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  1. Fuko_Ibuki

    RP Adamantoise

    Hey everyone! For a while now, a few of us have felt the lack of roleplay on Adamantoise. How come the people on our server can't enjoy the dynamic of coming together and creating great stories like on Balmung, Gilgamesh, or Mateus? That's when inspiration struck and we brought a group of roleplayers together to create the RP Adamantoise Discord and linkshell. Since our inception, we have grown to nearly 70 members in the discord and continue to grow daily. That being said, we will always be looking for new folks to join all the fun we've already had and will continue to have for a long time. Are you interested in roleplaying? Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just curious and want to give it a shot, we would love to have you. Our discord portrays both a social environment for our members and a set of tools to find not only partners to RP with, but events to attend as well. Please use the following link to join our Discord. We can also give out invites to the linkshell, so don't hesitate to ask. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord at Fuko Ibuki#5438. Look forward to seeing you both in and out of character! https://discord.gg/eG63QNM
  2. I am new to FFXIV Rping scene though I am not new to rping as a whole as I rp on WoW quite often. A Friend reminded me this game exists and i wish to join the rping community. I am just looking for people to rp with. Show me the ropes and what not. I rp about anything I am open to most things. Though when it comes to Erp I will only rp it if it has a good reason to be done.
  3. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  4. Dead Skulled Devil

    Greetings, and well met!

    Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm a touch new to the RPC scene, but I've been an active Role-Player for many years.~ I'm looking forward to getting to meet some new friends here! My MMORPG background I've been an active MMORPG player for many years, my first experience being in Everquest.~ Although I didn't actively start Role-Playing until I moved onto World of Warcraft, haha! That was an interesting time. Spending a few years there, I finally moved onto Tera. I was hooked, and actively got into the community there, although after a few years there it became a bit toxic, so I sadly had to leave that place. I still go back from time to time, but it's more along the lines of casual player now.~ RP experience Let's see...I've been an active role player for many years, and I mostly started with basic emoting in various games. It lead from there to typing via old Yahoo stuff (if that's even remembered), and from there I've slowly advanced forward. At this point, I'm now advanced literate multi-para (who mostly types via Facebook/Tumblr posts, primarily Facebook but I'll also do discord) out of game, and in game I'll spend plenty of time replying and enjoying the scene created by me and my role playing partners.~ Character ideas/info My only character so far (that is finished) is a Miqo'te named Alabaster D'venoese, a Red Mage main after picking up the Rapier and discovering this once Astrologian main could do more than just heal! He's a bit of an eccentric during battle, enjoying a bit of a flare and dramatics to his skills but when the sword is down and away he can be a bit of a reclusive. Named commonly as a 'Stray' of sorts, Alabaster spends his time just wandering the realm free lancing anything he can to just keep his days busy and mind occupied after a recent loss of his husband. I'll leave the rest up to the player to see more about my boy.~ How did you learn about the coalition? I learned about it through a friend! I've no idea if they are actually active here, but after spending some time saying hello and making a peek here and there, I finally got t he courage to post something here! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I'm quite comfortable at the kind of role-player I am. Of course, I'm open to all kinds of tips or any advice and expansive knowledge for new stuff! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm pretty open about most stuff, if asked. I work usually on the weekends, and after that I'm just home online working on Eureka or just sitting playing with my kitten, Sweetiebelle. So feel free to give me a message, ask for my Discord or Facebook if you want to Role-Play with me! Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a lovely time!
