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  1. Hey, Looks like a interesting char and would love to RP and build up a small story together or a big story who knows, but on what server are you? Currently I am on Balmung...might wanna start out with this first. To see if it is even possible to RP together Guess going into details now and here has no point for if we are in different servers.
  2. Morning/Evening all readers! My name is Dekuron or my friends call me Dekkie of course this is an online game name and not my real! This is not the first time coming to FFXIV the last time I went to this game was around last year januari. A friend of my invited me into this game with 30 days free. Played it for 200 hours, but in my taste ESO was the better version. Tho since recent events in ESO...(Putting everything there is in a cash shop ) I decided to try this game out once again. Currently I am lvl 54 in Ninja, but gonna pick up extra jobs and classes as well. During my time in ESO I did RP a lot, but also played the game it self. To my estimations I have around 3/4 years of RP experience. Now I am looking for a fun new group to RP with. I RP a male Au Ra on Balmung (NA). Mostly I RP something related to adventuring or a crime syndicate, cause I believe this is mostly where the most active rpers are and the most bonding groups can be found. My char name is Isamu Fujita...I noticed my char did not got adjusted yet on the website so that sucks... Regardless I am willing to try out anything! Do PM me if you feel like RPing with me or just for some small talks. Also I am not a native english speaker, so do excuse my spelling mistakes and grammar. Looking forward to all the funs in this game!
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