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  1. Hello! Looking to find some people interested in RPing with my character. Basic Info Characters: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?title=Aizen_Fimbulvetre&action=submit Aizen Fimbulvetre Primary character: ^ For RP Purposes Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium? Like a paragraph or two Views on RP combat and injuries: I dont mind, though I wouldn't have it as the main focus Views on IC romance: It can happen, if its to build it with a good prompt Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Not family/blood bretheren. Can do mentor/teacher/friendship or whatever tho Views on lore: Using it as a base, can change it here and there Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Would prefer Forum/Discord paragraphs. Or in game /em III. Other Info Country: Australia Timezone: AEST Contact info: Here or Discord Swain#0626 or ingame Aizen Fimbulvetre @ Hyperion Some things to consider: DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN GAME!! My character is based on Hyperion, if we can meet cool if not thats ok! You ok with off and on replies? My schedule and body is always in a loop, but I will be able to reply at minimum once every 2 days. Please be patient and don't expect a reply at any given hour! Would prefer romance with a male character, or something light hearted with a female character. Doesn't have to be canon to your character or lore-compliant! Would prefer if typing on a closed forum, and using Discord or even brackets in the post for OOC. Gotta communicate yaknow? If you are also on primal, I will sometimes be attending Hyperion's RP FC events Lucky Sevens! Would hope you're of age, as I am over 18. Just as a precautionary to make everyone feel a-ok!
  2. 21+ FFXIV Roleplay Community Discord We're only a few months old and still fairly small, but we're open to Roleplayers looking for a relaxed, active community. Friendly to new, experienced and returning players Screenshot & Art sharing Looking for Roleplay Channels Running content - Maps, PvP, Routlettes ect Future screenshot and 'Treasure Hunt' contests with items or Gill as prizes Lurkers welcome, but personallized titles are given to active members https://discord.gg/6nzbR5C
  3. Hello all! I am new to this website but not really new to roleplaying! I'm looking for a possible long term, slow burn romance rp.I usually have to be up at early hours for work so I prefer rp over discord, using a paragraph like style. I honestly have no idea how to make a carrd so here is some basic info of my character. She is a Midlander Hyur who is in her mid 20s. Is from Ala Mhigo. Her sexuality is straight. Won't give someone a second look unless they beat her in a fight. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was a precious gems merchant. One day, when she was 10, her father had managed to anger some people that were up in high places politics wise and had hired some assassins to murder him and his family. They killed her parents and decided to spare Saya for reasons unknown. Seeing as she was still young and easily persuaded, they took her in to train her to become one of them. She spent the next 10 years gaining their trust and learning all that she could from them until finally one day, she got her revenge and murdered the entire group of assassins. Once that was done, she had turned herself over to the Immortal Flames. After explaining her past and having extreme interrogations from Raubahn himself, they decided after spending a year locked up, she would serve parole by working for the Flames as their own personal assassin. It has been a few years since then and she had moved up the ranks quickly, earning her place towards the top. Now, she spends most of her days in Ul'dah and will only receive orders from only Raubahn or the Sultana herself. Despite having a flirty attitude, she is still rather cold towards people, not having much trust to give. She suffers from extremely violent nightmares and refuses to sleep around others, afraid she would hurt them or worse. She also has a total sweet spot for children. If she isn't working, she is usually found at the Quicksand, sitting in a corner watching the people enter and leave the establishment. I'm pretty open to many ideas when it comes to plot lines as long as romance is intended down the line. If anyone is interested then I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. First time posting here so sorry for any mistakes. Basically looking for people to build a story with, can be for either my hooks for theirs yet as mentioned in my carrd i believe a story can be made out of anything, im up for any type of rp though im only able to rp on discord due to my character being on primal , but should your character also be on primal we can entertain the idea of rp'ing in game, other than that im on basically the entire day with the exception of when im sleeping or getting pulled away for work. thanks for taking the time to read my request and should you want to ask any questions or rp, my discord is: Artemilia#3551 https://artemilia.carrd.co/
  5. Hi there! I apologize if this is not the appropriate place for a post like this but I wanted to share a hopefully useful tool I've created, mainly for FFXIV RP'ers who take their RP onto Discord when they're unable to meet together in-game. It's 100% free to use. (Tumblr Post Here) Thank you all those who signal boosted! This Discord Bot was made entirely for the RP community at large not just on XIV but anywhere, so being able to get user feedback on desired features is very helpful! If you have any questions or issues with the bot, please post here or get in touch on Discord! I'm happy to help guide you through it or address any issues and suggestions! Invite for InCharacter: https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=651450392839847936&permissions=388160&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lawyerdcomic.com%2F&scope=bot Info Page: InCharacter.me Main Support Server: https://discord.gg/BMnZvRX Getting Started: Just type c/help after inviting for commands and info. Your setup is all prompt-based in DMs with it to make things easy. What is it? Discord is great for carrying on RP, but people often have multiple characters, and you lose the fun of having emotes, abilities, and all the other fun stuff about your character. Also, there's no seacom in Discord so you usually have to post your stuff mid-RP or keep it in a separate channel. If you've got a decent sized RP group this can get a bit floody. So, I made a Discord bot that takes a "c/Character OptionalStyle Put your RP message here." post and turns it into a stylized embed. You create a character via DM prompts (DM the bot c/character to start.) Style codes are made the same way by DM'ing c/style after you've made a character. You can also update your author profile with c/author in DMs. It currently allows you to make character profiles and author profiles as well. Using this, you end up with a series of exchanges with characters rather than Discord users that look like this: c/Art "Psst, Anai." | c/Anai "Hwat." | c/Art "You just list the game." | c/Anai angry **"For fucks sake."** c/Anai casting ((Updated Anai's spell charging animation!)) Future Stuff. For those that find this useful and use it, I am open and flexible to feature requests, ideas, and suggestions for changes. If people like this and use it more, I'll also be adding features like rolls(implemented!), currencies/inventories tracking adjustable to the RP "universe" you're using, a lorebook to create quick references to information, and RP "scene" logging options (don't worry, I'm making sure this future feature will only log scene specific 'In-Character' posts and nothing else!) Tips for Setup: Get some square headshots of your RPC! Static or GIFs both work. Take some time to get some avatars of your character's face before making a character and character styles. i.e., I went into /gpose and took a bunch of expressions of Anai (18 total) and then cropped/zoomed on his face into 250x250 avatar photos. These aren't required but it's easy to do and makes the experience a lot more fun off the bat with how dynamic your posts can get! For Anai, I made a bunch to use with him like laughing, pensive, angry, casting... Each one changes the default avatar I have for c/Anai into the one I put in the style code! Remember, at this time all images need to be an actual image URL (i.e., http://heres.my/picture.jpg) and not an attachment or non-image filetype! Get some dramatic looping gifs for special styles! Styles can be used for special moves like spellcasting, battle techniques, or adding extra effect to an expression (i.e., you can get a GIF of your character chuckling for the Icon, then a banner-sized GIF of your character full-out laughing for the Image.) I used Gyazo GIF software and then ezgif.com for exiting to make Anai's animated Codes. You'll notice when I do c/Anai angry or c/Anai casting it pops in a banner GIF I've made of him with the pyretic /gpose effect (angry) and the BLU spellcasting animation looped from Magic Flute for the red eyes (casting). You can get super creative with this and there's no limit to how many you can have! (c/styles [Call] will DM you a list of your styles for that character if you forget what they are!) To explain better visually, I also made a brief video showing off a bit of how this works once you've made a character and styles:
