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  1. So Im new to the whole RP thing in FF14, but I have always wanted to give it a try, so I world visited Balmung. I noticed all these letters by everyone search comment as in; Fu/Wu/c etc. And i couldnt find anything online to tell me what they mean, and when i asked people what it meant they were all really rude, so I was hoping someone would be able to explain it for me on here, or even provide a link to a guide that has all of this spelled out for me?
  2. Hello! I am a writer-roleplayer however I am completely new to the world of FFXIV and it's roleplay. To the point that one of my questions is actually how to even roleplay on the game. I'm extremely excited to get into it, and I've been playing for the past couple of days to get a feel for the game itself, so I'm here to see if I could get a quick run down of how the roleplay community works there! I'm on Balmung and my character's named Juni Tella, if anyone's curious to say hello! :) Some other questions: (and pardon me if they're extremely naive.) - Do people rp/talk through the chat down in the corner? - do you have to consistently use emotes and acting during rp? - I've been told simply to put in my account 'Walk up tell' and that 'people will understand' but I don't particularly understand... - am I supposed to put a quick 60 character backstory on that profile bio? - do you send messages or tells? what exactly is the difference? Thank you so much for your time for helping answer some of these questions and introducing me to the rp world!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm quite new here and looking for connections, and such I have a Card info page for my character though it is still a work in progress, but I do have the basics up. Mostly just looking for friends, and people to set up connections as well long term roleplays seeking anything between friends, to possible long interests to family. Discord is Yanvo#9887 Card Link: https://yanvokisne.carrd.co/
  4. New player here! I’ve just started playing FF XIV this year and am loving the game! I have dabbled in other MMOs, but the only other one I have truly played was WoW. Yeah, I am one of those WoW refugees that left looking for something better, and I have found the amazing world of Eorzea. I have rped in WoW for many years now, having several character that I played over that time. I love the world in FF and am looking to really get into role playing. My main character is Karoline Bekker a Hyur Highlander on Gilgamesh, and the idea I am rolling around with her is a Magitek Red Mage. She uses magitek to amplify her red magik. I am still trying to sort of the lore myself, so if this is something that seems far fetched or impossible, I would love to have those discussions so I can better understand! I learned about the coalition when I stumbled across it. I was looking for rp sources for FF XIV and found it! I’m hoping that it will help me get started in the world, and hopefully I can find some answers to so many of those age old questions. You know, like why are we here. Any Gilgamesh rpers out there give me a holler! Or really, anyone that I can meet in game and learn all about the community! I look forward to meeting and getting to all you people out there!
  5. FC Goals: The Crystal Troupe is a medium-core PvE and RP free company looking to find it's core members that want a good mix of doing end-game content as it comes out and role playing in-between. To this end I am looking for core members to join the group as this FC is still brand new. The company is rank 8 and will have active bonuses for use in leveling during the opening weeks of Shadow Bringers. Story: The troupe was formed from the founders want to bring a little bit of light to these depressing times. This traveling band of musicians, artisans, performers, and storytellers go far and wide to spread the glimmer of hope. If you are interested please direct message me here, in-game, or via discord. I need people willing to help me build this FC into something special! FFXIV IGN: Serene Lestrade Discord: Grimm#9641 Starter Discord Server: https://discord.gg/dwQjdWx ((P.S. This storyline and concepts are subject to change as I still want the input of those looking to help improve the concept))
  6. Hi all! Im SqeeGee, my character is usually Millicent. I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a place to RP on FFXIV. Every place they say to go is shut down, so my character is in Jenova right now. I'm always looking for RP in there, I would love to try it out. So a few pointers, or guidance in the right direction would be great! Nice to meet you all!
