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    "To serve the balance between the Kami and the Peoples of the East." Suiren Temple is dedicated to the kami, Tenkogami Hasu who embodies fire, water, purification, new beginnings, and teaching. Two head priests cater to the shrine and welcome petitioners while outreaching to other organizations. Wards, disciples, and guards are accepted into the ranks with chances of advancement if proven worthy. Souls from all backgrounds are welcome to seek peace, discipline, and a new beginning. ││ OoC: We are a rather small FC looking to grow! Relationships with the Crystal DC community have given us the chance to be involved with large events however our current size limits us from best serving the community. We are currently accepting all types of characters. Evil characters must be searching (or at least convincingly enough) for redemption. A weekly schedule is posted every Sunday of events within the FC and with our partners. A contract system is used to run character arcs which are overseen by a DM (dungeon master). Plans are to be more active in hosting DC events to include festivals, holiday events, and joint ventures with our partners. If interested, please complete the Application Process located on our Tumblr. If you do not have a Tumblr or do not wish to complete the application, please contact Bluebird#2389 or Caster_OMEN#4872 for an interview.

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    The Mondathrii Clan is a somewhat elusive clan of found-family that believes our greatest bonds are the ones we forge and not the ones we are born with. Banding together to help those in need from the shadows, the clan operates very similarly to the yakuza, and they are unafraid to work outside the law to help people. They have multiple businesses as fronts for their work that provide the finances they use to help others, and they have their own Far Eastern culture that has existed for countless generations and gets passed down to those adopted into the clan. Ultimately, however, members of the clan are not required to participate in the workings of the clan to help others, legal or otherwise, and each member is free to live a normal life should they so choose. Regardless of their choice, the clan will always be there to love and support those they've adopted into their fold.

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    The Stray Sheep bar is an FC holding weekly roleplay bar events every Sunday evening which are open to the whole Light datacentre community! Located in the Lavender Beds, this large venue is host to many seasonal events, most notably our Spring Prom, Moonfire and All Saints Wake events. Our weekly bar night is a great introduction to roleplay for anyone interested in taking part, and is also a perfect venue to begin your character's story and meet new people. We are a small yet tight knit friendly company who enjoy clearing content when we aren't roleplaying, and are also happy to accept non-RPers into our midst. Joining the FC is not a requirement to joining in roleplay at the Sheep, so feel free to come along and see what it's all about!
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    A small funeral home run out of Gridania by a small, somewhat mysterious group of people. Doubles as a small inn, as well as a laid-back lounge from time to time. Always looking for new members, feel free to ask about joining. // WiP

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    (excuse the wip at the moment, will be updating as I gather things together) An aspiring crew of misfits that are attempting to not kill each other in the process of getting a ship up and running.. hopefully without it blowing up like a certain cannon the machinist built.. no promises though.
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    It's a secret club, keeping secrets not required. Chill RP and cake. Most people welcome.

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    <<The Iron Devils, officially a mercenary company under the employ of the Grand Companies of Eorzea and Doma, is said to be nothing more than a banner for criminals and thugs to hide behind. None will deny that they've spilled their fair share of Garlean and Beastmen blood, but there always seem to be "mishaps" or inventory gone missing. Some even say that they use their mercenary status to haul illicit goods back and forth between the East and West, some even claim that they've borne witness to the Devils selling folk to the Beastmen, but of course - it's all hearsay when none are willing or able to testify.>> The Iron Devils is a new Rank 8 Heavy RP FC on Zalera. We welcome new and experienced players alike. Due to the mature and graphic nature of crime-based RP, all members must be at least 18 years old to join. As mentioned before, we're a starting FC with no house as of yet, but one can look forward to a myriad of benefits, as the FC has been ranked to 8. Dual bonuses will run 24/7, as an omni-crafter I can offer help in obtaining gear, dyes, glamours, etc. for free or at cost. We will host a number of various in-game events and hold contests, such as weekly FFA treasure hunts, RP events and missions, writing and art contests and so much more! While we do not yet have a house, I am saving gil like a crazy person (as stated above, I am an omnicrafter.), so the moment we can afford a great big place to call home, we'll have one! (Plus it'll be great fun in RPing the house warming, etc.) Hopefully, I've piqued your interest and you're willing to at least give this carrd thing a bit of a look over and join us should you decide we are a good fit. Thank you!

