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The Mondathrii Clan is a somewhat elusive clan of found-family that believes our greatest bonds are the ones we forge and not the ones we are born with. Banding together to help those in need from the shadows, the clan operates very similarly to the yakuza, and they are unafraid to work outside the law to help people. They have multiple businesses as fronts for their work that provide the finances they use to help others, and they have their own Far Eastern culture that has existed for countless generations and gets passed down to those adopted into the clan. Ultimately, however, members of the clan are not required to participate in the workings of the clan to help others, legal or otherwise, and each member is free to live a normal life should they so choose. Regardless of their choice, the clan will always be there to love and support those they've adopted into their fold.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Chaotic-Good Yakuza-like Far Eastern Found Family.


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  2. The Mondathrii Clan has many businesses as fronts, one of which is the Cove Onsen & Inn. The onsen features multiple baths, including both indoor and outdoor hotsprings, as well as a steam room, massage parlor, tea and smoke room, a garden library, and inn rooms. Various herbal blends are available both for tea and to smoke, though some substances have restrictions, and other common Hingan food and drink is available, as well. For more information, please visit: https://coveonsen.carrd.co/
  3. The FC is currently being reworked a bit, so please be patient while I get everything sorted out! Updates will be posted regularly as I work on them~
  4. The Cove Onsen & Inn, a front business for the Mondathrii Clan, offers most of their services for free every Wednesday night, including free access to indoor and outdoor hotsprings, a steam room, a massage parlor, a tea and smoke room, and an indoor garden and library. Inn rooms, food and drink, and access to the suite still require payment, but this is a great opportunity to socialize, relax, and try their services for free.
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