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  1. Redwall Monastery Owner: Jaster Laenwyn Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 28 Type: Church/Refugee Shelter/KoR Base of Operations Characters Found: Jaster, Eunbi, KoR Commanders and Knights. Smokyun and other Namazu merchants. About: Redwall Monastery is a place of refuge for not only the Knights of Redwall, but any seeking asylum. The front doors open into a foyer on the main floor with a grand staircase and two doors, one each to the left and to the right. To the right is the Monastery Chapel, where many find it a quiet place of worship. The reception desk, meeting room, a door leading to the living quarters and innermost rooms of the monastery, and a stairwell leading down into the basement are hid behind the door to the left. The Lord Commander's office and Division offices are located downstairs. Going up the grand staircase leads to the mess hall and common room that houses any guests in the Monastery's walls. Permissions: The upstairs and the main floor is open for RP, excluding the meeting room and any private estate rooms, you must be given permission by the estate room owners to RP in them. Basement is absolutely off limits unless you have an appointment with the Lord Commander himself or any other. Additional Notes: Anyone in the Monastery with a RP tag is open to "Walk-Up" RP, so don't be afraid to join in anytime. Oh, and any harassment to our staff (Yes, this include the Namazu,) will be severely punished. Redwall Embassy Owner: Jaster Laenwyn Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 23 Type: Diplomatic Offices Characters Found: About: Stepping through the oaken door gives a completely different tone, with a multitude of estate servants, merchants, and menders bustling through the building. This building is the official Embassy for the Knights of Redwall, acting as the hub for official paperwork concerning all travel and political matters across Hydaelyn. The eldest servant working in the Embassy, a Elezen Gentleman, works as the official director, making sure all the paperwork for any particular job is ready for any member that may need them. Permissions: RP is by appointment only, if interested contact either Jaster Laenwyn, Eunbi Way, or Sohmah Yhaazri. Additional Notes: N/A If you want to check out more of our lore and more in-detail descriptions, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  2. Name: Sohmah Yhaazri (Tia); Broodfist (title) Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun Age: 26 Height: 5"5' Jobs: Monk (Main), Lancer (Secondary) Personality: Sohmah is a very headstrong individual; he values hard work and always seeks improvement. He harbored a lot of resentment in his younger years towards the Empire and the monetarists of Ul’dah, but his Master, who oversaw his monk training, has helped to teach him to not let such negative feelings control him. While he has grown calmer and learned to not lead with his heart, negative feelings still simmer below the surface hidden by a youthful charm. Very intense emotions tend to catch him off guard and break through the facade he tries to portray. He wants to be strong for others and will never let himself feel helpless again if he can help it. He is very energetic and emphasizes the importance of comrade ire and operating as a cohesive unit. The Knights of Redwall to him is the family he was denied, and he is intensely loyal to those he is close to, especially his Lord Commander. Due to his upbringing, he has not had a very formal education to begin with. He started his education later than most, and learning to read was hard but fulfilling. In his spare time between missions and training, he likes to read books about various topics and attend to his small greenhouse set up in his private estate room. Backstory: Sohmah does not have many memories of his life in Ala Mhigo; the few he recalls with glaring recognition being the panicked fleeing of the city during the Garlean invasion. His parents having died during the King of Ruin's attack on the Fist of Rhalgr temple, he was orphaned at the age of 1 and was entrusted to a close friend of his parents. Hearing that the Resistance planned on usurping the throne from the mad king, his guardian planned to flee Gyr Abania, but not soon enough. As the Garleans moved in to take over Ala Mhigo during their moment of vulnerability, the two fled the city and their homeland all together. Like many who were not granted asylum in the Black Shroud and Ul’dah, Little Ala Mhigo became his home away from home. As he grew older, he wished to join the Resistance to take back his home from Garlean rule, but knew that he did not have much to offer in the way of experience. His ambitions brought him to the crown jewel of the desert, Ul’dah, where he joined the pugilist’s guild. He was not alone, a few of his "brothers and sisters" in his refugee camp also had similar dreams of joining the Resistance. But after an Amalj'aa ambush on their way back from Ul'dah, his peers were tempered and Sohmah only escaped with his life through the power of the Echo. He was able to flee the encampment, but was shot with a poisoned arrow and collapsed down the road from Little Ala Mhigo. He only survived by the grace of the Brotherhood of Ash, who found him and healed him back to health. While he was permitted to leave without owing Hamujj Gah, Sohmah returned to learn their ways and train under their fighters. Years of rigorous training given him strength and purpose, but rumors of a Hermit, a former Fist of Rhalgr, whom lived amongst other monks began to circulate within Thanalan. Emboldened by the chance to learn from someone so immersed in Ala Mhigan history, he searched for any leads he