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  1. Does anyone know of any active Xaela/Azim Steppe-centric RP groups out there these days? Even with all the fun new content 5.0 brought, the Steppe and its people remain my favorite content in the game so far. From time to time I've seen ads for Xaela/Steppe groups, linkshells, Discord servers, etc. floating around, but they were either outdated ads or the accessibility of those groups was unclear. If anyone knows of a currently active one (as of Nov2019), could I ask you to pass the information along to me?
  2. Welcome to the forums and welcome back to FFXIV
  3. FINALLY a way to take the only good part of xiv with me wherever I go!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT original idea SE!!!
  4. @Valence You're right, sorry I was referring to the young adult population exclusively. I meant that there are no girls that seem much younger than 20. As for the actual age range though, there's no way to tell bc displaying Oldness™ in women in video games must be illegal or something. Through the clever use of context clues though, any of the older women, like M'naago's mom, would be of similar age of the nunh himself and therefore not his children. Having thought about this, I want to suggest that the nunh doesn't choose what women he sleeps with... the women choose whether they want to sleep with a nunh. A nunh is in the correct position for mating in the tribe, but due to the emphasis that he's not automatically an authoritative figure, *this* might be the point that SE is communicating when they say that a nunh is typically not a leader, despite, like what Unnamed Mercenary said, all the canon nunhs we encounter appear to be leaders. That the women don't belong to the nunh and they're not his to control. The role that M'rahz, the nunh of M tribe, plays within his tribe is more that of an advisor than someone giving orders, and you can see he never directly tells anyone what to do. In any tribe, the woman are the majority and the ones doing the work (w/m ratio 10:1 - 50:1 excluding children), they'd hate to see their agency taken away by a bully just because he's the strongest individual guy. So rather than a typical harem-style setup, I think that it's the women who choose if it's worth it to sleep with any particular nunh, with little input on his part. And it's M'rahz daughters who avoid being gross and make the wise decision not to sleep with their own dad.
  5. The M tribe of Gyr Abania has had the same nunh for a few decades now, likely due to the Garlean strangehold on the area preventing any competitors from finding the tribe, let alone challenge the current nunh. Most of the npcs are his daughters, and they're all young adults. There are no M tribe npcs in the area that are training and practicing like there are in U tribe, suggesting that none of the npcs are still in training or much younger than working age. This implies the nunh made the wise choice of not inbreeding with his daughters, despite this kind of stagnation being unhealthy for the tribe. Additionally, there are no other male miqote in the tribe, suggesting that any sons he's had have flown the coop rather than stick around when the only romantic options are family. And while the only canon npc who's competing for nunhship is technically a member of the M tribe already, he's distinctly of a different bloodline than all the girls. Basically, even though SE set up a family system that *could* get real creepy real fast, they've made some effort to keep it from getting bad.
  6. I've gotten some very lucky atmosphere shots with my favorite bird
  7. Hey pals! I'm curious to hear how your characters make a living, and what the money they earn goes to support! Here's three examples of what I mean: I have one character, Thatcher Bookbound, who is a researcher of aether and the arcane arts. When he started out, he was just reproducing books by hand as an amateur book printer. Now, most of his money comes from research grants from wealthy patrons, but he also writes his own textbooks on advanced arcanamia, which he sells. He has a retainer who's financially savvy, who manages his money and earns extra with investments- which is lucky because he's very irresponsible with cash! The money goes toward supporting his estate, as well as helping fund independent field expeditions. Another character, Mi'ke, is trying his hand at engineering, but demand for engineers in Eorzea is a little low... He's had to resort to ringfighting (boxing), as well as local levequests to scrape by. What money doesn't go to keeping himself fed and clothed, either goes to his deadbeat estranged relatives who he recently reconnected with... or his blossoming alcohol problem. The third example is Amber, who aspires to start up her own independent weavers guild, but money seems to slip out of her fingers faster than she can earn it. So besides selling handmade clothing, she "pretends" to be an adventurer in order to get adventure-oriented work. (idk how you pretend to be an adventurer; i mean, if it looks like an adventurer, and quacks like an adventurer.... well she seems to feel the need for deception, so...) So yeah! share a little blurb about what your characters do for a living. I'm curious to know! And if your characters don't earn money, describe what they do to stay fed, and how they support what's important to them! I'm eager to hear it!
