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  1. Redwall Monastery Owner: Jaster Laenwyn Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 28 Type: Church/Refugee Shelter/KoR Base of Operations Characters Found: Jaster, Eunbi, KoR Commanders and Knights. Smokyun and other Namazu merchants. About: Redwall Monastery is a place of refuge for not only the Knights of Redwall, but any seeking asylum. The front doors open into a foyer on the main floor with a grand staircase and two doors, one each to the left and to the right. To the right is the Monastery Chapel, where many find it a quiet place of worship. The reception desk
  2. Name: Sohmah Yhaazri (Tia); Broodfist (title) Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun Age: 26 Height: 5"5' Jobs: Monk (Main), Lancer (Secondary) Personality: Sohmah is a very headstrong individual; he values hard work and always seeks improvement. He harbored a lot of resentment in his younger years towards the Empire and the monetarists of Ul’dah, but his Master, who oversaw his monk training, has helped to teach him to not let such negative feelings control him. While he has grown calmer and learned to not lead with his heart, negative feelings still simmer below the surface hidden by a youthf
  3. In an effort to further the fight against the empire, the Knights of Redwall divided their main force into three specialized Divisions. Each one with its own captain and subordinates that allow them to operate with both focus and efficiency. In the future, each will be outfitted with its own insignia, but currently building lore within the company is the main focus. Division Name: The Fellowship of Strix Division Commander: Sohmah Yhaazri Lieutenant Commander: Sor'a Katsumi 2nd Lieutenant Commanders: Sotaisa Varkain, Riku Katsumi Unit Focus: As the RP Divisio
  4. 1. Your character cannot act on information that you, the player, knows that the character himself/herself did not obtain. For instance, if a squad of players is off on a mission, and the player knows about it, but the character was not either invited to the mission or knows explicitly of the mission and it is not accepted by the group OOC, arriving to the event is considered metagame shitposting. Not only is it not appropriate for your character to arrive to an event that he would not even know about, arriving to an event you aren't invited to is generally considered a dick move. 2. If you t
  5. First of all, it is important to clarify that because we are an organization that accepts people from all walks of life, we are not considered an 18+ organization. That being said, we do have an 18+ section of our Discord, that relies on the individual honesty of our members. There is a legal disclaimer attached to that section, but to be clear, if you lie about your age while on a Knights of Redwall server or Website, we are not liable for the exposure of 18+ content to minors. That being said, we do need to officially clarify that overly lewd content, sexual advances, and other types of s
  6. The format to create a biography for your character to add to the Book of Redwall goes as follows, once posted, a mod or admin will work with you to fill out your bio if need be or correct any mistakes: Copy and Paste the following to help if necessary. Name: Race: Gender: Height: Personality: Main Job: Backstory: Photo/Faceclaim: (insert here) Character biographies should be posted in Reply to this topic thread, following the template outlined above. If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredw
  7. Mission Name: There's Windstones in Them There Hills! (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Lvl 60 Disciple of War/Magic and unlocked Xelphatol. Mission Description: After a preliminary scouting expedition into Xelphatol, the Lord Commander has deemed it a high priority to send multiple teams into Xelphatol to relieve them of their windstones. Not only would it cripple their already struggling airship fleet, but Jaster has a hunch that the windstones could be useful in advancing our current airship technologies. In order to accommodate these demands, the Talon Tradecrafts have issued a requisiti
  8. Mission Name: Expired Library Cards (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Level 60 Disciple of War or Magic, Unlocked Great Gubal Library (Hard Mode) Missioin Description: In order to further the Organization's research into combining Imperial magitek with contemporary magicks, the Talon Tradecrafts have came to the Fellowship of Strix with a rather uncommon request. It seems a tome that could help further their knowledge in the budding field has been seen gathering dust in the Restricted section of the Great Gubal Library; it's name being "Practical Applications Concerning Aetherial Manipulati
  9. Mission Name: The Parliament's Talons (Completed) Mission Prerequisites: Level 44 Disciple of War or Magic. "Recommended teams of 6-8 Players. Usage of Battle Chocobos also recommended." Mission Description: Fresh intelligence from the Sylphs have gifted us with a unique opportunity. Deep in Larkscall, the Imperials that are edging their way into Gridania have gotten sloppy. Not only have they decided to field test a prototype suit of magitek armor, but their Imperial Pilus Prior was also spotted in the area. The man is a known handler for Imperial spies in the region, and taking him out w
  10. Mission Name: Earn Your Wings (OnGoing) Mission Prerequisites: Level 60 Disciple of War/Magic/Land, Access to Diadem. "Recommended to form teams of 6-8 members of both Battle and Gathering classes." Mission Description: The Sea of Clouds is still a high priority for Free Companies even with the advent of Doman liberation. Not only is it still a fierce competition to gather the resources to even register an airship, but once you're in the skies, you are not safe. Information has came through the Abbey about a location called the Diadem, along with a few shipping logs with the goods that the
  11. Although the Knights of Redwall operate in many ways as a clandestine unit, it still has obligations to the Twin Adders and the Adventurer's Guild. In order to fulfill these obligations, the side wall of the Monastery's foyer is filled with Adventurer's Guild postings, Grand Company Leves, and peppered throughout the other two, a separate classification of jobs labeled "Strix Missions". These, unlike the others, carry a seal of the Free Company itself, a silver owl perched upon a sanguine wall. These missions are RP affiliated missions that either Knight Squadrons or unassigned groups of th
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