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  1. Heya! This sounds pretty cool, and while the battle system is a little confusing on paper, I'm sure I'll figure it out! Sign up Hayate Ashikage and Suzume Kurogane for the Eorzean Alliance side. ^^
  2. *pokes head up* Arts? This is really cool of you to do this! Please feel more than welcome to draw my eager, cheerful punchcat, C'taikha! http://imgur.com/a/mnUhQ
  3. Heya! Saw this pop up and figured I'd give it a read. Very glad I did! A recently created character of mine is a Samurai who is currently meandering around Eorzea, and while he's not the most sociable or approachable of characters, his travelling companion, Suzume, is a kind-hearted soul who's trying to make her way to Othard! If our characters click, maybe they could travel together, and it not, still could make for some fun RP. ^^ look for Hayate Ashikage and Suzume Kurogane in game!
  4. I woke up to replies! /joys everywhere. Thanks to everyone who responded, and now that I'm seeing a couple people do it, those who are also looking for a Monk Mentor are more than welcome to throw up their request on this thread, too! RP contacts are also extremely welcome, do definitely feel free to hit me up in a PM as well! I also have Discord if that works better for some people. Just add Amra #8435
  5. Hey there, Maeve! I definitely won't say no to RP, so if you see me around, feel free to poke me or add me to friends list in game (or player search me) and we'll figure out a time to RP. At the very least, Taikha will jump at the chance to fight her. ^^
  6. Heya! While it's always been my hope to run my Pugilist character into a Monk ICly and have him train with them, with Stormblood coming out and my schedule keeping only just now letting me get back into heavy RP, I figured I'd try and see if anyone was looking for a pupil here on the RPC, and maybe try and organise a dynamic mentor/student RP relationship. With that said, let me tell you a bit about my character! Who is he: His name is C'taikha Tia, a young Miqo'te of 19 years who comes from a tribe deep in the Sagolii Desert. Ever since he was young, he's wanted nothing more than to fight, and he dedicates most of his time to training, or seeking out strong opponents to test his skills. Taikha is a very eager, enthusiastic character, who wants to become one of the greatest fighters in Eorzea, and maybe even beyond! While he is competitive, and never holds back, he sees every fight as an opportunity to strengthen himself, even if he loses the bout. And when it's over, you can bet that he'll challenge you to a rematch. What does he do: As stated above, Taikha's a fighter at heart, but since he does come from a tribe of middling size, he still has duties to perform. He's part of a three man team who delve into ruins and other places of note in search of relics, treasure, or anything else of value that he can then trade or sell for the gold and resources necessary to keep a desert-dwelling tribe thriving. Don't be fooled, though. His main reason for doing this is because he gets a lot of chances to explore the world, and travel outside of his tribe. How you can find him: Taikha is fascinated with the Monks of the Fist of Rhalgyr, so perhaps you're character lives or has lived in Little Ala Mhigo. Taikha's spent a lot of time there whenever he can sneak away from his tribe, devouring every story and legend about the famous Fist of Rhalgyr told to him by anyone who was kind enough to give him the time of day. Maybe you've heard of the scrappy fistfighter who's always eager for a fight, seen him at the Grindstone or out training in Thanalan. Maybe you've run into his tribe at some point and remember seeing him around. Or maybe he just rocked up out of the blue because you looked like you'd be a strong opponent, and he tried to challenge you to a fight! What kind of mentor I'm looking for: This is perhaps the most important point, and I'd like to first state that I'm open to all kinds of characters, but if you're a member (current or former) of the Fist of Rhalgyr, and you have ties to Ala Mhigo, then you're perfect. Your character is preferably older than Taikha, fitting in with the more traditional 'mentor' archetype. OOC, I'm looking for long-term RP, someone who is willing to accept Taikha as their only pupil, and form a real connection with him. Purely platonic, though. No romance, please, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm also hoping your character will be able to drag Taikha into Ala Mhigo sometime! I'd love for him to be connected to the region in a more substantial way than 'I want to explore it'. ^^ About me: I've been RPing since ARR launched, and while I know that isn't very long compared to some RPers out there, my RP style has developed into a strong, para-RP style. Time-wise, I live in Australia, and I understand if that might not work out for some people. It's happened plenty of times that I've met people, only to never see them again simply because our time zones don't match up. But I'll do my best to make sure that we're able to RP consistently. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is that much of my time is spent playing the game with my girlfriend, who also RPs. But don't be discouraged! Meeting my character means you get to meet hers, which means another awesome RP contact for you! ^^ If you read this far, then I want to say thank you so much for bearing with me, and I appreciate you taking the time to check out this thread. If you're interested in mentoring, or even just meeting my cheater (he could always use more friends!) then please feel free to message me here, or send me a message on my Tumblr: @arcarith If you have any questions, or want to find a character to mentor in the ways of the Monk but you're not sure of you'll make a good fit, message me anyway! Who knows, we just might click really well! Thanks again everyone!
  7. Yay people! ^^ I'll definitely check out the RP traffic in those areas mentioned, maybe some random RP can be found after all. For the others, I'm more than happy to add you guys to friends lost (if I can catch you online) and arrange some RP, maybe in my morning/American evening to help with the time zone difference.
