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  1. I'm months late but just in case you ever see this again, like Mercenary said, it has a great influence off Mongolian culture. I remember reading their naming conventions are based off of earlier century Mongol words, I can't remember if it was 16th or 19th particularly but I know I used that to create my custom tribe's name. There's small things that build around the idea too like how they didn't have writing at first and just spell names based off how they sounded and that being why some of the names look so odd. Tying that together with the Mongol representation, you can be pretty loose on some areas but the biggest help is really spending a good amount of time in the Steppe area. Doing a few of their quests, reading dialogues, fates, and the general layout of the land paints the picture pretty clear of how the race acts and general concepts. Each individual tribe responds differently based on their own cultures/religions/beliefs that all seem to center around similar ideas founded by their gods Azim and Nhaama. You walk around there a bit, you realize how rough the land is, how you see hunters, fisherman, guards, chefs, and etc just to make a living off a very dangerous land as opposed to the other maps with cities, castles, and usually more organized fashions of handling situations. I think the biggest impact on the culture was the mention in MSQ between Lyse and the Mol children about it being simpler to travel around the land than to stay in one place. Xaela are simpler than they appear at first glance, they eat, they build shelter, they fight off attackers/predators/monsters/etc, they prepare for the harsh elements of the land, they worship or take time to be among their own beliefs/culture of their tribes and then when the land's used up, no more to eat, too worn down, they move along to find more of the same so the previous land can replenish. Longest sentence ever there lol. To make it a lil more relative, imagine if electricity/water was finite when you moved into an apartment. You go out to work and get food, you make the home warm/comfortable, you relax, you secure your doors to be safe, and do the things you know you must for your family/home, then when electricity/water is out and that apartment says "can't do anymore right now until next summer", you relocate to do the same. Now just imagine that but with dirt, monsters, crops, pelts/fur, materials, and wilderness. Back on the subject of Mongolian influences, I think that's just the general influence considering a large part of the expansion took place in the east. We have Doma which has the civilized and traditional portion just like modern day China/Japan. Then you go outside further where it broadens into the "conquer and conquest portion", where the strong survive and by having such harsh land you can reassure you won't find anyone else trying to seize your land or very few opponents. This is similar to earlier century Mongolians who survived through nomadic travel and took whatever they wanted/needed to survive in doing so as opposed to being more diplomatic or civil... I mean, if you can punch the guy and take all his meat than be told no and go home hungry.... what's to stop you >3>?
  2. *This document was hand written and given to Maqali Qulaan as form of application into acceptance as an official retainer for employment under Valic Sunblood.* To whom it may concern, I Valic Sunblood, accept responsibility and employment of Maqali Qulaan to be of assistance to me. Below I have noted and confirmed my interview with her as well as signed into accepting her under my wing as a retainer. ✓ - Face to face in person questionnaire. ✓ - Respectable ✓ - Positive attitude ✓ - Good listener ✓ - Eager ✓ - Fit description Personal Notes: She was very eager to get to work even before she had been accepted into employment officially. Already offering to serve my tea and even exited cleaning up as we concluded the interview. Her interests in magic very well suit my own personal studies as well as her skill-set matching my desires in daily life. I am very humbled to have such a young, willing mind to assist me in my work and studies. With this document, I Valic Sunblood, hereby confirm her employment to allow her free stay as permitted to the managers of the inns in Eorzea and her retainer manager as the contract so claims. Should I find any dissatisfaction or any concerns, I am allowed within rights to discuss termination of this contract and the employment with the utmost haste. My humblest regards and gratitude for your cooperation in this agreement. - Valic Sunblood
