach and the sound of a cannon going off at a distance. What could it be you ask yourself? You want to go and take a look? Oh god ... if you insist. Here you are, in front of the Sky Wolves FC house. You look up the roof of the house and there is no more roof. There's an Au Ra standing behind the cannon, an unconscious Roegadyn on the main floor, a Viera looking like she wants to end her suffering and a faint smell of baked beans. The Au Ra turns toward you and ask ''What do you want? Are you here to join our Free Company? Does it look like I have the time for this? Look at the mess! Fine, sit down somewhere, I'll send you someone.'' Everything happened so fast and you find yourself sitting down beside the fountain when the Viera approaches you. She hands you out a piece of paper covered in bloodstains and throws a pen at you. ''Sign here, there and there and welcome. What, you have questions? Fine!'' You could see that she wasn't very happy. Maybe because of the mess around? Or maybe it's you. Who knows? She proceed with the usual description of the Free Company ''We are Sky Pirates without a ship. As you can see, our house is half destroyed. We are looking for SOCIAL people that likes to hang around in Discord. We do endgame content, mostly EX and Raid but not Savage. We're in the process of making RP events and would love to have more RPers. And you need to be an adult to join because we often say explicit things. Are you going to sign now!?'' You see something moving in the debris of the main flor. The Roegadyn slowly stands up, not looking so good. He takes his sword and rush toward the Au Ra. A couple of swings later and the Roegadyn is back on the ground, looking worse than before. The Au Ra looks at you and say ''Are you going to sign or not?''. The Roegadyn slowly raise his hand and does a thumbs up and whisper ''Just sign it.''. And you hear a loud shouting coming from the basement ''DINNER'S READY!''. That must mean the baked beans are ready. '' Are you going to sign?'' said another Viera perched in a tree sipping her tea. If you are interested in joining our Free Company, you can reply to me here or add me on Discord. Dhante#2361
  11. Hello again everyone! Just reaching out to begin looking for some roleplay opportunities for my Hrothgar, a traveling scholar (not the Job, but just the general learned person). Here is a little bit about him, I’ll be working on expanding on this as I roleplay him and things may change some as he grows as a character and interacts with folks. Tihomir Jovasch “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. ~Vernon Howard.” || Race: Hrothgar || Clan: The Lost || ||Gender: Male. || Age: Twenty-eight || || Vocation: Wandering Antiquarian || General: A Hrothgar of average build and height with an unassuming but comfortable manner. He displays the cultural wanderlost of his clan and travels to discover lore, ancient artifacts and unearthing long lost histories. His family were known as traveling relic hunters of a sort. They had a knack for uncovering the fascinating and forgotten. Some of these treasures they would sell, others they would return to the owners or more accurately the decedents of the original owners. But there were few that had neen deemed to dangerous to be anyone’s hands, these were protected. Much of his families findings, artifacts and chronicles of their discoveries have been lost when they were forced to flee Garlean occupied territory. Those of his family who have survived have determined it easier and safer to go their separate ways, though they still keep in touch. Personality: The gentlest of giants, Tihomir attempts to minimize his impact on his surroundings, as if in fear of breaking things and people around him. This most likely comes from dealing with delicate and fragile items. Persistently good natured, he tries his best to find the silver lining when others spout doom and gloom, This Hrothgar enjoys laughter. And he’s picked up the rather non Hrothgardian trait of exposing his teeth to express joy. It may take someone a moment to realize he is indeed smiling and not baring his teeth. Though slow to anger, once his ire has been roused, it is white hot sometimes clouding his judgement. Strengths : Intelligent, aracanum magics, minor conjuration, enigmatologist, adaptive traveler. Weakness: Any martial training, physical confrontation, socially awkward, cake. Hooks: Need a magical adapt: Planning to explore some ancient ruins, or need a translation of some half-forgotten spell or arcanic diagram configured. You might have heard Tihomir could help with this. Looking for an artifact: Is someone searching for a particularly archaic item, he might be able to help them find it. Or know someone who can help them find it. Lore/Story Collector: Maybe Tihomir has asked you to share some interesting stories from your adventures and wants to chronicle them. Traveling/Exploration companion: He shares his clans penchant for traveling, always looking to the horizon and is always willing to share the road with follow travelers. My Kind of Roleplay While large groups might be fun now and then, I feel my best roleplay comes in smaller groups. I’m open to joining a RP (IC or OOC) link shell and friend requests for RP. Story driven, character progression both my character and others - this can include friendships, family (with some ooc set up), romance (organically, slow build up), conflicts physicals or otherwise, enemies, rivals. Adventure - I love adventure roleplay going out to explore the world of the game preferably centering on discovering mysteries, solving problems, protecting people from magical and ancient threats (or not so magical or ancient) Casual - While Tihomir is terrible at small talk, it’ll be fun to have him out of his element and interact with someone in a casual environment, such as a drinks at an inn or dancing at a party. A few more things: Availability - Weeknights 10pm to 1am MST and Weeknights 10pm until I decide to go to bed. Roleplay Experience - I've roleplayed for the past 20 years in some capacity or other, from chatrooms/forums to tabletop and MMO's. My MMO background is LOTRO, SWTOR, GW2, WoW and ESO, I've played other MMO's but these are the ones that I rp'd in the most. Gamplay content: I'd love to find some folks who enjoy roleplay and PVE content - I've never raided (time allowing I'd be willing to learn), but I've always enjoyed dungeons and general questing. I enjoy playing Healers and Tihomir will be leveling as a Scholar and I am interested in Astrologian. If any of this sounds like you may have a character int rested in meeting or connecting with Tihomir let me know; Contact me! Message via Forum. Friend me in game Discord Kitsune#3735 Thanks for reading! Hope to meet up with some you wonderful folks.