  8. @Tregarde I can't really blame my teacher for being the way she was, since she was a producer for theatrical plays, and her livelihood did depend on productions appealing to the most amount of people and bringing in larger audiences. That's just life! Comedy is a gamble! And now that you've pointed it out, I have had characters that started out as two-dimensional gag characters or simple plot device characters, that grew to become some of my favorite pcs after their unexpected development. Once you name them, there's no going back..... @Nebbs I think that making 4th wall references can be very fun and funny too! Keeping things lighthearted in the meta definitely contributes to a fun experience! I wonder if that's enough of a smokescreen for me to get away with not writing funny dialogue.... haha! But based on what you've shared, I'm already thinking of ways that putting a jokester character in an ironic or situationally comedic scenario would highlight their humor in different ways than it would a Serious Steve or a Debbie Downer! This is a good perspective! @Verad Thank you for your sacrifice! It perfectly illustrates your point, and I like this insight into your character! Although I still struggle to understand why people would get upset at you for using flavor text to help define a situation. If anything, it only enhances the experience! Your character is communicating to the world- probably unintentionally- that he's a bit shady because of his choice of big big pouches, and your descriptions ought to carry as much weight as your dialogue! It seems like those types of people are just getting upset that you're not giving them complete control of the scenario, even though you're the one who instigated rp in the first place with a WTS call out!
  9. @Aegiroh no, don't say that! What if a french person is reading this! Sacre bleu! Haha, the point of this thread was hopefully to find out how to create humor and comedy in rp without it becoming flat or empty, or disruptive. Folks like Faye and myself, and plenty of others, have had that experience, where our partners used comedy for a quick laugh, but rather than enrich the experience, it detracted from it in the long run. I agree that every type of character can have value, but there are better ways of going about things, and worse ways. If I'm going to do it, I want to make sure to do it well, so that everyone involved can have a good time. @Parakeetit's one thing to ask the internet about smart doctor stuff, but it's a whole other thing to ask the internet how to be funny......... if it were that easy, I wouldn't have this problem! But humor is nuance! And, the speed you're going when it comes to making up characters, I'm right there with you. I'm right there buddy, I love going deeper and deeper and fully in-depth while creating characters. If you're interested in hearing the details of my toon, perhaps I could regale you with them in a PM, or maybe a new forum thread. But I'm afraid this thread itself may be a bit misleading; the topic of the forum thread is comedy, but the main theme of the character I'm writing isn't comedy! Being jokey is just a facet of him- albeit an important one since dialogue is pretty central to rp usually- but it's just one piece that I was struggling with.
  10. @AegirOh yikes! I'm sorry! I didnt mean to start a thread that caused anyone distress @Parakeet (1st post) Hey, I appreciate your input! I think you're right- a character that's written to be funny just for the sake of being funny is just like what my acting teacher said about a comedy being written for the sake of comedy- it will only appeal to a certain audience, and ultimately seem two-dimensional. That being said, there is value in two-dimensional characters, they just aren't going to go very far for very long. Often times, once the desired reaction is achieved, a joke character has served their purpose and interest is quickly lost. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with making a character that you intend to be a jokester with funny jokes. I think part of the issue I presented originally was kind of along the same vein as someone trying to write a very smart character when the rper themself is dumb as hell. Being smart or being funny is a desired trait that can have value and help make a toon very well fleshed, but then there's the limitations of the person behind the mask as well. Like i mentioned, in this particular case, I want the typically positive trait of being a funnyman to be more like an unhealthy coping mechanism, but you can't exactly blame me for wanting him to be good at what he does regardless! The particular character himself is still in the early brainstorming phase though, and I wanted to field the question about comedy in general to sate some curiosity and maybe get some good advice. And so far it HAS been good advice! Wow! @FayeI can certainly see how third person narration can help make things more humorous! I actually prefer third-person narration that grants insight into a character's feelings, and I find it handy, but then again, I do most of my rp in paragraph form outside of the game. I'm not aware of what's a faux pas or not in a dialogue-driven in-game rp! You and @Parakeet (2nd post) are doing a good job illustrating effective ways to do it well and make smart exceptions! Parakeet, your third quote here looks like telling a good story was pretty high on op's priority list, perhaps just as high as getting a good interaction, and I have to admit, I often tend to be that way too!
  11. @Tregarde I'm glad to see someone shares my views on theater and rp! And i'm glad you also appreciate having fun in rp! To me that's the most important thing! @Verad I'm not sure I understand... are you referring to third person omniscient narration? Like writing out their dialogue and then also revealing the character's internal feelings as well? I didn't realize that went against orthodoxy.... but then again I suppose my relatively limited experiences have always been very casual...
