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  1. Thanks. The past thirteen years have been the best of my life. And given that, I’ve distanced myself from FFXIV. It’s evident that solo play just isn’t going to work for me and if I’m going to play with him, we might as well build out our characters on Brynhildr. So, I’m taking a small vacation from the game and have deleted my Mateus characters. Sadly, it’s just not a scene that works for me.
  2. All good points. Honestly, after all of this, I’ve decided to give up on the idea for now and remember the person who knows my tastes and wants the best and is always there for me. In a way, this has made me appreciate his writing all the more. Also, our anniversary was this week, so I’m feeling squishy. Good luck to the singletons out there!
  3. That would be character-dependent, but I think Nerezza’s would be the most interesting. Her unhappy background has made her repulsed by venial sin. That no one has ever loved her in any capacity places her in wavering states of fear, defensive numbness, and longing. She found escape in a enchiridion (not to be mistaken with the Enchiridion) about black mages with the classic look (black ‘skin’ and glowing eyes), believing them to be superior people who converted from flesh to aether and therefore liberated of corporeal need and desire. Knowing the risks and disdain the practice of black magic, she nevertheless tirelessly pursues her goal. I imagine her mental world would be fraught with monstrous imagery of debauchery: cold reprobates, giggling drunks, money-worshiping sybarites, Quicksand succubi who tarnish men’s virtues, and so on. If this was a playable sequence, the “boss” would be her own mother as a chilly demoness, having been one of said Quicksand succubi who left her husband for a younger man after having an affair, finding herself pregnant and sending the baby that wasn’t even his back to her ex to raise. Nasty lady. Nerezza herself would be entombed in shadow-webbing, curled up and shivering in a featureless morass that represents her depression and feelings of worthlessness. Who can save her? Who would bother?
  4. My characters have inherited my lifelong teetotalism, so… none! I have never, in the nearly 20 years I’ve RPed, had a character become inebriated or have anything to do with alcohol. Or any drug, for that matter—unless you count caffeine.
  5. If the kisser was female: You know that gif of Homer backing up into the bushes? Something like that. If the kisser was male: Aderyn - flustered surprise and mild annoyance, given that she's a happy newlywed Y'lhitah - would walk away, muttering some mild insult under her breath Nerezza - would wonder how you got under all the layers of her clothing to even reach her cheek Melisende - would smile, perhaps offer a confused laugh, and if the guy was cute, say something complimentary N'idah - would smile, thank the guy, and think her music must be a success if she has fanboys S'zhapaash - would wonder why a young man wanted to kiss an old lady such as herself but would probably fantasize about said boy for awhile Y'jeshi - would instantly believe it meant he must want to be her mate for life Y'khona - would return the kiss near the corner of his mouth
  6. It probably was, Khaidu. I always try to make plain-looking characters in normal to frumpy clothing. I also never learned the art of flirtation (IC or OOC). My few very mild attempts garnered confused responses or the character didn't pick up on it. I tend to be a passive female, waiting on male initiation, so that probably has something to do with it as well. Again, that's my taste and personality at play.
  7. Brynhildr is my main server, but the RP community is pretty much nil, despite my efforts to attract people there. I respect that and have fun with my RL husband, but occasionally, I want a more social RP scene and a character who isn't automatically his mate/counterpart/wife. We both have "solo" characters on Mateus (even if we generally end up having to RP together anyway). He plays both genders, I only play female. Right now, I'm trying my hand with a cloistered type good girl named Aila Drever on Mateus. She's currently marooned in Limsa, being a new character, but if anyone wants to take a run at her, by all means... The answers pretty much aligned with what I suspected. That's fine. I think RP is wish-fulfillment and we should all do what we want! Thanks for the replies, all.
  8. Yesterday someone I know explained my current plight in the game: I'm a straight woman who plays straight female characters and it's nigh impossible to find any straight males to RP flirtation/romance/love/marriage with. The responses, apparently, were humorous shock and a lot of resistance to the idea of remedying this bizarre dearth. That part really confused me. What's so repulsive about guys who like gals? I'm curious. Why the lack of straight male characters? Are men afraid to be accused of harassment? Is there literally no interest in het love anymore? A quick search for in-game marriage videos on YouTube seems to suggest het love is alive and well... on non-RP servers. Tell me, RP community, why straight women have the fewest options. I can't help what my tastes and orientation are, and am shocked at how much the RP world has changed since I first began in the '90s. Admittedly, I also have the tall order of not wanting a random hookup or being assumed into a Seeker's "harem", but to be honest, I've seen maybe 3 straight men in two months of RP. I'm not bashing people who RP otherwise, just wanted to understand the strange absence of het guys.
  9. I'm female and exclusively write female characters. I always have since I started RPing in chatrooms in the late '90s. Just about every other RPer I know has written someone of the opposite gender, so people like me seem fairly rare. I've made a few "joke" male characters for temporary laughs. For me, RP is wish-fulfillment. My wish is to be desired by men and to eventually enter into a virtual long-term relationship/marriage. It works even better when the character is struggling to find someone. The best scenario is the plain/ugly girl who lands the hot (cat)guy. Strangely enough, I hate romance novels and romcom movies. Go fig. Unfortunately, I've found on Mateus, trying to find a straight man, especially a miqo'te, is truly a needle in a haystack scenario. It wasn't like that back in the '90s. Back then, if your character was female, guys assumed you were female and went out of their way to treat you like gold. God, I miss those days.
  10. On vinyl, no less, but here’s the YouTube link:
  11. I realize Brynhildr is not a hub for RP, but I thought I'd introduce us. If you're interested, look up the FC Order of the Kestrel or contact Y'lhitah Tahnz or Y'mikan Tahnz in game. You can also PM me here. Thank you for your time.
  12. So far, we're only three active members strong, but we prefer to keep the group small to foster group intimacy. As founders, my husband and I both have about twenty years of RP experience under our belts each. We stick to naming conventions, essential lore, but are definitely open to new and interesting twists to the story. All we want are creative people who want to have fun in a fantastic other world. We take our time with the game content and prefer a more casual approach to gameplay. We choose the classes we enjoy for personal reasons, not to satisfy dungeon mechanics. For instance, I've been enamored with the Dragoon since I first played FFIV back in the early '90s as a teen. Having the chance to be my -own- Dragoon is immensely exciting to me. That's the kind of spirit we like to see in our members. If you're interested, please send a tell to Aderyn Highwind or Chanar Nergui.
  13. My husband and I play a pair of miqo'te on Brynhildr. We are, however, in the EST zone. We're familiar with basic lore, naming conventions, and are active just about every day. We have a Free Company (we'd prefer to keep small--we only have three active members right now), but would also welcome casual sessions. We are not hardcore players, but we are interested in helping people complete dungeons and craft items. In any case, we've turned off all tells due to the ridiculous amount of gil-buying spam. Please send in-game mail or reply here. Character names are Y'lita Tahnz and K'mikan Tia. If I've done anything inappropriate, please let me know, moderators.
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