  5. DISCORD LINK TO FFXIV EU ROLEPLAYERS COALITION https://discord.gg/dWDKxhV Just a quick update regarding recent changes to the Discord: To reflect on the upcoming World Visit system, our Discord has been renamed to FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition. The Chaos datacenter will be treated as the unofficial EU RP datacenter, while Omega will be the home server or most active for it. Addition to this, we have a cross-world linkshell and a club page with all the information you need, please feel free to check it out below. What's going on on the Omega? There are several player initiatives to create roleplay, some of them are weekly (The "Tavern Roulette" initiative, happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), others are big one-time events that happen every now and then depending on the theme of the year, and of course there's plenty of people asking for RP to others on a daily basis. Where do RPers keep in touch on Omega? On our Community Discord we receive new people almost daily, but not only from Omega! Also from other EU-timed servers who are interested in meeting other EU roleplayers and that, one way or another, get persuaded to try a new character on Omega. Our community on Omega has been praised to be extremely friendly, helpful, warm and welcoming. Roleplayers tend to give a lot of attention to others, no matter if they are newbies or veterans of RP, it never makes a difference. People are extrovert, easy-going and lovely and in some part of Omega, there is always someone willing to RP and accommodate others' needs. We also have two community Linkshells in game. The first one is often full, so we created a second one to make space for those on a "waiting queue" to get into the first one. Addition to this we have a cross-world linkshell to keep in touch ingame with players from different servers on the same datacenter. Please check this link out to learn more about our Chaos Discord and our in-game Linkshells. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/clubs/46-chaos-rp-network/ Where is the RP on Omega? he only "downside", if we want to call it so, is that Omega still doesn't have an open-world RP hub. It's been worked-on since months, and it's still a work-in-progress thing, but we are getting there. In the meantime, RPers often gather in player houses for random encounters and social RP. Often, RP is a matter of asking OOCly on the Community Discord server/Linkshell if anyone wants to RP, or finding a Free Company which organizes RP for its members. Random RP on Omega happens on a daily basis, in several locations of Eorzea, depending on where RPers agree to meet. So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the EU timezone and want to RP with other EU people, Omega is the place for you, and its people make it a unique and special place where to feel welcomed and integrated. Omega is worth giving a try, and it can surprise you in more ways than one! For any questions, feel free to ask anything!
  6. Hello everyone, I have been playing FF14 since ARR launch and is still playing! I have been on RPC for sometimes, even I hardly post or check, but I was wondering if there are any topic/forums I could find here to post "looking for RP" and post my character's detail and so on. If there is one, can you point it out for me. I already post Looking for RP on Tumblr and couple of RP discord server, but sadly, I am not having much luck to find people outside of FC and to make new friends/RP partners. I am trying to push myself out of comfort zone and not RP with only FC and I don't have many friends inside and outside of FC. Since I didn't get much of luck with Tumblr or Discord, I thought I might try here and hopefully to meet some people on Balmung. I apologise for my English as it is not my first language, but second as I am deaf IRL and Sign language is my first. Many thanks.
  7. I'm so new to FFXIV I don't even have a character. I probably plan to rp within a day or two, and I've already looked at what servers are good for rp - however, I'm not clear on what jobs are reasonable for an RPer, since a couple threads I read implied only the "warrior of light" is legally allowed to walk around with things like Black Magic. What jobs/classes should I look at while making an rp character? I know there's an IC/Gameplay split, but I just want to develop both from the outset.
  8. the quick stats: fia (pronounced fee-ah) he/him, they/them 14 years of roleplay experience i have 3 main ffxix ocs helloooo!! my name is fia, and it's a pleasure to meet you all. first off, i learned about the coalition through google. i've been mostly playing by myself on ffxiv since i got it about a month ago (save a few friends humouring me in dungeon runs here and there). i was introduced and brought into ffxiv by a friend with roleplaying purposes, but we've since stopped speaking to each other for the most part. and since my interest in this game lies primarily with rp, i decided to seek out any potential rping-focused free companies. so off to google i went, and the coalition was one of the first things in the results. so here i am! i have no real mmorpg background, at least not in games similar to ffxiv, so it's technically my "first". at least, not recently (because i played runescape aaageees ago but haven't touched it in over 10 years). however, i DID spend quite some time in a game called mount & blade: warband where extensions were added that allowed me to play on fan-made servers, and i participated in several roleplay-only servers on that game (which isn't inherently an mmorpg game, or even mmo to my knowledge). as i've stated, i've got well about 14 years of general roleplay experience, and that includes (but is not limited) to platforms such as: website forums, myspace, oneworldroleplay, livejournal, tumblr, gaiaonline, etc. i've also done roleplay in runescape as well as the aforementioned m&b:warband. chat platforms i've rp'ed on would include: aim, msn messenger, skype, discord. i've dabbled in maaaany fandoms over the years, playing both canon characters and ocs but have been focused on establishing my own ocs and fleshing them out more (plus fandoms have just become scary and drama-filled especially in regards to their treatment of ocs). for ffxiv, i brought in 3 of my main ocs that i've had for a while, and have adapted them to this world. my previously mentioned friend and i built a sort of storyline around our collective characters, and now that we've branched away from each other, i'm looking to fill in some spots we never covered. or really, to just maybe find something new for the lives of my characters. what i'm really looking (outside of the usual rp partners) for are meeting others who might be interested in creating new characters to add to a clan i made that 2 of my ffxiv characters are from. the tldr version of the idea is: ahhh so yeah. umm, as for what kind of roleplayer i'm aiming to be? probably all three levels. i adapt mostly to my partners, but i tend to write a LOT, so normally i slide into lit rps, and have done plenty of novella as well. i'm really bad at one-liners though haha. i suppose i should end it here before i end up writing so much that no one wants to read any of this. (i've already written a lot. i overwrite...) ANYWAY -- i hope to make many friends here and meet many people!! OH, also i'm from NA, but i play on the EU datacenter, on Odin. and i haven't seen any FC's or linkshells for this server, or many in general for EU. It seems i might have to remake all my characters on the NA servers to make any friends <__> i hope you all have a lovely day! stay hydrated!
