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    The official LFRP/Social hub linkshell of FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition. Discord link in description.

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    The Eorzean Medical Core is a collective of healers and medics with the goal of networking and making sure that the public have access to clinics when needed. Come join our IC Linkshell whether you're a patient looking for a medic or a new healer who is looking to gain knowledge! Our Discord is OOC so you can arrange RP with any of us! To join the Linkshell, our medics will RP you into it! Our goal is to help you with your RP plots so you have a medic when you need one!

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    This is the official RPC Club page for The Keys of Hekaton LS/FC. We are currently closed for recruitment, but will update this space, as well as our website when recruitment opens again in the future. Thank you!

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