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  1. A wandering girl walks into a busy bar off a corner on the streets of Uldah and immediately trips over the long tail of a giant Au Ra who was sitting at a table inside, causing him to spill his drink all over his body. The girl was unable to get any words out in apology since she was so frightened that she ended up running into a nearby alleyway and hiding behind a few barrels so she wasn't beaten up by the man or any of his compatriots. Sighing the shy girl just sat there wondering how long she had to wait until she could crawl out and go back to buy the loaf of bread she could only afford fr
  2. Thanks everyone! I'll make a post soon since my work schedule is a bit wacky and only really play every other week You guys are super nice!
  3. Hello everyone! I've been playing FFXIV for a few months now and I'm wanting to get to start to RPing! I've played many MMOs in the past starting with the original Guild Wars back in 2005 and have played Guild Wars 2, some World of Warcraft, a few other MMOs for a bit and now this one which I am really loving!! I've had some role playing experience in the past, trying out a few different things here and there and I really enjoy it and meeting new people! I currently want to try to be a better role player and make lots of friends. I'd like to be medium or heavy into role play, I'
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