  12. Looking to Recruit Hosts & Hostesses for a Host Club RP Event! Hello, there ~ ♪ I'm looking for like-minded RP people who would be interested in participating in a Host/Hostess Club RP event. The duties include carousing the house during the event to attend to guests, offering food, drinks, engaging conversation and attention. We have many positions available such as Receptionist, Dancer, Host/Hostess, and Bartender. As this is a Host Club, and ERP is an extension of this, we ask that you be 18 or older. Apply at your own Risk. We meet every Friday, @ 10:00pm EST. We reside on the Crystal Data Center, on The Malboro Server. We operate out of a Large Estate in The Lavender Beds in Gridania. We offer a wide variety of concessions that we serve at no cost to you, or the Guest. (Food & Drink will be provided to you, to hand out prior to opening.) We have an A la Carte menu as well, that you and the guests can reference at your convenience. You can view the menu among other things on our information web page here. I do NOT pay my staff; however, the guests do tip -- very well. What the staff makes in tips, is theirs to keep. The staff is not bound to their position. They can switch roles at any time. They're not contractually obligated to serve any sort of term. (You could be there for 2 hours, you could be there 30 minutes. Insomuch that I know in advance, we're all set.) ERP is a Feature of ours. Rates are determined individually, by each Host/Hostess and can vary based on experience and time respectively. These rates are not garnished -- what you make, is yours to keep. Consent is a very necessary and powerful element. ERP is both empowered and endorsed, but it is by no means required. You as a staff member, reserve the right to discontinue service and leave a private session at any time if you feel disrespected. To contact me with an interested response to the advert or to inquire more about the operation, please send me a message on Discord. MadameSeris#2344 Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you! ♥
  13. Hello fellow adventurers and fantasy friends! Allow me to introduce myself in some semi-spectacular way! Experience: I used to play WoW and Guildwars and FF11... been a few years since I've done an MMO but I very much would like to RP with people. When I was in WoW I created a travelogue for my character, Shadowlyrick, who made a goal at level 35 to get all of the flight points. (He died a lot.) I like creating my own quests within games and using them in ways people may not think of. I'm on Behemoth. My character Alastair, is a dandy (hence the name) and is all about fashion. Think of Sir Percy Blakeney from Scarlet Pimpernel. He's hoping to establish himself as the Count of Couture and be famous for his clothing designs. Probably about a medium level RP level would be my preference... it's hard to stay in char 100% of the time, but it's fun to interact IC. Would love to find new friends to RP with but also an RP-based FC. Not into the sexual thing, but some casual flirting IG is of course fun. I just went through my first dungeon with the Duty auto-select party feature and it was the opposite of what I enjoy -- no talking, rushing through everything, no plan or breaks. Let's TALK about our adventures as they happen! I'm a voice actor and college teacher in Los Angeles. I've been trying to use my expensive VO mic with Discord but it's having some trouble detecting the auto-speak. Maybe I should buy a cheap headset. I know there's lots of servers and worlds, so I'm not sure how you all go about finding each other but please say hi and let me know what you think, advice, etc! If you know a great RP FC let me know, I might even transfer to them.
