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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdiB3cISeBk
  2. buy out an entire ward of shirogane houses, keep them locked, and use the placards to respond to whatever tumblr drama seems funniest to me
  3. I've got an alt on Mateus if you'd like to engage in ye olde ronplay every now and again. Duskwight Conjurer who relies on tricks/deception and bullying elementals in order to get her way with them, sort of like Goblin Shamans/Warlocks from WoW. If you ever see me on Mateus (which is rare since I'm a Balmongoloid) then hit me up on Therese Beauchene, or we can work out the deets so I actually have a reason to log onto Mateus.
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