  3. *This paper looks like it was torn out and crumbled up then tucked back into the journal. Possibly remorse for writing, then remorse for throwing away.* "I've taken the liberty of using a majority of my leftover income to purchase an apartment in the fabled Goblet. The residential areas of Ul'dah would make an excellent headquarters to plan my next course of actions regarding this investigation. I feel as though I must gather allies that will work with me undercover to trace the source of this activity as well as capture the criminal behind these actions. Ul'dah seems to be an excellent source for mercenaries and job seekers alike to invest their aid as well. I've also been notified of my investment towards retainer services being a success, as the retainer manager of Ul'dah has found a unique young woman to suit my interests. The review only tells me that it is a young, Auri woman, with skills in alchemy, cooking, fishing, and most notably "disassembly". Though I'm not quite sure of the parameters involved with "disassembly", I'm quite intrigued to find out. I hope to interview this young woman and begin my plans to end the spy's charade and it's corresponding grievances to the resistance. My apartment room should serve as a suitable study for us both as well as any I find of interest to bring along in this endeavor. I've cataloged my findings as well as provided some nourishment for any guests I happen to invite. Luckily, the apartment room I purchased was of quality enough to contain a vast assortment of literature. Although, the assortment seemed mostly comprised of copies you could easily find in the Thaumaturge's Guild and some fiction(possibly?) found from Limsa Lominsia. Of course while I am absolutely pleased to have obtained a room with such knowledge readily available, I may have little need for so much personally. I am also getting notices that my military service funding is beginning to run it's course. After this mission is accomplished, I may need to seek employment of my own or seek out wealth in my own spare time. Perhaps I should indulge in the so called "treasure maps" I so often hear of, though I am still in disbelief that so much could be found off a simple scrap of paper." *This page ends with a small note implying to shred or burn this page when able to safely do so*
  4. *this page was torn out from the journal, folded into a small square and placed into the hands of a young, noble soul by the name of "Astrid Miller"* "We are created unto this world, given life for purpose to be sought. Death to only be our exit but also our reasoning to provoke dreams into reality. The opportunity this provides us comes with no price and only paves our perseverance to shape the world as we so desire. Our potential is boundless, incapable of ceasing until we cease it to our desire and satiate the dreams we hold dear to our hearts and being. Aether flows at a natural pace, existing onward, returning to the stream only to be brought out again to mold the world as it did prior. We are of no difference, we contain the ability and power to make our goals and fate come to fruition. No presence or force can prevent our boundless potential from reaching out, whether it be to men and women of Hydaelyn, the creatures across the land and sea, or simply to the dreams we deem as hopeless. There is great might in you just as there is myself, take hold of it, grasp your opportunity to prove yourself, no matter the setting. Judgement be not the reason for our decline in motives, but the reason in which we are provoked to determine our own dreams to be real. You are filled with natural talents that are yours alone and unique to offer, it is within your capability to make the world a better or worse place respectively as you see or desire. Don't condemn yourself through other like-minded dissatisfaction or to ignorance and oblivious intentions. You are who you are, and the time you spend will be ever the better for every moment you spend in proving that very sentiment. The trials overcome of your past will only bolster your ability to mold your future and manipulate the obstacles to come. To let your dreams only remain dreams would be the true waste, let them achieve corporeal form... be the one proud to witness the realizations of your endeavors come to success!" -Valic Sunblood *though being torn and folded, it still seems very neatly written and folded, with a minor musk/scent of a strong willed individual with intent to motivate and enchant still about the journal-torn page*
  5. *a loose but still tucked in piece of paper is added between two pages later in the book, somewhat wrinkled* The Spy of Ala Mhigo "In my aid of Ala Mhigo's liberation, I've stumbled across allies as well as fatalities both that I have not witnessed since my days in the Maelstrom. However, I've gathered intelligence and rumored talk of a potential spy among Rhalgr's Reach, possibly undercover as a Gold Saucer employee. My investigation has lead to little promise, as most of the employees seem oblivious to these rumors. My continued investigation at different times of the Gold Saucer has me lead to believe that there may potentially be illusion magic at work to disguise the fiend further within the facilities. How to find a being I don't know the looks of that's undercover as an employee under another unique face.... I'll conduct some research back a the Thaumaturge Guild. Perhaps I can find a spell or potion to expose