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  1. Leto

    The Heart

    Album showcasing the heart of the FC: our members & friends!
  2. Leto

    The Home

    The memories we enjoy & the locations we visit!
  3. A gathering for FC members & friends alike to just get together and RP! This is NOT a public event, but guests are allowed!
  4. Hello! Thanks for applying/joining the club over the website. As you can probably gather at this point, we're not very active on the ffxiv-roleplayers.com website! If you'd like to reach us, please contact us through: ★ FC Discord: https://discord.gg/4WVFPp8 ★ Applying in-game (Ward 4, Plot 4 of The Goblet for the house) ★ Contact us in-game: Althaia Leto & Miuki Kaisuri
  5. Leto

    The World

    Pictures posted by members!
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