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Teatime is a casual RP FC looking to grow. We are not particularly aiming to be a huge FC, we’re just hoping to enjoy the game at our own pace, in our own space. Because of this, please be aware that things like daily events and long, involved FC storylines may not be frequent. In order to keep a laidback environment and ensure our numbers remain manageable, we are selective in our membership, as we know our free company is not the perfect fit for everyone and vice-versa. We are trying to keep a group of people with a similar focus, who we feel will complement each other and be comfortable in our free company. 

Please be aware that though the free company may be morally grey, our membership and theme are not exactly evil, or entirely illegal or immoral. Characters who are openly very villainous and antagonistic may not be a good fit for this free company (though we are happy to let this play out IC if you are on board). 

Perks: Chill people, Discord server, FC tumblr, fun and varied RP, weekly RP events, FC buffs, large FC house with private rooms available, airship, crafting facilities, and more!

We are looking for members who are mature and independent, who can take initiative and hold accountability for themselves. We are looking for passionate and talented role-players (even if new and still learning!) who take their writing seriously, and who do not focus their role-play on romance and sex. We are looking for members who are fun and relaxed OOC, who fall into the pleasant middle-ground of both having a sense of humor but remaining considerate of others. We are open to alts and people with limited playtime. Please check out our rules, and if you feel you can abide by them and agree with them, feel free to apply to our free company.

(Non-RPers are welcome, as are RPers who do not wish to be affiliated with us IC, please just keep in mind you will still be expected to follow all our rules, including our RP rules if and when you ever do decide to RP.)


We are currently looking for a wide array of characters to fill various roles such as…


Chefs & Cooks

Bake and cook the food served at Shroudrose Teahouse!


Bartenders & Servers

Help staff our teahouse and tavern and serve our guests!


Bards & Performers

Perform on stage during our events!


Household staff & Groundskeepers

Help with daily operations, cleaning, and upkeep of the establishment!


Gatherers & Farmers

Supply the ingredients for our teas and food!


Traders & Suppliers

Provide us with goods and supplies we need in our operations!


Guards & Bouncers

Keep the peace and protect our staff and patrons alike, in the teahouse or perhaps in some more clandestine ventures!


Couriers & Transportation Guards

Safely transport our supplies to us, and our goods to various markets and customers!


Researchers & Consultants

Provide the information brokering side of the business with information on topics of your expertise!


Spies & Investigators
Retrieve information needed for our information brokering clients!

Our application process consists of step-by-step process of a brief general application section, a short RP application section, and an RP “interview.” For those who do not wish to join the FC, we allow guests in our Discord (no app required) if they wish to be involved in either our teahouse events or information brokering and private investigations RP, but please be aware FC members will receive priority in events with a limited number of attendees.Those who wish to attend our public teahouse events and receive reminders of them, or who want to hire our information brokering services, are more than welcome to join the Discord! Please contact @Faye via the RPC or in game as Faye Covington, or Destiny (Faye)#8463 on Discord for a Discord invite, or with any questions concerning the FC, application, or Discord.

Apply here!

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