could find and eventually found the aforementioned monk who is now his Master. But only to be turned away. Not being able to face his friends and former teachers in his defeat, Sohmah set off into the Twelveswood. Needing a place to stay, the young pugilist enlisted in the Twin Adders and after his preliminary training, was appointed Serpent Private underneath Sergeant Jaster Laenwyn. Years of fighting together in grand company operations brought Sohmah and Jaster closer together, and so when his friend became the Lord Commander of the Knights of Redwall, Sohmah loyally followed. Around this time, Sohmah returned to the same monk who turned him away, asking again to be their pupil. Perhaps they seen something that wasn’t there before? He wasn’t sure, but this time his Master agreed to train him. Since joining the Knights of Redwall, Sohmah has been on various excursions to Coerthas, weeding out imperial spies that are trying to take advantage of the imbalance within the Holy See upon establishing a new republic. As the Division Commander for the Fellowship of Strix, Sohmah is doing all he can to help the Lord Commander combat the forces of Garlemald with a contingent of spies at his disposal. Sohmah possesses an Echo, one of the boons gifted by Hydaelyn. He has no clear answer as to when it manifested and he does not suffer from reoccurring visions, the few he has had were sporadic and were personally related to him in some way. His echo also allows him to see aether in the environment like a sixth sense, unlike to Yshtola’s aether seeing in the way it doesn’t drain him or put strain on his life force. Faceclaim:
  3. In an effort to further the fight against the empire, the Knights of Redwall divided their main force into three specialized Divisions. Each one with its own captain and subordinates that allow them to operate with both focus and efficiency. In the future, each will be outfitted with its own insignia, but currently building lore within the company is the main focus. Division Name: The Fellowship of Strix Division Commander: Sohmah Yhaazri Lieutenant Commander: Sor'a Katsumi 2nd Lieutenant Commanders: Sotaisa Varkain, Riku Katsumi Unit Focus: As the RP Division of the Free Company, the Fellowship of Strix looks to help promote new players in the roleplay scene, but also offer a robust experience in lore and working story that other companies don't possess. Continuously innovating the story to fit the working lore of Eorzea and developing the Fellowship into a full fledged RP scene in itself. Unit Motto: Digna Malorum Improborum (Villains Deserve Nightmares) Unit Description: Although this division makes up the vast majority of the knights in the organization, not much is known about its activities. Combining the technological advances of the Empire with the magical prowess of the Sharlayans, the Fellowship aims to disrupt Imperial intelligence and military operations through superior technology and battle tactics. Even given its larger number, the division itself is never seen en masse, with most of its sleeper units dispersed across Eorzea and the Far East, as well as a full contingent of spies. Their aim is to instill the same fear into the heart of the Empire that they instill in others, rendering their units helpless in the face of their wrath. The Division's Commander is also a longtime friend of the Lord Commander, an intimidating Monk whose epithet within the Empire is "The Broodfist". Using his extensive background in scouting, espionage, and power politics, he leads the charge against the empire in ways that have not been seen before. Using stolen prototypes from the Empire and using the Free Companies resources, he turns their own weapons against them with infused aether. He is constantly processing reconnaissance from across the world, developing plans that are often two to three steps ahead of his opponents. The only time the Fellowship has ever moved en masse, it was to assassinate an Imperial Pilus Prior. According to the Empire, the Pilus Prior had been ambushed by vastly larger and superior force. In all honesty, the Fellowship had totaled less than a third of the Imperial force. Using the cover of night and previously stolen intelligence to their advantage, the battle lasted less than five minutes. Even though the Empire had brought a newly developed prototype magitek armor suit into the field, they quickly fell to the Fellowship and the help of the elite guard of the KoR, the Twilight Blades. In order to bring the Garleans to heel, the Fellowship aims to outclass the Empire in both technology and information, and they risk their lives everyday to keep the Knights of Redwall the most well informed organization in Eorzea. Division Name: Talon Tradecrafts Division Commander: Curly Fry Lieutenant Commander: Nova Blades 2nd Lieutenant Commanders: Wih Jakkya, Laias Dazkar Unit Focus: To make advancements in the field of Magic/Magitek fusion as well as develop business relations across the globe. Unit Motto: Imperii Creativity (Supremacy Through Creativity) Unit Description: In an effort to become more self-reliant in the fields of commerce and technology, the Knights of Redwall entered into a charter with the city state of Gridania to develop its own crafting firm, Talon Tradecrafts. While none of the members in the Division are master crafters yet, multiple members are on the list of "omnicrafters" working throughout Eorzea. Having varying degrees of skill in every craft they could lay their hands on, together they can make almost anything they are commissioned to. Although as of late, they have been working to make advancements in a similar field to Aetherchemical research, fusing Sharlayan based magics with Garlean magitek. Along with that, they