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  1. The Mondathrii Clan has many businesses as fronts, one of which is the Cove Onsen & Inn. The onsen features multiple baths, including both indoor and outdoor hotsprings, as well as a steam room, massage parlor, tea and smoke room, a garden library, and inn rooms. Various herbal blends are available both for tea and to smoke, though some substances have restrictions, and other common Hingan food and drink is available, as well. For more information, please visit: https://coveonsen.carrd.co/
  2. The FC is currently being reworked a bit, so please be patient while I get everything sorted out! Updates will be posted regularly as I work on them~
  3. I've been having issues with leading my FC by myself due to my health issues, and I recently decided to start my FC lore over from scratch and could use someone to help me with events, ideas, managing the FC, etc. I've been running it completely by myself for so long, which just isn't viable due to my health conditions, and I could really use a helping hand. This person would be responsible for helping me with: Creative Collaboration for coming up with ideas for the FC relating to events, lore, story missions, etc. Hosting RP events and keep events going regul
  4. The Cove Onsen & Inn, a front business for the Mondathrii Clan, offers most of their services for free every Wednesday night, including free access to indoor and outdoor hotsprings, a steam room, a massage parlor, a tea and smoke room, and an indoor garden and library. Inn rooms, food and drink, and access to the suite still require payment, but this is a great opportunity to socialize, relax, and try their services for free.
  5. Fight Night takes place bi-weekly on Coeurl at Limsa Lominsa's Lower Decks! Join the community discord server for details!
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