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    You lucky people! It's time to come down and experience Eorzea's wildest role-play Free Company, filled with the most talented and fun players on Hyperion. Pass by the resort pool, around the flaming path and come forward into our grand lobby, where sexy casino bunnies and dapper poker studs will lead through our entertainment destination. Downstairs, a stocked bar stands across from the main stage. In the upper levels, enjoy the games and see if you can break the 100 million gil bank in our casino games, ranging from slots machines to Astrologian roulette. Fancy yourself a great minion trainer? Send your beloved pets into our Dominion of Minions arena to square off against fellow guests or dare to attempt the boss-encounters of our staff's own beasts. If you do strike it rich, you'll find one of our bunny girls the perfect place to spend your ill-gotten gil. As we say in Lucky Sevens, "What happens in the private chambers, stays in the private chambers." Finally, end the night with the fabulous Showcase and Revue featuring the Lucky Sevens dancers, taking place in the company theater to the roaring crowd of high rollers. Just be careful whom you cross, where you set your drink and whose hand you follow into what dark corner. Rumor has it that darker, more terrible plots and schemes lurk beneath the glitz and glamour of the marble and gold halls...There is only one way to find out! Head down to Hyperion's Mist, Ward 15, Plot 45 and experience it for yourself, right here at the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club--where roleplay is the biggest jackpot!

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    Maelstrom Command <<FLEET>> is a Grand Company / Military / Law Enforcement RP community located on the Balmung server. We are LinkShell focused – meaning that while we do have a Free Company, no one is required to join the Free Company to be considered a fully fledged member of the community. You don't have to leave your FC friends to play with us!

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    The Balmung RP Network was created in hopes of fostering a safe, judgement-free, and positive community space for the roleplayers of Balmung to come together and share their RP ideas. It is meant as a central hub for those looking to connect with other like-minded roleplayers in order to further their character developments, recruit for fcs and linkshells, and to bring the community closer together. Ultimately, we’re all just a bunch of nerds who want to make friends with other nerds and RP with them. We’re here to form connections both IC & OOC, and to have a good time doing so.

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    A group of treasure hunters with a professional passion for drinking!

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    Teatime is a relaxed, med-heavy, morally grey RP FC. Shroudrose Teahouse serves as a legit front for an information brokering business, employing characters from all walks of life. Discord server is open to guests.

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    We are an Adventure Guild that will be focusing on World RP - We do utilize a Pen and Paper System which has no 'level' or 'Experience' you simply attend events and gain 'Skill Points' which you can distribute among many stats. Easy to Understand and Super Flexible! For PvP We use Grindstone Rules.

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    The official LFRP/Social hub linkshell of FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition. Discord link in description.

  • Open Club  ·  19 members  ·  Last active

    Looking for roleplay in Kugane? Want to find places to hang out in Shirogane? Meet other players that hang out on the eastern end on the map? Join us! Eastern Exposure was created by Alderique to network with other players who roleplay in the Far East. While the linkshell is focused on Kugane and Shirogane, it is open to characters from all parts of the Far East to join. Contact Kenta Nakano, Narakha Gharl, Talura Lura, or Keiho Jizutsu for an invite!

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  • Open Club  ·  15 members  ·  Last active

    Associates of a rising Ul'dahn merchant family. Heavy RP. Lore-strict. Dark/criminal themes. 18+ only.