our masked traitor without direct threat to exposing my investigation. Extreme heat to facilitate sweat on areas normally unable to produce, to show readings of flesh where cloth is an illusion. Too obvious to notice temperature changes. Lay a decoy of information regarding a fake ambush to Garlean territories. Too risky and may result in unwanted enemy forces conflicting with the resistance. Disguise myself using the incantation in this tome to befriend and persuade the information out of random employees. Requires too many sources to be believable, time is no leisure... Perhaps I need a companion to help in this investigation to lure the criminal out. I'm too late, the spy has struck again with an assault on our defense line. The spy is clearly feeding information to the empire and must have some form of connection to the squadron leaders, if not the grand companies themselves. The assault has left several wounded but luckily few fatalities, I've aided my healing where needed and helped bolster our defensive line from further attack. I must begin interrogating any new recruits on the lines from here out to assure my suspects. Each division captain has confirmed their soldier attendance records with me in private, which leaves two options viable. Either one of the captains are lying, potentially working with another to aid in this charade of disguises and betrayal. Or the recently supposed allies of Doma are communicating with Garlemald in secret to prevent further confrontation of their cities. This brings me to ask how they would obtain this information securely without notice but further supports one working in the gold saucer in secret. If I recall an attendant's wording, most of the gold saucer's employees have accepted Ala Mhigan refugees and few Doman refugees. My options are still too varied, I must seek allies in Doma as I aid my search here in Eorzea. Covering both ends should eliminate any room for error and reduce the time spent removing this undercover agent." *the page has more scribblings and crossed out ideas of potions as well as arcane spells to remove illusion magic across the sides of the page. The back side of this sheet of paper remains blank... for now*
  6. *This text seems to continue from the bottom of page 32 and leading into page 33* "Some concepts of each element can have different variations in their effects ending in the same results. As a passive effect would inevitably reach the same conclusion as an instantaneous effects, perhaps even more sturdily created. I've recorded my research and findings below on particular spells as well as some hypotheses . My arcanima needs further work as I have little knowledge of it's true potential as of yet. Below is my findings through practices in thaumaturgy and a unique experience I had stumbled upon by accident. "Fire" seems to induce ignition of aether to cause combustion of targets. Higher usage of this could result in clear incineration and complete combustion of a target. Umbrally this only seems to create a focused but steady heat. Comparative to the sun in a dry desert area, which may likely be an umbrally aligned area as well. If further elemental aether was added or there was more power of the void to a desert, I could only imagine scorching air capable of burning one to the touch and passage through said air. "Blizzard" astrally seems to create physical solidified ice near instantaneously. However without much solid structure, it would be likely to shatter just as easily as it was formed. Umbral ice seems to create a slow but effective freeze effect. Inducing what one could experience in a snowstorm of Coerthas spent without much warmth of clothing. Excessive use of this could lead to a target's cold, untimely death with the target frozen solid. This slow usage may be more effective with enough power to create solid ice with a less hollow structure. So long as a body would keep moving or create heat in some fashion, this effect could be negated or prolonged. "Thunder" naturally seems to be conductive as weather would demonstrate through lightning strikes. An aftermath experience stumbled upon with the Lord of Levin, Ramuh(premise of what lead to this summoning or the followed battle that potentially ensued is unknown) has lead to close examinations of soil that was struck by the primal's lightning. The soil seemed composed of umbral thunder as it was still of conductive properties. Normal lightning strikes are pin pointed and compounded into the blasts the Lord of Levin is said to create, I believe umbrally aligned thunder instead makes a basis of conductivity to produce the same effect on a larger scale and size. Further analysis of my sample has shown the conductivity to die down slowly, possibly due to the primal's un-summoning or a decline in the lighting aspected aether found in the soil. Ramuh may be powerful enough to draw from the spectrum of both polarities equally enough to retain the balanced effects of a regularly casted thunder spell, while also being amplified from the primal's aether-draining strength. Supposedly resulting in powerful thunder strikes with electrified aether properties to the surfaces touched by said thunder." *the page ends here with multiples lines of crossed out words, scribbles, and what appears to be an ink spot, possibly running out of ink in the pen or leaving room for further studies to write.*