  6. Good evening, everyone! I may be on Louisoix, but I actually do not want to RP there. In fact, I just don't like RPing in the game because right now, I cannot afford a whole lot of playtime and prefer to actually play the game when I can instead of RP. Rather, I would like to find a proper literate RPer who would RP on discord with me. About me: I'm 189 female and my time zone is UTC +1 and I have years of RP experience under my belt. In game, I play a female Keeper of the Moon. Shimi Haru is her name, although I'll change that to the acronym Simhi Haur as soon as I can afford it. About my interests: Mainly, we will just RP daily life or the occasional meeting and adventure together, depending on what your character is like. We could become travel companions and more - I don't mind whether it's friendship and romance. It just seems to me that Keepers rarely settle, which is why I suggest this passing travelers setting, but feel free to convince me otherwise. In addition, I'd like to expand on the lore of these feline folks. The pre-established dynamics create some interesting conflicts we could explore throughout our RP. I mean, basically, we have the independent Keeper females vs the alpha Seeker males. Or the Keeper lady's man and the loyal dutiful Seeker female. Either way, as of now, I'd prefer to play a Keeper female and am searching for my mate. Will we become best friends? Will it be romantic? Or are we destined to be fiends? Let's find out! Also: If I can find enough people, I'd actually like to open a server instead of only RPing in the DMs. About whom I'm going to keep: Please be experienced in actual literate RP. I'm looking for decent grammar and orthography - however, I'm not going to rip off your head for every single mistake either. About being +18...well, I don't mind either, because I don't necessarily need anything that would require such a rating. If that is of interest to you, please ensure yourself that your age passes the threshold. I also do not absolutely require you to be a Miqo'te as well. Any race will do, although same kind will be preferred. Finally - please contact me if this applies to you and the topic interests you - we can discuss further details on discord. PS: I also just noticed that on this website, you apparently may share that information, so hit me up on Discord if you're interested! Shimiharu#3202 Looking forward to future campfires and nights spent beneath the moon and stars, Shimi Haru
  7. https://discord.gg/h9Ams6P Permanent link to the Ishgard Mateus RP Discord, where we are helping to gather RPers interested in Ishgard RP. It includes a Role Bot to help people self-assign their roles (Ishgardian vs Non-Ishgardian, Smallfolk vs Noble, profession, etc). (P.S. I posted here as I was uncertain of where this post should go as it is a community, but not a FC or LS)
  8. Hello! My name is Tale and I’m looking for a cozy group of new friends who rp on Discord. I only play ffxiv on my ps4 so rping in game is a big challenge! I’d be happy with one on one stories or something with a group. Please let me know if you’re interested! Name: Tale Bronzescale Race/gender: Lalafell female Age: 22 Orientation: Bi/Demi Born and raised in Ul’dah, Tale wanted for nothing. Her family came from a long line of merchants who had more Gil than they knew what to do with. She was expected to grow into a proper lady and marry into another just as wealthy family, as good rich girls do. But Tale craves a more exciting life, one outside the walls of Ul’dah. Determined she could manage on her own and filled with an over inflated sense of self-confidence, she snuck out of her house in the wee hours of the morning, ready to get into some trouble. And it wasn’t long before the trouble found her, cornered in a dark alleyway by a group of thugs ready to “help her carry all that Gil.” Alas before they struck a voice called out from the end of the street and a Miquote man clad in crimson and grabbed their attention. With a few quick motions and a single bright spell, the man had dispatched the would-be assailants. With a coy grin he reached for Tale’s hand, asking if she needed any further assistance before he retired. “Teach me,” she begged. “I want to be someone’s hero as you were mine!”. He considered the petite Lalafell for a moment and nodded. The two hurried off toward the rising sun and when Tale would return to Ul’dah, she too would be a scarlet savior.
  9. Hello hello. Looking to get my character Ezra into the mix of things and hoping to find a good partner to have fun along the way. I RP in Mateus and I'm very open for discord play as a way of furthering plot and character development. Ezra is usually hanging around the Quicksands picking up a odd jobs here and there but I'd like to find a partner to come up with a deeper plot. Good communication is a must. My discord is Huckebein#3245 Carrd ezraelric.carrd.co Ezra is best describe as a stoic vagabond with a dry sense of humor. He's left behind his life in Ishgard and is currently trying to find his place in Eorzea while making new connections. Romance is a possible option (straight male) as well. Any questions, feel free to hit me up ^_^.
  10. Hey everyone. Hathaway Snow is a young male Miqo’te who has established himself as a fairly competent Adventurer and officer in the Twin Adder. He’s also a former prostitute who has rubbed shoulders with numerous people who aren’t very nice. For Shadowbringers, I wanted to take that experience and refocus him towards an ambitious idea: infiltrating criminal organizations with the intent of disrupting them from within. If this sounds like it’d be really hard, you’d be right. Looking through the Encyclopedia Eorzea, there’s a very small mention of the Red Otters, a unit of the Twin Adder only described as an “elite combat unit that draws select lancers, archers, and conjurers.” I expanded upon that idea, and in a short story that you can read here, portrayed the Red Otters as a basically defunct branch whose members may or may not exist, like a special operations group that has no official support from the home state. I imagined that this would give agents the freedom to make hard decisions, but also leave them on their own if they got caught/beat up/killed/etc. To that end, I’d like to position Hathaway as a recurring good guy to your bad guy. The Sherlock Holmes to your Moriarty, the Captain America to your Hydra, the Inspector Zenigata to your Lupin III, and so on. Keep in mind that the point is not necessarily for Hathaway to succeed at arresting your character or destroying your organization (although I’d be flattered if you wanted to incorporate a stint in jail into your character’s development). By design, the chips are stacked against him, and he has no jurisdiction to, say, have a horde of law enforcement bust down your doors. But I wanted to create long-term scenarios where he’d have to join your organization and maintain his cover, waiting for the moment to strike. Or be one step behind your character as they attempt heists/assassinations/piracy/etc. There’s a lot of options! Breaking it down: Criminal Free Companies/Organizations: Hathaway ideally would like to target the “worst of the worst,” so in terms of limits everything is on the table. If your character is a member or the leader of a criminal enterprise, big or small, and you need an adversary, look no further. This might be best for “long con” scenes, or perhaps Hathaway eventually gets caught, leading to tense interrogations. Getting an entire FC to agree to a storyline like this would be amazing. Independent Types: Serial killers, master thieves, and the like. People who operate alone and maybe at random. Think lots of chases and fights. Others: If you have a different idea, or if you like the hook but aren’t sure if your character will work, let me know! I realize this idea might take some coordination and discussion beforehand. I’ve ran this idea in a few scenes with some friends in-game, and the most common feedback I’ve gotten is it’s “very ambitious.” But I figure people are hungry for long-term storylines, conflicts, fights, and so on. Contact Info: I lurk on Discord practically 24/7, so that’s the easiest way to contact me, at Hathaway Snow#9472. You can also ask questions right here in this thread, of course, or you can shoot me a private message. I'm also available in game as Hathaway Snow on Balmung (and by extension, the entire Crystal data center). I'm also looking for an FC of my own too!