  • Open Club  ·  14 members  ·  Last active

    Heavy RP - OOC is a long-running linkshell that serves as a hub for like-minded people. We all dig Heavy RP, if you do too then you should join us! Leave a message and we'll get you an invite.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Goodness Gracious that is a wordy title! Maybe we can acronym it up a bit. Hm yeah, nah, that isn't going to work out at all is it. Anyways! I can't figure out the formatting here so it's all one giant paragraph but let's get started, use your super awesome RP powers to imagine appropriate paragraphical breaks! Hey all! Hyperion is about the coolest darn server! We've got us, we've got you, we've got about a dozen other groups too! Without specifying group names, and without even doing my due diligence as to whether or not they even exist I'm going to take a moment to list what we almost definitely have, not because I know it firsthand, but because we're cool enough how could we not?! We have brothels, adventurers hubs, gambling dens in Mor Dhona, we've got maids, tea houses, rowdy bars, lominsan pirate groups, probably a lizard fighting club or two! We've almost definitely got world RP (I know I've seen it at least once!) and the best part is, if it doesn't exist, we can make it! All of us together in on this glorious mob of creativity! Please look forward to it! To make a public statement! I am not pretending or intending to be in charge of anyone, nor am I trying to be more than a rallying flag to plant in the ground of this website to let our voices as a collective known! If anyone else wants to hop on in and take to joining the party by all means! This is about us as a whole, not me! I just put Tepe's Treasures as the starting point because that's who I am! When we start getting other groups in on this we can really start padding and specifying other names.

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    It is pretty much what's printed on the box: a linkshell devoted to roaming world RP all over. If there's RP going on somewhere in the world, we'll advertise it here and try to bridge in other people too.

  • Open Club  ·  13 members  ·  Last active

    'Path of the Rootless' is a Heavy RP Free Company on Omega server, with organized crime, mercenary work and occasional adventuring as the main focus. We often delve into dark, mature themes, with a penchant for the realistically gritty and anything that can pack an emotional punch. Cutthroats, stray souls, broken wanderers, fugitives and all manners of individuals barely fitting society (or not at all), can be a part of Path of the Rootless, for it reunites outcasts and those who have nowhere to be.

  • Open Club  ·  12 members  ·  Last active

    Founded by five like minded individuals in early May 2016, Axiom is a roleplay-oriented free company designed around simply enjoying Final Fantasy XIV's rich lore, environments, and the roleplay it creates, placing its focus on fostering a relaxed and inclusive environment for roleplayers both new and old. Based in Ward 8, Plot 11 of the Lavender Beds, the Mog & Mug boarding house caters to adventuring folk from all walks of life, allowing them to acquire lodgings from which to stage new adventures and even seek potential employment in the company of like minded individuals.

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    The Astral Advent (Formerly known as The Astral Agency, Astral Agents, or The Agency) is an adventuring free company that works closely with the auspices of the Adventurers’ Guild. Built from the ashes of the now defunct Astral Agency, the company hopes to steadily evolve into a successful and sustainable business, as well as a place for anyone willing to work to make a life for themselves. The Advent is a steady source of work for adventurer, crafter and gather alike. The Free Company’s premises is located at the Goblet of Thanalan, Plot 43 of the 12th Ward. ||| The Advent seeks to provide an all inclusive lifestyle for any person with adventuring, crafting or gathering skill. It provides work in the form of leves and other contracted jobs that individuals or groups can complete in order to bring in gil. The range of work that the company takes on is extensive, but limited to the laws of the realm’s city states and the Eorzean Alliance on the whole. ||| An adventurer, crafter or gatherer is first admitted into the Advent by a member with the authority to do so. They are required to submit themselves to a brief interview in order to open their company file. The file will be used to determine what their proficiencies are, so that suitable work may be directed to them. It’s also used to keep track of their progress and contributions to the company. Once the admission is complete, they are issued a linkshell and given a general repeat of the rundown on the house, its amenities and its operations. The new member is encouraged to take on a job from the levemete for starters. Once the job is done, the company takes a small portion of the pay and distributes the rest among the participating individuals. The gil collected goes toward the upkeep of the house and grounds, as well as providing other amenities for its members.

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    FC Closed
  • Closed Club  ·  11 members  ·  Last active