are working to create long term business investments both across Eorzea and the Far East. While other Divisions in the Knights of Redwall specialize in Espionage or Raiding, the members of Talon Tradecraft are more like high profile dealers in exotic goods, both in military and civilian markets. Using stolen Garlean tech and infusing it with magic to create their own brand of high grade weaponry before selling it to enemies of the empire. For this Division, it is not necessarily all about skill, the key to winning is creativity and ingenuity. They know that in order to make up for the lack of numbers in their fight against the Empire, technology is the key to turning the tide of war. They are also in charge with maintaining and developing the Free Company's fleet of airships, The Freebeast, The Waveblade, The Redhawk, and The Duskqueen. The Freebeast being a long range surveillance vessel, The Waveblade a work-in-progress freighter/gunship, The Redhawk acting as a long range personnel transport, and The Duskqueen rounding out the Command ships as a long range gunship with a large communications array. While still small in size, being able to establish a presence in the skies is the long term focus of the Division. To that end, they provide basic airship piloting training and repair skills to all member of their division. As well as more specialized research training if the Order member so chooses. Using the developments in technology along with air superiority, Talon Tradeworks seeks to remind the Empire that they are not the only power that lurks in the skies. Division Name: The Phoenix Strigodae Division Commander: Kabuki Elysium Lieutenant Commander: Josen Tiamat 2nd Lieutenant Commanders: Kilia Sunder, Kaname To'sen Unit Focus: To train and outfit Knights talented in combat in more dangerous high ranking missions. This includes the hunting of primals as well as clearing out unknown and deeply infested locales. Unit Motto: Null Misericordia (No Mercy) Unit Description: While not much is known about the Spy network for the Free Company, The Fellowship of Strix, even less is known about the heavy strike team known as the Phoenix Strigodae. What little documents pertaining to their existence note them as a black ops unit, sent in to the most dangerous locales when other options fall short. Once someone has passed their extensive training regimen, their name gets striked from the official record of the organization. Their work helps keep both the organization and Eorzea safe from some of the bigger threats that are out there. While their number is significantly smaller than the other two divisions, the power levels of each individual member rivals in battle power to multiple members of any other division. Mostly due to their maximum aether pool being grown during their training efforts, as well as the gear given to them for their missions. They also helped the Fellowship of Strix assault the Imperial Pilus Prior in the East Shroud, giving the operation a fearsome vanguard that left no survivors to report in. Apart from that, they have been laying in wait, training new members and gearing up for the next offensive that the Empire may throw at them. Given the Organization's interest in magical fusion research, they may be needed to explore civilizations of eld that haven't been touched in centuries. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  4. 1. Your character cannot act on information that you, the player, knows that the character himself/herself did not obtain. For instance, if a squad of players is off on a mission, and the player knows about it, but the character was not either invited to the mission or knows explicitly of the mission and it is not accepted by the group OOC, arriving to the event is considered metagame shitposting. Not only is it not appropriate for your character to arrive to an event that he would not even know about, arriving to an event you aren't invited to is generally considered a dick move. 2. If you the player is not the “DM” or better put, Curator of the mission, for the player or the character to constantly or unpredictably throw in wildcards to alter the mission from the original intent of the players that had invented the story is considered bad manners, but also Hijacking, another form of metagame shitposting. If you wish to include wildcards into a story that your character is participating in, you MUST discuss this with the players that are curating the mission. If not, then the curators have the authority to strike down your wildcard without discussion. Communicating with the players who have put time and effort into the story is paramount. 3. Sanctuary areas – Places in the game that are considered Sanctuaries (IE: Gridania, Limsa, Rhalgr's Reach, etc) including the Free Company owned plots and property are excluded from being the target of collateral damage or property destruction. Not only is it disrespectful as shit to the people that have put time and effort into the RP, the Housing, and the other players that have to write in that area, it causes many issues with timeline and alternate stories that are going on at the same time. As much as you believe it would be cool to blow up half of the FC house for everyone to return to, it is truly not appreciated. Just like the Brass Blades wouldn't appreciate it if you blew up half of a bar they were in charge of protecting. This particular topic is somewhere between Godmodding and Metagaming, but is more so considered a dick move, and something to avoid for the enjoyment of the writers around you. Please be considerate. 