  7. Hello, I am pretty new so please bear with me. I'm even new to really being in a forum so I may not as savvy to being here, but I'm willing to try my best. I kinda downloaded the game when it was on sale during the winter and played the free trial with the goal of getting a huge hat. I liked those huge hats i saw. But i didn't make it far before the trial ended and life got busy. But stuff is settling down and I though why not try this game again. - I have many experience with MMO games. I played them a lot when i was young, they were everywhere. I don't even remember half of them and I think most of them are gone by now. I mainly pick support classes, I just feel like they mesh with me well. I like to help people. Unless the class has a green based color scheme, i am also drawn to that. -I don't think I have much roleplay experience concerning MMOs, I'm usually too afraid to communicate with people in games. But I'm kinda trying to fix that. I can't try and go solo forever. But I do have plenty of experience roleplaying in Dungeons and Dragons. I've been DMing for a couple of years now. Its kinda what motivated me to get out my shell more. Cause if I can't talk to people, how can I have a group to play D&D with. -I found out about this place because I'm trying to find people who share interests? Playing the game, and the lore within the game. The chat ingame seems to fast for me and I'm not 100% versed with the game and everything else in it so i was intimidated about linkshells and such. - I am not really sure what kind of roleplayer I am, but I do try my best to fully express what my character would do and feel when I play D&D. Trying to keep them true to who they are and not just me acting through them. Unless my character is based off me, then that would be an exception. -I work at a hospital so i have crazy work hours. So i thought trying to connect with people and trying to roleplay here would be more reasonable concerning my hours of availability. As I said before, my hobbies include D&D, rpg video games, also I've been getting into Magic the Gathering, and I used to LARP a lot until life happened. Forgive me if this seems a bit too long winded. But I'll try my best to respect the rules here. Thank you very much if you'll have me. I hope I provided an appropriate amount of info asked.
  8. Hello! I usually go by Rose and it’s nice to meet you! I figured since I’m new to this, this was a good place to start. I’m not a stranger to role play at all, but I AM new to rp via MMO so I’m still not entirely sure how it works exactly so I’ll probably have a lot of questions. *O*/ A little bit of info first though! I’ve mostly only role played on tumblr and a little bit on forums, (and Gaia Online waaaay back in the day) and mostly as canon Final Fantasy characters, however I’ve not done so for just over a year now. But when I saw people role played on FF14 my inner writer was intrigued! And I just got back into the game after a very long hiatus of a few years and got very attached to my new character and figured it might be a good thing to look into. FF14 is also my first mmo and tbqh I’m not very good at it haha but I’m almost at 70 on dragoon and 60 on white mage so I’m slowly getting there! I haven’t finished Stormblood yet (Doma Castle is the next dungeon I need to do) and I still get bad dungeon anxiety so I often procrastinate by flying around doing side quests and talking to all the NPCs! (Not to mention taking numerous screenshots). My main character is a Xaela Au Ra called Sen (I plan to change her last name as I originally started as a raen hence the more Japanese name) and my brain has come up with ideas for her but maybe that’s for another thread! She’s currently on Lich but I have no idea if people really rp there? I’ve seen that omega is a good place for people from Europe? As I’m from the UK it’d definitely be nice to find people on similar time zones as me. And a little bit about myself; I’m an illustrator, well that’s what I’m working towards! So I’m usually not on FF14 until the evening but sometimes I pop in throughout the day but I definitely can’t be super duper active all the time. Final Fantasy is a series that’s extremely close to my heart, I will talk forever about it if you let me so be warned! B) But really I adore the series sm! Okay now that I’ve rambled here are a few questions I have! If anyone can answer them I’d be extremely grateful: 1) Being from the UK which server would be best for me? I am currently in a FC (there’s not much if any role playing though) so would I have to leave that fc to move elsewhere? 2) I’ve seen the terms ‘light, medium and heavy’ used in regards to what type of role player someone is, but I’m still not sure what that means exactly? When I role played on tumblr I’d do anything from short paragraphs to multiple chunky paragraphs. Do those terms basically mean how much you write? And if so how do people go about writing longer things within the game? I’ve looked up some info on this but I’m still not 100% clear how interactions actually happen other than through emotes and I think writing in a specific linkshell? 3) Do most people play on PC? I play on PS4 and I’m not sure if this would affect the rp side of things? That’s probably enough (for now) and I’ve rambled on too much I think! Tbh I’d just like to make some new friends, I play by myself as no one I know plays and I think this game would be so much nicer with friends to play it with! (Who would be patient with me fumbling around as a dragoon haha) And if the rp side of things looks as fun as I think it will be then that will be an added bonus to be able to create stories and develop characters! If you read all this bless you! And thank you in advance for any responses to my questions.