    A group of friends who've assembled over the years coming together to enjoy a great game and great company. We are first and foremost an RP FC however we also do a lot of PVE content as well. We have a med. house, a fun and (hopefully) unique theme, discord server for conversing and more importantly, good people to game with. The Expatriates is an FC founded on the ideals of those who can help should help. The primary purpose is to help refugees throughout Hydalyn to recover, relocate and in general rebuild their lives. When so many governments and organizations turn a blind eye, the Expatriates reach out a hand to assist where they can. We're a healthy blend of slice of life and action adventure RP, complete with a very simple to understand and create character sheet to enhance RP combat situations beyond the basic /random. We have only one rule and it's very simple. Be excellent to each other! We're looking for active RPrs to join the ranks as Refugees, those who want to help refugees (and earn a gil in the process), or those who can help in the day to day operations of a modern FC. Some of the roles or types we're looking for are as follows: Engineers to maintain the ships and submersibles as well as any other mechanical systems in the house. Refugees looking for a place to rebuild their lives. Adventurers of the good aligned spectrum to help their fellow man. Potentially characters who are villainous in nature to establish themselves as antagonists for our company stories and events. Obviously there's a lot more character types out there and we'd be glad to have you aboard, though it will be difficult for the criminally aligned or non-story related villainous character types to fit well. Not that I'm against seeing how it plays out of course. If you're interested or curious please leave a message here or contact me in game (Mayumi Shiro). Looking forward to talking with you!

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    A charitable collective of healers, scholars, adventurers and strays - seeking to do good by others.

  • Open Club  ·  11 members  ·  Last active

    This tavern—nestled along the shore of the Mists—serves as a reprieve from the ails of the realm. It’s frequented by all manner of adventurers, mercenaries, scholars, and even a few rare Grand Company members. Seated at the bar, they’re united by a search for fruitful work and unique opportunities. Camaraderie through arms, or at least a desire for a plump coinpurse. Beneath the din and clamor of the tavern and inn, however, is a sturdier foundation. Though few in numbers, the Ardent Lotus Clan has mettle and spirit—the sort forged from a combined desire of its hunters to make this Star an onze safer. They do not operate in the open. Yet far too small to stand among the titans of the realm’s other clans and free companies, they nevertheless toil away where they’re able. Come in, put up your weapon, and have a seat. Enjoy the fruits and libations of lands east and west. Stick around long enough, and you might just put down roots…

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    Steel Bear Enterprises is an Ala Mhigan run trading company operating in Ul'dah. The Bear's Den Tavern is located in the basement and serves as a retreat for customers, adventurers, and story telling. The company's mercenary division accepts all manner of jobs provided the price is right.

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    Badly explained as a gang of Slavs operating a spy organization out of a Twelveswood Monastery, the Knights of Redwall serve under the Red Otter Division of the Order of the Twin Adders. Specializing in counter-intelligence and black ops, they take the fight to the Empire in order to protect the woods they call home. Their soldiers are enigmatic and fierce, inspiring many down trodden Gridanians to join their cause. We are a founding member of the Eorzean Counter-Intelligence Coalition, a Lamian based Free Company Alliance striving to promote positive community outreach to all of the Lamian server. Please contact us via our Enjin website or in game for more information! Disclaimer: ONLY the Knights of Redwall, House of Tricksters, and The Working Class are members of the E.C.I.C. other groups advertising their involvement are disingenuous and should be regarded as such. Aside from promoting a positive community experience within Lamia for Roleplayers both new and old, the Knights of Redwall also work actively to achieve a Server Canon for Lamia, allowing new characters to be rolled and inserted directly into the RP world of Lamia, much like the RP servers of World of Warcraft. To further this endeavor, the E.C.I.C. is looking to work with other RP Free Companies to help work together and achieve this for the community at large.

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    A sect of the vast Xaela Au Ra populous, Nüür Khuudas stands apart as an Eorzea-founded culmination of various tribes, named and unnamed alike. Though Dotharli led, in essence, the tribe stands as a haven and guidepost for the wayward or longing children of the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father wanting to reclaim the blessings of their bearers, as well as those wanting to find peace among a communal whole. The tribe prides itself on keeping to the traditions of their kind as a whole, as well as adapting some rites and cultural aspects of the different tribes to make all feel part of their new home. Rites and trials are undertaken by prospective and established members of the tribe. They are used to prove one's worth and intent to the tribe and for growth both in physical and mental capacities. Ranks may also require the completion of certain rites and trials to attain. The tribe is Xaela dominant, however, Raen are known to be accepted under special circumstances. For more information and to join, view the posts under "Topics"!

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