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    Introducing the Game of Dawn Thrones - a laid-back friendly Discord Server and Linkshell with the aim to bring together Xaela Roleplayers and help them make new friends and possible IC connections. We’re accepting members who roleplay Xaela Au Ra, tribal or non-tribal, and mixed race Xaela. Roleplayers from any FFXIV Server are welcome to join the discord, whilst the Linkshell is currently only available on Balmung. We have a number of channels to accommodate specific topics regarding lore, art, and finding RP, whilst also promoting relevant events, free companies, and linkshells. We also host our own Xaela-themed events, so please join if y'all about those mlems!

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    A classroom full of students and Teachers. We give multiple lessons, from learning Hingan and Xeala, to combat and magic lessons! There is something to teach for everyone. Here is a list of classes we give right now, and that keeps increasing: - Physical Combat: (Weapons both ranged and Melee) - Magic: (Conjury and Thaumaturge) - Survival: (Basic survival skills, trips, dungeon exploring, treasure hunting etc.) - Languages: (Hingan, Xeala, Eorzea) - History: (Far East, Eorzea and Ishgard) - Crafting: (Coming soon!) - Home ec. (Learn to cook dishes!) Sounds interesting? Then come join us as either a student or a teacher! We have a linkshell, just ask Ayane Mayuzuma, Wikiki Wiki or Ainami Aina for an invite! Discord: https://discord.gg/XTcehuj Or add me Masao#2913
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    Story and plot driven RP FC and LS located on Balmung! Please see our main listing here: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?/clubs/60-aeon-fcls-na/
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    Apocrypha Auctions and Acquisitions, a small auction house and rare object trading company. Acquiring unique alchemical concoctions, spices, aetherial artifacts, and art, we auction these off to discerning clientele. Beneath this we trade in far more unique , collecting illicit poisons, banned books, dangerous artifacts, and stolen treasures to sell to the highest bidder or most secretive buyer. Our Linkshell welcome any interested associates!

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    A voidsent themed RP community. It is an FC, Discord and Linkshell. ARK stands for Afflicted Rescue and Kinship. It is an agency focused on voidsent eradication and the protection of people who are cursed, possessed or afflicted by voidsent. ARK plans to run weekly RP events, both social and plot-based. We encourage everyone to write and host their own events and personal stories, as well. Anyone can join regardless of FC affiliation. It is both a Discord, Linkshell, and FC and you can join just one, two, or all of them- your choice! A home estate exists with gardens and chocobo stables and is the IC base of operations. Members can join into one of five separate roles. ALL roles can attend ALL events. To join, go to http://ark.enjin.com/recruitment

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    Workspace for the Balmung RP Event Calendar

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    Are you a roegadyn? Do you RP? Do you ever feel like you're the only roegadyn in your RP linkshell? You're not alone! We're an out-of-character linkshell full of roegadyn role-players! Join the fun, break a chair. We use the LS to chat, find and plot RP, help new RPers get started, and find people to do game content with. You know, like all-roe dungeon runs! Alts are welcome so long as the character is a roegadyn. Folks with invite privileges (updated 5/9/2018): Salty Lake Gilawafe Archimtirios Hollow Thorn Wuotwint Eifaeidinsyn Inalona Ghutsald Good Victory Fhiliht Merlhaemrwyn Carceri Agathys Crimson Bull Tal Raith Kazuhiro Williams Keimahl Sterrgeimwyn Ulfa Apgwyn Rhotdornn Hyrtfyrsyn Dogberry Himalspyr Grim Mouse Cinnabar Prentice Bitter Bear Rallywyda Hyrtfyrwyn Constant Moon IC House: Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 36 (ICly, a roegadyn-sized hotel) Discord available, ask us for the link! Rules: 1. Roegadyn characters only. (Alts are fine but may be booted when we are full.) 2. RPers only, but casual RPers are welcome. We are also happy to help you get started if you have never RPed before! 3. Don't be a jerk. No locker-room talk. If someone asks you not to do something that is making them uncomfortable, be respectful and knock it off. Our channel tends to be SFW conversation, though we have a NSFW channel on our Discord.
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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Cross-World Linkshell for Gen Xers or older Millenials - if you're old enough to miss gaming all day/night but have WAY too many IRL responsibilities to do so anymore, come play with us, and bring your favorite mix tape!! We juggle kids, jobs, houses, responsibilities, etc but still like gaming when we can where we can. Ages 25+ irl. No politics, discrimination, or drama - gaming is our *escape* from all that, pleases respect that and keep it family friendly and fun. No formal events scheduled atm, though you're welcome to host one! Most of us come from a long RP background (longer than I expect many players are old), and we're always happy to play. Right now, we keep things pretty free form and ad hoc - we know that's a LOT different from how most organized groups operate, but it's what fits into our lives right now and we're hoping there are Others Like Us out there. We have a FC house for RP events, otherwise are around many evenings bopping our way through Mooglestones, casual content, leveling, and chit-chatting. There is a Discord, but since it's fairly new to a lot of us we tend to be quiet and low volume (also hard to Discord chat all day while juggling kids and jobs, yaknow...) Thanks for reading, and party on Garth!
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    OOC Linkshell and Discord for those with the need for darker theme or villainous roleplay! Be if from simple murders, torture, demented becoming, to the more enjoyable conflicts and the need to have a villain–Dark Depravity is open for those interested! There is a Linkshell for those that wish to join on Balmung and a Discord open for anyone interested in darker theme roleplay, which provides roleplay, introductions, as well as pve and game content enjoyment!