  11. Hey! I just finished the Shadowbringers storyline today, and wow, I'm impressed! Ideally I post around two paragraphs or more for post length, and I love roleplaying scenarios where romance and evolving feelings comes into play, so slow burn stuff is super nice. I'm looking for people who are interested in also roleplaying multiple paragraphs over discord. I can play Alisaie, Alphinaud, the Warrior of Light, or Y'shtola. This is vague to avoid spoilers, but I'd like to try any of the following, and I'm looking for my partner to play the person listed on the left: Crystal Exarch / Warrior of Light, or Alisaie Alphinaud / Warrior of Light Emet-Selch / Warrior of Light Estinien / Alphinaud Thancred / Y'shtola or Warrior of Light Magnai / Y'shtola I tend to play the Warrior of Light either as an Au Ra girl, or a Mi'qote boy, depending on your preference for M/M or M/F as far as romance goes. I have two OCs as well, but neither are the Warrior of Light, if you're interested in them as well. One is a viera male, but I play him close to the FFXII history of them. The other is a Mi'qote female. I'm fine with both Canon/OC and OC/OC if you're interested in me playing an OC. I'm fine with this having mature themes but I'd also like some good fluff and story line too, so please be ready to plot with me more than just saying 'yeah that sounds good!' or 'Hello!' Please be older than 18, because I'm not comfortable roleplaying with people who aren't adults, sorry! My discord is Morphasia#6106, so if you're interested, feel free just to add me there and send me a message!
  12. Quick Info: Gender: Male Race/Clan: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Age: 34 Height: 5 Fulms 10 Ilms Weight: 192 Ponze Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Location: Ul’dah/Gridania/Kugane Occupation: Relic Seeker, Black Mage Thaumaturge for hire, owner of Relics and Rarities Personality: Years of study has produced someone of a rather patient demeanor who has learned to take events in stride as well as assess a situation with all the knowledge he has acquired, yet has also developed a bitter individual who has allowed said knowledge to become overconfidence to the point of his goals becoming far above his own head; threatening to overwhelm him. Jihl'a can be seen as a proactive character who chases after leads he finds to explore forgotten tombs, ancient ruins and dead cities with his confidence and sarcasm in full swing, whereas he becomes patient, understanding and knowledgeable the moment he attends to his shop. Negatively, his overconfidence may kill him, and his skill with magic may attract unwelcome attention. RP Hooks: Gridania and the Twelveswood: "You hail from the Twelveswood? Perhaps you've met my parents. Better yet, don't tell me." As a Keeper of the Moon, Jihl'a was born in the woods near the city of Gridania, a member of one such tribe. At a young age, his thaumaturgical ability had been discovered shortly after setting a tree ablaze while on an adventure with a friend. He was sent to Ul'dah until graduating with the Thaumaturge guild, where he has since visited Gridania from time to time to speak with his parents as well as attend to Relics and Rarities, the premiere relic appraising, studying and selling location! Know the shop? Heard rumors of the goings on behind closed doors involving rituals, voidsent or the like? Plenty of opportunity awaits! Ul'dah: Second Home for a Mischievous Youth: "One of the safest havens in Ul'dah is the Thaumaturge Guild. It's hard to be robbed or kidnapped when you have both teachers and students poised to use aetheric fire at a moment's notice." Perhaps one of his favorite locations, Ul'dah is where Jihl'a spent his youth and young adulthood. Much of his time was spent learning how to pickpocket as well as poking his nose into books to perfectly perfect his magical arts. Soon after graduating with the Thaumaturge Guild, he was granted access to the forbidden section, where his thirst for adventure truly began. He often returns now for business involving relics, visiting the guild to refresh himself and speak to his teachers, or simply becoming nostalgic to once innocent times. Have you seen him walking past? Perhaps you overheard his name while inside the guild? Maybe even encountered him as a child, his appearance somehow recognizable. Kugane: The newest addition to his services as a relic seeker, Kugane became the location of the first expansion of his business once rumors of eastern empires and tomes of dead magicks brushed past his ears. Quickly putting up shop inside the city, Jihl'a chased every opportunity given by a previous employer. Now that the deal has been long finished, perhaps there is still a location yet unexplored, a book unread or perhaps a piece of magic he still hasn't learned. Being the second location of Relics and Rarities, he often travels between the two to ensure both are running in top shape, his employees ensuring the gil is in constant flow. Old Friend, or Old Competition: Given his aptitude for magic, Jihl'a holds himself highly when it comes to the aetheric arts. He would claim there are few who would compete and would fiercely defend this opinion, claiming of stories where near death was a joke and the worst of threats bonked with his staff as opportunity struck. Perhaps it's all false. There is a potential his old classmates or even an old rival reacquaint themselves with him to prove this fact otherwise. Is he overconfident, or honest? Is there the chance both rip reality asunder or become friends that better each other? What I'm Seeking!: I'm looking for both contacts and friendship for Jihl'a, as well as work involving ruins or even reading a dusty old book. Should anything involve The First, I'd welcome a potential combining of knowledge to traverse the rift or even something already located in the shard. They may be short of course, but long term acquaintances are preferred. He requires a bit of socialization to realize there's more than the shop and his work. Events are welcome as are potential magic pupils and bouts. I'm happy to brainstorm! And if you're interested in learning a little more about Jihl'a, check out his RPC! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Jihl'a_Wilzuun Anything Else?: I myself run on EST time and am available in game from 4pm - 12am on workdays and from 9am - 3am on off days! On Discord I'm available any time. Jihl'a can be both a fairly light character as well as fairly dark, so don't be afraid to ask about an idea you have. If you're someone curious about romance, I'll offer that while it's not something I seek for Jihl'a, it is a potential should the two characters work well together. I'm also looking for an RP FC, so if you happen to know of one you believe I may be interested in, let me know!
  13. Heya! I’m new to the FFXIV roleplay community and I’m looking for some discord connections! I’ve played FFXIV for two years now, and I’ve been roleplaying since high school. My character is on Aether and is primarily used for raiding, so all my rping will be through discord. I’m on pretty often and have a lot of free time in the upcoming summer, so I’m hoping to meet some new friends and developing new stories. Basic information on my character can be found in my carrd. I’m mostly looking for people to build character relationship and stories with, so feel free to hit me up. Maybe even make new FFXIV ocs with. Thanks! https://laviere.carrd.co/
  14. Linked below is our recruitment discord server. If you have any interest in joining, or any inquires about the Free Company, we advise you join this server so we can talk with you directly. In case no officers are immediately available, you will not be booted from the server after logging off. However, after all inquires have been fulfilled, we ask that you leave the server, but don't sweat it if you forget to leave though, as we can just remove you afterwards without issue. This thread will remain unlocked so anyone can let us know the link stops working for whatever reason. Additionally, if you are interested in collaborating with our FC but do not wish to join, you are welcome to use this server to contact us. However, the conversation will likely be moved to a group message to avoid clutter. One last thing is that anyone who fails to respond within 3 days will be removed from the server. If you still have questions though, you are welcomed to use the link to try to contact us again. https://discord.gg/QrDT8A3
  15. Looking for something a little different here: RP on Discord, rather than on FFXIV itself. For more info on my situation and RP preferences, see my Player Directory post. Feel free to contact me no matter what FFXIV server you play on, if you're willing to play on Discord! Hrodrich Thorne is one of the unlucky Ala Mhigans who did not manage to flee the Garlean occupation in time. For 20 years, he endured Imperial subjugation, passing in and out of work camps and taking whatever jobs he could get in between to feed himself and pay Garlemald’s onerous taxes. Now that Ala Mhigo has been liberated, he seeks an identity and purpose of his own, out from under the heel of those who considered him a savage. I am open to most RP themes and welcome interest from any players / characters who might want to make a difference in his life, for good or ill. Existing connections, friend or foe, are welcome, but I have established he has no living immediate family. Ideally, someone might take him under their wing and teach him something to find value in -- a trade, perhaps, or magic, or even how to fight. But even a passing conversation with someone might end up having an outsize influence on him, by helping him realize what freedom truly means and/or what might be possible in life beyond toiling for pennies. And anyone willing to take advantage of his lack of self-determination could likely mold him into whatever they wanted -- but let's discuss that OOC, at least in general terms, to make sure it's in my comfort zone before committing. Drop me a PM here if any of this interests you, and we'll see what we can work out. Thanks!
