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  1. Here's to the Lance I ran into in Tam-aTara last night. First some background: 1) I am visually impaired, being effectively blind in one eye, with a limited field of vision - something I warn all my groups of. 2) I'm a level capped wite mage and a Mentor (and was wearing my crown icon last night. Anyway, we get into the dungeon. This Lancer keeps rushing ahead, pulling half the time, stealing aggro from the tank. Her poor performance was making it hard for me to do my job the whole way through. When we get to thew final boss, I am typing, trying to explain the mechanics of the fight to the tank, who had never done it, and, aah-dee-dah, she pulls while I'm typing. We get thropugh without anyone dying, and she hs the nerve to, before the dungeon ends, say, and I quote, "Heal faster, plz." Our other DPS, the Thm, is a friend of mine who just rolled a new alt on my server, but who has Capped characters on her old server. She is Livid. I'm Livid. Of course, afterwards, I look this little twit up on the Lodestone, and see that she has ZERO olevels of any of the three Healing classes.
  2. I've taken the liberty of creating a Cross World LS for the community. Anyone interested in joining, please let me know here or somehow get ahold of me in game. Remember, I'm on Faerie server.
  3. Ordinus Ventus Gladius -The Order of the Wind Sword - is a small, friendly Free Company originally formed by members of the RPG.net forums (one of the oldest and largest forums dedicated to tabletop role playing on the web,) and, as of May 11, 2017, has opened up to applications for members interested in general role play. Many of our members are role players of long standing, some of us with experience in not only online, but table top rpgs. We are a Rank 8 FC, currently (alas) without housing, although this hopefully will change with release of Stormborn. In addition to roleplaying, we are a casual/leveling content guild, with an emphasis on friendliness, openness, and a welcoming attitude. We are VERY LGBTQ friendly, and, indeed, abuse of or by members will not be tolerated. Also, we are affiliated with the Roleplayers Realm linkshell on Faerie (I'm both the LS owner and VGO Guildmaster.) If you're looking for a FC that encourages RP on Faerie, please consider us. You certainly could do far worse. Please, feel free to apply at our website, or contact myself or another member in-game.
  4. Sorry for getting behind. A week and a half of health issues will do that. We now have a website, shared with my Free Company, at http://vgo.enjin.com. Please feel free to register, and be sure to let me know when your online times are. Also, I'm going to try and get a list of current members up. Everyoine on the Linkshell should be a leader, and can invite new members.
  5. Young (one and twenty Namedays) Miqo'te widow in search of female friendship, possibly more. I've been widowed for a bit over a year, and the time has come to move on with my life. Sadly, I haven't had much luck as of yet. Species not important. I am looking for more than just intimacy, though. A solid bond is extremely important, as is honesty. Please respond to: Na'tali Misah Topmast Apartment 23 Mist Ward 2 Subdivision Lower La Noscea
  6. In FFXIV, a Linkshell is essentally a custom chat channel which a person may be invited to join (but cannot join otherwise.) If you look for me in-game (Na'tali Misah,) send me a /tell, and I can shoot you and your friend a friend invite and linkshell invite. (Any meber of the Linkshell can inite if yiou approach them first.) Also, a littletip. You can setyour search info so that, instead of the New Player leaf emblem, that you have the RP tag next to your name, which tells peokle that you are seekign RP. Bear in mind that different players want different sorts of RP...
  7. I'm on during the day weekdays, and roughly noon to 8:30 Pacific some weekends.
  8. Ok, just to address the 'Transfer to Balmung' thing (for this, and I'll repeat this in at least one other thread.) That's not happening. While I am aware that transferring is possible (as opposed to the seemingly permanent Chargen lockdown,) I have too many friends on Faerie, and I both am Leader of a Free Company for a certain web forum and two linkshells, and not really wanting to see the former die again (we recently resurrected it after it imploded back a few months after relaunch, due to member leakage.) I do appreciate the thought in the suggestion, Nebs, but I really do have roots in place on Faerie.
  9. Not a FC, but I run the Role players Realm linkshell. Contact me un-game (Na'tali Misah or U'salia Kalist) for an invite.
  10. Hey guys, get with me or PurpuraLady in game, and we'll get you onto the Roleplayers Realm Linkshell. (Look for Na'tali Mishah, U'saliah Karist, Hunting Tiger, or Ginia Snaps.)
  11. U'saliah Karist sighed, looking about the beaches of Costa Del Sol. The young Miqo'te wrapped her arms around herself, the cool breezes reminding her of the cold Sagoli nights. It was nights like this that she wished she had someone to cuddle up with. Back home, she might be able to share a bed with U'rahtalo, but then again, she might not, as the older Miqo'te might be with another of her many lovers... And, besides, she wanted someone a little....well, a little less 'busy,' someone that she didn't have to share quite so much... OOC: My alt, U'saliah is looking for a romantic partner. Not necessarily a wife (she is a Lesbian,) but at least someone to spend time with, both on adventures and off. As with most Miqo'te, she is Poyamorous, but wants something a little more stable than random lovers, perhaps a stable triad. Players MUST be over 18, but otherwise there are no limits on age, race, or class/job. I am on most days, but only until 8:15 pm Pacific at the latest.
  12. ST-Epsilon started on Bria, then transferred en masse to Chimera to join the RP community there. Good to see other old school RPers around. Anyone else here veterans of MUSHes, MUCKs, MOOs, or MUXes?
  13. Hello all. I'm Darth Bathrobe (a Dresden Files reference for anyone who is curious.) I'm a roleplayer with 30 years of table-top experience, and nearly 20 years online experience, both in multi - user text-based games (MUSHes, MUCKs, and MOOs, all RP intensive) and MMOs, including Star Wars Galaxies, where I was a founding member of the first Stormtrooper roleplay player association, Stormtrooper Detachment Epsilon <>, as well as the EU - Chimera server roleplay community, and Lord of the Rings Online on Landroval, the unofficial RP server. Additional MMO experience includes World of Warcraft on RP servers, as well as dabbling in Everquest and EVE online, among others. I am an intenive Roleplayer, and currently play on Faerie with my main, Na'tali Misah, a Lvl 60 WHM. I am the Leader of the FC Ventus Gladius Ordinis <>, the official RPG.net Forums Free Company, as well as the founder of the Roleplayers Realm Linkshell, which I created with the hopes of establishing a RP Community on Faerie. Also, PurpuraLady is my RL significant other.
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