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    A group of treasure hunters with a professional passion for drinking!

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    Looking for roleplay in Kugane? Want to find places to hang out in Shirogane? Meet other players that hang out on the eastern end on the map? Join us! Eastern Exposure was created by Alderique to network with other players who roleplay in the Far East. While the linkshell is focused on Kugane and Shirogane, it is open to characters from all parts of the Far East to join. Contact Kenta Nakano, Narakha Gharl, Talura Lura, or Keiho Jizutsu for an invite!

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    EBONGUARD is a lore-compliant criminal network linkshell on Balmung. While oriented toward morally-ambiguous lawbreakers, the linkshell is open for any interested parties to join—after all, picking up the telltale black linkpearls is a simple enough task in and of itself…
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    Fly-by-Night is an OOC linkshell haven for roleplayers whose playtime tends to overlap somewhere with the EU daytime/evening, or those with friends belonging to a time zone far-far-away. Come and chill with us. We serve a cracking cup of tea or can even perform a lively rendition of Små Grodorna for your viewing pleasure while waiting for the Duty Finder to pop. Throw one of these magnificent beasties a /tell and we’ll see to the rest: Llyr'a Moui ▪ Melori Enara ▪ Ayricha Daakier

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    Heavy RP - OOC is a long-running linkshell that serves as a hub for like-minded people. We all dig Heavy RP, if you do too then you should join us! Leave a message and we'll get you an invite.

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    Hugs & Cake, is a LS focused on promoting a positive community for those that want some help or would like to help.
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    Entertainment Troupe located in The Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 30. Shows hosted twice monthly! Please see our main listing here: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?/clubs/61-lucky-sparrow-entertainment-troupe-fcls/
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    The public networking linkshell for engineers, hosted by Machina & Magitek. This is a close-to-lore in-character pearl for engineers of all fields to collaborate and aid one another in their projects, be it through extra hands, material supply, or simply inspiration and second opinions. Officially the linkshell is Immortal Flames property - replacing a lost or damaged linkshell requires a fee, and Machina & Magitek withhold the right to remotely override any linkpearl issued in the event that it is being used for illegitimate purposes or the user is being unduly disruptive to the network as a whole.

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    Maelstrom Command <<FLEET>> is a Grand Company / Military / Law Enforcement RP community located on the Balmung server. We are LinkShell focused – meaning that while we do have a Free Company, no one is required to join the Free Company to be considered a fully fledged member of the community. You don't have to leave your FC friends to play with us!

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    A linkshell made by Ishgardians, for Ishgardians! a OOC hub for all Northern roleplayers to gather and find roleplay with one another, get contacts and come together to keep roleplay in the north alive with interactions and events.

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    Stormguard is an expansive secret society with history dating back 900+ years tasked with safeguarding certain relics and secrets. The group originated back in FFXIV version 1.0 in 2010 and aims for 'old-school' RPers in that it will prefer open world RP over housing RP, prefers forum and in game interactions over Tumblr/Discord/etc, prefers complex and long term stories over recurring events, prefers emphasis on individual character stories/interactions over singular plots, and prefers lore compliant concepts with wiggle room to allow individual creativity. Visit the site for further details.

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    A host of individuals who have been selected by fate, each character tasked with a destiny that far surpasses what they are capable of alone. Rendezvous of Stars is a lore-abiding, plot-driven LS with a supernatural excuse for its members to interact with one another. Please check out our Topics / website to learn more!
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    A networking of roleplayers whom embrace plausible-realism, lore-centric storytelling within the Final Fantasy 14 canon, engage in Open-World roleplay and character-driven plots that may or may not have Dark or Mature elements. We encourage world-building, GM'd adventure events, immersive storytelling and cross-company inclusion all run through an in-game linkshell and discord server.

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