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  1. If you're on omega, the best way to find RP is currently the discord server. It's huge and events are posted there that you can attend. We also have an LFRP channel and an accompanying in-game LS. https://discord.gg/HcEgWGH
  2. Welcome to The Twelvesguard! We are a multi-faceted group of mercenariea -for lack of a better term- who have taken up the mantle of protecting the lands The Twelve so benevolently giften the races of man all those eons ago. Across the next few tabs you will find information pertaining to our structure and goals, this is important information and will have an impact on where you and your character fit within the Free Company; therefore I suggest reading it carefully, please. **Please note that information here is subject to change, thank you.**
  3. https://68.media.tumblr.com/5bb19811e8415f8b16bc310b443fb28d/tumblr_ot96eprq3m1vqd5ueo1_1280.png[/img] The event will be hosted by House Belmont, and refreshments will be provided at The Forgotten Knight afterwards. Anyone wanting to perform please DM me on here, or on my discord (Swanmay#4079). Thank you!
  4. We would like to announce that the Linkshell is currently full; a bittersweet announcement if ever there was one! Worry not though as a second LS has been created to act a queue of sorts, and admins are keeping a lost seperate from this. That being said, we still highly encourage anyone who wants an invite to join our discord server, where they can interact with our amazing and fast growing community.
  5. A Linkshell for all Ishgardians seeking other Ishgardians for RP connections. Leaders: Rosalie Belmont lease contect me in-game or on here for an invite. Thank you.
  6. Hello there! My character Rosalie is certainly the mentor type, though probably a bit more motherly in the long run. She's an Ishgardian woman in her thrities, a former Knight, and currently a bard. She's certainly been through a lot and wouldn't mind sharing her expereinces with the youth of Eorzea. She can be a bit on the cynical side, but it comes from a place of pragmatism rather than outright pessimism.
  7. Welcome! Try not to stress out too much (I know it's hard sometimes ^^) because we were all in that boat at one time or another. Everyone here was at a point when they didn't know squat about roleplaying, and that's perfectly okay! When you feel comfortable enough, and have a character etc there's the fantastic Making Connections forum where you can post to get you started. If you end up on Mateus I believe they have a site too, or a discord server at the very least. From what I have heard, everyone is very welcoming over there too. Have fun with all your RP adventures!
  8. Yes! Currently, adding in prefixes for threads (like for directories, making connections, etc) is easy. Those I can do within the forum control panels and without messing with delicate code. Anything that makes a post filter (LS Hall and FC Hall) requires more overhead than the filtering's worth on our software. (And usually means I crash the site because we have to implement it live.) But I should say we're by no means looking for like, Balmung-levels of activity. Especially not in the beginning. The best thing to do is to continue to be active here. [broken record]Keeping being active here. Keep making threads for servers to boost awareness and to show activity. Dilute Balmung.[/broken record] The more active a server appears to be, the better it is for everyone. It means coding time/investments will have a better chance of sticking and it also means users won't get shafted to a small RPC enjin clone site where all public activity disappears. In the IPS layout, I'm planning to make prefixes admin-controlled by to allow users to use any tags they want. ...as long as the tag system doesn't become a nightmare like the test import I ran which grabbed every single misspelled tag from our gallery. Thanks very much! All the help we have from the mods, and the RPC as a whole is greatly appreciated.