4. General Story Engagement Etiquette – Not only is it imperative that you, the player, communicate beforehand with whoever is running a particular storyline before jumping in, it is also imperative that your character get that information in a way that is consensual to the other players and characters in that mission. In that same vein, it is important to acknowledge and respect the personal space and agency of other players and characters that you may encounter in your travels. While this is more in the vein of basic etiquette, many ways that this can manifest is in various forms of metagaming. For instance, simply stating that your character touches or pets another character violates that character's personal space, and the player's agency to reject your mayhaps unwanted approaches. In order to diffuse that entire situation, as well as many, many, many forms of metagaming, your character writing must include the attempt to perform an action on another character, rather than your character performing an action. While it may seem that this is taking away your player agency, what it is rather doing is taking away one player's ability to take away the agency of another. If your attempt is welcome to another player or character, then that action will be accepted. It is important to clarify that in the same action, you do not have to attempt to use dialogue, just the action. (For example, you would say “Jaster reached out to put his hand on Curly's head to ruffle her hair, and said, “Hey, it's just another day, right?” This does not take away curly's or Jaster's player agency to perform or react to an action or perform dialgoue) Not only will this create better and more dynamic engagements between characters, but it keeps agency and personal space in the hands of the players and characters themselves. Be Warned: This rule will be cracked down on by moderators very, very hard from this point onward. Learning to write in a manner of attempts rather than actions is absolutely vital to keeping the integrity of player agency. This is a very basic pillar in RP writing, and it is mandatory that any Roleplayer learn this vital concept in writing. If you have any questions, please contact Jaster, Curly, Eunbi, or Sohmah. If one of these moderators tell you to rephrase something you are writing, it is in the best interest in preserving character agency. Please comply, because if this rule is not internalized, it will become disastrous to you as a writer to engage with other writers or writing groups at large. 5. Combat Etiquette – In order to preserve player agency in combat, it is also important to only include combat ATTEMPTS when directing hostile action against another player or a player's controlled NPCs. While the NPC is not a player in itself, it belongs to the player, and also its agency. NPCs that you bring in that are not connected to another player can be killed however you wish. But beware, because bringing in these NPCs in a story that is not controlled by yourself without the consent of the owner of the storyline is considered Hijacking. While this does bring up the opportunity for Godmodding in the form of never letting a character land a hit on another, it is up to the player whose being attacked to make that judgement. Taking into account the power levels and skills of both combatants as well as the current state of the fighters. If you believe there is issues arising in combat in how a player is reacting to your attacks, you must appeal to a moderators (most preferably Jaster, our resident Combat RP expert) to clarify and pass constructive judgement so both players can learn from the experience. Combat Roleplaying is by far and away the hardest aspect of Roleplaying to keep fair, but if you can master it, you can take that experience in writing almost anywhere, making much better quality writing in the future. If you have any questions at all about how to properly phrase something to keep player agency in the hands of the appropriate characters, please PM Jaster, or Eunbi, Sohmah, or Curly. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  5. First of all, it is important to clarify that because we are an organization that accepts people from all walks of life, we are not considered an 18+ organization. That being said, we do have an 18+ section of our Discord, that relies on the individual honesty of our members. There is a legal disclaimer attached to that section, but to be clear, if you lie about your age while on a Knights of Redwall server or Website, we are not liable for the exposure of 18+ content to minors. That being said, we do need to officially clarify that overly lewd content, sexual advances, and other types of sexually explicit content that would be considered 18+ is not to be put on any public channel, either in game or otherwise. I understand very well that our members are generally older, but in the event that someone that is a minor becomes a member, we can not have adult content on non-adult channels. The admins of the Knights of Redwall could be held legally responsible if a parent/legal guardian happens upon something and wish to press charges. Exposing a minor to adult content including sexually explicit content is illegal, and will not be tolerated here. That being said, any adult content between consenting adults can be held in any of the various private channels provided in game or on discord. It is just important to begin watching what we say and put on channels that minors have access to. Admins and Moderators in the Knights of Redwall are not liable for any +18 discussions/messages between members who are minors that happen on private messages. Another thing that needs to be addressed is violence against minors being portrayed in a rated T game. Not only does have to do with the rating, but with a little story about a game some of you may know, Fallout 3. When Bethesda acquired the license