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  1. <IC> The sanguine hum of violins, the sweet taste of wine, the kiss of a costumed stranger beneath Menphina's hallowed light - Can you envision it as the days pass by and the celebration approaches? Gather under the Sable Tree for a night of refuge in our first annual All Saints' Wake Ball! Join us on the final eve of the moon, share a drink and dance 'til your slippers break at the heels! Will you encounter your fated half-- or share a pas-de-deux with Lady Death herself? <OOC> On Friday, October 25th from 5pm PDT/7pm CDT to 9pm PDT/11pm CDT The Sable Tree Company will host a ballroom event at our mansion located in Lavender Beds p58, w15! To suit the theme of the evening, the dress code for the ball will be **Frightening Elegance.** In other words, dress to scare in the most chic fashions! Sable Tree will provide the music for the evening, playing orchestral tracks through an out-of-game playlist(Playlist site and link TBA). Members of Sable Tree will be joining the crowd to partake in dances as directed by the hosts. For any questions or to express interest in collabing with the event, please contact Veyha Yanjahl (Tachi#5162) or Admiah Kreiston (Ranpuff#0351). We'll be happy to answer whatever you have to ask!
  2. I figured since I mentioned it in another thread I'd just bite the bullet and post it here instead of replying to the pm's about it. Guess this makes it 'quasi-official public alpha release time'. Note: this is still running on a development server, expect some outages, screwiness, and bugs. To add the discord bot to a channel you must have "Manage Channel" permissions and follow the below link. https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=240846820584980480&scope=bot&permissions=0 Once it's there, give it a roll to prevent it from talking in channels you don't want it interacting with. Use the !help command for more information about the bot. It is suggested to pick a channel and use the following commands: !addnotifications !adddaily Please note setting your time zone is fidgety, it requires the 'exact' name of the timezone.Here are some standard ones: ● GMT Standard Time - TZ Offset: 1 - Time Now: 5:11 PM ● Pacific Standard Time - TZ Offset: -7 - Time Now: 9:11 AM ● US Mountain Standard Time - TZ Offset: -7 - Time Now: 9:11 AM ● Central Standard Time - TZ Offset: -5 - Time Now: 11:11 AM ● US Eastern Standard Time - TZ Offset: -4 - Time Now: 12:11 PM So to set the bot in your channel to Pacific time you would use: !setTZ Pacific Standard Time I'll make the !help command look pretty and post it later when I'm not at the office. I make no guarantees of the bots up-time, and the like. (RIP my bandwidth.) Edit: To get a look at the bot before inviting it to your discord a test bed discord can be joined by following the below link: https://discord.gg/Rd6jJvA It is also the easiest place to get intouch with me for help.
  3. Hey! I just finished the Shadowbringers storyline today, and wow, I'm impressed! Ideally I post around two paragraphs or more for post length, and I love roleplaying scenarios where romance and evolving feelings comes into play, so slow burn stuff is super nice. I'm looking for people who are interested in also roleplaying multiple paragraphs over discord. I can play Alisaie, Alphinaud, the Warrior of Light, or Y'shtola. This is vague to avoid spoilers, but I'd like to try any of the following, and I'm looking for my partner to play the person listed on the left: Crystal Exarch / Warrior of Light, or Alisaie Alphinaud / Warrior of Light Emet-Selch / Warrior of Light Estinien / Alphinaud Thancred / Y'shtola or Warrior of Light Magnai / Y'shtola I tend to play the Warrior of Light either as an Au Ra girl, or a Mi'qote boy, depending on your preference for M/M or M/F as far as romance goes. I have two OCs as well, but neither are the Warrior of Light, if you're interested in them as well. One is a viera male, but I play him close to the FFXII history of them. The other is a Mi'qote female. I'm fine with both Canon/OC and OC/OC if you're interested in me playing an OC. I'm fine with this having mature themes but I'd also like some good fluff and story line too, so please be ready to plot with me more than just saying 'yeah that sounds good!' or 'Hello!' Please be older than 18, because I'm not comfortable roleplaying with people who aren't adults, sorry! My discord is Morphasia#6106, so if you're interested, feel free just to add me there and send me a message!
  4. CUSTOM ACRYLIC CHARMS ARE CLOSED! Things to Know! - I'm more comfortable and better on drawing females. - I am not confident in drawing: Detailed armour, muscles (like hella muscular men), nsfw - I can draw things outside of FFXIV! (Fanart, original characters) - Take note that I draw a fairly cute style! If you're interested/ have any questions reach me on DM/Email: senyomigaeru@gmail.com / Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram
  5. Good morning all, I hope this message seeks you well! I’m calling all roleplayers across the Crystal (previously Aether) datacenter to come and join us! We’ve lots of exciting things coming, including a dedicated site supporting forums, a dedicated Wiki page filled with Lore, regularly scheduled events and more!! Please join us as we unite roleplayers across every server in Crystal! https://discord.gg/Vmqa9k5
  6. Guest

    Solis and Khrys

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    This screenshot was taken during the Fallgourd Float Ball that happened about a week or so ago (From 8/14/16) Solis' Player SM Nick showed me this screenshot he took and it fits them perfectly, both flustered and embarrassed after realizing who they were under the mask! Solis Claritas > SM Nick Khrys Relanah > RavieRaptor
  7. Guest

    Queue Queue

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    Ended up waiting nearly 4 hrs. >_<
  8. Guest

