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  1. Oh. Sad. Well, thanks for the reply!
  2. Is it possible for someone to make a macro... or something >.>... that allows for saving RP logs on the PS4 - that can maybe then be emailed or something? I want to RP in FFXIV in my downtime but I don't want to lose the interactions that take place.
  3. Oh you found me here! Yay I'm glad! You're welcome~
  4. Two new headshots (I ran a freebie thread on my Twitter and only two people replied, so.. I just drew them both xD):
  5. ^.^ Thank you! That commission was particularly enjoyable to work on (potentially in part because I have a cat as well, and I hold her like that xD).
  6. Hi! Yes! And I am back in the game. Balmung. Lv 42 Paladin. It made me want to draw FF-specific art. o.o
  7. I'm doing a Twitter FFXIV headshot sketch giveaway on Twitter. :3
  8. Thank you for looking (and taking the time to comment)!
  9. Kaiverta


    I am not new to the site but I didn't know where else to post that... ...After months of talking about it, I have FINALLY rejoined the game! I am on Balmung!
  10. My most recent finished commission:
  11. Hi there! I'm a long-ago player of FFXIV. Since I am not playing at the moment, I've come here to feed my FF needs by interacting with everyone here, and offering my art services. I HAVE RETURNED! I am now playing FFXIV once more, registered on Balmung. My character is Krice Verta. I can draw any of the races, armoured or dressed in casual attire, in single images or as couples or groups. Keep in mind that the more detailed/larger the request is, the longer it will take, and the higher the price will be. I also sometimes have
  12. Troo... Though I wouldn't have anything meaningful to add. I haven't played the game in years. I've forgotten all that I did know, and I know nothing about the new stuff.
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