and made Megaton originally, they made it possible for the children of the game to be killed just like any other NPC. Unfortunately, violence against children is illegal is various sorts of media, including video games that are not rated appropriately. Not only can you not write and public M rated content on a T rated game (Mind, blood and violence is published on the rating, so things like that can be stretched a little, but not into full blown rated M content and gore), but doing so violates Square Enix's Intellectual Property Rights regarding how their content gets represented. In fact, in a Civil Court, violating Intellectual Property rights by showcasing an artist's work in ways that they feel is denigrating, slanderous, or misrepresenting to their original intent or content can find you in legal hot water. So more or less, while exposing a minor to 18+ content is heinous, writing and publishing violence perpetrated against a minor is a violation of potentially 3-4 different copyright laws, and is also not welcome for legal and moral reasons. No one wants to see that anyway. While I understand that writing content like that could be a potential outlet for various reasons, sometimes it is better for those sorts of writings to stay in the realm of fanfiction and out of Roleplaying. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  6. The format to create a biography for your character to add to the Book of Redwall goes as follows, once posted, a mod or admin will work with you to fill out your bio if need be or correct any mistakes: Copy and Paste the following to help if necessary. Name: Race: Gender: Height: Personality: Main Job: Backstory: Photo/Faceclaim: (insert here) Character biographies should be posted in Reply to this topic thread, following the template outlined above. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  7. Mission Name: There's Windstones in Them There Hills! (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Lvl 60 Disciple of War/Magic and unlocked Xelphatol. Mission Description: After a preliminary scouting expedition into Xelphatol, the Lord Commander has deemed it a high priority to send multiple teams into Xelphatol to relieve them of their windstones. Not only would it cripple their already struggling airship fleet, but Jaster has a hunch that the windstones could be useful in advancing our current airship technologies. In order to accommodate these demands, the Talon Tradecrafts have issued a requisition order for as many windstones as possible. Even if these prove useless to our endeavors, they would prove to be highly valuable, and could help pave the way for more airships under the Knights of Redwall's banner. The Mission is a simple search and retrieve mission, intelligence has noted that the items in question are located near the top of the installation. Meaning the strike team will have to land the airships near the base of the mountain camp and fight their way through, as to not damage our airships. Once the installation is cleared of hostiles, the mammet can be radio'd in to move the airship to the top of the base to load the windstones for transport. Once safely loaded, make sure to use the newly installed fusilier cannons to keep off enemy combatants. Or any airships you might encounter trying to defend the position. The weapons are still in prototype phase, but they were a considerable deal from our friends in Ishgard, it seems Sohmah's friends and the Talon's crafting exploits have begun to pay off. The guns being a gift from the Holy See's Knights to the KoR, being requisitioned from Skysteel Manufactory. This will be the first field test of the weaponry, so please make sure to report anything strange directly to the Lord Commander. All reports will go directly to research and development of better and more efficient models. Any Operatives interested in the mission please report to the Lord Commander for more information.
  8. Mission Name: Expired Library Cards (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Level 60 Disciple of War or Magic, Unlocked Great Gubal Library (Hard Mode) Missioin Description: In order to further the Organization's research into combining Imperial magitek with contemporary magicks, the Talon Tradecrafts have came to the Fellowship of Strix with a rather uncommon request. It seems a tome that could help further their knowledge in the budding field has been seen gathering dust in the Restricted section of the Great Gubal Library; it's name being "Practical Applications Concerning Aetherial Manipulations and Technology" by an author whose name is lost to time. The mission is simple enough, a small team of operatives will be dispatched to the Dravanian Hinterlands to retrieve the tome and search the library for anything else that would help further the interests of the Knights of Redwall. After the retrieval of the tome and any valuables within the operating area has been achieved, the team will be extracted via Airship provided by Talon Tradecrafts and transported back to Redwall Monastery. Be warned, for the Guardian of the Library, Strix, is both a terrible foe, and a symbol to the Knights for his unparalleled intelligence and power over magic. Pushing him from the Restricted section will not be easy, he has had generations to sit within those walls and read the countless books within them. Be prepared for anything. Any adventurers who accompany us in the operation is welcome to keep any tomes or items of interest that they find that do not fall into the direct interest of the Knights. That concerning the fusion of magic and magitek. If interested, please contact Lord Commander Jaster Laenwyn, Information regarding time and date will be deliberated between groups participating.