  9. Hello there! I’m Hakha, How’s everyone doing? Hope to get along with the ones that deserve it ahahahaha. I’m a fairly new Rper in general and extremely new to FFXIV RP, I got some past experiences role playing in Tera, Blade and Soul, DND, Conan exiles, GTA(before it was cool) and even in DayZ. Except for DND, Conan/GTA(same guys) that I’m still in contact with, none took more than one month unfortunately, either I got into a bad group or joined at a bad time. Got some bad experiences with RPing but still I’m always willing to give another shot, RPing is something super fun to do when you find good people to do it with, seeing character growth happening, being it yours or someone else’s, is a kind of happiness only few other things can provide. My knowledge of the lore is little to none, and I wanted to dive into the RP as soon as possible, I don’t have much free time so completing all the MSQ, heavensward, stormblood would take too much time and I would only be able to RP in a couple months from now xD. But for the RP ASAP to happen I would like to make a background first, and that leads to my question (this may be a little long sorry): I’ve researched the interwebs to look for the history behind Garlemald, from what I know the Eorzea invasion near Mor Dhona happened six-years ago, would that be right? I’m thinking of making a cohort member from that invasion, I felt that a background involving “redemption” would be cool. Never done it before and could lead to an interesting conversation/reaction from others. So, what are the know places that were conquered by Garlemald besides Ala Mhigo and Doma (already looked into those two)? Would be ok to create a new empire/city that was also conquered even though it would never show up in the game? I know they use brainwashed conquered natives as conscripts with promises to become full-fledged citizens of Garlemald, sadly I can’t go with I’m from main place Garlemald because it would imply my character can’t use magic right? Having to explain every time something like “oh I’m using ceruleum device” would become tiresome fast, I don’t want to limit my job choices. Now I know I’m hardly the first one that did this “garlean” background, so have you met others? Is this an overused thing? If you are one that did it too... have any tips xD?
  10. G'day! My IC name is Grim Lotus (Balmung) and i'm brand new to the RP scene, how is it going? For some brief backstory about myself and my inquisition into the world of FFXIV RP, I found out through an article by Kotaku titled "Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV"... Don't judge me! A few google searches later and a working knowledge of the Critical Role livestream (no DnD experience though) led me here, to the RPC! Truthfully, the premise of roleplaying has always been intimidating to me and i'm still not quite sure how to dive into it but... That's where this post comes into play right? Besides that, i have spent the better part of the past week researching FFXIV RP etiquette, advice, tips, guides and anything else i could get my hands on to hopefully make my transition into the world of RP as smooth and seamless as possible~ Quick questions before i hit submit though... I plan on RPing a seafaring Roegadyn Hellsguard, is it considered appropriate to roleplay against type assuming there are legitimate lore reasons within your character backstory for doing so (mercenary aboard a ship for example)? Also, is it recommended to build your character up first (complete MSQ, glamour up, etc) before roleplaying or are players generally OK with your character slowly transitioning into "full RP mode" as you play through the game? I guess you would simply create an IC reason for the transition right? Eg. Farmers found you knocked unconscious and gave you clothes to wear, haven't visited the region yet, purchased new clothes from a merchant in Gridania, etc. Sorry if i babbled on, this is a lot to take in and despite my ability to word-vomit, is quite a nerve-wracking experience for me so i appreciate the warm welcomes and any advice that you may have. I look forward to seeing everyone in Hydaelyn~!
  11. So I'm fairly new to Omega and RP as well with FFXIV as my first MMO and first RP experience as well, it turns out the community is already built, so if anyone is willing to have an Ishgardian runaway, cheery berserker, strong and growing stronger character? I'd like a proper and long time friends for my chars in order to fully build his story and progress, not to mention do some RP based actions too! Anyone? My plan is to join find a few group of roleplayers and have a regular roleplay so we can steadily progress. But by regular I don't mean everyday of course! Basically I just want a long term circle/clique. Also I'm looking for people who're quite accepting and open minded. I eventually plan to join or make an FC inspired by the ideas of Final Fantasy Type 0's Class Zero. So basically a group of strong individuals who wishes to restore and maintain balance on the realm by all and any means necessary. Well, at least that's how I want my character to be. So my character: Yunahito Akabayashi (I may change the last name eventually to suit lore more) is an Ishgardian runaway with a love for combat, he changed his name in Hingan fashion due to his love for the Eastern culture and creating an identity of his own. He is overly nice but quick to rage and is all in all quick to sadden as well, pretty emotional lad but usually strikes out as a very cheerful person with a wide smile and always looking for combat either by means of challenging people or via hunt. I'm looking for a serious RP with proper story progression and hope to find friends for him both IC and OOC (I need friends too xD) and the genre I'm going for is focused more around seinen, action, slice of life and obviously comedy and tragedy too. I'm from the UK so my server is currently Omega but I'd be willing to move if better arrangements appear, as raiding is important to me as well... and my time zone is BST which is british standard time and I prefer to roleplay from 6-10 pm GMT on weekdays and well... most likely all day on weekends! My discord is "Yunahito Akabayashi#8537"
  12. Hey, I'm fairly new to the RP scene, with FFXIV being my first MMO and first RP experience. I'm still learning on the lore. But I was wondering if anyone would like to create a community for roleplayers who are considerably strong, say in league with Lyse/Thancred/Hien. I intend to create a LinkShell and if wanted a full blown FC. But my concept of FC is not necessarily to create a guild of strong men IC, but rather a group of strong men, progressing on their own story with helps of others, becoming catalysts in their stories. Basically an unofficial group that may become a full blown official group in the future. On the other hand if such a community does exist, do let me know? My discord: Yunahito Akabayashi#8537
  13. I am new to FFXIV Rping scene though I am not new to rping as a whole as I rp on WoW quite often. A Friend reminded me this game exists and i wish to join the rping community. I am just looking for people to rp with. Show me the ropes and what not. I rp about anything I am open to most things. Though when it comes to Erp I will only rp it if it has a good reason to be done.
