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  1. I'm months late but just in case you ever see this again, like Mercenary said, it has a great influence off Mongolian culture. I remember reading their naming conventions are based off of earlier century Mongol words, I can't remember if it was 16th or 19th particularly but I know I used that to create my custom tribe's name. There's small things that build around the idea too like how they didn't have writing at first and just spell names based off how they sounded and that being why some of the names look so odd. Tying that together with the Mongol representation, you can be pretty loose on
  2. *This document was hand written and given to Maqali Qulaan as form of application into acceptance as an official retainer for employment under Valic Sunblood.* To whom it may concern, I Valic Sunblood, accept responsibility and employment of Maqali Qulaan to be of assistance to me. Below I have noted and confirmed my interview with her as well as signed into accepting her under my wing as a retainer. ✓ - Face to face in person questionnaire. ✓ - Respectable ✓ - Positive attitude ✓ - Good listener ✓ - Eager ✓ - Fit description
  3. *This paper looks like it was torn out and crumbled up then tucked back into the journal. Possibly remorse for writing, then remorse for throwing away.* "I've taken the liberty of using a majority of my leftover income to purchase an apartment in the fabled Goblet. The residential areas of Ul'dah would make an excellent headquarters to plan my next course of actions regarding this investigation. I feel as though I must gather allies that will work with me undercover to trace the source of this activity as well as capture the criminal behind these actions. Ul'dah seems to be
  4. *this page was torn out from the journal, folded into a small square and placed into the hands of a young, noble soul by the name of "Astrid Miller"* "We are created unto this world, given life for purpose to be sought. Death to only be our exit but also our reasoning to provoke dreams into reality. The opportunity this provides us comes with no price and only paves our perseverance to shape the world as we so desire. Our potential is boundless, incapable of ceasing until we cease it to our desire and satiate the dreams we hold dear to our hearts and being. Aether flows at a
  5. *a loose but still tucked in piece of paper is added between two pages later in the book, somewhat wrinkled* The Spy of Ala Mhigo "In my aid of Ala Mhigo's liberation, I've stumbled across allies as well as fatalities both that I have not witnessed since my days in the Maelstrom. However, I've gathered intelligence and rumored talk of a potential spy among Rhalgr's Reach, possibly undercover as a Gold Saucer employee. My investigation has lead to little promise, as most of the employees seem oblivious to these rumors. My continued investigation at different times of the Gold S
  6. *This text seems to continue from the bottom of page 32 and leading into page 33* "Some concepts of each element can have different variations in their effects ending in the same results. As a passive effect would inevitably reach the same conclusion as an instantaneous effects, perhaps even more sturdily created. I've recorded my research and findings below on particular spells as well as some hypotheses . My arcanima needs further work as I have little knowledge of it's true potential as of yet. Below is my findings through practices in thaumaturgy and a unique experience I had s
  7. (This information is OOCly used for anyone but ICly it is used for Valic and Valic alone unless otherwise stated to showing another player pages from his journal. Meaning, you don't know any of this unless Valic himself shows you, or you somehow manage to steal it, rip out a page, or etc. Otherwise, enjoy!). ((This is just random entries from within Valic's private journal he writes all his findings on. Be it of his discoveries, philosophies, hypotheses, drawings of people he recognizes fondly, scribbles, and so on. They may appear out of order or with other sources added as separa
  8. F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions and other knowledgeable tidbits can be found here! As well as a short link to this linkshell/lore page - http://tiny.cc/Kujqai. 1.Q. Who is the Khan of this tribe and why would there be one if it's a scattered tribe? A. It is Arashin Kujqai as he was born with the most unique weather and grew to the self fulfilling prophecy to become the strongest for his tribe. As Khan, his duties range from upholding the traditions of the Kujqai where he travels and sees as well as spreading the culture/word of the tribe's beliefs. This position
  9. The comedy I see in most scenes typically comes from characters just being themselves to a fun degree. Like my original persona was someone who was lore-wise "handsome" and attractive without him ever knowing it. The stereotypical "senpai" of an anime so to speak. However I couldn't just tell everyone in my scenes to obsess over my char or do any of that, it would be a bit manipulative or controlling. So instead as part of his schtick, on occasion I would type out scenes in more lewd detail than they really were. For example, I have a scene where my char was invited to eat in that lil area of
  10. I can kinda see that, I think that also just comes down to each their own too. Some may prefer something more vivid they can actually imagine and some prefer the freedom to assume what it looks like themselves sorta thing. Kinda like if someone prefers books or movies etc. Well we do have voice modifiers at this point that could help for that. And for singing, there's always autotune LOL. Technology is releasing more and more to the world to either put what you are IRL to a move-able thing in a game or at the very least control something you can't be in such an environment. I figure th
  11. So I was curious with the coming of technology bringing us VR and all that(I'm sure you know where this is going already) of how likely people are to RP using other platforms like VRchat or whatever else comes out in the years to come that break the barriers of just text/chat RP. I know people play DnD and RP in that sense or use other formats to RP with, but I was curious how willing you would be to be able to feel as if you are your character in a virtual plane. Being able to talk as if you're the character, wave a weapon around like your character does(if they even do), interact
  12. Just gonna put a disclaimer here that I found the solution on the Mateus RP hub discord for this already . Ty for everyone's advice, I not only found a bodyguard for a partner but prior to that I figured out his character better to not need a long term partner to take this character off. I'm actually not subbed in FF14 atm but I just wanted to confirm that I found what I needed and solved my problem . Post #12 also was kinda already my epiphany about what I needed to do for the character to work, so yeah... Also that I'm not subbed atm so anything else is moot at this point . Ty again.
  13. Ty for everyone's replies, I actually got someone now! Also I'm not sure why everyone's asking in pm's instead of just bumping this to ask but ty to those who did anyways!
  14. Well the issue with that is (not that I agree with this response) that not every RP session that happens is considered 'open' and that some people are happy to use locations in the game as private spaces just as a type of 'setting placeholder'. For example, the Pearl Lane is really the only area in the game (among one or two others) that fit the 'shady alley' setting. I personally know people who have used it as such without it actually being the Pearl Lane. I mean, I think that's pretty fair? Some people really like to have a visual setting to stoke their RP creativity. If they didn't, we wou
  15. Depends if there is a goal for me typically. If there is, then however long it needs to be. If not, I try to keep in touch with people OOCly to make sure they'll be able to make it or reliably keep it up to keep going. So long as everyone is having fun, it can be as long as you need it to be until you decide a goal should be reached at some point.
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