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    The Balmung RP Network was created in hopes of fostering a safe, judgement-free, and positive community space for the roleplayers of Balmung to come together and share their RP ideas. It is meant as a central hub for those looking to connect with other like-minded roleplayers in order to further their character developments, recruit for fcs and linkshells, and to bring the community closer together. Ultimately, we’re all just a bunch of nerds who want to make friends with other nerds and RP with them. We’re here to form connections both IC & OOC, and to have a good time doing so.

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    A club set up to organize roleplay on the ferry server. We have a number of role-playing related linkshells available on server, please contact me for further info.

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    This is a test listing to make sure filters work. This section is for active off-site groups, discord servers, and other in-site sub communities that don't quite fit in as a Free Company or Linkshell. The only filters that matter are Active/Inactive and the Club type for membership.

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    A friendly and growing hub for a friendly and growing server's RPC. Check out Zalera!