  14. Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm a touch new to the RPC scene, but I've been an active Role-Player for many years.~ I'm looking forward to getting to meet some new friends here! My MMORPG background I've been an active MMORPG player for many years, my first experience being in Everquest.~ Although I didn't actively start Role-Playing until I moved onto World of Warcraft, haha! That was an interesting time. Spending a few years there, I finally moved onto Tera. I was hooked, and actively got into the community there, although after a few years there it became a bit toxic, so I sadly had to leave that place. I still go back from time to time, but it's more along the lines of casual player now.~ RP experience Let's see...I've been an active role player for many years, and I mostly started with basic emoting in various games. It lead from there to typing via old Yahoo stuff (if that's even remembered), and from there I've slowly advanced forward. At this point, I'm now advanced literate multi-para (who mostly types via Facebook/Tumblr posts, primarily Facebook but I'll also do discord) out of game, and in game I'll spend plenty of time replying and enjoying the scene created by me and my role playing partners.~ Character ideas/info My only character so far (that is finished) is a Miqo'te named Alabaster D'venoese, a Red Mage main after picking up the Rapier and discovering this once Astrologian main could do more than just heal! He's a bit of an eccentric during battle, enjoying a bit of a flare and dramatics to his skills but when the sword is down and away he can be a bit of a reclusive. Named commonly as a 'Stray' of sorts, Alabaster spends his time just wandering the realm free lancing anything he can to just keep his days busy and mind occupied after a recent loss of his husband. I'll leave the rest up to the player to see more about my boy.~ How did you learn about the coalition? I learned about it through a friend! I've no idea if they are actually active here, but after spending some time saying hello and making a peek here and there, I finally got t he courage to post something here! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I'm quite comfortable at the kind of role-player I am. Of course, I'm open to all kinds of tips or any advice and expansive knowledge for new stuff! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm pretty open about most stuff, if asked. I work usually on the weekends, and after that I'm just home online working on Eureka or just sitting playing with my kitten, Sweetiebelle. So feel free to give me a message, ask for my Discord or Facebook if you want to Role-Play with me! Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a lovely time!