  9. So in Hyperion I tend to play a lot of venues as a performing bard. I got so busy i decided to make a program to make this easier so ANYONE can potentially be a RP performing Bard. I wrote a program called MacroMusicUI (Soon to be rebranded as Mooey). It allows perfectly timed musical playback based on digital MusicXML sheet music files. I'm adding in more import formats such as MuseScore. Right now GuitarPro5 is the preferred MusicXML exporter, but it works okay with MuseScore MusicXML exports. If you are interested in taking your RP events to new heights check it out: http://seksys.site/ Here's a video demo of an older version of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvHzWritODE And a video of "Band Mode": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRJ3_5XVJoM There is a discord for users of the app, and some users share their scores. The app supports networking so you can sync multiple players together with some careful sync delays. There's even an "Emote Mode" for a front-person to sing lyrics and do emotes (but its still in development and uses fixed emotes). If you want to see a demo theres videos on the website, or if you are in Hyperion I can do an impromptu show/demo.
  10. Time Zone: EST Location: Balmung, Tend to be around 4-11 est during the week and around all weekend. RP Locations: In Game/ Sometimes Discord How to contact me: You can pm me here, but the best way is to poke me in-game! Looking For: Romance/Friends RP Type: I do all sorts of rp and it just depends on the characters and my mood. I've done everything from plot, to romance, to fluff, to dark, and more. I like to keep things flowing naturally though and don't promise things like Romance. It has to happen through the rp! IC INFO: I tend to like to keep most things to rp so just the basics will be here. W'toya is the Headhunter of the Hoarhounds sept of the Wolf totem. He takes a great deal of pride and meaning in what it is to be Wolf Seeker and this can be seen in how he carries himself. Having said this he isn't a typical Seeker male and is rather calm, mature, focused, and friendly without being over the top. His sister's (who are played by two other players and not npcs) often rely on him as do many of his friends. To most of the people he knows he is seen as the big level headed brother who will always give them sound thoughts even if it might be something they don't want to hear. He loves to play music, namely the flute and panpipes. He also loves to fish in all its forms or whittle when he has down time. The man is always fond of exploring and has a tendency to tease people the second he sees an opening to do such. Toya has a strong affinity for ice magic and feels very at home in cold weather like that of Coerthas. For more information its best to rp with him! Additional Basic information: Name: W'toya Tia Gender: Male Age: 29 Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual (Leaning on males) and Poly-amorous Personality traits: Calm, Mature, Friendly, Silly, Dismissive of Peacocking and arrogance (especially in other Tia) Interests: Fishing and anything to do with fish, Playing music with his flute, exploring, grooming his tail and hair, hunting, sparing Dislikes: Arrogance, Heat, Liars, Bravado, Disrespect of beasts and Azeyma Marital Status: Has one mate already. Noticeable marks: Massive behemoth claw scar from his right shoulder blade to just above his left butt cheek. Cross scar between his eyes. Sleeve tattoo on his left arm. OOC INFO: Hi! Most people tend to call me Toya! I have been on balmung and rping here for as long as FF14 has been a thing. I tend to be very friendly and excitable. I am always a massive fan of communication ooc as its important to a healthy rp partnership and generally I am looking for long term. I have rped Toya for a long time and intend to continue well into 5.0 and on. He is my boi and I have a lot of backstory and rp growth that has happened to him together with my best friends who are his sister's ic. I can be shy when first starting to talk to someone but once I get going I'll become pretty outgoing. If you want to poke me to ask questions or just wanna rp hit me up in game via a tell or at my discord #Toya5906!