  14. FC Name: Lunar Rose Academy FC Tag: <Lunar> Server: Balmung Leader: Ayane Mayuzuma Officers: Wikiki Wiki, Vahn Ayis FC House/Apartment Address - Lavender Beds Ward 13, plot 30 Type of FC - Roleplaying (Medium to heavy RP), Content Active Time - EU times and NA times Alignment - Neutral Source Links - Our Discord IC Background - Ayane Mayuzuma started a school after retiring from her job as a Mercenary. She hopes to give education to those who wish to learn and achieve knowledge. Or seeks those who wish to give lessons. A uniform is gifted to students as soon when they enroll into the school. Several things are available for students, such as Dorm Rooms, a Library, Bathhouse, Study room and more. There are also several clubs that students can join, and of course classes. OOC Background - We are looking for Students, Teachers and staff who would like to work around the school. We accept anyone on the Crystal data center. Of course we also look for other FCs to collaborate with on events, plotlines or just plain old RP. We also would like some enemies for the school, like for example Garleans looking for Ayane (Since she is wanted) Or stuff like that. If you like more info, let me know!
  15. I have multiple characters to work with and if you are interested. I will tell you Bout each and every one of my little au ra and car girls. My discord is Panda#5570! Dont be afraid friend me!
  16. Looking for long term rp for my girl : Itusmade Takashi, Open minded to anything you may have in mind for the rp, My discord is Aubry#4126 message me there or here for more info <Zealra> Im always online, an willing to rp on any server.
  17. Hello!! A'fen Terronar from Mateus here! I've been recently trying to build an RP FC up into a community of casual to hardcore Roleplayers. Lionguard's Pride, is an FC centered around a mercenary company, and includes all the jobs that running such a business would entail! Whether it be actual mercenaries working contracts, lounge workers, clerical workers, or anything. There is a spot for everyone, combat or not! The main reasoning behind it was to give players an excuse to RP anywhere, anytime, and to have excuses to run content/ improv short stories, or develop plots, all while having the slice of life in between contracts moments. The FC is ICly sponsored by the grand companies of Eorzea, and provides amenities as well as opportunities for adventurers, mercenaries, or anyone with a bit of ambition or work ethic a chance to make a living. Most importantly however it's about coming together to create a community of like minded folks that are here to have fun RPing. Being part of the Pride means looking after each other! Whether you want to join or perhaps work together in an FC alliance of some kind, all form of contacts and growth are being sought after! Feel free to message me on here, or go join the FC club page! When Maintenance ends you can always send me a tell in game! Thank you for your time! -A'fen Terronar
  18. Im looking for a rp group in Odin or in Light DT, haven't found anything of the sort.
  19. You there! Yes you! Behind the screen. Do you want to learn how to RP? Having trouble with creating the character of your dreams? Or perhaps you don’t know how to make custom emotes, or even approach someone? Well have no fear, because we got your back! Introducing: Lunar Rose Teaches RP! We will teach you how to: Make a character from scratch. Create a backstory How to make custom emotes All of the basics when it comes to RP Do’s and Don’ts in RP. Certain pronounces in RP like IC or OOC And much more! If you are interested, come on down to Lunar Rose Academy on Friday the 2nd of August at 6 PM EST (Balmung Lavender Beds Ward 13, Plot 30) Feel free to bring a friend along, and don't be afraid if you are new. We are here to help you :D
  20. Hiya! I'm new to MMO RP but not RP in general. I started FFXIV in January and have found myself completely hooked; now that I am settled into the game I feel ready to start RPing here. I'm hoping to find some like minded people to start this adventure with. Trinity is essentially a blank slate that I am interested in building from the ground up with someone, I am pretty much down for anything. Please have a peek at my profile here for more details. I am available for RP via Discord chat and in game at varying times of the day/night. I am looking forward to meeting new people Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you have a great day =^-^=
  21. DISCORD LINK TO FFXIV EU ROLEPLAYERS COALITION https://discord.gg/dWDKxhV Just a quick update regarding recent changes to the Discord: To reflect on the upcoming World Visit system, our Discord has been renamed to FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition. The Chaos datacenter will be treated as the unofficial EU RP datacenter, while Omega will be the home server or most active for it. Addition to this, we have a cross-world linkshell and a club page with all the information you need, please feel free to check it out below. What's going on on the Omega? There are several player initiatives to create roleplay, some of them are weekly (The "Tavern Roulette" initiative, happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), others are big one-time events that happen every now