  9. This was one of the first threads to pop up when Balmung closed. And unlike the mess of NA threads, it's remained on-point and organized. If there's less activity in it, it could just be cause more people are focused on a NA server. That's....not coming from an administrative push from the staff. We're trying to keep our involvement on this issue to the minimum. I've already made a variety of posts on why the staff flagging a server is a poor idea. Are you talking about RPC's users or the site? We're still using the layout that has been around for about three changes of site administrator and nearly two full refreshes of staff. Have you taken a moment to check our Announcements section? [15 May 2017] RPC Upgrades and Migration Announcement is a pretty big one. So is [18 May 2017] User accounts on the same email if it applies to you or people you know. The forum software is being changed. The entire codebase for the forums is being replaced. (Yes, posts and threads are going to be imported. Details on the final save will come at a later date). On top of limited resources (I'm the only current staff member with both access to the Admin CP and knowledge on MyBB's custom code templates and plugins), people haven't even fully figured out which servers they want to support. There's little point to change an incredibly complicated and fickle set of 10-15 custom-written templates per Hall per server to add a hardcoded post filter when that hasn't happened. If we'd seen more activity from other servers in the past, it would have been updated. Honestly, it should just be Balmung and "Other" right now because Gilgamesh hasn't been particular active since early 2015. When we implemented Hall cleanings, this became more apparent. So again. The RPC administration and staff don't have say in selecting a server. We're not going to direct people to somewhere there isn't already a community that appears to be active at the very least. If a server wants "special treatment" we need to see that they're actually active and self-sustaining before pinning them up. Otherwise that's just spending limited development resources for naught. When we do decide on a server, would it be reasonable to drop the relevant mod(s) an email to discuss adding in tags and sections for our server, along with the new NA server? It's expected that the initial server is going to be small by comparison to Balmung, and we will have growing pains too. Seeing the server on the site being, not advertised per say, but supported by the "officials" of the RPC would likely go a long way to adding support to the movement. Almost like an unofficial "official" sanction that yes, this is an unofficial RP server and you will find RP there.
  10. That's all well and good, but the server is locked to everyone who wants to join an RP community, and will be for the forseeable future. With nowhere to go, those RP'ers not currently on Balmung can have a home to start another community on the EU data centre. The community is already fragmented because of this. Furthermore, MMOs can have more than one RP community and be successful. Look at WoW as an example, two large servers (Wyrmrest Accord and Moon Guard) and that's only the US side. The EU side also have a couple of, albeit small but no less succesful servers. Lastly, roleplayers are the minority. The needs of the many come before the needs of the few as it happens, and while SE seems to do more than most other companies with regards to being specifically RP friendly, they wont designate Balmung as their official RP server. It would be nice, but it's unrealistic.
  11. An excellent idea! If people can agree on a number then that seems like the best course of action.
  12. Once again, for anyone interestedm in furthering discussion, a large group can be found on this discord server https://discord.gg/CNeGP79 I would encourage anyone interested to join!
  13. You are a NA player and can do both RP and PvE easily. EU players can't do both due to one little thing called LATENCY. I personally refuse to pay a monthly sub just for RP as I can't do anything other than that after the server move. EU server should be established. And that is the difference between any former attempt and this one. We are forced to do this by a little fact that we can't play the game like we used to. Actually, I have erratic play schedules and also can't partake of most NA timezone material. And most EU players I know hover around 150-200 ping after the database transfers, which is completely manageable [my ping from the west coast US used to be around that before data center relocation]. The sky does not appear to be falling for most EU players I know. I'm sorry you're having difficulties. I still have not seen a viable argument how a server move will result in anything more than a tiny 20-50 person RP community. Please understand that those types of communities are severely limited in scope of RP, content, frequency of RP, and generally taper off after a few months, rendering everyone's efforts wasted. RPers need large and vibrant central RP hubs, or RP ends up more about scrounging up participants than the actual content. I don't want to see great EU RP'ers run off into the dark to form a tiny conclave of RP that gradually tapers off and dies over time. RP'ers need to stick together for the sake of quality RP, man. The point of the thread is yes, to encourage people to move, but it is also about setting up a community for those who are coming into the game with Stormblood and as of now have nowehere to go. As Balmung is the only unofficial RP server to date, and is closed for the forseeable. Furthermore, you are discounting the many people who always come into a game as of the expansion release (I was a heavensward baby myself) and those who are not on the RPC for whatever reason. So yes, 20-50 players on the RPC may move but with time and dedication that could grow to become a sister community to Balmung.
  14. From a personal perspective, I think it's really a now or never situation. I'm certainly not suggesting everyone move and abandon the server they have come to call home, but creating a new EU-centric community would benefit a great many people in the long run. Particuarly as Balmung is closed to new characters and transfers for the time being. I would like to say I have an alt that is ready to go, and I'll likely be starting an FC once we get the new servers so people can have some organised RP and newcomers can have a point of referral should they wish. Hopefully this will have an accompanying LS with it for those who don't want to join an FC just yet. One concern that people seem to have is that RP will not thrive. Now, all I can really say to this is that it is up to us as a community to ensure that happens. It will be difficult at first, but if you want to see something happen then make it happen. Be the change you want to see in the server!
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