  16. The Celestial Dance Network is a Crystal datacenter-wide community that serves as a hub to help tribal/traditional-themed Seeker of the Sun & Keeper of the Moon miqo'te role-players find role-play with other tribal/traditional-themed role-players. We offer a Crystal datacenter-wide Discord as well as three optional in-game cross-world linkshells. We welcome miqo'te that are: Exiled from their people. Keeper and Seeker mixed. Have tribal/traditional roots. (Ex: Raised tribal/traditional, now a city miqo'te interested in exploring their roots.) Discord: — Join our Discord! You will land in a #lobby area. A member of staff will be with you as soon as possible to tag you appropriately and send you to the main section of the Discord. ☾.。.:* ★ What We Offer ★ *:.。.☽ An environment that proactively strives to maintain a casual, comfortable, immersive atmosphere to build your character's story. Monthly gatherings to make contacts with new characters as well as other events that include themes such as sparring, story-telling, festivals, tavern RP, hunts, and more. A lore-friendly community with designated sections and channels exclusively for character-building, including but not limited to sept/clan-crafting, prompts, and lore discussion. ☾.。.:* ★ Community Rules ★ *:.。.☽ We are aware that our ruleset and tone section presents us as a strict community with high role-play standards. That simply isn't our intent and you will find, contrary to the language here, that the staff promotes an easy-going atmosphere. It's important to us that we explain our expectations and tone in a "no-nonsense" way so you can assess if this community is a fit for you or not. The reality is that we're a bunch of shy folks flailing around trying to get along, have a few laughs, and enjoy the game together. You must respect the tone that the administrators of the community curate. Swearing, sarcasm, dry humor, dark humor, dirty jokes, ribbing one another, and spicy tom memery prevails in the culture of this community. You can also expect that adult topics will pop up in discussion or in role-play and we expect you to handle it in a mature fashion. We have taken the time to list a couple of tenets of note below. Be courteous to your fellow community members. Leave your Out of Character prejudice elsewhere. All nationalities, races, religions, sexual preferences, and gender identities, et cetera are welcome here. Violating this tenet is one of the quickest methods to getting removed. Seek out RP. Don’t wait for it to seek you. You have several outlets at your disposal. This is not an echo chamber. Constructive criticism done in the spirit of civility is welcome in the community. In that same vein, another player having a different opinion over role-play is not a personal attack and do not treat it as such. This is not a furry convention. No Out of Character cutesy purring/nyah/lap-sitting/meow behavior. This behavior is viewed as grating, best left on Second Life, and a significant amount of our player base may have joined this community to escape this behavior. Substance over style. Our screenshots/showcase channels are not meant as competition for members to "out mod" each other and see who can "make the hottest character." These are also not channels for you to post "hot screenshots" of your characters repeatedly while never participating in role-play events. We want to see your role-play over your aesthetics! Use spellcheck and use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization to your best ability. No one is perfect and mistakes happen, sometimes plenty of them, but expect a member of staff to pull you aside of your posts are not legible. If you want to start an in-depth discussion of politics and religion we recommend you find another outlet. The staff is not interested in moderating extensive political or religious debate. In fact, we don't care to moderate heated arguments at all. Take it to private message. No non-miqo'te species. This community is focused on miqo'te. The nature of an open community such as ours presents the unfortunate reality that new members will join that may disregard the rules, are new to role-play, display poor role-play etiquette/quality, or they simply don't mesh with you and are not your style. We ask for your patience and understanding with us as well as we go through the process of serving as examples while they grow as a role-player, the staff speaks with them, or they are removed from the community. Be self-aware. Do not make this community a hostile or intimidating environment for others, especially for the purpose of browbeating another member into ERP. We have noticed that the prevailing method of attempting to coerce others into ERP is not overt advances, but rather, a more subtle pattern of unwelcome misconduct or behavior that's based on sex and pervasive enough that a reasonable person could find it intimidating, hostile or abusive. Don't repeatedly have your character pursuing theirs if they aren't receptive. Don't comment on every screenshot of women (or even other characters) posted with how "hot" they are, etc. Please keep the staff informed if you drastically fantasia or name change. Inform a member of staff if you are adding more characters to your roster to role-play in the community on. Do not directly rip from real-world mythology/culture. Want that Greco or Norse inspired sept or clan? Cool with us! Go for it! Please do not directly rip off names of deities or major historical figures in the pursuit of this. (ex: U'bastet, H'ercules, etc. Yes. I know. Don't look at me like that.) Do not borrow heavily from or create clones of NPCs. Do not post explicit gore of people or animals being cut open, mutilated, or innards on display. This includes surgical procedures. When in doubt, spoiler it out! Confine explicit NSFW imagery to its proper place. While we cannot guarantee the text in the Discord will be clean, we ask that you confine NSFW to the Shadow Realm & Sin Bin respectively. This includes your avatar. We do not control you and your account, however, you will be removed if your avatar contains sexual/violent explicit imagery or insinuations such as "ahegao." Communicate with us. We are human and might miss something. We cannot fix a problem if you do not come to the staff and speak with us. You (the player) and your character must be over the age of eighteen. Seven hundred-year-old "ten-year-olds" are not acceptable, nor is any other form of “loli” character, no matter how old they “actually” are. All characters are on the same even playing ground in this community. Let us preface this section with a disclaimer and be crystal-clear: We are not here to lore-police you. What you do outside of the Celestial Dance Network is quite frankly none of our business. Our community, however, is an open community to all. Oldhat and newcomer members alike have not consented to playing in a setting where your character has a lore-breaking ability, ultra-rare talent, or legendary artifact. Giving your character ultra-rare abilities/artifacts/gifts/et cetera quite understandably can and will make some members of the community uncomfortable as they are no longer on an even playing field with you and your character. One of the best examples is how rare Black Magic and White Magic are and how difficult they are to accomplish In-Character. To avoid Out-of-Character conflict, many players simply make the choice to gloss it over In-Character or have their character treat characters who make these types of claims as nutcases. Respect their wishes and personal preferences. As always, if you have questions, feel free to clarify with the staff. We will do our utmost to work with you as we do actually want you here! Below are some tenets we have adopted to ensure that all characters are on even-ground: In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. We will not be accepting ancient Allagan experiments, extradimensionals, nor extraterrestrial characters at this time. You are welcome to gush over your Mystel or the "alternative universe" version of your character. No tempered or those that can temper. This is a rabbit hole that we'd rather not go down. The echo is fine