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[FC] Moogle Mayhem



In the wee hours of the night, there isn't a knock at the Shroudrose Teahouse's door, but rather a blaring of many long trumpets can be heard throughout the building, seemingly defying the physics of sound and passing through most mundane barriers. It isn’t long before the doors of the teahouse are thrown open, and a procession of small white furred bodies carrying their long trumpets file in. Several moogles throw tinsel and confetti all over the room, and more than one pot is knocked over by mishandled instruments as they float in. After the musicians, several moogles with lances follow suit, with a large palanquin trailing behind. The large moogle in the seat of honor look around furiously before a much smaller one in a plumed cap pulls out a scroll.

“Ahehehehem! Hear ye, hear ye, denizens of the Shroudrose Teahouse!” The diminutive moogle proclaims, its voice carrying far and wide throughout the building. “You and your ilk have enacted violence upon our peoples, and thus we demand satisfaction!” King Moglin puffs up, as if to punctuate the statement, but the herald continues, “You have until the height of the next full moon to bring your beast back for judgement or suffer the consequences!” King Moglin huffs a bit menacingly, glaring at any Teaple that happen to be in the main room. “And with the moon happening in just a mere two days, your time is running short!” It barks out, its pom flashing menacingly. King Moglin nods, leaning back and crossing his arms, the signal for the whole procession to put itself in reverse. And with that, the moogles leave as quickly as they came, the musicians playing the whole parade out of the hall just as noisily as they came, confetti littering the floor, and a mess for someone to clean up.

WHO: Utayuu and all interested!
WHEN: Wednesday, May 11th, 8:30 PM EDT
WHERE: Teahouse and Heavensward locations! (Moghome, specifically)

Please contact Utayuu Rokuyari if you are interested!

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