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  1. So you are Flea from chrono trigger?
  2. I play almost exculsively women. It was not because women look better, hey I started on wow, females, males to, are almost all universally ugly. It is because I got tired of the weak save me type of woman you always see. I wanted to say look! Here is a competant woman who can adventure with the boys and it because of her they are alive, she was a priest, though icly she was a monk. She was lawful neutral and did not give a rats butt about the war between the horde and alliance as long as order was maintained. I met my wife on that char and, untill I told her she thought I was another woman playing the char. The key to playing a woman as a guy or a guy as a woman is respect for the other sex. Women aren't sex toys, men aren't gil fountains. When I was on classic wow I was in Tanaris on my female human warlock. Some guy joined my party and I was cool with that, hey faster quests right? He began making comments and I told him, hey I am a dude and not looking to hook up anyway, you want to keep incnerating pirates fine, anything else no. He immedately drops party, warps to the hub town and starts screaming about how I am a guy, how I am gay, in a bit more derogitory terms, kept this up for like a half hour til a gm finally silenced him. That's another thing. Not all roleplayers, females or males, are looking for a relationship or to hook up.
  3. I just call them Mithra, because that is kind of what they are. I call the green guys Galkas, the little dudes Tarus. It makes sense to a lot of people. I was just curious what a chars past would be like when you only had the one alpha male in the tribe and he was your dad. I have only seen the little tribes, the one in south Thanalan and the one in the peaks. I just didn't want any creepyness in there. Well, what I would consider creepy not what she would.
  4. Yes I call them Mithra. In any event I am curious how relationships would work in a Mithra tribe. Now the leader of the tribe is the only one allowed to breed with the females, cause he is the toughest and we don't want any weak babies, I assume. None of the other males get any females. What about blood relations of the leader? Do they go to other tribes? Do they just stay childless? I would assume they do not breed with their daughters/sisters/mother. Is there an alpha female in the tribe to?
  5. I don't know the back ground of our world as well as I do , say Azeroth. I was trying to have a more neutral character then the I am the almighty warrior of light, or I am the allmighty warrior of darkness. You have to admit Square turns us into Mary Sue or Gary Stu depending on who you are. We killed the primals in ARR alone supposedly. Look at all the crap we have done, without an army of other adventuerers, story wise at least. To boil it down Doloria is an extremely pragmatic woman to whom the balance is all. How you achieve that balance is immaterial. Think of druids from dnd. Look at the dragonlance war where the point was not to defeat evil, but restore the balance between good and evil. On a totally off point thing are Conj druids or mages?
  6. So I went down about 8 pages and all I saw on dimension hopping was bringing chars from 11 to 14. Some of my facts may be wrong so putting it here. From what I understand Hydaelyn is the crystal of light and light aligned shards , worlds, dimensions, whatever you want to call it orbit in her sphere. Zodiark is the crystal of darkness and dark aligned worlds, shards, dimensions, whatever orbit in his sphere. I do not mean total conversion of only light or darkness, but where the balance has seriously turned one way or another. Given the warriors of darkness story line I decided on the following for a char of mine. Due to all the crap going on in the various worlds and them falling to light or darkness instead of being in relative balance this has given rise to Chaos, much like the Chaos from FF1. This is a intelligent entity that prowls the worlds and converts them entirely from order back into utter chaos. It basically decontructs a world, or a dimension that is heavily out of balance and obliterates it, and the timeline of that existance starts over. Some people from a world do get away to other shards. Enter Doloria, my nice little Au'Ra who was a warrior of darkness on a heavily light infused world when Chaos found it and invaded it. The worlds military and plitical structures melted. There was no Empire, no Doma, no city states, just the living and the unmade. The entire planet save for Mor Dhona had been converted to primal chaos and the survivors planed to pool everything they had into the crystals all over the landscape, and use the machines in the tower, to make an island if you will and try to fight back. They lost, hard. She managed to activate the crystal trap, but due to there not being enough world, or life forms in it, it backfired. As Chaos disolved the last of the world the energy from the crystals took her from her shard to ours and dropped her on the shore near the keeper of the lake. She has scars, most you can't see, but some you can given womens armor sometimes. She has ptsd, it is not totally crippling, but it does shut her down from time to time. She has taken to living on our world, helping people out and doing her part to make sure our world stays in balance. She is somewhat withdrawn because she saw her world and almost everything in get unmade. She is not the stoic, never talks to anyone, dosen't like anyone kind of trope. If she gets to know you she is at least a bit more then civil. She is loyal to the world at large and uses her reptuation and her rank in the Adder to try and keep a balance of light and dark in the world. That is her main pourpose, keeping Chaos from finding her current world. She dosen't see good and evil really, and is unfortuneatly pragmactic to a fault. So she often suggests plans of action the Scions would find immoral. The path of least resistance as it were. It is results that matter, not the actions that lead to said results. Now I have not started rping her at all. I am concentrating on getting her leveled and seeing all of the Stormblood story. I would like this to be her background and her premise when I start. I have tried to keep her from being troperific, and she certanly is not Mary Sueish because she got her ass handed to her and she did not turn into wonder woman with her flaws doubts and fears.
  7. Sure why not? It is good to make as many friends as possable.
  8. I will be on in the evening tomorrow. I am on sporadically in the daytime on my days off because kids need me.
  9. Good day, I am Eadmadus Thornwood, a dream walker of the thousand tribes of the far north. When children reach a certain age they are expected to roam about the local tribes to find a place to live. I chose instead to come south. When I arrived I found a culture of cat creatures, lizard creatures, dwarves and giants. My spirit guide Pasha, who has taught me how to control my aether to heal and comfort the afflicted, has told me that the spirits of these lands cry out in pain, indeed, having recently delt with a large fire spirit I have found this is true. Your animist tribes call evil creatures that change them. That attack your people. You face a war of conquest from an empire far more advanced then you. You bicker and backstab each other for lumps of meaningless metal, how you can attack your own, I cannot fathom. Yet, I extend my hand to you. The spirits of the mother that cradles you call out. So I extend my hand to you to help her. My ways and yours are diffrent, yet still I reach out to those that inhabit these lands. I must understand the people here, if I am to understand the dire warnings of the spirits. I ask that someone, one or many, take the hand offered. Show me your peoples, your towns, your cultures that I might learn about it. I will teach you of the thousand tribes. Of dreamwalkers, of the Ish, and of some of our own animist tribes like the Y'ti and Whisperfoot kobolds. I await you my new brothers and sisters. Let us go forth as one people.
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