to a reasonable extent. No halfbreeds. (Au Ra/Miq'ote, Hyur/Miqo'te, etc.) The chance of these happening is exceedingly rare. We don't feel it is fair to allow every player to access these—as it would no longer be rare. Just to be clear: half-Seeker and half-Keeper (or any percentage) is fine. You do not have possession of the lore of a whole of a Seeker of a Sun tribe. Keep in mind that most in the community have crafted their own culture, backstory, and headcanons for the branch or sept of a tribe that their character is from. In order to avoid stepping on the toes of other community members, we do not allow our members to claim the lore of an entire tribe. Instead, we recommend an informal (or even formal!) nickname for their branch of the tribe based on your own creative writing. (Example: X'zirashah Bakt, the owner's character, is from the Lynx tribe. Her people are called "Dune Specters" as one of many nicknames attributed to them.) Members who claim entire tribes with a Free Company name are not a fit for this community. (Example: "The Lynx Tribe" FC name.) Do not project your own lore onto established NPCs in-game. You can very easily craft your own branch of NPCs. We are not accepting Hrothgar-model Miqo'te at this time. We do not allow characters to hold a position of exceptional ruling power in any canonical government or organization. This is including but not limited to the ruling bodies of Eorzea's City-States. This is not extended to the creation and cultivation of player-owned organizations/septs/clans. In fact, CDN encourages the creation of hierarchy within clans and septs. Some examples for clarity: Claiming to be a General of a city-state army. Claiming to be a close direct-report to a high ranking NPC. Claiming to be a character that can make sweeping legislation over city-states/Eorzea/et cetera. Low to medium-high ranking member of Maelstrom/Adders/Flames, et cetera welcome! Low to medium-high Resistance movement members welcome! We are lore-bending, not lore-breaking. If you role-play any of the bullet points disallowed in this section this is not a reflection on you. These are our preferences, it has nothing to do with you. Black Magic, White magic, and voidsent should be treated IC accordingly. We are not accepting Female Nunh/Female model Nunh. This is not a statement on gender roles, those who are transgender, or personal identity in the real world. No incest role-play. No "abusive Nunh" trope. In this community, Nunh are family. They are trusted members of the community. We do not allow this trope to be prevalent in backstories as it is simply unrealistic to expect one man to completely dominate a tribe that likely outnumbers him fifty to one. A single man cannot control a host of strong, independent women. Yes, we know about Coeurlking, no, we don't care. The "alpha Nunh" and "beta Tia" trope is not welcome. We do not know where this trope came from, but in this community, it goes in the trash. Here, Nunh, Tia, and female miqo'te are equals who love and respect each other as family. A Tia is not 'below' a Nunh or for that matter a female Seeker. Birth control exists, women can have sex freely, there is plenty of evidence of strong adventuring Tia in-game as well as female Seeker being sexually liberated. Female Seeker outnumber male Seeker by quite a skewed amount—imagine how many propositions they receive. Finally, subhuman treatment of Tia would imply that the majority female society is accepting of it. This is insulting towards huntresses who grew up with sons, brothers, and fathers in their precious family unit. We don't consider Fantasia/race changing something that can happen IC. If your character starts speaking about a previous life of them being another race, don't be surprised when other characters IC think they're pants-on-head nuts. No overpowered characters. Characters who can casually wipe city blocks off of the map, time travel, teleport to other worlds, or withstand a haymaker from Titan will not be a good fit for this community. Such characters tend to pressure other players into making their characters that powerful, or risk being made irrelevant in combat RP. The general rule of thumb is that if your character's strength even approaches the WoL's, much less surpasses it, then they are too powerful for community. No cult-like role-play where the Nunh controls the Seeker women sexually and/or romantically. As stated before, the thought of one man controlling multiple women in a society where the women are both seen as equals and outnumber him is simply ridiculous. This will not fly here. We do not want a pervasive theme of rape like this in our community. We welcome non-Eorzean based tribal/traditional miqo'te save one exception. Is your character from an island? Thavnair? That's perfectly fine! The only exception is that we are not accepting Doman/Hingashi-born miqo'te at this time. If your character has briefly lived or traded in Othard/Hingashi/Kugane that is perfectly fine. Out of respect for those who have not finished Shadowbringers as of yet, the following tenet is placed in the spoilers tag. We recommend you not read it unless you are finished with the Shadowbringers MSQ. Leave personal differences and cross-server drama at the door. Every person who applies to the community will receive a fair shake. If they prove that they are not a fit for the community the staff will remove them. If you have a negative personal history with someone who joins the community before or after you — you are welcome to speak to the staff — but unless you provide compelling evidence you must accept that until they act out you have the option of blocking and ignoring them. There will be no Final Fantasy server drama or bashing in this community. No one server is "better" than the other. This is not Party Grindr. Let us be abundantly clear: we do not care if our members ERP in their own private time. This particular community is not a fit for ERP-centric characters nor does it exist as a venue to find a romantic relationship for your character. If you are going to be hosting 18+ events with sexually explicit and/or incredibly gory/violent themes—you must include a disclaimer in the advertisement or call for role-play. We do not allow community members to advertisement events where ICly purchasing courtesans or prostitutes will be the major theme. Transgender characters and players are welcome! We have transgender characters and players in our community, and out of respect for them ... No futa, dickgirls, shemales, cuntboys, traps, or similarly labeled trans-fetish characters. The staff considers these terms as "pornography categories" and they are typically used as beacons to find ERP. This is not a fit for this community and can be offensive to some transgender members. Sexually suggestive search information or those that contain f-list links (also represented as /c or /c/) are not a fit for this community. You have a limited amount of characters in your search information and it is telling when someone chooses to advertise their sexual preferences. The game is rated "T for teen" and it raises eyebrows when people choose to flash their f-list or preferences around teenagers openly. We will perform regular inactivity checks. This is nothing personal. We will occasionally remove members that no longer appear to be active and have zero presence in the community. The key is communication! Talk to a member of staff if you are going to be inactive or on hiatus. If you feel if you have been removed by mistake or wish to rejoin, all you need to do is follow the steps above to be reinvited. We have specific protocols and regulations for events we ask you to respect. Weekly gatherings are community-focused events. Please run it by a staff member when you intend to bring guests to them! Feel free to announce events that you, your linkshell, your friends, or your FC are hosting. We ask that you not use our community as an advertisement venue for other Discords, linkshells, Free Companies, or your personal Seeker sept/Keeper clan. Inform a member of staff ASAP of in-game name changes or if you are scraping your character altogether for a new concept and name change.
