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  1. I have also experienced what Val has mentioned happening to him. During the few times I do wander into the Quicksand these days, I often send a quick /tell to a person I see saying hello and asking if they want to RP, because you know half of them are just people watching or AFK. Out of the ones that do respond, a few of them often tell me they are just people watching, then 30 minutes later I see them ICly flirting up lady characters there. Here is one story I'll share. My character bumped into a person, chatted her up. It was all good. Sea Captain land locked until she can get some new sails. My character, who runs a tailoring and leather business saw dollar signs (gil signs?) and made an offer to get his business to do it, since sails are very large and take a very long time to make. Thought this was going to be the real deal in making a new friend, RPed a couple more times, and then she wanted to buy some new clothes. Since the store is custom made to order, my character needed measurements. During the whole measurement process she was hitting on him hard, until he finally caved and did the deed (he was not with his current lady at this time). After that, never heard from them again. My character's business never did make those sails and never got paid. ;_; Nowadays, he is often not given the time of day by any women not in his little circle of friends once they find out he is already taken and is just wanting to hang out and chat on his time off.
  2. Those dang knife eared dhalmels in Ishgard and Gridania.
  3. My character is a monk, but he makes his money by running a custom made to order leather and cloth goods shop called the Tiger Palace over in the Goblet 12, plot 26. Open every day with low prices and very flexible payment options. Repairs or new stuff, he'll do it all, but most people buy clothes. IC or OOCly I'll make them. *shamelessly advertises. Please visit*
  4. To answer the topic question, I'd only move if I were able to transfer my house and the circle of friends I RP with. The house is integral to my RP as it is my character's store, and I do get plenty of traffic and RP in there. My group of people my character interacts with? Well, they all individually have thier own web of friends, FCs, LS', and friends they are intertwined with as well. So, I'm stuck on Balming whether I like it or not.
  5. The crazy thing is with so many people around trying to hook up you'd think that more people's characters would be interested in something other than open relationships and flings, and would look for something serious eventually. A verly large portion of people my character has interacted with, male and female, seem to be interested in just "having fun" with multiple partners, no strings attached. My character always displays surprise and tells folks they are special whenever he meets a married couple, lol.
  6. My character's significant other is the head chef in our company. If you'd like, maybe you can meet her about some employment opportunities.
  7. You guys looking for a hand to hand instructor, my character is currently training a couple of people already. Send me a message here, or on Discord (El Tigre#8357) and maybe we can work something out. I can also introduce you to a small group of monks I run with as well.
  8. Bruh, I've been meaning to make a wiki for the last 2 and a half years.
  9. No one really seems to be biting, and my search in game has also proved fruitless. I would also accept anyone willing to teach my character more about Ala Mhigan society and history; more than he already knows. Or have him around more folks with Ala Mhigan ties. If push comes to shove, hell, I'll just have to have him written as learning through NPCs and various reading materials. If anyone is able and willing to pass this on in some way ICly, that'd be cool, too. I just want him to progress in some way in this path, and I don't want to magically handwave it, either, but it's looking like I'm at a brick wall otherwise.
  10. That's pretty much where I've been stuck at as far as identifying the differences. So far my character's chakra has been opened the same way as the light, through combat and absorbing the aether from an aether rich battlefield. I could have had him go light, but at the time I was all "look at this shiny new thing, I wanna be special" lol. That, and with my character's serious mental and emotional issues going on back then before he started, we were still looking at those sites I listed in the OP and sort of linked them. If seen at that angle, it kinda made sense back then. Again, as time goes on and the more I learn, the more I will subtly adjust accordingly.
  11. Eh, we can all only work with what we know, y'know? I see a lot of entries saying the two halves are the same, but also different. They never say how, except for a snippet saying they differ in how it's user gains that power, buuut it's not elaborated on how that comes about to separate who is what. Ah well, it's no big deal, I will adjust accordingly as more information and lore comes out. I think a lot of people latched onto the Bhuddist and Hindu forms of chakra mainly because even with all the cutscenes and whatnot, there's still enough holes left open to fill in the blanks somehow and that's what people have been doing, myself included. Getting off track here, though. Senpai, pls notice me... ;_;
  12. Thanks, gonna give these all a good read. Makes me wonder what exactly makes the two sides different if they're the same.
  13. Yeah. At the time we that, and those in game cutscenes were all we really had to go on. I'm expecting a good bit of reconning and handwaving come Stormblood in some fashion. Even so, at least having some sort of mentor figure offering spiritural and cultural guidance would be wonderful.
  14. H'lo, folks. So, my character is a monk of the shadow sect. It wasn't just some random thing, however, as he has been taken in by a master of the shadow sect to be trained and taught thier culture, religion, and the discipline required to follow the path to this lifestyle, which was something my character needed badly at that time, as he was in a very rough spot and floundering. ANYWAY! As much as I have enjoyed my time with my character, the player who played my character's spiritual mentor on this journey has lost interest in the game and has stopped playing altogether (though, we still talk outside of the game). My character is affiliated with a small group of monks. However, as time went on, people have been leaving the game due to boredom, or have been RPing elsewhere. The shadow sect monks in this group have all but disappeared, and senior and masters of this sect have definitely went elsewhere, leaving this group, who I see regularly, all light sect and 'lil ole me. I am asking if there are any players out there who's characters are shadow sect masters and are interested in taking my character under thier wing as he continues on his journey into the monkhood. Here are a few things about my character: He is now in his mid 30s While not religious before, he is now dedicated to the worship of Rhalgr, and engages in prayer and meditation often; you can find him by the stone several times a week when he is not working his day job While he is built like a Highlander, he is not Ala Mhigan born and raised. As such, he is trying to learn more about the Ala Mhigan culture and society, and is very willing to learn anything that is taught to him. However, he is a native Ul'Dahn, and runs his business out of the Goblet. However, profits and donations are forwarded to both the poor Ul'Dahns, and the Ala Mhigan refugees. He is a former military commander and combat veteran who has been fighting with his hands and weapons since he was a child living on the Ul'Dahn streets. He already knows how to fight and does not necessarily require combat training, but more specifically the spiritual guidance and discipline to further his journey into the monkhood. Through his training with his former guide, he has unlocked four chakra; however, he still awaits the day he can formerly earn a cyclas from a master, if they allow it. Due to the in game quests showing the WoL gaining his shadow sect chakra by beating up shadow sect monks, a lot of us who RP the shadow sect didn't have much to go on in regards to how they natively unlock thier chakra. I admit that I have not been able to look at the lorebook in reference to the shadow sect, so if anyone has any information they'd like to share about that, I am all ears. Before that came out, we usually used these types of websites for reference concerning the shadow, or lower half, of the chakra: http://veda.wikidot.com/the-chakras http://derekosborn.accountsupport.com/thelibrary/id72.html http://www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com/en/index.php/Tala_Chakras If anyone is interested in RPing with me as a spiritual guide and mentor, feel fre to contact me here, in PM, or contact my character in game, Worren Tigre. Thanks.
  15. This is why I've gotten used to sending /tells to people asking if they are IC and approachable, or asking if they wanna RP and perhaps they initiate contact because my character's in a mood or whatever. Though, due to his outgoing nature I'm mostly doing the initializing.
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