  15. Hey folks! I go by Jarret and I look forward to meeting one and all! I can't help at all being nervous with taking a leap here (hello, Anxiety), but here goes nothing! My MMORPG Background: I can say for certainly that my MMORPG career has been about for five years so far, with my very first being Star Wars The Old Republic starting me back in early 2014, the final years of when I was still in High School. Since then, I've dabbled in others like Guild Wars 2 that has come to hold a close spot to my heart, TERA, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately with some of these, the latter few games couldn't hold me down long enough to really dig into and become committed. However, this is my first time delving head first Final Fantasy XIV, or /anything/ really Final Fantasy related. I've spied this game from afar for about a year, unable to really garner a sense as to dipping a few toes in or trying other MMORPG's out on the market. I have to say, I'm getting rather into the game so far with about six hours to my belt. The character creator and its customization is... Rather great compared to others that I've played with. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that two of the six hours have been spent making a character! My RP Experience: While I started playing MMORPG's back in 2014, my 'real' first experience with roleplay didn't start till late of 2015 that spilled out onto the beginning of 2016. But similar with my first MMORPG being SWTOR, it was also my first platform for my RP experience. At first, I didn't know if I could get wrapped into it as the essence of it sounded strange to me. Though over the several years of playing the game, I've became absolutely hooked into it; meeting amazingly creative people and the stories that they led and crafted for themselves and others to dig into that also managed to fit into the lore. Over time, I've found some pieces of roleplay in Guild Wars 2 and later a rather bustling community within The Elder Scrolls Online. But with ESO, I couldn't simply get myself wrapped into its lore and with Guild Wars 2, I couldn't find a group to stick with to tether me longer onto the game. Now getting off the trip and landing here, I can comfortably say that I have three years of experience of roleplay in my time of MMORPG's. While I am aware of the possible revenues of forums and chatrooms, I find that all of my experience is nearly constantly within the MMO itself and that of another medium; Discord! My Character Ideas and Information: Ho boy.. Where do I begin? I am a shameless alt-oholic. (Well, somewhat embarrassed but it'll be our secret, perhaps?). With having so many ideas and inspirations from so many excellent sources, it's absolutely maddening to realize that I won't be able to employ them. Though with the tropes that I have played with more thoroughly, I know I have my favorites! These regarding to the more playful/mischievous, wise, sweet, stoic, book-worm, shy, out-going, and noble-esque characters. With this being said, I don't at all mind creating characters to meet others! I love to get to know other people and their creations as I can get lost in it. Unfortunately, I can see already that Final Fantasy XIV isn't all that merciful to folks like me that enjoy exploring the many possibilities of characters and should choose wisely and use character slots to the best of my ability. Varus Ryder: A young Hyur hailing from the bustling commercial hub of Ul'dah, Varus comes across as a lighthearted, positive, charming young man. He possesses a sense of humor that relies on his verbal agility and his fondness of absurdity and can appreciate when that humor be matched; but he isn't always quick on the trigger as depending on the scenario, he can become lost for words and adorably awkward. He's fearlessly loyal to those that he can claim to be a friend. I have a few more ideas of characters as well, but I have to learn more about the lore about the game to be comfortable to do so. But! Stay tuned, as one involves a book-worm and another that embodies mischievousness! (Note: Since I'm absolutely new to the game, I know next to nothing considering lore besides witnessing what I have in the starting areas of game time and a few searches within Wikipedias. But despite this road block, I do wish to learn what I can from the lore, so I can make fun, interesting characters that can follow it respectively.) How did I learn about the Coalition?: Interestingly enough, I learned the Coalition through the exploration of Google! I knew there had to be a roleplay community out there for Final Fantasy XIV, as it wouldn't make any sense otherwise despite there being no page for them or about them on Enjinn. After a few searches, stumbling in a few tumbler webpages on the way, I found this lovely home. What kind of a Role-player am I aiming to be? (e.g. Light, Medium, or Heavy): I actually quite fine with the whole spectrum, as I believe it depends on the situations that my characters find them in. I enjoy casual banter here and there, but I love long, in-depth stories! However, I do find it important to note that I do find myself more often then not within medium-to-heavy type scenarios. I am a paragraph writer. So if your character does get into a conversation with mine at a bar or another casual place, don't fret when I take a minute or two to respond, haha! Anything from Real Life that I'm comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I have a weakness for fantasy-themed readings: Be it a book or on a webpage, I love to read stories that take place in a setting of fantasy. It's actually what helped push me into roleplaying in the first place, to experience beautiful stories with other people. I have a cat named Loki: And he embodies the namesake quite well. He's 13 years old and still as lively as ever, causing mayhem by knocking things over and crying constantly if he doesn't get attention the very instant he wants it. I love him to death. He also cries whenever I'm on the phone or talking to people online through mediums like Discord, just to say hello. I am currently in College, with a Major in Computer Science: I'm actually currently taking a class in HTML and CSS that I'm enjoying. When I was getting my bearings on this website for the time that I've been on it, I can say I can appreciate how extensive all of this is. Other Tid-Bits of Information: As mentioned above, I do have a Discord! But I do wish for those that may want it to PM me on here for it. But as for everything else, this is everything! As of currently, I am on the server 'Coeurl'. I am aware that there will be a kind of 'world-hopping' to be implemented somewhere down the line soon for the game. For RP opportunities that may be limited till then due to server differences, I do apologize. I hope I get to know a few of you along the way! If anyone wishes to talk possibilities about characters meeting, please don't hesitate to PM me on here, as I truly do cherish the opportunity. But I am aware of servers and the part they play.