  17. Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm a touch new to the RPC scene, but I've been an active Role-Player for many years.~ I'm looking forward to getting to meet some new friends here! My MMORPG background I've been an active MMORPG player for many years, my first experience being in Everquest.~ Although I didn't actively start Role-Playing until I moved onto World of Warcraft, haha! That was an interesting time. Spending a few years there, I finally moved onto Tera. I was hooked, and actively got into the community there, although after a few years there it became a bit toxic, so I sadly had to leave that place. I still go back from time to time, but it's more along the lines of casual player now.~ RP experience Let's see...I've been an active role player for many years, and I mostly started with basic emoting in various games. It lead from there to typing via old Yahoo stuff (if that's even remembered), and from there I've slowly advanced forward. At this point, I'm now advanced literate multi-para (who mostly types via Facebook/Tumblr posts, primarily Facebook but I'll also do discord) out of game, and in game I'll spend plenty of time replying and enjoying the scene created by me and my role playing partners.~ Character ideas/info My only character so far (that is finished) is a Miqo'te named Alabaster D'venoese, a Red Mage main after picking up the Rapier and discovering this once Astrologian main could do more than just heal! He's a bit of an eccentric during battle, enjoying a bit of a flare and dramatics to his skills but when the sword is down and away he can be a bit of a reclusive. Named commonly as a 'Stray' of sorts, Alabaster spends his time just wandering the realm free lancing anything he can to just keep his days busy and mind occupied after a recent loss of his husband. I'll leave the rest up to the player to see more about my boy.~ How did you learn about the coalition? I learned about it through a friend! I've no idea if they are actually active here, but after spending some time saying hello and making a peek here and there, I finally got t he courage to post something here! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I'm quite comfortable at the kind of role-player I am. Of course, I'm open to all kinds of tips or any advice and expansive knowledge for new stuff! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm pretty open about most stuff, if asked. I work usually on the weekends, and after that I'm just home online working on Eureka or just sitting playing with my kitten, Sweetiebelle. So feel free to give me a message, ask for my Discord or Facebook if you want to Role-Play with me! Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a lovely time!
  18. Hi everyone! I stumbled across this website and remembered I have an account from forever ago. Apparently I even posted art back in '13? Decided to give this another shot. So, hey! I'm Sue. You can normally find me around the internet world as SueDraws, though an older alias was Lady Kaguya. I enjoy drawing, music, and staying a bit too busy with my irl jobs and responsibilities. Such is life. You can find my artwork via http://suedraws.com or my carrd website which compiles most everything I was around pre-ARR and since then have been a bit off and on. I absolutely love the game and I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since about...2005 I guess? I guess it does reflect poorly that I'm one of those folks that will play for a few months, disappear for a few months...rinse, repeat. I'd honestly would like to have more stability. I think a good place to start would be to find a good group, whether that's a linkshelll, discord, or FC. I'm currently residing in Goblin, but I'm thinking about moving or putting some alts somewhere else. But I guess with the Crystal data center, that won't be as vital? I'll be honest, my main game is normally Guild Wars 2. It's a comfort zone of mine, likely because I'm long time established and doesn't require a sub. I don't really like to compare the two tho, both are amazing games and I've met great people! But it would be nice if I played other games too. XD So yeah, I'd love to make connections. Maybe find some people to mentor me a bit. I suppose my biggest downfall is I love having alts, and it's frustrating (for me personally) that XIV isn't as friendly toward that play-style. )': Because of that, I'm a bit of a slow player--my goals are mostly to have fun, RP, and related---not necessarily jump to end game. Anyhow, sorry for the long message--I can be a bit of a rambler, heh. But yeah! Thanks for hearing me out! Hope to hear from people! Cheers!
  19. I'm sure that title is enough to raise a few brows to those who weren't here for my last LFRP almost two years ago, so let me simply dive into the good bits and leave the rest for later on in the post, hmm? Tsukiko Tanshi is a Far Eastern Exile who has been traveling Eorzea and has successfully made her way with her charm and body as a prostitute, and with her nimble fingers as a thief. One of these is rather lesser known than the other, simply because Tsukiko shows no shame at all in being one of the many who makes her living on her back -- or, of course, however the client desires. After a series of good fortunes and generous investors caught wind of her efforts, the young woman has managed not only to accumulate the wealth needed to purchase a plot of land for her dream business, but has recently finished all the necessary paperwork and permits that are necessary for running her business. The docks and alleys that she was once so commonly found in have been bare of her of late as she attempts to transition from dangerous streets to the safety of the business, and offer those who need equally safe harbor the opportunity to find it while providing much more personal entertainment to those who have particular needs. While originally quite open and friendly, the long hours of fighting politics and chasing off those who would waste her time has shortened her temper, and the piles of paperwork that her associates find her poring over have set a good deal of weariness into young bones. Still, she finds time for a smile and a cup of tea before the desk calls her back to business, and for those that she considers a friend or those in need of support, she is fiercely loyal and genuinely helpful. She still enjoys attention, pretty things, the arts and sciences, sunrises, and falcons. She dislikes strong cheeses, prefers rain to snow, and has little respect for those who assume without due cause. Tsukiko is seeking: Clients: The obvious one, and the one to simply get out of the way. Sexual escapades with Tsukiko do cost in-game gil, though her price is quite low - she's more a back-alley girl than a high-class courtesan, but she works as hard, if not harder, than the latter. I do not charge for faded or boot scenes, and I ask that those who may not find the practice of paying for smut appealing to restrain themselves from talking about it in this thread. Let the horse rest, please. Competition: With the brothel now open, I'm looking for the Tilly Devine to my Kate Leigh, or other friendly competition. I'm not interested in interactions that negatively harm others, like making friends and company members choose between businesses and/or friendships. I'm looking for playful hijinxs and antics that employ silly creativity that everyone can enjoy and foster amusement with a tinge of competition. Expect mini-events where an office might be festooned with racy objects just before an important meeting, or co-op competition events between FC's/groups where the losing team might have to wear something new as their uniform for a week. The possibilities are endless! Co-Workers/Freelancers: If you play a street-worker, you've probably heard of Tsukiko or her efforts along the grapevine. You're absolutely not required to join the FC to find employment with her, a single meeting and some in-depth talking is enough to get your name on the freelance roster for virtually any type of job. Does your character need a place to stay while they get their feet underneath them again? She has employment opportunities for them, too! The Corrupt: Do you play someone a little underhanded? Someone who walks on the dark side, even if they hold a fancy-pants 'good' job or title? Tsukiko has experience with people who deal in the shadows and knows the power that silence can bring. If you need someone who isn't afraid to do something for the right price, Tsukiko may be your gal. Alternatively, it's also perfectly acceptable to just have a clever piece of arm-candy who asks no questions and tells no secrets. Past Life: Tsukiko's true reason for exiling herself from the Far East is not well known, but she did leave behind a healthy family tree and a few very treasured friends. Now that she feels that she has put down decent roots, she'd be more than happy to run into those who remember the pale little caged bird that was the daughter of a popular songstress and reconnect with those she once knew. That said, not all reconnections need to be... good. There is a bounty on her head, but the Tanshi family secrets are as deep as they are dark, and who knows what might come to the surface when the right buttons are pushed? Healers/Medics/Therapists: This young lady does tend to get into trouble, but she has had some encounters that have shaken her foundations and she could use a safe and unbiased voice in her life to help guide her. Her previous guiding voice was her father, and in his absence she has begun to feel as though she is drowning. A lifetime of trusting no one but herself and her