  11. until
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, where the casino bunnies and poker studs of the casino floor are ready to take you to the entertainment destination of your choice. Revel in the games, the girls, the good times of the casino floor and stay to watch the fabulous Lucky Sevens dancers in our legendary Showcase & Revue! Open from 10PM to Midnight, Eastern. All the fun to be had in Hyperions Mist, Ward 15, Plot 45--You Lucky People!
  12. Hey all! Coming back to the game and was looking to get back into roleplaying. Wanted to make some friends or even join a free company. A bit about my character. His name is R'theqe Matoi. His is 25 years of age and his current occupation is delivering various types of packages. From physical gifts to a message to a lover, all across Eorzea. He's currently looking for more work, preferably to contract with an individual or group for a steady income. His alignment is Neutral Good, although he isn't above doing things not exactly lawful if it means work.
  13. Hey guys! I've been around the block, at least in rp land over in Balmung for some time and decided to dust off my old RPC account and well here I am! I'm trying to find contacts for all of my baes (I have way too many) But Lunae mostly! I'm very active on Discord and Tumblr/twitter (Links are in the bio) and yeah! Hello! It's pretty awesome to be back and now with a free schedule I can't wait to write some sick nasty plots with all of you!
  14. Lunae Lux

    [Balmung] Lunae Lux ft Alts

    I. Basic Info Characters: Lunae Lux:A criminal Empress and Founder of The Underdark. At Face value she is an entrepreneur and takes the mask of many roles, from Dancer to Seer to Assassin, she is like a chameleon and can blend and adapt into any situation that's needed, all the while she manages to sweetly smile through it all. Yukiko Sui: A native from Sui no Sato who took the life of a traveling artist venturing far from home. Despite her aloof personality and very naive tenancies she is quite adept in magic, receiving royal training before she ran away. Miyumi Han: A yakuza gangster with the Nickname 'The Oni' due to her short temper and the fearsome club she is seen constantly wielding. Primary character: Lunae Lux Linkshells:Eorzea's Worst Primary RP linkshell:The Underdark II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium/Heavy but I usually tend to match depending on the situation. Views on RP combat and injuries: I am totally okay with them as long as it's discussed prior! Views on IC romance: As long as it makes sense and isn't the only thing being focused on, let's do it! Though IT MUST make sense IC. I prefer a build up for romance rather than insta fairy tails. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I AM ALL FOR THIS LET'S GO! Views on lore: I'm not super strict when it comes to lore, as long as it makes sense and it doesn't directly break what's already set in stone (Which isn't much thanks SE for mkaing everything vague) then yeah let's party. I have both lore books and I source all of my material and keep up to date with what the dev's themselves say. ♥ Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Uhh party? III. Other Info Country: I'm in America Timezone: Eastern but I'm a night owl. Contact info: Discord is the best Lunae#7595 WEEEEEEEEEEEE ♥
  15. THE HANAMACHI PAVILION Welcome to the Hanamachi. Where we feed your fantasies in the lap of luxury. The Hanamachi caters to the upper echelon of Hydaelyn in all aspects of pleasure and leisure. Whatever you desire, whatever you dream, put in a request with the hostesses and we will match you with the person most suitable for you. But don’t be fooled, the ladies are always to be respected and those who break the rules pay the consequence of the game. Enjoy. WHAT WE DO The Hanamachi is meant to be an immersive experience for wealthy guests. From the moment they walk in the door, we make them feel like the most treasured person in the room. The whole of the Pavilion is our stage and the guest is the star we revolve around. Just don't forget, this is our stage. Although the Hanamachi is run by Yakuza (An extension of Okochi Ichizoku) it is and always will be primarily a hostess club. We indulge in D/M/ERP, related to many topics, but we wish to stay as close to the business as possible, and nobody is required to be involved in story arcs or content they do not wish to be. Inside the Pavilion we offer various pleasure services, all escorted and given by a hostess of your choosing, including tea service, the cloud lounge restaurant, the sake' bar entertainment area, several hot spring options, massage, and nyotaimori. Many private rooms have been prepared to welcome our guests and give them an intimate experience while taking in the leisure of being pampered and catered to by the ladies. WHAT WE NEED We are seeking new employees to be hostesses. At the moment we have filled all security positions, but we do have several house positions, including maids, waitresses, and administrative clerks. Hostesses are not required to offer ERP services. This is purely up to the player to decide for themselves. We welcome all players to come and see our housing and enjoy some time with the ladies before we throw the official opening event, which we hope very much will be in the next couple of weeks. WHERE: Shirogane. Ward 3. Plot 28. MEDIA: bit.ly/thehana IN-GAME CONTACTS: Miho Winter, Seven Alpha, Chiyoko Okochi, Koko Moks.