  7. (This information is OOCly used for anyone but ICly it is used for Valic and Valic alone unless otherwise stated to showing another player pages from his journal. Meaning, you don't know any of this unless Valic himself shows you, or you somehow manage to steal it, rip out a page, or etc. Otherwise, enjoy!). ((This is just random entries from within Valic's private journal he writes all his findings on. Be it of his discoveries, philosophies, hypotheses, drawings of people he recognizes fondly, scribbles, and so on. They may appear out of order or with other sources added as separate pages into the journal itself loosely. May even scribble through previous work and write new discoveries and so on.)) *This looks like it was hand drawn and written in page 32 of Valic's journal*
  8. F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions and other knowledgeable tidbits can be found here! As well as a short link to this linkshell/lore page - http://tiny.cc/Kujqai. 1.Q. Who is the Khan of this tribe and why would there be one if it's a scattered tribe? A. It is Arashin Kujqai as he was born with the most unique weather and grew to the self fulfilling prophecy to become the strongest for his tribe. As Khan, his duties range from upholding the traditions of the Kujqai where he travels and sees as well as spreading the culture/word of the tribe's beliefs. This position is less of one in authority/power and more of one in belief. While the power to banish and demand of the tribe is still within rights, the job primarily is to make sure all traditions are being followed and not misused across lands. You'd be surprised how fast/easily word can spread to another when your entire tribe is spread across the entirety of both continents. That said, it's merely a position similar to that of the Oronir that makes a claim towards who is the most akin to the Kujqai's traditions and values. It could be said it is that of a Hierarchy rather than a position to fight for like that of the Miqo'te tribe lore. 2.Q. Can someone else become Khan? A. I'd like to say yes and no? Becoming Khan is based on both strength and the unique condition you're born under the wind's influence. So you have to be very clever in your writing and then probably talk out with the current Khan OOCly the concept of how a fight for leader of the tribe would go about. This isn't something I'm too concerned about though as I can see it being easily passed down through acceptance of acknowledging the strength in another member. 3.Q. Who's the Udgaan and what do they do? A. Currently the position of udgan is open but also left to being in general as one existing out in the world of Hydaelyn. The position is open for anyone who would like to take upon the title and responsibilities it comes with. They must first talk with Arashin Kujqai(me) in discord concerning the position, as well as understand it's role within the Kujqai tribe's lore. I've also added a section that better details what the position of udgan entails and means. OOCly, anyone may refer to the udgan or use them as apart of their backstory, but ICly it is often referred that the udgan wanders about the world. Perhaps of the Steppes? Eorzea? Wherever the wind may take him/her. This is subject to change depending on who holds interest to the position. 4.Q. I'm already in another tribe, how do I join this one? A. See the trial of thunder under the traditions section. You don't need to name change or commit too hard, maybe just note in your search comment at most, we're friendly/flexible. 5.Q. Do I need to be apart of the tribe to be in the linkshell? A. Yes, this is not an open RP hub or FC or anything of that sort, merely a way for all fellow Kujqai to keep into contact with one another and RP together if they want to. Just a base of operations to say that someone's RP'ing at a certain spots and would love to see more of the tribe there. I want to stray from creating it into being a specific circle or small group that's outside of actual RP communities and keep t just as a means of keeping in touch with confirmed Kujqai. It's only used for OOC connections/contact most commonly to "arrange" meets and events, ask OOC questions, and so forth. 