father has shown a considerably large gap in her ability to form long-lasting ties, and as she adjusts from a life on the run to a more stable one, she's showing some dysfunctional habits that she could benefit from having identified and talking through. Enemies: She has done some shady work and there's no doubt a client or two out there who has found something lifted after an energetic romp. I'm open to people having a more antagonistic role in Tsukiko's life, provided there is proper communication beforehand. You should definitely check out my rules below if this is something you're looking for. Tsukiko's Player is Seeking: Long-Term Contacts: While I know that Tsukiko's character at her core makes it really easy for short-term interactions, I really prefer to make long-term connections that engage characters on a more stimulating level than just, 'someone's feeling randy.' We don't have to play every day; in fact, we don't even have to talk every day! I just enjoy building things up for the enjoyment of everyone involved, and prefer to play with people who share that same passion. It's absolutely okay to approach if you just want Tsukiko to be a side-character, I'm open to that as well. Patience, Understanding, Communication: Tsukiko's Free Company is my highest priority, and if there's something that needs to be done with it, I'm going to be handling that. This means that there may be days that I'm simply not available for in-game play, or just may not be in the mood for it. I do not expect you to be perfect, as I certainly am not, but I do expect an effort to be made. I don't want to hear that you're uncomfortable with a line and have been for some time when we've been playing the line for a while, I don't want to be attacked at some point by a partner OOC who isn't comfortable with the themes we play. If you have limits, I need to know them. Anything that could cause a hiccup or bad feelings needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and not when things are caving in. Slow Burn: I'm not against romance for this character, but I prefer it be very slow burn. Tsukiko has zero experience with romantic feelings and didn't grow up with the most orthodox family. Her job is her life and it demands a lot of patience and I expect a lot of pitfalls before anything close to stability is in sight. Hot and heavy romances are fine, whirlwind romances are great, but anything lasting is going to have a high degree of work put into it on an in-character level. I really don't have any goals with this one, mostly everything will have to be discovered on the fly and discussed when that happens. Variety: I don't enjoy doing the same thing for long periods of time, and will sometimes rotate my attention depending on this. I am vastly more interested in forming connections with people who are okay setting aside role-play for a weekend to just dig into other content, and there's a special place in my heart for those who are unafraid of participating in group activities and prefer them over one-on-one interactions. I will struggle to maintain interest if we're doing the same thing every time we meet, and you should be okay with being told that I'm burned out on something. I'll always invite you along on other things that I do whenever possible! The Player's Dealbreakers: Dependence: I'm not interested in being the sole source of entertainment for you. I am not going to be online every day, I'm not likely going to be in contact every day. I don't like feeling responsible for someone like one might feel responsible for a high maintenance pet, and I'll be very clear when this situation starts to become clear that it's unwanted and needs to be rectified, or we'll be going our separate ways. You absolutely need to be able to entertain yourself and progress your character without my constant presence, because I can promise you I will not be a constant. Controlling: The only person you control is yourself. I don't care how much you don't like someone, you don't get to tell me that I can't interact with them. I don't want to hear the sordid gossip, I don't want you to tell me what horrible thing they did to you, I'm not playing that game. The moment you try to tell me who I can talk to or what I can do, I'll excuse myself from your life likely far more politely than you deserve. Don't do it, it's not cool. Please do inform me if you're uncomfortable if the need arises. I don't need to know who or what is making you uncomfortable, I don't need to know why. I have no problem moving us elsewhere if necessary, and if I need the same thing I will inform you. I don't want details, and I'm not going to give them. Don't try to mother me, either. I can think for myself and speak for myself. Don't speak for me to others, especially if I'm not present. Lack of Honesty: I'm very strict about being honest about things, specifically when they are things that could hurt others. When it comes to potential interactions with people I'm not familiar with or will have little contact with, I need to know that things have been discussed. I will take you at your word when it comes to this, but if I learn that you weren't honest about it and someone was hurt because you didn't communicate properly, that will be the end of it. I have no interest in being the accidental axe to a friendship or relationship, and no interest in being yelled at by someone who thinks I was a willing participant in hurting them. I'm not, don't put me in that position. Tantrums: We won't always get along. We might have different views on something, we may want different things. I am not a confrontational person by nature and if I feel that I'm getting a little too emotional, I will ask that we set whatever it is down and come back to it later when we've had some time to cool. If I discover this is impossible because you've removed me from contact lists in the heat of the moment, then that is where our contact ends. I will take that as you lacking the desire to continue interaction with me, and that will be the end of it. I will not chase you, I will not message you again, and there's a very high chance that if you approach me to talk about it later, I'll politely decline and wish you the best in your search. tl;dr: I expect those who I interact with to behave like the adults they should be. If this becomes an issue at any point in time, I will remove myself from the situation after explaining why I am doing so very clearly. I expect to be treated fairly and respectfully, and I will give you the same thing in return without qualms. We're all here to have fun, and I will do my best to keep that going so long as I know that the environment is still good for it. While I'm sure these deal breakers make me sound a bit uptight, I'm actually very easy to get along with and just prefer to be upfront about the speedbumps. Other Information/Contact Information: You can contact me on Discord by adding: Tsukiko Tanshi#9604. Please, do not rely on leaving me a message in-game unless it's very clear that I'm actually there. I frequently step away and leave myself logged in and my connection drops quite often so I won't get those messages reliably! You can also message me here, and I'll be happy to discuss potential play with you. As something of an aside, please don't message me with just one line asking if I'm interested in playing with you. This entire advertisement is me looking for contacts and I've thrown up a lot of hooks and the answer is that yes, I obviously do want to play with you! Instead, come with a little blurb about your character and how you think we might work together. You don't have to overload me with information, and you absolutely don't have to drop your entire character right there, I just want to see that you at least have an idea of where you want to go, which is something I can work with! I look forward to creating with you!
  20. Hey guys! I'm a formerly very active player from Mateus/Gilgamesh/Balmung. I'm not actually actively playing FFXIV right now, mostly holding out for the next expansion while I handle other stuff on my backlog, but I love the setting and miss RP so much I figured it couldn't hurt to throw up a classified ad here. Hopefully this isn't against the rules, if so feel free to let me know! I'm looking for someone to do some longer term RP with via email or Discord, or both depending on circumstances, with a possibility of moving it to in-game stuff from time to time if I can't resist the itch or after Shadowbringers launches. I prefer an RP partner that's about as literate as me and I generally write 1-3 paragraphs per post so someone who can match that would be ideal. It's been a long time since I last played or RP'd seriously so I don't really have a "main" guy in mind, but would be more than glad to hash out ideas for a character or a plot with people via PMs or something. Heck, that's almost half the fun when arranging RP like this, isn't it? I'm pretty open to any type or genre of RP, and am always down to try new stuff either way, so if you've been looking for a guinea pig to try an idea you've had on for a while I can be your guy! I enjoy everything from dark drama, action adventure, to fluffy romance stuff and everything in between, though as I said before I do prefer a longer term thing that allows for a lot of character growth. If it matters, I tend to play straight male characters and they're generally Hyur, Elezen, AuRa or Miqo'te. So whether you're just looking for a little RP to do on the side to flesh out a character or are in the same boat as me and looking for an RP buddy that won't flake out on you, gimme a PM or post in here and let's make something happen!