  9. Mission Name: The Parliament's Talons (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Level 44 Disciple of War or Magic. "Recommended teams of 6-8 Players. Usage of Battle Chocobos also recommended." Mission Description: Fresh intelligence from the Sylphs have gifted us with a unique opportunity. Deep in Larkscall, the Imperials that are edging their way into Gridania have gotten sloppy. Not only have they decided to field test a prototype suit of magitek armor, but their Imperial Pilus Prior was also spotted in the area. The man is a known handler for Imperial spies in the region, and taking him out would be a severe blow to the Empire. The prototype armor also needs to be destroyed, however it also lies in the way of the Pilus himself. A large strike team is needed to stage an assault on the Imperial forces. Upon insertion at the Hawthorne Hut, the team will venture into the North Eastern sector of Larkscall and destroy the Imperial prototype Magitek armor, cutting the Pilus off from escape. After securing the exit route, the team will then corner the Pilus and kill him. Doing so will disrupt Imperial communication in the region and give us an advantage on their spies in the area in the future. If interested, please contact the Lord Commander. Information regarding time and date will be given upon establishing contact with the agent.
  10. Mission Name: Earn Your Wings (OnGoing) Mission Prerequisites: Level 60 Disciple of War/Magic/Land, Access to Diadem. "Recommended to form teams of 6-8 members of both Battle and Gathering classes." Mission Description: The Sea of Clouds is still a high priority for Free Companies even with the advent of Doman liberation. Not only is it still a fierce competition to gather the resources to even register an airship, but once you're in the skies, you are not safe. Information has came through the Abbey about a location called the Diadem, along with a few shipping logs with the goods that they came back with. It turns out that some of these resources are necessary to our airships and future submersible production. Members outfitted for gathering of resources and also escorts to ensure their safety are needed. There are enemies and resources aplenty, so any extra materials found are yours to keep. There is a legend of a small bronchiasaur minion that can be found in the SW area of the archipelago. As well as a larger, darker force that dwells in the center of the islands. Information regarding resources and team composition will be given upon establishing contact with the agent.
  11. Although the Knights of Redwall operate in many ways as a clandestine unit, it still has obligations to the Twin Adders and the Adventurer's Guild. In order to fulfill these obligations, the side wall of the Monastery's foyer is filled with Adventurer's Guild postings, Grand Company Leves, and peppered throughout the other two, a separate classification of jobs labeled "Strix Missions". These, unlike the others, carry a seal of the Free Company itself, a silver owl perched upon a sanguine wall. These missions are RP affiliated missions that either Knight Squadrons or unassigned groups of the Order can go upon in order to build the Guild's operational capacity, influence, and other important things necessary to run a mercenary company. However, a disclaimer can be seen at the bottom of every mission: "All loot not outlined as important to the Free Company are to be rolled Greed in order to insure fairness to all members. This program is designed to reinforce teamwork within the Order and increase the wealth and skill of our individual members. If interested in undertaking any of the posted missions, please contact the Lord Commander, Shieldmaiden, Jingwei Blades, or Division Commanders. More information will be given once contact has been established with the operative." [Any missions will be posted in Reply to this thread, the status of the mission will be posted in parenthesis after the mission name. Examples: (Ongoing), or (Completed). Any (Completed) missions are no longer available.] If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
  12. Updated: 10/24/2018 | Previously Renamed from: The Eight Tenants of Not Being a Shithead This is our general rulebook for roleplaying that we apply to both In Game and Discord RP. These rules can be adjusted as we progress through RP and we do take suggestions on further rules that can be added or taken out. Any form of GMing is expressedly against regulation. This includes: 1. Retconing - editing a person, place, or thing related to yourself or another player character during an RP session or post publication, all things planning by all members of a thread. These changes have to be discussed and carried out before hand. For example, someone making another player character lose an item or gain an item as a story piece from the Meta directly, is a form of Godmoding. In order to write this correctly, it needs to be dealt with beforehand. 2. Mary Sues/ Gary Stus - A player character who is immeasurably good at seemingly everything. Oftentimes a symptom of a writer being attached to their character, it is easy to fall into this trap. If your character is loved by seemingly the whole planet, has an invincible set of powers, or has plot armor like Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, then unfortunately, this pertains to you, comrade. In order to fix this, having one clear weakness for every strength makes abilities both balanced and more interesting, because it requires more creativity in writing to maximize your move-sets.