6.Q. Is there a difference between "the will of the wind" and wind aether/magic? A. Yes and no. from a logical perspective at least. The idea of the wind as magic is comprised of aether, thus can it be manipulated and used for things such as conjury practices and the like. However the element of the wind and aether is not the same as the religious belief of what the wind is as a guiding force. The will of the wind is believed to be derived from the embrace of Nhaama's and Azim's love for one another, created into a physical entity that remains a constant about the planet. This force is what people would normally just consider the wind. When it comes to someone manipulating wind aether, they're taking the essence/element of the wind rather than the wind itself and applying their aether manipulation into the mix. So one could be identified as a "guiding entity" while the other can be seen as "magic". The difference being that one let's an individual tie their own aether into the mix while the other is natural and untouched. It comes down to the differences between those that would view concepts like this from a logical/scientific perspective and those of tribal belief(s). 7.Q.What are the tribe's thoughts on Raen Au Ra and other non-Au ra? A. Raen are born of Azim and are still of the same race on doubt, however they abandoned the tribal life that the Xaela did for a more peaceful one. Typically more civilized life and the underwater sanctuaries are their homes. Every individual character can see each race how they want to, but the tribe is pretty neutral about it overall. We don't exactly favor them as much as we embrace Xaela in our religion, but we don't look down on them particularly either for choosing their lifestyles. It's typically not accepted for Raen to join the tribe and often our tribe wouldn't find those that would be interested as is. The only exception potentially being those of the Malaguld tribe. Those that abandoned the embracing winds of Nhaama and Azim, as well as even outright left the natural wind, are not welcome into our tribe. With other races; this can depend on the character, but seeing they're not of Azim or Nhaama at all and still walk among the will of the wind... may constitute a form of resentment. Some may choose the other way around and embrace them. Overall, if they're not Xaela (let alone auri), they can be seen as inferior or weak like much of the west could be seen compared to that of the steppes and east. This is because they are not born of the divine Dusk Mother, rather than just straight out racism. Again, it can be left up to the individual for how the character chooses to react or treat others ICly. No one will hold a gun to your head for your char not being "HELL YEAH, XAELA" over all others. These are just tribal laws and ideals that one may want to base or start from, or at least affirm the traditions of with others if/when needed. 8.Q.What is the tribe's stance on Garuda or primals for those that know or come into contact with them? A. Just as primals are portrayed as false deities in FF14, they are the same with how they are portrayed with our tribe. Often times primals manipulate the weather or use an intense magic to mimic it's effects than anything that actually has to do with the entity of the wind we as a tribe follow. Due to this, we often despise and loathe primals for being these high powered being that self proclaim themselves as a god of the elements. This varies depending on the primal however, some primals just happen to be summoned during certain weathers/winds and the wind may actually be responding appropriately to this. Whereas other cases such as Garuda that purely manipulates the element of the wind and claims to be a god of it, are rejected and despised. Primals like her, only manipulate the magic and elements and we can see this as an affront to the entity we seek guidance from. As she's not truly controlling "the will of the wind" but she is abusing it's energies to her powers. For this, we will not stand for and will shun any of her followers. 9.Q. Submit a question if you're not sure! Send a pm here, in game, or anywhere really. Open to closing up any open ends or thoughts you may have!
  9. The comedy I see in most scenes typically comes from characters just being themselves to a fun degree. Like my original persona was someone who was lore-wise "handsome" and attractive without him ever knowing it. The stereotypical "senpai" of an anime so to speak. However I couldn't just tell everyone in my scenes to obsess over my char or do any of that, it would be a bit manipulative or controlling. So instead as part of his schtick, on occasion I would type out scenes in more lewd detail than they really were. For example, I have a scene where my char was invited to eat in that lil area of Ul'dah next to the airship port. Upon drinking his orange juice and shepard's pie, I started also adding in excessive detail to the gravy, his tongue, how he would penetrate his steak a certain way with his fork and etc... Albeit becoming obvious after the first time I elaborated in detail, it was enjoyable to type out and the audience found it humorous enough too. However it wasn't anything too abnormal, I stuck to my character's personality and etc too, it was just the descriptions and scene detail that painted a humorous atmosphere. Sometimes it's between just being your character's self as much as possible and separating that from the setting for a moment. Or at least, exaggerating it so the scene looks more bizarre than it probably is to