and then depending on the theme of the year, and of course there's plenty of people asking for RP to others on a daily basis. Where do RPers keep in touch on Omega? On our Community Discord we receive new people almost daily, but not only from Omega! Also from other EU-timed servers who are interested in meeting other EU roleplayers and that, one way or another, get persuaded to try a new character on Omega. Our community on Omega has been praised to be extremely friendly, helpful, warm and welcoming. Roleplayers tend to give a lot of attention to others, no matter if they are newbies or veterans of RP, it never makes a difference. People are extrovert, easy-going and lovely and in some part of Omega, there is always someone willing to RP and accommodate others' needs. We also have two community Linkshells in game. The first one is often full, so we created a second one to make space for those on a "waiting queue" to get into the first one. Addition to this we have a cross-world linkshell to keep in touch ingame with players from different servers on the same datacenter. Please check this link out to learn more about our Chaos Discord and our in-game Linkshells. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/clubs/46-chaos-rp-network/ Where is the RP on Omega? he only "downside", if we want to call it so, is that Omega still doesn't have an open-world RP hub. It's been worked-on since months, and it's still a work-in-progress thing, but we are getting there. In the meantime, RPers often gather in player houses for random encounters and social RP. Often, RP is a matter of asking OOCly on the Community Discord server/Linkshell if anyone wants to RP, or finding a Free Company which organizes RP for its members. Random RP on Omega happens on a daily basis, in several locations of Eorzea, depending on where RPers agree to meet. So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the EU timezone and want to RP with other EU people, Omega is the place for you, and its people make it a unique and special place where to feel welcomed and integrated. Omega is worth giving a try, and it can surprise you in more ways than one! For any questions, feel free to ask anything!
  22. New player here! I’ve just started playing FF XIV this year and am loving the game! I have dabbled in other MMOs, but the only other one I have truly played was WoW. Yeah, I am one of those WoW refugees that left looking for something better, and I have found the amazing world of Eorzea. I have rped in WoW for many years now, having several character that I played over that time. I love the world in FF and am looking to really get into role playing. My main character is Karoline Bekker a Hyur Highlander on Gilgamesh, and the idea I am rolling around with her is a Magitek Red Mage. She uses magitek to amplify her red magik. I am still trying to sort of the lore myself, so if this is something that seems far fetched or impossible, I would love to have those discussions so I can better understand! I learned about the coalition when I stumbled across it. I was looking for rp sources for FF XIV and found it! I’m hoping that it will help me get started in the world, and hopefully I can find some answers to so many of those age old questions. You know, like why are we here. Any Gilgamesh rpers out there give me a holler! Or really, anyone that I can meet in game and learn all about the community! I look forward to meeting and getting to all you people out there!
  23. I. Basic Info Characters:Guillaumont Duvalaux, Fjola Eryut Primary character: Fjola Eryut Linkshells: Norvalla, ClanDestine (non-rp) Primary RP linkshell: Norvalla II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I usually swing between Medium and Heavy depending on which the crowd I roleplay with. Views on RP combat and injuries: Injuries are bound to happen in stories. I'm all for temporary wounds, permanents if they are discussed in advance, but I don't plan to kill any of my characters. My past experiences with combat RP were both with /rolls fight and descriptive turn-base narrative. Views on IC romance: As long as it feel natural and not rushed or pushed on the characters, I don't mind. However, I'd like to avoid any OOC misunderstandings regarding romances: it is purely IC and nothing else. I'd like to avoid ERP, as I'm not comfortable with that kind of roleplay and would prefer to use "fade to black" instead. Whatever you imagine with the characters afterward is up to you. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): It's always fun to make new acquaintances and expand my RP circle. Family ties can be created for each characters as both have a vague amount of siblings, but the ties would have to make sense without having to change their backstory. Views on lore: With such a rich lore provided by SquareEnix, it would be a shame not to use it to it's full potential. There is so much to learn and use from the FFXIV's universe that I find little reasons to deviate too much from the source material. In other words, I stick to the lore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use emotes and say chat for the normal RP interactions. Anything in between double parentheses is OOC. III. Other Info Country: Canada Timezone: UTC - 4 Contact info: /t or PMing one of my characters in-game 
