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    Most of our roleplayers tend to dabble in casual and adventure scenarios, however they're rather flexible. We have a good blend of fresh experience rpers (1-2 years) that have started with our current ongoing campaign , and those who have experience from previous games (Mabinogi). Our RP group is a mix of Lamia natives, and some that have transferred over from Leviathan. The roleplayers of Arche Koeln are mostly occupied with an ongoing campaign called Distant Worlds, currently run by Yumi Hikaru. // If you're interested in Arche Koeln, please do not hesitate to contact Yumi Hikaru or Itsu Neir. // Yumi and Itsu currently utilize the Lamia RP Discord to contact other RPers as well: https://tinyurl.com/LamiaRoleplaying

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    Brave Eorzea Adventurer's Guild is a Hyperion based roleplaying free company. Newly founded, in September of 2018, we're looking to grow our ranks, and help create a fun and exciting roleplaying experience for all players on Hyperion server! BE Kind, BE Creative, BE Brave! Join our club today.

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    An adventurer's guild founded in the heart of The Goblet, this humble establishment struggles to stay afloat against its competitors. Always looking for new faces and stories to enjoy journeys with, however, all aspiring adventurers - as well as business associates - are welcome under our roof!

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    Da Family is a FC located in the Goblet [Jenova Server], while it is a Mafia themed RolePlay FC, one wouldn't know it from a glance. Da Family claims themselves to be brokers of Information, and master of odd side jobs. Da Family never forgets. Just some honest folk, trying to get by through not so honest means. But whatever you do, do it for Da Family.

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    [ Siren RP ] We're a relatively new FC with our main purpose being that we collectively go on hunts in the world along with many adventurers. Our free company is a family; each and every person who joins is a vital member to make our missions successful. From lodge members to hunters you each will have an active role to better not only our community, but our family. We also have a discord! It's https://discord.gg/pgvqW7X and you can add to send me a message. I am written down as Akai Wakizaka there. (PM me for more details! We're still new but we would love to have more people join us.)

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    <DD-RP> is a friendly free company in Adamantoise for doing content and some nice RP. Join us to make our FC even better!

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    The Hidden Mage Village is a new/upcoming Free Company (on Siren) that is looking for members to help us grow. We do a little bit of everything! Casual to Hardcore, and we plan on RP events. Casual RPers will probably appreciate just doing our events, but for the more serious/regular RPers, we have made the linkshell called Hellfrog Hooligans as our main affiliate for daily and weekly activities. We are lacking members in both at the moment, but there will be more events as we gain more members! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your adventures!

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    The Huntress is a voidsent bar, ran by a family of voidsent known as the Bloodmoons. Currently recruiting a variety of unique character to join us and begin their stories. Alts are welcome. On hyperion.
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    Established on server Malboro, House Soleilune is a newly formed noble house given the mission to represent Ishgard to lands beyond Coerthas. Led by Ambassador Amythine Soleilune, House Soleilune seeks to promote Ishgardian culture, enlist foreign mercenary aid and negotiate trade treaties with non-Ishgardian entities. House Soleilune also stands as an unashamedly liberal house among Ishgard's conservative traditions. Amythine Sunweaver, Mistress of the house, is Ishgard's first gay woman to lead a noble house. Soleilune actively seeks to employ half-elezen who were previously shunned by Ishgardian society, as well as low-born who struggle for work, and seeks to promote women to positions of authority. Amythine's philosophy is that Ishgard should stand as a beacon to the world that a religious nation can still be a place of equal opportunity, inclusiveness and diversity, and be all the stronger for it, while demonstrating the strength of a strong religious foundation.

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    Working within the ranks of the Twin Adders, a counter-intelligence Free Company fights from the shadows against the Empire, pushing their spies and supply lines closer to Garlemald with every setting sun. They hunt by night, silently striking from the air upon the Empire, instilling the same nightmares they bestow upon Eorzeans to conscripts and loyalists alike. Their presence however to their fellow Eorzeans is highly debated, with only the seldom passerby whispering of their accolades. Their most known members seem only to be seen when wished, being high profile arms dealers, brokers, or counter-intelligence agents. Even their Lord Commander is an enigma, only being known as one of the few appointed Knights to survive the Ala Mhigan Invasion and make his way to Gridania. That being said, his existence is debated even amongst the members of the Order, the orders and wishes of this man passed through by the words and actions of the Division Commanders and their swordsmen, The Jingwei Blades. While their main presence resides in Gridania, their exploits have taken them all across Eorzea, with emphasis in Ul'dah and Ishgard after the events of the Dragonsong War. Helping secure political allies and informants within the newly forming Ishgardian government. With their newly acquired allies and resources, their aspirations seem to be for the heavens themselves, and building an airship fleet that could provide extra defensive capabilities to their city-state, as well as fight the Empire in the air in their own territories while the main Eorzean airship fleet is away. There have even been hushed whispers amongst their researchers that they are working on something to directly combat an Aurora-Class Battleship in the air, taking away the air superiority the Empire has been commanding for the entirety of their reign. The Knights of Redwall are also a part of a larger RP Alliance with two other longstanding Free Companies in Lamia, the Lore Seekers and Codex, known as Lamia Roleplaying. With a working linkshell to communicate between them, as well as working on overall rules and regulations to make inter-organization roleplaying more viable on a large scale.