  16. General Profile Name: Septimus Aurelius Age: 18 Race: Midlander (Garlean) Occupation: Engineer Class: Machinist Combat Style: Non-Combatant Home: Ul'dah (Formerly Garlemald) Personality: Friendly, Hopeful, Optimistic Enjoys: Crafting, making new friends, art, music, books, family Dislikes: Violence, unnecessary aggression, war, tea, being judged Magically Capable: No Skills: Engineering (Magitech, Machines, airships), Piloting, (still learning what he is good at) Marital Status: Taken Seeking Long-term Plots Short-Term Plots Ongoing Story Arcs Family Rivals Hi there! thank you for stopping by to check out the thread. I'll jump right into it, my characters name is Septimus Aurelius and yes...he is a Garlean, as the title suggests I am currently looking for more static rpers within his story whether it be friends from home or friends who have met him along the way at some point, rivals or anyone who has a hatred of Garleans looking to do him harm but mainly I am looking for members of his Family. Allow me to expand on his backstory a bit. Septimus was born to house Aurelius, the youngest of seven though most of his brothers and sisters had joined the military or went off to pursue other aspirations to help in the war effort. Septimus however was kept home, sheltered from the war and the military despite his desire to want to stand beside his brothers and sisters. This sheltered lifestyle came with a side effect, Septimus knew nothing of the war except for what he had heard, that the Empire was trying to bring the other countries under a single flag to unite them all under one leader, in his mind this meant peace for everyone and that his family could be together again. Until then he stayed home and learned Science and Medicine under his Father's tutelage. When he turned 18 he became bored with learning the same things, being taught the same history or looking at pictures of various parts of the world through the same book. With the help of a friend, he snuck out one night and traded places with a soldier getting ready for a deployment to Othard, taking the man's place gleefully. However, upon arriving in the country he witnessed the truth of the Empire's war and horrific treatment of the other races at the hands of his countrymen. Septimus ran during a battle that he wanted nothing to do with and fled into Othard devastated at what he had seen. Since feeling, Septimus found his way to Ul'dah with the help of an Au Ra to join Crossroad Haven which is where he now resides. The reason Septimus does not fight, besides being sheltered, is simple and naive, he has no interest in causing pain or harm to anyone in Eorzea but he refuses to join in any fight against him homeland mainly because....it's his home and as much as he disagree's with their war and their methods they are still his people and he still loves his home and his family, this has left him stuck at a crossroads without any real direction to go. What I am looking for: As I stated I am mainly looking for anyone interested in playing a family member, I do have a storyline that I am currently working so there is definitely something in the works for everyone but I am not exclusively looking for family members, anyone is welcome and if you are interested feel free to IM me in game or on Discord at Septimus Aurelius#0901and Thank you for taking the time to read!
  17. Doctor Dazai

    mateus Wandering Whimsey

    Hello and welcome to the advert! It's a bit bare bones at the moment but eventually I'll spruce it up! FC Name: Wandering Whimsy FC Tag: <WHIM> Leader: Mab Nimue - Dazai Osamu FC House: MIST; Ward 17, Plot 45 Type of FC: Roleplaying/PVE Active Time: We cover both EU AND NA timezone in the evening Alignment: Neutral Good Application: Apply Via discord Discord: IceIceBaby#0633 Mab Nimue founded Wandering Whimsy at the age of nineteen after travelling through the world and finding herself needing a way to sustain her wandering habits. Caravanning brought her the work and the world she wanted, if only just enough to see the next place, next town, village, city. Within two years, Whimsy stayed stable enough to eventually purchase a workshop where she turned her company inward, less on carrying goods from place a to b, and more towards creating the goods and taking them herself, bringing herself from middle-woman to business woman. Though profit margins were still slim and her drive to be out in the world return, she partnered with Doctor Dazai and merged with his Medical company to take Whimsy to the next level. Wandering Whimsy went from tiny humble caravan to company filled with adventure, creation, and dream making, seeking to make new dreams come true, and tell new stories of adventure. Wandering Whimsy is home to many kinds of roleplay and should offer something for everyone. Adventure roleplay will be a main theme for the guild, but there will also be opportunities for those who lack the ability to adventure, be they scholars, crafters or simple tradesmen. You can expect weekly events and immersive story arcs! And not to mention plenty of social roleplay, such as bar nights, cooking classes, story nights, and other fun parties with games so we can all get to know each other. Note: We're a small and new guild but the good news is we do have a large and a nice core! so if you enjoy joining a fc in the first stages of it's life, that's a bonus.