  12. Adler- It didn't even occur to me that the format of rp was contributing to my struggles! Of course when the reader sets the pace, comedic timing doesn't exist, and a whole dimension of comedy is lost... Teadrinker- I once had an rp partner who would consistently sacrifice good plot threads just for the sake of a well-placed one-liner, and it got on my nerves so much. It wasn't until I read your post just now that I realize they were just doing it for the reaction. I'll tell you what, that style of rp is definitely not my favorite. In this instance, for the particular character I have in mind, I wanted to marry his jokester trait to the character flaw of not being able to cope with serious/adult situations. He uses jokes to break tension or distract- except he's actually good at it and funny and not pathetic. I think that this allows for plenty of room for character growth and development. Having specific times and places to be a jokester like he does may help, but there's still the challenge of the format.... And Faye - that's some great advice! It seems like there's a consensus that the best way to do comedy is to pay attention to the format! Using literary techniques to create humor would take a lot of experience, but what is an rper if not a writer? And since it's less about the reaction of the rper and more about how it contributes to the story, that will probably be more effective than just straight dialogue jokes...
  13. Hey friends, if you're like me, then when you rp, you're always thinking of how you can make your audience/partners enjoy your story and characters more. What better way to do that than to make them laugh or smile with a little comedy, right? But if you're like me, then you also have no idea how to do comedy in rp. I don't want to get written off as a mr. serious mctragedypants type of one-trick pony, but I'm lacking any good examples to follow. The only relevant advice I've ever received on the topic of writing comedy was from an old acting teacher, who hated comedy for the sake of comedy. She always insisted that jokes and farces appeal to a certain specific part of the audience, but alienate the rest. She believed that if there's humor in a scene or situation, it will come out by itself without the help of jokes. If you sat her down and made her watch a comedy production, she was always going to be very critical of it. I know that rp and theater are two different things.... but they are pretty similar. RP is basically a form of improv storytelling, and that's why I'm considering her advice. I'm trying to make a character that acts like a jokester or a comedian, but I myself am bad at wit and jokes, and the struggle to write dialogue for him is what made me take a step back and think about it. I'm curious to know, do you personally have a preference for or against comedy in your rps? And if you or your friends use comedy in your rps, how do you make it work without disrupting a story? And also? How do you be funny? Help?? Thanks.
  14. I don't personally see it as a problem to play a race that doesn't exist in the game yet. Like Maril said, your character might not be received the way you want in walk-ups or public events, but if you choose to rp with people who accept that you're playing as a Viera, I say go for it as long as you can all enjoy it. As far as lore goes... if they implement Viera in the game at some point, then you will be contradicting the canon lore, at least in some ways. In reference to Tregarde's reply, another very easy way to circumvent that issue is to say that your character comes from a different population than the ones presented in canon. Being a certain race doesn't necessarily have to dictate the abilities and traditions of every single member of that race. For instance, there are dragons in Dravania, and we know there are (or were?) also dragons in Meracydia. Separated by an ocean and several millenia, can we expect the Meracydian dragons to look and act identical to the Dravanians? Or, heck, look at the thaumaturge guildmasters un Ul'dah, 5 of whom can wield powerful thaumaturgy, and 1 of whom can't cast a single spell. Even though lalafell are supposed to be magically adept, that trait is not uniform across the entire race. What I'm saying is, they might one day release viera as a playable race, and if you make a viera toon now, it'll end up contradicted in lore, but that shouldn't stop you from having fun and being creative.
  15. Howdy folks, Don Pom here, but you can call me Don, or Pom. I'm pretty excited to finally join this forum since I've never used one before ! I'm moderately experienced with rp, having only ever done private one-on-one rps. My big thing is story writing and world building. I have loooots of experience creating stories, and almost no experience sharing them. I'm hoping I can learn how to bring stuff to the table that appeals to others. I've got more characters than I can count, and specialize in making them up and fleshing them out on the fly. I have been complimented on more than one occasion for the quality of characters I present. I've been playing xiv for a few years and am well versed in the lore. My current favorite interest is the Azim Steppe, but I honestly love every environment in this game. I like to think I'm friendly and approachable, so feel free to interact! A quick couple questions for you fellow forum goers: where's the best place on this forum to share character profiles? And what's the preferred method of rp? In-forum, in-game, or on private or public discord server? Thanks for your help o/
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