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    Aetherveil FC is a Phoenix based roleplay company. We host a monthly walk-in health and wellbeing clinic. We accept all kinds of roleplayers, organise FC adventures, and are not limited to only healing type players. We periodically host Cage Fighting in our cursed basement.

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    Most of our roleplayers tend to dabble in casual and adventure scenarios, however they're rather flexible. We have a good blend of fresh experience rpers (1-2 years) that have started with our current ongoing campaign , and those who have experience from previous games (Mabinogi). Our RP group is a mix of Lamia natives, and some that have transferred over from Leviathan. The roleplayers of Arche Koeln are mostly occupied with an ongoing campaign called Distant Worlds, currently run by Yumi Hikaru. // If you're interested in Arche Koeln, please do not hesitate to contact Yumi Hikaru or Itsu Neir. // Yumi and Itsu currently utilize the Lamia RP Discord to contact other RPers as well: https://tinyurl.com/LamiaRoleplaying

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    Brave Eorzea Adventurer's Guild is a Hyperion based roleplaying free company. Newly founded, in September of 2018, we're looking to grow our ranks, and help create a fun and exciting roleplaying experience for all players on Hyperion server! BE Kind, BE Creative, BE Brave! Join our club today.

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    An adventurer's guild founded in the heart of The Goblet, this humble establishment struggles to stay afloat against its competitors. Always looking for new faces and stories to enjoy journeys with, however, all aspiring adventurers - as well as business associates - are welcome under our roof!

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    New RP FC on Malboro looking to make connections and recruit others interested in working to build up the RP community on the server!
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    Da Family is a FC located in the Goblet [Jenova Server], while it is a Mafia themed RolePlay FC, one wouldn't know it from a glance. Da Family claims themselves to be brokers of Information, and master of odd side jobs. Da Family never forgets. Just some honest folk, trying to get by through not so honest means. But whatever you do, do it for Da Family.

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    [ Siren RP ] We're a relatively new FC with our main purpose being that we collectively go on hunts in the world along with many adventurers. Our free company is a family; each and every person who joins is a vital member to make our missions successful. From lodge members to hunters you each will have an active role to better not only our community, but our family. We also have a discord! It's https://discord.gg/pgvqW7X and you can add to send me a message. I am written down as Akai Wakizaka there. (PM me for more details! We're still new but we would love to have more people join us.)

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    <DD-RP> is a friendly free company in Adamantoise for doing content and some nice RP. Join us to make our FC even better!

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    We're a close kin tribe. A group of adventures living their abnormal lives. We are casual roleplayers with adventuring scenarios and story arcs. Withing the tribes home lay a headquarters for organizing jobs from small-to-eikonic. From deliveries to hunts. Every job comes with a price. Along side our work, we deal with everyday problems. Vengeful antagonists, garleans, ourselves.

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    The Hidden Mage Village is a new/upcoming Free Company (on Siren) that is looking for members to help us grow. We do a little bit of everything! Casual to Hardcore, and we plan on RP events. Casual RPers will probably appreciate just doing our events, but for the more serious/regular RPers, we have made the linkshell called Hellfrog Hooligans as our main affiliate for daily and weekly activities. We are lacking members in both at the moment, but there will be more events as we gain more members! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your adventures!