  18. Kaiverta

    Where is everyone?

    Yikes, I was attempting to make a comeback to the game and then got SUPER busy. Now I've finally returned and the chat is empty! :o Are you all adulting?
  19. Faye

    Teatime <Tea>'s RP Night

    Each Friday, we will have an RP night for the free company starting at 8:00 PM eastern time! There is no strict purpose for this event other than RPing together, so we might do everything from social RP at the house, attending public events on the server, or progressing FC storylines! Come enjoy some RP!
  20. ((This event is running when the Tavern is open; mainly Wednesday and Saturday evenings EST. We welcome everyone to come have fun.)) The Bear's Den invites you to take our 96 oz Steak Challenge. If you think you've got what it takes to dominate the steak, let your server know prior to ordering. Challenge Rules & Participation You have 60 minutes** in order to completely demolish a grilled prime cut of Aldgoat steak. No one can help you eat the steak , no one can assist you in cutting the steak or feeding you pieces. You must sit in a designated spot as directed by staff. You cannot get up from your chair during the challenge. You do not have to eat the fat. But it will be checked for meat. If you finish it, your meal is free and your picture goes up on our Wall of Fame. Fail, and you must pay for the steak; 1550 gil. You can take the leftover home but you cannot finish eating them on the premises. If you are going to be sick, please use the receptacle that will be provided to you at the start of the challenge. You will have lost the challenge at this point. ___________________________________________________________________ ~ Now for the OOC Part ~ **For RP purposes, the ooc time for the challenge is 30 minutes in real time. Challenge OOC Rules & Participation You must inform a member of the tavern staff that you wish for your character to take the challenge. You will then be asked to move to a designated area/seat. This is to help with chat spam and to allow staff to be able to monitor your emotes and rolls. There are 3 "rounds" to this event. Please read this section carefully. At the start of the challenge, you will be allotted 10 minutes to emote receiving the steak, settling in, cutting it, and to begin eating it. Emote to your heart's content whatever it is you feel your character would do digging into a 96oz grilled steak. At the ten minute mark, a staff member will "check in" with you - at this time you will do a /random to roll. If your random roll falls between 1 and 499 - you will proceed to the next 10 minute round. If you roll 500 or more - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Again, for the next 10 minutes , emote to your heart's content. By now your character may be getting kinda full. They may begin to feel nauseated or they're still hungry. At the twenty minute mark, a staff member will "check in" with you again. This time you will do another /random roll. If your random roll falls between 500 and 749, you will proceed to the next 10 minute round. If your roll is between 1 - 499 or 750 - 1000 - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Again, for the last ten minutes , you should be emoting how your character is feeling after getting all that steak down! At the thirty minute mark, your server will come back to check in for the final time. It is time you will do the last /random roll. YOU MUST ROLL BETWEEN 750 AND 1000 IN ORDER TO HAVE WON THE CHALLENGE. If your roll is between 1 and 749 - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Comments, questions, concerns? Please contact me via DM. Rules are subject to change.
  21. Hey gang. So I'm a semi-returning (role)player, I've played this game in very short periods ever since it started but I was never really able to commit to it, neither to the RP side of things or the content and that was mostly because I was still used to playing WoW, but now that I'm finally done with that game, I'm willing to settle my roots here. I've got a young tribal Miqo of a character that I've used for some light roleplay before, though I've decided to restart and remake his character a little bit. While he does have a (I hope) somewhat engaging backstory and a growing personality, I view him as a blank sheet waiting to be filled by people I interact with. While I do have two main "paths" that he could take as a character I'm very interested to meet other people to accompany him on that journey - who knows, maybe he'll divulge from one of those paths and go in an entirely diffrent direction! I of course wouldn't object to that, I like the roleplay to run its' natural course. I'm a fairly laidback guy and I consider myself rather chatty, so I'm open to most roleplay stuff and character. While I'd like to note I'm from Europe (GMT+1) and would prefer to find other people to play with from Europe, my varied workhours allow me to interact with you fine people from all across the globe. Besides from roleplay, I'm interested in doing other kinds of content, though I'm usually a solo leveler kind of guy. I'll update this thread with some specifics later on, but I'm also working on a wiki character page for the guy, which you can check out below if interested. I'd also love to hear some feedback about it and maybe get some help with the layout (that I shamelessly borrowed from someone else). Stay frosty! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/D'eshel_Tia