  16. I'm so new to FFXIV I don't even have a character. I probably plan to rp within a day or two, and I've already looked at what servers are good for rp - however, I'm not clear on what jobs are reasonable for an RPer, since a couple threads I read implied only the "warrior of light" is legally allowed to walk around with things like Black Magic. What jobs/classes should I look at while making an rp character? I know there's an IC/Gameplay split, but I just want to develop both from the outset.
  17. Hello, everyone! ; w ; I'm Kiara, and I'm fairly new to the game! I played it for maybe a month or so on the PS4 about a year ago... ^_^;; but then recently got it again for the PC! So I've been back in it for a month and since I'm on a computer this time around, the socializing and rping is a lot easier to manage. x) So I figured I'd jump in and try to meet some people and maybe write some fun adventures! :3 I'm actually like... completely new to MMO roleplay, however, and I guess that makes me feel a little nervous about trying to get into it. I've mainly rp'd on MySpace, and then sites that mimic the original MySpace site after everyone left. I've also put in a couple years on Tumblr, as well, and a few times I've hit up forums, but that's about it. So it feels like a whole new world to me, but I love video games and I love writing, so I'd love to combine the two! I do have a Discord, and don't mind adding new friends! I just prefer not to post it publicly, and would like to chat with people at least a little bit before adding them. ^_^;; ALSO. I admittedly don't know very much about Final Fantasy. I'm actually more of a Kingdom Hearts girl. But FFXIV is probably the most aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and fun MMO I've ever tried. T ^ T
  18. Introduction: Hello, members of the RPC, I am Kerzone and I'm relatively new to Final Fantasy XIV as well as the roleplaying scene that is prevalent on my home server, Mateus. I'll be following the recommended Help Desk Template just for the sake of ease and because I'm typically awful with introductions like these. If you're not interested in who I am, but still want to help, I have a number of questions near the bottom of this post under the Inquiry title. I appreciate any information that can be provided and will be checking in every so often. What's my MMORPG experience? My background in MMORPG's spans a lot of games, but the ones that have held my interest for the longest were World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Final Fantasy XIV. I was a casual raider in WoW, a Fractal runner in GW2, and a current casual for FFXIV that is merely doing the weekly grinds to reach a GS of 400. What's my RP experience? It's a bit embarrassing to say, but my introduction to roleplaying as a whole came from Roblox. However, I have a little experience with roleplaying on the WoW forums and joining a hardcore roleplaying guild in Guild Wars 2. The roleplaying rules from Roblox seemed to carry over fairly easily into WoW and GW2, but the overall methods of roleplaying, and the greater popularity of roleplaying in MMORPGs in comparison to a child's video game sandbox has made it a very intimidating prospect for me to get involved with other roleplaying scenes. That being said, I did fairly well for myself on the WoW forums for a time, having hosted a few open forum RPs and attending a few private ones, I have found that I am very comfortable with forum based roleplaying. The same, however, cannot be said for my experience in Guild Wars 2, in which I felt that things were a little too hardcore for me there. I was in the guild for about a month before leaving/being kicked out and being blacklisted. (And no, I wasn't blacklisted for any rule breaking. It was just part of their roleplay where leaving members could never return unless said member rejoined with a different character.) Character ideas/information. In honesty, I haven't thought too hard on this front as of now. However, I did have an interest in making a Dalmascan Paladin character. Having played Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics A2: Grimoire of The Rift and Final Fantasy 12, the Zodiac Brave line of raids was the spark that got me interested in the roleplaying scene in FFXIV. I've read over some of the rules and recommendations within this forum on how to create a character for the Final Fantasy XIV universe and spent several hours looking over lore, reviewing lore from Tactics and 12, and overall just sniffing through a bunch of character profiles to get a decent grasp of how to make a decent character. That being said, however, I do not yet have full confidence in my ability to make a character due to my lack of understanding of a few specific things, which will be mentioned in the Inquiry section of this post. How did I learn about the Coalition? I was speaking to a friend of mine by the name of Suomi Kha on a Discord server that we have. I had a sudden spark of curiosity and started searching for roleplaying forums, as I have seen with WoW or GW2. Upon finding that Square didn't have an official forum on their FFXIV sites for roleplaying, I asked her if she knew of any. Thus, she gave me the link to here. What kind of roleplayer do I aim