(edited) 3. RP Etiquette - Making a combat action or an attempt of ill will against a Player Character happen, without a legitimate attempt from the player to counter it. This is a common beginner's mistake, but also very easy to correct. For example, if you want to slam a player character into a table, you must frame it as such. "Jaster swept his feet behind his opponent and drew them back rapidly in an attempt to sweep his feet from under him, while simultaneously reaching for his neck with his right arm, that way he could slam his opponent head first through the table." This way, your opponent has an equal chance not only to counter validly, but to counter attack. The incorrect way of stating a battle action is "Jaster picked up his opponent by his neck after sweeping his feet out from under him, then sent his head through the table behind him." Keep in mind it is also GMing for your character never to take a hit, because while magic is possible in Final Fantasy, being completely avoidable is still GMing. 4. Metagaming - Your character knowing information that he/she shouldn't just because you do. For example, if Curly and Selene have a conversation in Southern Thanalan, yet Jaster is in the Monastery and exhibits firsthand testimony of the conversation, that is Metagaming and is not allowed. Even though we have teleporting capabilities, literally being in two places at once is impossible, especially if you didn't even write anything. Adding on to this, if your player character teleports/shows up to an area where two other characters are because in the Meta, you knew about it, that is also GMing. There has to be a valid reason of knowing AND consent from the players for your player character to be there. 5. FF14 Canon Nobility - If your character backstory is one of royalty, it is imperative that your character is not an actual sitting member of Royalty in the capacity of King, Queen, Prince, or Princess in a faction of FF14 canon. Simply put, if Square Enix wanted to add these characters in any capacity into the game, it would require an insane amount of Retconning to fix it. Instead, your character can be of Noble rank, like a Thane or something of the like. Positions like these are still lofty, take prestige and time in order to acquire, and have benefits. More importantly however, is that there can be any number of these positions, so the addition of one of the same rank as your character in the story will not require major changes to your character or possibly the story itself. If your character's backstory is of Noble Descent, it has to be separate from the capacity of your character. All useable prestigious ranks have to be earned through time and effort, not only to add weight to the Ranks themselves, but to keep them from meaning nothing at all because everyone and their cousin is the King of a different molehill. 6. Jobs - If your character is in a battle, you may use no more than one battle class per engagement. It is not possible to multiclass in the game's combat, so it is also not possible here. Instead, your character can have one main class that he/she is using in a combat engagement, and two supporting classes for using combat techniques (not skills or spells, but instead using your Warrior Training to help your learn how to handle a Greatsword). For Example, Jaster is a Red Mage, with proficiency in both the White Mage and Summoner Jobs. In doing it this way, your character has a set skillset with its own strengths and weaknesses, while still giving plenty of customization options. At the beginning of the engagement, each Player Character will pick a Battle Job from the 3 Active Jobs your character has selected, the other two will support the main one in artistic expression. This only pertains to combat classes, if you are a gatherer or a crafter, go crazy. 7. Lore Deviation – While we do allow for character's to be of different origins than the world of Hydylean, actually using abilities and powers from those universes is a can of worms of a game balancer's nightmares. Instead, if you want to use the powers inherited with a background deviated from canon FF14 lore, you have to travel to the Interdimensional Rift located in the Discord text channels. While it is perfectly fine for your character to hold on to his/her believes of a distant land, it will be treated as your character is fundamentally cut off from their source of that power, and instead can only channel the powers inherent in FF14. 8. Realistic/Balanced Exhaustion – While it is fun to have a two week long battle between rival characters, it is not physically possible to do so. You have to be self conscious of your character's power levels, endurance, and be realistic about it as well. If your character is a Paladin, it is not realistic that he has a higher attack power than a DPS of a comparable level. Also, if the combat engagement has went on for a long amount of time, your character should not be able to still pull off multiple Fire IVs without having to take time to recuperate Mana Points. This also goes for Technique Point based attacks as well. Specific spells and techniques will have cooldowns based on a turn by turn basis in the Player's Handbook when it comes out. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com
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