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  1. Hey there! Geez... 25? You folks make me feel old Crazy story: my wife is a Pharm Tech as well! Anyhow, welcomes and howdy
  2. Ah! Wonderful! Thanks so much, I will certainly be heading over to haunt the discord!
  3. So despite being a player of FFXIV for several years, and an RPer of over 15 years in general, I've only recently begun to approach the FFXIV RP scene. I'm certainly keen to meet some people both IC and OOC and start building my list of friends! Though at present, despite my alt being an RP-ready individual, I think I'll stick with my main for the time being... so here go, a little about him: Brandt Sundance is a Miqo'te on a mission. Despite having a very cozy little apartment in his homeland of Gridania, Brandt has a terrible wanderlust and can often be found in all corners of the world. Though he is known for visiting home once in a while to check on his roommate, Gil. A fish. Though he tends to travel with a sword on his hip, and a penchant for the Eastern combat known as 'bushido'... This is not his true calling. No, no... For hidden away within his coat pocket is a very special deck of cards. Yes! The stars themselves guide him on his path! Or to his coin, as he makes the majority of his living as a traveling fortune teller. Thankfully he's often wearing a wide smile and is quite approachable, so he makes a decent enough living this way. Good thing too, because his swordsmanship leaves much to be desired. So that's a little about Brandt... I won't go into too much, because I firmly believe in getting to know people IC via interaction. Feel free to shoot me a message either here on in-game! Always looking to meet new people!
  4. Heh, thanks! It actually works well with my schedule... I'm used to dealing with mostly EU RPers anyhow so no big change Love the sig, btw!
  5. Heya folks. Long time lurker, first time participant. Or something like that anyhow... Cool! So, where to start? Let's see... Oh I know! So I've got a load of RP experience under my belt (so to speak) from waaaaay back in Vanilla WoW days (please don't hold that against me.. I was young! I didn't know any better!), to GW/GW2 and finally to my current resting place of The Secret World and Secret World Legends where I'm one of the co-leaders of a multifaction RP cabal that has been going strong for 5+ years. Oh, I've also got LARP and D&D experience... even the old MSN Chat rooms where my RP career began. Damn, that makes me feel old. Ugh. Whoops! Starting to ramble. Sorry! SO back on topic, I moved to Omega from Mateus during the early access of Stormblood. More often than not you'll find me doing one of the following: 1) Playing my main. Brandt Sundance, Astrologian extraordinaire and aspiring Samurai who dreams of nothing more than settling down and opening his own restaurant. He's adorable, a wee bit irritable and in spite of these things VERY approachable. OR! 2) Playing my primary alt. Mira Cross, rising star of the Red Mage order who is on an endless quest to charm people into buying her all the things she could buy herself but is far too cheapskate to do so. She's sweet once you get to know her, but... well she has a thick shell. I should make character profiles. As for the me behind the keyboard... Ah, I'm boring. You don't need to know about the person. Currently looking for a linkshell to join so I can make some RP friends and will probably seek out an FC some time down the line. Look forward to meeting everyone!
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