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    The Huntress is a voidsent bar, ran by a family of voidsent known as the Bloodmoons. Currently recruiting a variety of unique character to join us and begin their stories. Alts are welcome. On hyperion.
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    Established on server Malboro, House Soleilune is a newly formed noble house given the mission to represent Ishgard to lands beyond Coerthas. Led by Ambassador Amythine Soleilune, House Soleilune seeks to promote Ishgardian culture, enlist foreign mercenary aid and negotiate trade treaties with non-Ishgardian entities. House Soleilune also stands as an unashamedly liberal house among Ishgard's conservative traditions. Amythine Sunweaver, Mistress of the house, is Ishgard's first gay woman to lead a noble house. Soleilune actively seeks to employ half-elezen who were previously shunned by Ishgardian society, as well as low-born who struggle for work, and seeks to promote women to positions of authority. Amythine's philosophy is that Ishgard should stand as a beacon to the world that a religious nation can still be a place of equal opportunity, inclusiveness and diversity, and be all the stronger for it, while demonstrating the strength of a strong religious foundation.

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    Welcome to House Valentine. We are based in Exodus. Join us or witness the events unfold. ((We're an RP focused FC, who deals more in creating our own lore and adventures.)) If interested in learning more or looking to join, message our Lady of House Valentine, Lady Blair. Discord: TheLovelyBlairr#3516

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    A crime syndicate operating under legitimate businesses; we own and manage a SFW tavern, Cali's Gastropub. The gastropub is located inside and downstairs of the estate within The Goblet, Ward 19, Plot 2. The Hotshot Crew are open to new recruits wanting to join - from casual players to veterans. Roleplayers, gatherers and/or crafters are welcome too.

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    Knights of Meracydia is a casual FC looking into getting more into the role-playing aspects of this MMORPG. It appears as a East-Meets-West Ryokan in the Mists, run by adventurers that serves as a home base. The Ryokan itself is a front to gather information for various reasons of each member, as it is neutral ground and knowledge grants gil or favors. Rooms are themed and available for RP if they're tagged. Open to new and old players, currently looking for officers and members.

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    Badly explained as a gang of Slavs operating a spy organization out of a Twelveswood Monastery, the Knights of Redwall serve under the Red Otter Division of the Order of the Twin Adders. Specializing in counter-intelligence and black ops, they take the fight to the Empire in order to protect the woods they call home. Their soldiers are enigmatic and fierce, inspiring many down trodden Gridanians to join their cause. We are a founding member of the Eorzean Counter-Intelligence Coalition, a Lamian based Free Company Alliance striving to promote positive community outreach to all of the Lamian server. Please contact us via our Enjin website or in game for more information! Disclaimer: ONLY the Knights of Redwall, House of Tricksters, and The Working Class are members of the E.C.I.C. other groups advertising their involvement are disingenuous and should be regarded as such. Aside from promoting a positive community experience within Lamia for Roleplayers both new and old, the Knights of Redwall also work actively to achieve a Server Canon for Lamia, allowing new characters to be rolled and inserted directly into the RP world of Lamia, much like the RP servers of World of Warcraft. To further this endeavor, the E.C.I.C. is looking to work with other RP Free Companies to help work together and achieve this for the community at large.

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    You lucky people! It's time to come down and experience Eorzea's wildest role-play Free Company, filled with the most talented and fun players on Hyperion. Pass by the resort pool, around the flaming path and come forward into our grand lobby, where sexy casino bunnies and dapper poker studs will lead through our entertainment destination. Downstairs, a stocked bar stands across from the main stage. In the upper levels, enjoy the games and see if you can break the 100 million gil bank in our casino games, ranging from slots machines to Astrologian roulette. Fancy yourself a great minion trainer? Send your beloved pets into our Dominion of Minions arena to square off against fellow guests or dare to attempt the boss-encounters of our staff's own beasts. If you do strike it rich, you'll find one of our bunny girls the perfect place to spend your ill-gotten gil. As we say in Lucky Sevens, "What happens in the private chambers, stays in the private chambers." Finally, end the night with the fabulous Showcase and Revue featuring the Lucky Sevens dancers, taking place in the company theater to the roaring crowd of high rollers. Just be careful whom you cross, where you set your drink and whose hand you follow into what dark corner. Rumor has it that darker, more terrible plots and schemes lurk beneath the glitz and glamour of the marble and gold halls...There is only one way to find out! Head down to Hyperion's Mist, Ward 15, Plot 45 and experience it for yourself, right here at the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club--where roleplay is the biggest jackpot!

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