the audience. The only other example I can think of are cases where my new characters are overly blunt. A group will be talking rationally about something, nodding heads, a casual conversation, and I'll wait for a moment that sounds fitting for my character to speak and just apply something he would say to a whole new level. Not so far as to going into "lol random" humor, but enough to make your character's presence/personality shine out in the moment. Like an example would be a group of sketchy civilians planning a plot to assassinate someone and using lingo around it to hint they're going to kill someone. And then a moment later after everyone seems clear, one of my chars would go ".... So wait, we're gonna decapitate 'em right?" only to cause the rest of the group to facepalm for all the effort that was put in to convey the idea already. Being blunt works for a lot of characters, maybe not the more intelligent ones but the intelligent ones pave the road nicely to set up a scene perfectly for you. The most recent example of humor I came across was my current main RP'ing during that Dragon's Quest event. He was on top of a waterfall gazing down and two strangers appeared near him going crazy. A cowboy and a ninja, were fighting each other and chasing each other all over and my character was just silent as can be, staring at them both like they're crazy. They were both RP'ing recklessly with the cowboy throwing bombs to and fro, the ninja throwing knives everywhere, and my character just stood in his place not moving a muscle, occasionally shielding himself whenever something would affect him in the scene. It was less of a punchline or joke that made the scene humorous but more-so the exaggeration taking place that made my main look like he was the most normal of the bunch there. I remember it being a hilarious instance though because it's not every day you see a cowboy and a ninja trying to kill each other over a hat and you're just trying to get some damn peace and quiet LOL. Overall I'd say just let your character(s) be themselves and take the opportunities to shine when they come about in the scene(s). At the same time, do so without it affecting someone else negatively, controlling them, or anything that would be negative to you as an RP'er. I know one thing that people often complain about is hen a hero comes into a situation between a villain and a civilian, because often times 50 people have been waiting for that moment and want to jump in but it ends up being rude to intrude instead. The same could probably apply if you're doing a group session and multiple people are trying to pull comedy out of it. In the end, you shouldn't try to force comedy, just be your char and let the opportunity present itself.
  10. I can kinda see that, I think that also just comes down to each their own too. Some may prefer something more vivid they can actually imagine and some prefer the freedom to assume what it looks like themselves sorta thing. Kinda like if someone prefers books or movies etc. Well we do have voice modifiers at this point that could help for that. And for singing, there's always autotune LOL. Technology is releasing more and more to the world to either put what you are IRL to a move-able thing in a game or at the very least control something you can't be in such an environment. I figure the gap closes in more and more every day until we'll finally get to a point where we'll be able to process movement/actions through thought into a computer system(which oddly enough is something that's working at this point in time now too). As far as disabilities come, there's always something in the works to work around whatever obstacle stops you. Mute people use text to speech programs mixed with voice changers to seem as if they're not even mute at all. Those in wheel chairs or crutches have controls that can take over your legs/feet through different control functions. The list goes on with how technology is overcoming life's obstacles but at some point in time, we'll be capable of the kinda fantasy/sci fi you find in SAO or Ready Player One. Overall I would give it about a couple years until the average consumer owns VR tech with the bare minimum of being able to pretend they're something they're not IRL and having fun with it to their liking. I've actually seen some people do DnD in VRchat and tbh, it got me thinking about how many issues that can solve alone. Like having a more malleable environment to keep track of scores, having the option to not leave the house to participate, and of course you can paint yourself to be as realistic to your scenes in DnD as much as you want. I get what you mean though, there's still a ways to go before it'd be good enough to serve as an option that could be seen as globally acceptable. It's definitely easier to use a simple text platform or just a simple table/mat as it stands. Does make me wish LARP'ing was easier for the common person to pick up an outfit as defined as they'd like and just have fun but that's where my head goes when I think of VR.