  21. Good morning all, I hope this message seeks you well! I’m calling all roleplayers across the Crystal (previously Aether) datacenter to come and join us! We’ve lots of exciting things coming, including a dedicated site supporting forums, a dedicated Wiki page filled with Lore, regularly scheduled events and more!! Please join us as we unite roleplayers across every server in Crystal! https://discord.gg/Vmqa9k5
  22. Hi all. First time using the RPC forums; this might be an unusual post. I used to play FFXIV and dabble in RP. I really like the world/atmosphere and enjoyed my brief RP experience, but some things about the game frustrate me, so I've been taking a break for a while. I'm not planning to return to FFXIV at the moment, but I'd love to get back into RP and more seriously this time, so I'm looking for some Discord-based RP opportunities. You can be from any FFXIV server; I played on Balmung before, but if I do come back to the game I'm willing to transfer or create elsewhere. I. Basic Info Characters: Hrodrich Thorne Primary character: Hrodrich Thorne Linkshells: None. Primary RP linkshell: None. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-heavy. I tend to focus on character development and emotional content; I'm most interested in story elements that tie into this. Sometimes it takes some coordination to set this stuff up right, and sometimes IC emotion does threaten to overwhelm people IRL, so a willingness to keep OOC communication open and respectful is a must. Views on RP combat and injuries: I think combat should have realistic outcomes given the abilities and motivations of the characters involved. So not a fan of unmodified /random Generally I'd prefer to discuss an agreeable result ahead of time for any serious encounters. Views on IC romance: I'm willing to include this, but it needs to develop naturally and over time ICly and be agreed on OOCly first. I am not interested in ERP and would rather fade-to-black sexual content unless highly relevant for character development. Any attempt to bleed an IC romantic relationship into OOC or demand that I play my character only when your character is also present and we're through, IC and OOC. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I am in general open to others' characters having pre-existing relationships to mine, but please consult with me OOCly first so we can make sure it makes sense with established history / characterization. Views on lore: I prefer to remain mostly within the bounds of established lore. I'm open to "what else makes sense" given what we know and the invention of minor details where the lore is silent, but I like the world as written, so please don't outright contradict it. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Just in case I do come back to the game: I generally assume that /say and /emote are IC iff the player has the RP tag on. (( Brackets )) can be used to specify OOC. /linkshells can be IC if they're specifically set up that way; they do exist in lore. /yell is useful for emphasis / announcements during events but too audible too far to be realistic as IC all the time. /shout is right out. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: Central (GMT-6) Contact info: PM me here for initial discussion, will provide Discord handle if things work out!
  23. Hey there! I'm looking for Roleplay contacts of all kinds, both short- and long-term, for my main character, Dayir Laurent. Dayir is on the Balmung server, but I am always interested in Discord RP, or even Google Docs. A bit about me. I have been roleplaying for many years, and currently work as a product designer on the East coast of the United States. My RP style tends to lean towards the heavier side; the sort of posts that go a little longer than a paragraph, and I enjoy descriptive, emotionally interesting roleplay. That being said, I'm more than willing to fit my writing to your preferred style. I have a long way to go before I consider myself good, but I enjoy writing stories and delving deeply into my characters. What sort of RP am I looking for? At the moment, Dayir is in need of contacts of all sorts. He is open to Romance, and there is very little subject matter that I would not be willing to touch on; darker themes are acceptable, as well as slower, slice-of-life, if that's more your speed. I love variety in my RP. It can be difficult to find a solid partner, so long-term contacts are extremely welcome, but not necessary in the least. In-game and Discord are both completely okay with me. I keep a solid frequency, and am very active in-game. You can find me online most evenings. Huge nerd, I know. Character Information: Name: Dayir Laurent Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Au'ra - Xaela Profession: Explorer, Scholar, Collector, Adventurer for Hire. Residence: No permanent residence, but holds an office in The Goblet. Tumblr/Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Dayir_Laurent Brief Backstory/Personality Blurb: Dayir Laurent is, above all, a man who holds an abstract desire, somehow material and intangible all at once. The blood of adventure flows through his body, but that isn't it. A deep love of information, lore, and the stories that make the world sing covers his mind, but that isn't it. From deeper it stems, a driving, singular desire that tints every aspect of his struggle, his occupation, and his love. Dayir Laurent wishes for the things that no one knew could ever exist. A curious, focused gaze would find you from behind his spectacles, wondering just where you might lead him. And just what he can get out of you. Making his living as a collector and expert in the retrieval of priceless rarities and lost histories, he travels the world, diving into the most reckless pursuits at the mere mention of a rumor, a long career of danger and a longer waltz with death coating his world-weary body, comrades and combat both tinting his soul. He is both stoic and calm, and yet relentlessly curious, traveling the world and collecting lore and artifacts, several of which hang from his body as he walks. Plot Hooks: ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical or old, Dayir is likely interested in what you've got going on. ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical old, and illegal, Dayir is doubly interested. The things that society says are wrong are usually where the most interesting things happen. ■ If your character is a scholar, or a writer, or a bookworm. They have a lot to talk about. ■ If your character is interested in exploration, or finding new experiences, or simply needs to get out of their comfort zone, meeting Dayir could be a powerful experience for them. ■ If your character is looking for a traveling partner, Dayir is always glad to have company, and I love writing small adventures for characters. Contact Details: Discord (River#8158), or send me a message right here!
  24. Hello there! We are currently in desperate need of Officers! Namely we need a media and advertising Officer! Someone to be in charge of running and maintaining our tumbler and/or creating our FC event advertisements! We ask all applicants to submit previews of their work! This/These position(s) are some of the few that do not require you to be a RP member of our FC as well! Other Officer or Leader positions are as follows Discord manager (the person who helps maintain and manage discord. keeping things organized and assigning new members their roles.) Leaders (we are looking for those interested in the RP position of leader of each of the branches of staff in the FC. You would be in charge of setting up and DMing missions your staff undertake to supply or otherwise aid the FC operations)
  25. Free! Mini RP just for your character Free! I was thinking, there are many who are looking for RP connections with a "contact me" request, and many who are waiting hoping someone would come and RP with them. Well then I am offering to come and RP with you is some way. This is how it will work. You tell me a bit of detail (see below) I create some brief RP context/scenario/reasons I come find you RP happens The RP would be with Nebula, my Pirate Witch, who can fit into any setting. I'm okay to adapt and new RPer friendly. So please if you are worried, take a ticket we can go at your pace. I can make up the RP context and if you have some specifics you want just let me know. I am in GMT/UTC zone (Europe) so there may be some time juggling requited. What do I want from you? > Reply to this thread with the following and I will take the first SIX. (You can Discord me at Nebbs#5123) Character Name: Time-zone (OOC): Location Preference (IC): Style (pick one): [slice of Life], [Mystery], [Adventure] Spirit (pick one): [Humerus], [serious] Tone (pick one): [Light], [Dark] Anything Specific you might want: Current Pending open... Done Kallera Etoile - via Discord: Scapegoat Witches Alexa Rose - via Discord: Demon Children Y'idya Tehn - Done: The Ash'choo curse Yitani Arulaq - (A'zaza Skywrite) - Done: The Cursed Curiosities A'riali Soro - Done: The Robber Rodents Kerrath Ellouelle - Done: The Case of the Hornet Honey Wine A'lera Treon - queued - Done: A New Hope
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