to be? Well, ideally, I'd like to get involved with any number of roleplays, to eventually gain the confidence and history to participate in almost any sort of roleplay. That being said, however, I haven't roleplayed in a relatively long time, so for starters, I'm aiming for refreshers, experience in FFXIV roleplaying and overall information since I'm not as well versed in FFXIV lore as I am with, say, WoW or GW2 lore. In short, a Light roleplayer, then eventually a Medium one. Do I have anything about my real life that I feel comfortable sharing? Certainly, I have nothing I'm ashamed of, and I'm proud of the things I have done in my real life. I am currently a third-year college student aiming for my Associates Degree in Cyber Security, though I won't get too far into that since hobbies are much more interesting to talk about then the choice of major. (In my opinion anyway...) As for my hobbies, I'm a Warhammer 40k gamer (A Wargamer, if you will), a casual amateur writer, a brown belt in Shoto-Kan Karate, a (Former) Eagle Scout (Aged out three years ago.), and I'm a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. That being said, I mostly play as Dungeon Master when I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I have been told by many that I am rather unorthodox on how I 'plan' my games since my games are never planned to begin with. I prefer to play things by ear, and improv pretty much everything. Other then that, there isn't much more to say. Inquiry: These are just a few questions I have since alot the information that I need to know is in a dozen+ different posts, some of them being a bit overwhelming for me due to said posts holding a massive amount of information. (Such as the pinned Lore thread, where it's so massive that some of the lore is reduced to singular letter strands that have to be reconstructed on a screen bigger than a house roof.) Are there any additional rules that I should be aware of that might be different or exclusive to the Final Fantasy XIV Roleplaying world/experience? (Things like unspoken rules or other similar pieces of information.) What's the overall consensus with characters having The Echo? (I don't plan on making a character WITH The Echo, but I am curious nonetheless.) I have read over dozens of different posts, all of them giving different checklists and advice on what newer roleplayers should strive to do, but I might have overwhelmed myself with all the information. That being said, what's a good starting point for a wanna-be roleplayer like me, and how should I go about enhancing my overall roleplay experience? (In other words, what are some things that I can do to make roleplaying with others a much better experience for the involved members?) In Final Fantasy Tactics, FF12, and Grimoire of The Rift, Paladins were often seen as outlandish and foreign within the lands of Ivalice/Dalmasca, similar to how Blue Mage or Samurai is seen as foreign in Eorzea. (According to item descriptions in GotR anyway.) However, they did exist, albeit in a different fashion, within Ivalice and Dalmasca. FFXIV, however, displays them as warriors that have learned an exclusive art in order to protect the Sultan/a. Is it still possible, however, for a person that isn't affiliated with the Sultana or the Paladin Guard to have learned Paladin skills outside/inside of Eorzea? Is it possible that those wandering Dalmascan Paladins still exist within FFXIV's timeline? Or did they never exist within FFXIV's universe? Are there any tools or add-ons that I should consider utilizing in order to improve my roleplaying experience? I would post more questions, but I feel like these five are already a handful for anyone that is interested in answering all of them at once, and I feel like asking more questions here would show laziness on my part since I'm aware that this site has a search function for any potential questions I may already have. Regardless, I feel like these questions could use a more up-to-date series of answers (In case I can't find more recent posts about these questions.) but my other questions should hopefully be answered more easily with a bit of searching around.
  19. Hi, you can call me prom. I've had a good deal of experience with RP--coming up on some 9 years at present--mostly in text, in long-ish format (averaging about 2k characters/500 words per post), but RPing in MMO servers is news to me. I've been subscribed to FFXIV for quite a while, but I was almost purely a solo player, and I was on about a year and a half's hiatus before coming back just now. The idea of RPing in Eorzea naturally appeals to me, as I feel that the world is rich for that sort of interaction and character development, but fails to follow through with its game mechanics. I have plenty of experience under my belt, I'm capable of playing a wide range of characters, and I'm comfortable with just about any format and subject matter in terms of RP. The only problem is, all of the lingo and technical details when it comes to setting up things for FFXIV RP are greek to me; I don't even really know what a linkshell is. I'd appreciate any advice that could be thrown my way, or directions on where to start. For now, I'm getting my bearings as S'imyn Tia on Midgardsormr.