  8. With a recent addition to my character roster being based out in the wild of the Dravanian Hinterlands and Forelands, you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of all the amazing RP that would be available to me in the new areas SE gave us with Heavensward. So I set out to see what I could see, but unfortunately, RP was hard to find without straying back into the 2.0 zones. It's entirely possible that this is because of my time zone. Living in Australia doesn't agree with most RPers on Balmung, but I've yet to find any random RP happening out in the new zones. So I've decided to make the journey to the RPC and hopefully spark some interest that will make it easier for myself, and others, to find RP based out in Dravania, Coerthas, and Abalathia's Spine. ^^ X'vahn Yoloskiir is the character in question, a wild Miqo'te who calls the ruins of the once-great city-state of Sharlayan home. He's an elusive Seeker, a flash of red and brown furs traversing through the grassy hillocks and ridges of the Hinterlands, and just as often ducking through the giant canopy of Caelum trees that litter the landscape of the Forelands; a mysterious figure who's fleeting presence has been written off as a simple trick of the light more often than not. Despite the growth of nearby Idyllshire beckoning wandering adventurers and other seekers of fame and fortune, Vahn has yet to venture into the settlement itself, and those who frequent the newly bustling hub have scant seen more than a glimpse of the man. Maybe you're a chocobo hunter from Tailfeather, dedicated to your noble profession and striving to make a name for yourself in the community, or perhaps you're character is a mercenary, scouring Idyllshire for a new kind of work. Perhaps an artisan, a crafter of fine leather and steel come to sell your fresh-made wares in a different locale, or a travelling merchant searching for new customers as more and more adventurers and wanderers alike make their way north. A noble Ishgardian, or a displaced guardsman posted in Falcon's nest, or a skilled hunter of monsters and vicious beasts on the trail of a grander prey. If you're character is based out in the new zones, or has any intention of travelling there, or if you as an RPer just want to find some RP in those areas, post a reply, or send me a tell in game, or both if you can! ^^ I'd love to be able to meet some new people and make some RP contacts in these wonderful new areas. I like to think of myself as an adaptable RPer, and I think Vahn would be able to interact with any kind of character. Disclaimer: As stated above, I live in Australia, so I keep very wierd hours compared to all of you Americans and Europeans. =P But hopefully that doesn't deter anyone from getting in touch with me for some RP. ^^
  9. Less people from down under than I'd hoped, but I will not be discouraged! And another South Aussie, too! ^^ I'll try to poke you all in game, and maybe we can RP! I have 8 different characters, but the two I'm on most consistently are Y'amra Tia, and X'vahn Yoloskiir. Poke me if you see me and I'll respond.
  10. Yeah well, maybe that's just me, but I really, really can't see a breeding Nunh as a dad... Would love to see the reputation of the title improve though, but that would need more players pulling it right, like any position of power really. I disagree with this one, Valence ^^ They're just a dad of many! And even then, it might not be all that many depending on how long said Nunh remained the Nunh. As for males raising Seeker children, well, I agree with what you say there. ^^ Though I'd also point out that the ratio of Seeker birth is 10:1 female to male. So it's be pretty unlikely for a male to be the primary raiser of Miqo'te kids.
  11. As someone who plays a lot of Miqo'te characters strict to lore, I think you'll be perfectly fine playing a Nunh. There's a lot of unfounded bias towards the Nunh of a tribe because there are a lot of RPers out there who play displaced Seekers, and usually a lot of the blame is assigned to an abusive Nunh. I hate this stereotype. While my Miqo'te is a Tia, I did a lot of fleshing out for the history and current state of his tribe. Playing a Nunh doesn't lock you out of any RP and definitely shouldn't stop you from finding any either Hells, I'd love to introduce Amra to some Seeker Nuhns. If you find yourself being accused of playing a Nunh character wrong, I'd just point the accuser to SE's lore page. The number one concern I can imagine you might get is the fact that your character is away from his tribe, but most Nunh's don't become tribal chiefs or leaders. Personality, well, that's entirely up to you as a Roleplayer. If you do end up creating a Nunh, feel free to poke me sometime for RP. ^^ And good luck!
  12. Aha! Another who's been experiencing a similar issue to me. Us Aussies get the short end of the straw when it comes to trying to find consistent RP on Balmung, and I'd definitely be up for making a few friends from my side of the world. ^^
  13. This is a really cool concept here! Can't believe it's taken me this long to find it. If you guys have any active RP going on during Australian evenings, and daytime aussie weekends, let me know and I'll poke someone about maybe setting up some RP soon. ^^
  14. AAAAAAH! SEITSUDAAAAA!! *flails wildly* I'm so happy with how the pics of Amra turned out! If anyone is thinking about getting art done, the lovely Shadottie is fantastic! Thanks so much, Sei! <3
  15. I have a tribe Lots of lore to the tribe with a few active members, but poke me in game on Y'amra Tia if you'd like some details. ^^ Or check out my tribe thread. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=11642
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