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    GAMES! GIRLS! GIL! GOOD TIMES! Welcome to the Lucky Sevens Casino and Gentlemen's Club! Faelynn Morrigan and Rei Host have joined together to bring you Eorzea's wildest role-play Free Company, filled with the most talented and fun players on Hyperion. Enter past the resort pool, past the stone pillar fountain and step into our grand lobby, where casino bunnies and dapper poker studs will lead through our entertainment destination. Downstairs, a stocked bar stands across from the main stage. In the upper levels, enjoy the games and see if you can break the 100 million gil bank in our casino games, ranging from slots machines to Astrologian roulette. Fancy yourself a great minion trainer? Send your beloved pets into our Dominion of Minions arena to square off against fellow guests or dare to attempt the boss-encounters of our staff's own beasts. If you do strike it rich, you'll find one of our bunny girls the perfect place to spend your ill-gotten gil. As we say in Lucky Sevens, "What happens in the private chambers, stays in the private chambers." Finally, end the night with the fabulous Showcase and Revue featuring the Lucky Sevens dancers, taking place on the grand stage to the roaring crowd of high rollers. Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club--Where Role Play is the Biggest Jackpot!

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    Open writing 18+ Writers only we have a discord too.

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    Ordinus Ventus Gladius is a loose confideration of adventurers from across Hydaelyn. We have no specific mission statement. We maintain a hall in Shirogane at Ward 18, Lot 18. OOC: We are a General and Roleplaying Free Company, as well as the official FC for members of RPG.net, one of the largest and oldest Tabletop RPG discussion sites on the web (http://www.rpg.net)

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    Goodness Gracious that is a wordy title! Maybe we can acronym it up a bit. Hm yeah, nah, that isn't going to work out at all is it. Anyways! I can't figure out the formatting here so it's all one giant paragraph but let's get started, use your super awesome RP powers to imagine appropriate paragraphical breaks! Hey all! Hyperion is about the coolest darn server! We've got us, we've got you, we've got about a dozen other groups too! Without specifying group names, and without even doing my due diligence as to whether or not they even exist I'm going to take a moment to list what we almost definitely have, not because I know it firsthand, but because we're cool enough how could we not?! We have brothels, adventurers hubs, gambling dens in Mor Dhona, we've got maids, tea houses, rowdy bars, lominsan pirate groups, probably a lizard fighting club or two! We've almost definitely got world RP (I know I've seen it at least once!) and the best part is, if it doesn't exist, we can make it! All of us together in on this glorious mob of creativity! Please look forward to it! To make a public statement! I am not pretending or intending to be in charge of anyone, nor am I trying to be more than a rallying flag to plant in the ground of this website to let our voices as a collective known! If anyone else wants to hop on in and take to joining the party by all means! This is about us as a whole, not me! I just put Tepe's Treasures as the starting point because that's who I am! When we start getting other groups in on this we can really start padding and specifying other names.

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    [Goblin] The Black Rooster Brigade (or "The Black Roos" or "Roos" for short) is a group of elite, surgical mercenaries with varied backgrounds and specialties. A small, budding FC, we're hoping to see and facilitate more roleplay happening on Goblin while keeping a lighthearted, fun, and helpful atmosphere OOC.

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    Picture the Sons of Saint Coinach with a little sprinkle of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. The Lore Seekers is a group of researchers, mercenaries, and regular people trying to seek the truths of the past wherever it may show up. Defending Eorzea by bringing the past back into the present!

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    A collaboration of business promoting a common cause: Supporting resistance movements on the fringes of Garlean Territory to destabilize the Empire. The Syndicate participates in a larger, community-wide RP linkshell for players with other IC interests. Contact for details: Tawny Voleur, Bradly Tyrson, Y'lesia Lheah, Jamie Porter

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    RP/PvE/PvP Driven FC. Bi-Monthly RP Event. Monthly RP Campaigns. Weekly PvE/PvP Content. Discord Required. (Applications w/ Interviews)