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  1. My most recent finished commission:
  2. Hi there! I'm a long-ago player of FFXIV. Since I am not playing at the moment, I've come here to feed my FF needs by interacting with everyone here, and offering my art services. I can draw any of the races, armoured or dressed in casual attire, in single images or as couples or groups. Keep in mind that the more detailed the request is, the longer it will take, and the higher the price will be. I also have requests not related to FFXIV which will add to time taken, but I draw in order of who confirms order details first. BASIC PRICE GUIDE: Full coloured bust (shoulders up) - $40USD+ Full coloured waist up - $60USD+ Please refer to my ART WEBSITE for more information as pricing can change depending on your order. Previous FFXIV commissions: SicketySix Edvyn Dej CURRENT: Offsite Commission
  3. Troo... Though I wouldn't have anything meaningful to add. I haven't played the game in years. I've forgotten all that I did know, and I know nothing about the new stuff.
  4. Hey, Six! Discorrrd. Evil Discord. Even the MuD I RP on (when I have time, these days e.e ) has slowed down dramatically because people are on Discord chatting now.
  5. Oh, HUWAHA. That's very funny. Ahem. Sorry again for the delay. D: The holiday season was wild. I am glad it's over. Happy new year!
  6. Hi Merc! Good to still see you. So is there an official Discord server that I can join, or are you talking just fan-made things and they're kinda sticking to themselves?
  7. Yikes, I was attempting to make a comeback to the game and then got SUPER busy. Now I've finally returned and the chat is empty! :o Are you all adulting?
  8. Here's my latest finished, full-body, fully coloured, armoured w/weapon commission. Still open to take FFXIV requests if anyone is interested~
  9. Yeah, I knew it was 'rapport'. Silly me. And yes, there are other mistakes. xP It doesn't bother me, though, because I'm just 'chatting'. Like some people using 'u' instead of 'you' (though I don't l33t-speak). I'm a 'grammar-nazi' with the basics. This in no way means that I know everything. There are some quantifying/qualifying? words (such as 'noun', 'pronoun') that I don't know the name of - and might not know what they refer to (to what they refer, blabla) if I heard the word (collective term? ), because it's all stuff I learned in primary school. I have subsequently forgotten most of the non-basic (noun, pronoun, etc) terms, though I do accurately use the words or phrases that those terms describe. Correcting 'your' if you're saying 'you are' is not a pedantic thing, though. For instance, if you were to use that in an essay, or a resume (don't know how to make the little 'e' accent on the keyboard, so sue me), it would be a mark against you because it's incorrect. Especially in essays, teachers look for people who know how to communicate things in the officially correct way. So in that sense, a little assistance in-game can help the person be more successful irl. If the person doesn't want assistance, that person will have no problem saying so and everyone helping him/her should respect that.
  10. I essentially can agree with everything said here, in particular about language improving. If someone struggles to spell, but is RPing with someone who spells everything right, the onus is on the 'bad speller' to ask if his/her way of spelling it is correct, of it the 'good speller' is correct. Or maybe Google it to double-check? I'm a bit of a nazi about English and grammar as well, but I'm always polite about it. If it's someone I don't interact with too often, or don't have a good report with OOCly, then I more than likely won't say anything. If it's a friend, I'll point it out. The your/you're, their/they're is actually a ridiculously common problem. Try sharing THIS LINK with your friend? For the most part, if I'm writing with someone who is making these basic English mistakes, I just keep writing my own way and hope that the other person picks it up, or asks me what's right - especially if I'm not sure whether or not we'll meet up again (i.e for strangers, not friends). If someone is asking me about the game and/or RP, though, that makes it a lot easier to broach the subject of grammar and spelling.
  11. I've learned through years of having to deal with drama caused by other drama-mongerers, that keeping OOC interaction to a minimum is THEEEE best way to avoid the OOC nonsense. I've only got a select few people on my chat programs, otherwise I communicate with RPers in game, in channels that are OOC, to ask or arrange RP times. As far as love is concerned... Eh, I mean, I try to NOT let my character bond to others in that sort of way mainly because of nonsense that has happened in the past, but I prefer to let him 'write himself'. He interacts as he would, sometimes doing things that I'm like "aw man >.> don't do it", but it's more natural that way, and that includes him bonding with other characters. Sometimes an attraction is there - sometimes it isn't. It's hard to avoid, just like in real life. You're drawn to certain people for whatever reason. In the case of romantic RPs, it's hard to NOT have some kind of OOC communication with the other party involved because you need to be able to coordinate certain interaction-types (like what are they doing when you're not actually RPing them--are they hanging out, working, together or separately, etc). I lost the rest of my train of thought because /tired. e.e But yes! The ooc-to-ic stuff can spoil it - hence, I keep OOC communication to a minimum, and very rarely, if at all, add new players to my contact lists. The bigger the contact list, the more people. The more people, the higher the probability of backstabbing and gossip. Ech, no thanks. I also do not post anything in bios about my characters that the general public wouldn't know. That way, people can't use OOC information to benefit their characters/RPs. That stuff should be discovered through learning the character with interactions. I haaaate it when people use OOC info and mix it into IC. It's just poor RPing. To the point of the matter (since I remembered, woo)! Stop sharing info with that person, for sure. If it happens again, maybe ask that person nicely to stop doing it. Sometimes you HAVE to call people out on their behaviour, mild or severe. If that person really is a friend, then said person will REMAIN a friend afterward. If that person is just a 'friend' because he/she likes the RP relationship or your character for whatever the reason, then it's not a friend to have, anyway. Good luck with it. <3
  12. This happened once to one of my characters, and his friend went into his mind to 'retrieve' him. I wrote that his mind was like a white 'desert-like' expanse, foggy/misty, with compartments similar to doors and rooms, partially obscured by 'grey matter' (basically just parts of the mind that weren't active) each of which held a memory or emotion in it. Not easy to identify or open up, but left his friend with a general 'sense' of what that memory was.
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