  20. Hi! My name's Dani, but you can call me Maria (character name), Ish/Columbus (it's a long story), or whatever you feel comfortable with. I enjoy reading, drawing, video games, and of course RP! You can see some of my drawings here. I've done forum/informal chat RPs since I was a kid and jumped in and out of playing D&D until I fell in love with 5e. I dabbled in MMOs a bit in high school, but haven't been engrossed in any as much as FFXIV. It's been a lot of fun! I've seen people RPing here and there (as well as overheard people saying that Mateus is apparently an RP server), but couldn't quite figure out how to jump into it in-game. I figured it was rude to interrupt people in the middle of RP. Not only that, but the further I got in the game, the more I realized that the character I'd made is kind of a hot mess! I just sorta picked what I thought looked cool during character creation. I named her "Maria" as a reference to FF6, with the last name "Laurent" because it was pretty and flowed better than the generated surnames. I chose Au Ra because they're cute, gave her my birthday, and then just picked the deity corresponding to that month... which was Halone. It wasn't until I'd gotten almost through ARR that I realized that I'd made my lizard sound Elezen as hell. She's the Elezen-equivalent of a weeaboo. An Eleboo. Oh lawd. And now I'm in Ishgard and learning the relationship they've had with the Au Ra. OH LAWD. At first I thought I'd have to fanta her to Elezen to get into any serious RP, because nothing about it made sense. But you guys, I think I'm gonna roll with this trash fire. I'm gonna see if I can write my way into a character background that makes some kind of sense. Anyway! I think I've rambled a bit. I just wanna say, I think this community is really cool. I look forward to meeting you all!
  21. Hello all! New to rping in a MMO but not new to rping. I've roleplayed in chat rooms and forums (still do) but decided to try something new on a whim. Always been a fan of the FF series and I have been meaning to give 14 a go. Open to advice as to what I should being doing as a newbie. As far as character development, I'm going to look into the lore and hopefully craft a interesting character. Laters!
  22. Hello all! New to rping in a MMO but not new to rping. I've roleplayed in chat rooms and forums (still do) but decided to try something new on a whim. Always been a fan of the FF series and I have been meaning to give 14 a go. Open to advice as to what I should being doing as a newbie. As far as character development, I'm going to look into the lore and hopefully craft a interesting character. Also I realized I posted in the wrong tread, so this is a bit of a echo... Soooo yea. Laters!
  23. N'shan


    Hello, I'm new to the whole rp scene and was hoping to meet people to get a start on making friends, and stories.
  24. 6.7.18 -Updated Blog & Information. -Officially we have shifted our concept to an Onsen and Izakaya as due to both IC and IRL decisions. -We are currently looking for staff -House is currently under construction and will be for some time. Hey folks, just getting things set up. WISrp is a Izakaya (Tavern) and Sukiya (Tea House) run out of Ward 8 // Plot 17 in Shirogane. We will likely be looking for folks to join in the near future. Please stay tuned.
  25. Greetings, fellow storytellers and make-believers! I've been playing FFXIV for a few years now, and roleplaying even longer, but this is my first attempt at doing both simultaneously. My RP experience began in the world of forums, and consequently I can be rather long-winded and slow to post. These days I probably average a paragraph or two per round, though I'm always happy to adjust to the flow of the group I'm in (preferably not too big of a group, mind you, or I get stressed out). I'm not yet sure how well I'll fit in to Eorzean RP, and I'm a bit nervous about the learning curve (i.e., how/when to incorporate items, emotes/animations, and other game elements into my posts), but this site looks like a great resource so hopefully I can get started soon! For now, I'll leave you with the intro template, but please feel free to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know. MMORPG background: This is my first! My husband is a huge FF fan but also an introvert like me, so we decided to try out an MMO together and see what happened! Suffice it to say, it worked out much better than we could have expected. I've recently made an alt (or two) on Mateus since my home server doesn't have a big RP scene and I'm taking a break from raiding and such. RP experience: At the risk of revealing my age ... over a decade, primarily on forums with a few shady virtual world detours Character ideas/info: Not a clue, but I tend to play prettyboy jerks. It's kind of my brand at this point. I've rolled a Duskwight archer who I suspect will take himself far too seriously and sit around taverns brooding. Some sort of underhanded dealings will likely be involved. How did you learn about the coalition? I've had this site bookmarked for ages but I think it came from reddit? What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Medium - heavy Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) By day, I'm a chronically ill old lady who works a boring desk job while dreaming of being a writer. I love cute and creepy things in equal measure. Nero is my FFXIV husband forever. If I'm writing, there's a mug of something hot and probably caffeinated within reach and an appropriate playlist queued up. Forever editing.
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