  11. So I was curious with the coming of technology bringing us VR and all that(I'm sure you know where this is going already) of how likely people are to RP using other platforms like VRchat or whatever else comes out in the years to come that break the barriers of just text/chat RP. I know people play DnD and RP in that sense or use other formats to RP with, but I was curious how willing you would be to be able to feel as if you are your character in a virtual plane. Being able to talk as if you're the character, wave a weapon around like your character does(if they even do), interacting with others in the same vein without it coming off as just a meme or out of irony. I figure the initial reaction is some would cringe at the idea or just off the bat decline ever doing anything outside a chatbox, or that they'd only do it in an ironic sense. Part of me sees that and part of me sees actors who do this as if it's normal or I think back to when I'd pretend to be a DBZ character(when I was little of course) and have fun in an actual sense instead of an ironic one. I think if I was comfortable enough with the people I talk to, have RP'd with them before, or was introduced to an open enough environment/community that welcomes the concept, I'd be able to RP in VR or on a mic or through an alternative besides just text/chat. If it was LARP'ing, I think I'd draw the line there just because I wouldn't even be able to persuade myself that I'm RP'ing well enough to be convincing. Even if I had all the materials, outfitting, and knew all of my lore without any sources, I still feel like I wouldn't be very outgoing or try to do anything. At most, I'd prolly stay quiet while wearing a bunch of armor that'd cover my face because I'd be too shy to initiate or have any fun and would be too scared of screwing up lmao. I guess I'd be a lurker if I tried LARP'ing. How about you? Would you be willing to go into character if it was outside of a chatbox, specifically as an FFXIV character? To what extent if at all?
  12. Just gonna put a disclaimer here that I found the solution on the Mateus RP hub discord for this already . Ty for everyone's advice, I not only found a bodyguard for a partner but prior to that I figured out his character better to not need a long term partner to take this character off. I'm actually not subbed in FF14 atm but I just wanted to confirm that I found what I needed and solved my problem . Post #12 also was kinda already my epiphany about what I needed to do for the character to work, so yeah... Also that I'm not subbed atm so anything else is moot at this point . Ty again.
  13. Ty for everyone's replies, I actually got someone now! Also I'm not sure why everyone's asking in pm's instead of just bumping this to ask but ty to those who did anyways!
  14. Well the issue with that is (not that I agree with this response) that not every RP session that happens is considered 'open' and that some people are happy to use locations in the game as private spaces just as a type of 'setting placeholder'. For example, the Pearl Lane is really the only area in the game (among one or two others) that fit the 'shady alley' setting. I personally know people who have used it as such without it actually being the Pearl Lane. I mean, I think that's pretty fair? Some people really like to have a visual setting to stoke their RP creativity. If they didn't, we wouldn't need to RP in the game at all, really. The point is, you never know the circumstances of an RP session unless you ask and talk to the RPers. That's the challenge with playing any sort of subterfugal character. You're always going to need OOC permission, but you also have to keep it interesting. Outside of that, you'll have to rely on OOC trust that the other person wants the same things out of the experience so you can do what you trying to do, and that's in very short supply when it comes to walkups or RPing with strangers. Just my perspective here, while I understand entirely what you're saying.. But if that's the case, they typically use their own party chat or linkshell or etc. They probably wouldn't be using /say chat openly when it's still just Pearl Lane there, even if they're using it as something else for their session. Probably a bad metaphor but it's all I can think of. It'd be like going to Walmart and telling people openly around you that you're actually in K-mart. While those with you as a group understand it, everyone else that you're telling publicly or that hears will be confused to what's even going on. The way I see it, anyone who uses /s chat openly and has a tag on (or clearly are IC).... their chat can be used/taken as it was said. They're IC the moment they decide they are, and their actions/chat reflect their char and interact with the world around them. If they weren't already aware of this, they wouldn't be using /s chat to begin with because it would defeat the point. The only ruling I'd go about with spying is just not to use anything your char doesn't actually hear ICly or it'll be one of those OOC interactions that won't be fun. Like if your character has left the building or area ICly and you just wanted to stay/watch OOCly, means you shouldn't be using any context as if your character heard it ICly, regardless if you read it OOCly. In any case, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Most RP'ers like being immersed ICly, so they'll probably feel more complimented at the fact your char is using context from their own chars. Worst case scenario if things aren't panning out well, you can OOCly apologize and say your char is a spy.
  15. Depends if there is a goal for me typically. If there is, then however long it needs to be. If not, I try to keep in touch with people OOCly to make sure they'll be able to make it or reliably keep it up to keep going. So long as everyone is having fun, it can be as long as you need it to be until you decide a goal should be reached at some point.
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