  24. Hello people, I'm looking for a long term partner for a generic roleplay. I'm on Crystal Data Center from Zalera. Take a moment to read and feel free to poke me here if interested! Note: I'm new to FFXIV RP, but not to RP at all. Full Name: Hollana Holyprism Nickname(s): Holly, Lana Age: 26 Sex: Female Race and sub-race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun Birthday: 8th of the 4th Umbral Moon Height: 64.3 inches Weight: 133 lbs Personality: Hollana is a friendly, curious and sentimental person. Appearance: Has a purple hair, a curvy face, blue eyes and an athletic body. Scars or other markings: Has a scar on her left cheek and a Miqo'te's mark over her face. Deity: Halone Marital status: Single Occupation: Adventurer, Bodyguard, Traveler, Messager and Mercenary. Hobbies and interests: A good joke, music, combat, study and friendship. Brief Bio: Trained to be as a gladiator since she was young in order to become a great mercenary, Hollana's new purpose is to discover what happened to her parents (Might add more later). RP Hooks: Ul'dah, fighting a beast, doing a job, or either learning anything that can be good or craftable. Also small groups or one person is the ideal for the rp hook. OOC Note: I hope to find someone willing to teach her almost everything. (Especially combat). Character's quote: “You learn more from failure than from success. Don't let it stop you. Failure builds character.” Preferred contact method: Discord. Ideal activity hours by region: mixed. Days available: Monday(6pm EST to midnight), Tuesday - Thrusday (9pm EST to midnight), Friday (9pm EST until whatever), Weekends (all day). Preferred RP platform: In game, but aside the time I mentioned earlier, I can rp in discord anytime. Preferred RP format: Paragraph, but I don't mind. I'm looking for: (fem pref) A dedicated Long term partner. The type of RP I'm looking for: Long term roleplay with progression among characters. I also would like to have someone as teacher. Also can be someone just like her, willing to learn with her and sharing their experiences. Romance is ideal for this long term. Brief intro of myself: Hollana is young and willing to learn everything she can, deciding to be herself a adventurer she seeks to explore the world of Eorzea along side someone. OOC Limits or Don'ts: I don't like gore, torture, excessive ERP, people emoting as my character reaction/feeling. No death and don't be disrespectful with me. https://hollanaholyprism.carrd.co/
  25. Hello, I am currently new to this website and sorta new with rping in this fandom using my character, but I been role-playing for 8+ years on fb in different communities and fandoms. My discord is 太宰治#3900 . I love making new friends and just gushing about our characters so pls don't be afraid to message me or to even reach out. Now since I haven't typed her bio yet I will be typing it here. Basic Info Full name: Erynthel Pigenith Pronunciation: Aaron-th-elle Pig-ne-th Nicknames: Eryn Height: 4’9.5 Weight: 95 lbs Age:19 Birthday: 26th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon (Halone) Patron Deity: Nophica, the Matron Languages: N/A Race: Au Ra Religion: N/A Dominant Hand: Right Accent: Maybe like Nordic accents Appearance Hair: Dark Green Eye Colour: Left eye is Gold, Right eye is Green Skin Type: Pale/Fair Body Type: Skinny/flat chested: Scars: They have a scar on their back that they got when they were still a kid while playing with their friends. Tattoos/Markings: None Piercings: Tongue and Belly Button Childhood Homeland: Azim Steppe Parents: Their father died before their birth, mother died during child birth so they were raised by the medicine maker of the clan. Siblings: They never had any but they were really close to a few in the clan. Clan: Kagon Clan Role: Healer/Medicine Maker Birth Weight: 6 pounds 7 ounces Manner of Birth: Their birth was a difficult one, Eryn's mother died during child birth due to some difficulties. First words: Moon Adult Life Occupation: Healer Current Residence: They are more of a traveler but when they aren't travelling they are staying in the Lavender Beds in Gridania Close Friends: They are close to quite a few people she usually hangs around such as a female Miqo'te and a Hrothgar Relationship: Single Sex & Romance Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Gender Identity: Genderfluid Sexual role: Sub Attracted to: Taller people, gentleness, affection, "bad boys" , and those who actually care for them, roughness at times. Turn Offs: Bad Hygiene usually Love Language: Quality Time, they love spending time with people. Miscellaneous Hobbies: Reading, and Adventuring Mental Illnesses: Some Depression Physical Illnesses: N/A Fears: Losing everyone they loved, failing, and being in the dark alone. Logical or Emotional: Logical Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert Favorites: Color: Green Music type: Traditional Food: Anything Fish Place to sleep: Under the sun Scent: Lavender Literature: History Place: Between Coerthas Western Highlands and The Churning Mists Outfit: Weathered Soothsayer's Chiton Likes: Moogles, dressing up in the cutest clothing, dancing, and going on adventures. Dislikes: Alcohol, and sleazy people.
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