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    What Are You Listening To?

    On vinyl, no less, but here’s the YouTube link:
  2. I realize Brynhildr is not a hub for RP, but I thought I'd introduce us. If you're interested, look up the FC The Lunatic Fringe or contact Y'lhitah Tahnz or Y'mikan Tahnz in game. You can also PM me here. We've been around Balmung back in the day and recently tried Mateus, but prefer a quieter scene that's a little less like a college dorm and a little more like adults writing together for some casual fun. If that sounds good to you, we're very friendly to all levels of RPer, from beginner to veteran. We acknowledge the lore but are willing to bend it if it serves a more creative story. We prefer a more light-adventure feel to our personal stories, so no George R.R. Martin stuff here. Thank you for your time.
  3. nerdessence

    Fellwyrm Sodality - BRYNHILDR

    So far, we're only three active members strong, but we prefer to keep the group small to foster group intimacy. As founders, my husband and I both have about twenty years of RP experience under our belts each. We stick to naming conventions, essential lore, but are definitely open to new and interesting twists to the story. All we want are creative people who want to have fun in a fantastic other world. We take our time with the game content and prefer a more casual approach to gameplay. We choose the classes we enjoy for personal reasons, not to satisfy dungeon mechanics. For instance, I've been enamored with the Dragoon since I first played FFIV back in the early '90s as a teen. Having the chance to be my -own- Dragoon is immensely exciting to me. That's the kind of spirit we like to see in our members. If you're interested, please send a tell to Aderyn Highwind or Chanar Nergui.
  4. nerdessence

    other servers Raising Brynhildr

    Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.
  5. nerdessence

    other servers Raising Brynhildr

    My husband and I play a pair of miqo'te on Brynhildr. We are, however, in the EST zone. We're familiar with basic lore, naming conventions, and are active just about every day. We have a Free Company (we'd prefer to keep small--we only have three active members right now), but would also welcome casual sessions. We are not hardcore players, but we are interested in helping people complete dungeons and craft items. In any case, we've turned off all tells due to the ridiculous amount of gil-buying spam. Please send in-game mail or reply here. Character names are Y'lita Tahnz and K'mikan Tia. If I've done anything inappropriate, please let me know, moderators.