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Donating/Supporting the RPC through Patreon

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Attention, Community Members!


Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition, otherwise known as the RPC, is in large part a privately-owned and privately-funded website. That said, we do accept DONATIONS via Patreon!  If you would like to show your support for the site that’s helped thousands of people over the years find and enhance their roleplay, you can pop on over to our page and make a pledge!


The Patreon Page for the RPC




1. Are there any incentives to pledge and, if so, what are they?


  1. Patrons can, first and foremost, opt into a red username to signify that they are current donors.
  2. A single character of their choice will go into the rotation for Featured Characters on the RPC Wiki’s front page.
  3. They have access to a unique forum board that has been set aside for faster and more in-depth access to site staff.
  4. Additionally, Patrons get to test many of the new features and functionalities of the RP before they go live to the rest of the userbase!


2. Patreon is on a monthly basis. Can I contribute without pledging for subsequent months?


You can cancel your monthly pledge after you receive an e-mail indicating that your pledge has been processed. This allows you to make a one-time donation. Patreon processes pledges on the first day of each month.


3. The benefits to accounts only last while you are keeping a pledge, right?


By default, the rewards are only for the months when your pledge is active. However, if you wish to donate for multiple months at once, pledge the correct amount for the length of time desired (e.g. $30 for 6 months) and then send a message with the specifics to FreelanceWizard, either on Patreon or here at RPC, who will then process you accordingly.


There also exists a $60 pledge level for those who wish to donate by the year.



4. Once I’ve donated, how should I notify a link between my RPC account and my Patreon account?


There are two methods:


  1. If your Patreon username is the same as your RPC username (or if your Patreon e-mail is the same as your RPC registration e-mail) then this will be handled by FreelanceWizard via the pledge manager. This is the preferred method.
  2. You may message FreelanceWizard on Patreon or here at RPC with the details.
  3. Using the original Donation thread by FreelanceWizard.
  4. For any other assistance, concerns, or issues, please open a private thread in our Requests and Feedback forum. Posts will remain private between you and the staff for privacy.


5. Where does my donation go?


  • Hosting and other costs to keep the RPC, the RPC Wiki, and various other functionality running.
  • Costs for software upgrades, additional AWS instances, etc.
  • Less burden upon the private owner(s) of the site per-month means more funds can be allocated to development and addition of new features.
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