  22. Part of our personal free company MSQ storyline!
  23. Hi all I'm currently looking for some friends/contacts for some of my characters. I'm mainly hoping to get my two newer ones onto the scene, and have linked their profiles below: https://lady-emal.tumblr.com/post/179524862399/kyle-madigan https://lady-emal.tumblr.com/tagged/Aiden-Arkwright Kyle is a pretty friendly man-cat, working as a stable master for a noble house. And Aiden is a quiet elezen, who is currently training to become a butler. He is a dragon song war veteran, but wants to settle into a more normal life. As for the sort of rp I'm looking for, I guess more along the lines of day-to-day life, but I am not against long term plotting, and mature/dark themes. I'm not currently looking for a ship for either of them, but would like friends/connections. For possible hooks, anything to do with noble life in Ishgard, will do for both characters But for Kyle specifically, he hails from Ul'dah, so anyone from that area may know him, or know of him. Aiden's family started out in Gridania too, so perhaps someone knew him before the family moved? He was a child then, so maybe a childhood friend? (edit) forgot contacts details ^^; I can be gotten hold of here, on tumblr, or on Discord at Lady#8681
  24. Hello everyone, I have a small problem. Recently, I started to RP with a lot of people, and one of these people is trying to push really hard for romance between our characters. Even though she is married, all parties know about this OOC and are fine with it, even if the "pursuer" may not get beyond friendship after all. I told him there was no promise that they'd end up together, as my character is very much in love. All fine and dandy, right? Here's the problem: The pursuer (Let's call him "P") keeps using OOC info that there is little to no way he'd know ICly to further his 'relationship' with my character. Somehow, he knows all her favorite foods, all her favorite desserts, etc. There is info I fed him IC, but that wasn't part of it. And of course his character keeps getting points if he mysteriously knows EVERYTHING my character likes, but to me, it feels extremely unnatural and forced, not how relationships should flow in any form or fashion. I try to avoid RP with this person because I don't want to call them out OOC, they are someone I consider a friend, after all. It just really bothers me. They are a fantastic writer, too. All I can do is just stop feeding him info. But what do I do if it happens again?
  25. Hey there folks, I'm a relative newbie to FFXIV, and looking for some patient RP contacts to help me build my character! Although still fairly new to Eorzea, I'm an experienced RPer, a quick learner, and have RPed as dozens of characters in numerous games. Hieronymous Wrex * Race: Roegadyn * Gender: Male * Alignment: Lawful Neutral * Sexuality: Straight * Background: Wrex is a tortured soul with a regretful past and a repentant eye towards the future. Born in Limsa Lominsa and raised there as an orphan, he has spent a considerable portion of his life in the navy, serving with the Maelstrom as a seaman and later as an intelligence officer. Now retired from military life, he regrets much of the time he spent serving, and has repurposed the skills he gained in his first career in order to find new work in Ul'dah as a private investigator. Above all, he desires to help people, and hopes that by giving aid to the downtrodden, he might redeem himself from the regrets of his past life. * Personality: Seemingly aloof and sarcastic, he can often strike people as being uncaring. He does, however, have a tendency to devote himself completely to any cause he feels strongly about, and is quick to offer his help to anyone he thinks might need it. * Hooks: He is currently seeking work in Ul'dah as a private detective. He also has a long history of service in the Maelstrom, and is likely to recognize other veterans with similar service records. About Me I'm an experienced roleplayer who loves creating complex characters and getting lost in intricate plots. I adore a good mystery or adventure, and definitely won't turn my nose up to any romance that blossoms along the way. My only real hang-up is with Mary Sues, which I don't have much patience for. I love discovering and exploring the flaws in characters, and am easily bored by those that seem 'too perfect'. I'm currently in UTC+6 (Central US), and although I try to get online as often as possible, my playtime can sometimes be a bit spotty, so I'll probably be easiest to reach via Discord. If you're interested in RPing there, send me a PM and I'll send you my details, otherwise I look forward to seeing you in game!