    Darien's Pretty Chocobo

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    Name of Saffron. A bit girly, but come on, it's yellow! I was trying to be a dramatic photographer.
  9. until
  10. Come one and all to the official Lamia RP Hub Days! Every Saturday, enjoy Roleplayers of all walks and styles at each of the City State adventuring guilds! Each week we will be rotating to a different city state and promote casual, friendly roleplaying for anyone who wants to come. Everyone is expected to adhere to the Lamia RP discord's official rules, which can be found on our Discord server. There is no official start or end time, but we suggest anywhere between 4pm-10pm EST for the best chance at getting to RP with your fellow Lamians. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact one of the server representatives! S C H E D U L E Week 1: The Quicksand, Ul'dah Week 2: The Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa Week 3: The Bannock, Gridania Week 4: Mystery ARR Location! [This month's location: ???] Please note that the week will be determined by the corresponding Saturdays of the month. For example, if the first day of the month is a Saturday, that will count as Week 1. Server Reps: Yumi Hikaru, Itsu Neir, Nisah Liseh, Frederick Fortesque, and Jaster Laenwyn
  11. Hello, you all are always extremely helpful so I wanted to see if I could pick some brains for lore and opions again. I took a look around for lore myself but I can't seem to find anything on this particular subject or how its handled so here I am. We know Ishgard has several classes within her walls during the war but one thats caused me a lot of confusion is the sword wielders. Originally I assume they were just Paladins nothing to worry about, but noting the Knights use Holy magic I'm not a bit curious on how most people handle this. I personally was thinking of having my character be a sword wielder but I was curious about just how far lore wise that can be pushed. I know of the Sultana Sworn and the Paladins there and the Free Paladins, and I know that it is easy to garner a soulstone from these places, but what about Ishgard? Are they using Holy magic, do you suppose there are soulstones for sword wielders there? Are they just weaving other magic into their fighting styles to seem like they are using Paladin like skills? I know the game has its limitations and having Ser Adelphel use other abilities (assuming their are not Paladins) would have been a bit much but I simply am not sure if that is or isn't the case. I want to use skills from the Paladin repertoire on my own character, but in your opinions; would it be better to simply put a spin on them as a Gladiator? Or is it safe to assume their are Paladins in Ishgard as well, and they are just maybe handled differently then Uldahn Paladins?
  12. “War’s one horrible, messy business, and more often than not its wake is as terrible as its coming, and yet the ravens will always be there to clean up what it leaves behind.” Who we are: Raven Heart <<RH-RP>> is an EU-based heavy roleplaying Free Company on Balmung (NA Legacy) server. Company rules can be found >>here<<. We have a personal discord server for our members to relax and chat in. We offer a good variety of different RP events for members to take part in, ranging from a weekly meeting (attendance highly encouraged, yet not mandatory), contract and plot events, along with social get-togethers such as an All Saints’ Wake party. Other casual RP can usually be found in and around our Mists Medium house! There’s always something going on. What we do: With the war between the city states of Hydaelyn and the Garlean Empire growing in intensity, as well as drawing the attention of independent organisations such as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, many of Raven Heart’s contracts are focused around the idea of cleaning up the threats that have been left unchecked across Hydaelyn, as well as helping those they can along the way. Though the company has made its fair share of enemies along the way, which often makes completion of its contracts all the more difficult… But the rewards just that much better. What we’re looking for: Mercenaries: Whether you fight with an axe, a sword, a gun, a staff, or a different weapon all together, Raven Heart is always looking for the able-bodied and highly skilled to join its ranks. There’s no better feeling than saving the realm, along with a good payout. Adventurers: Filled with wanderlust and a sense of adventure, or perhaps wanting to be remembered for great deeds? Our contracts will take you across Hydaelyn, along with the promise of pay and renown at the end. Supporting staff: As with any venture, non-combatants and support staff are always required, particularly those with business, or crafting skills. After all, battles aren’t just won on the field, and gil can get you anywhere. Healers: Knowledge of conjury or arcanima? Or perhaps you’re simply a chirurgeon or traditional healer? As with any fighting Free Company in Eorzea, battles can get intense, and afterwards there’s more than a fair share of healing to go around. Raven Heart is particularly looking for healers to complete its roster. Community members! Raven Heart is more than just a Free Company, and while it is our focus we don’t always expect our members to be playing Final Fantasy XIV! Members can usually be found on voice chat playing a multitude of different games, we’re a group of friends who share a passion that surpasses only roleplaying and we’d love to have new additions to our little family. If you think you’d like to take part and join the Ravens, contact Thya Kahzuun (Discord: Tea#3754), Vexiras Redain (Discord: Vex#0458), Xau Saialdhe (Discord: Xau#8497), or S’nihma Tahsi (Discord: Nichlas#8451) in-game, tumblr, via the forums, or on discord.
  13. So about a week ago or so, playing through the MSQ as my main character again whom I had abandoned sometime ago out of boredom. Watching the cutscenes, just, made things sorta connect in my head and I could see how this would just, lend itself really well to the melancholy of my head. So I made a GMV about it and the opinions have been positive so far. Some criticism of certain aspects but still applauded it. That's not to say I can't take negative criticism of course, I look for all kinds. It's the only way to get better. Either way, I wanted to share it with you all. And hear your thoughts on it. Enjoy ~ PS. Since I can't get spoiler tags to work... Apologize for the video just being in your face right here. = ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~
  14. Hello everyone!! So i've finally reach here xd. Currently i'm open for commission in semi realism style with anime aesthetic Ok so lets get going to sample what i offer: Currently i only can take portrait or half body commission, so if any of you interested you can massage me here or through my email herist1989@gmail.com With the format massage: -Type of commission (Portrait/half body) -Explain character you want me to draw and paint as clearly as possible (or if any reference i would be very thankful) Term to read: -After the initial sketch is done, i waited for payment either its full upfront or half first then i start to work on character until it finish -Final format/size in JPEG and 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels 300dpi -Usually i can do per commission 1 week maximum 2 week so please bare with me -Payment done only by paypal For now i can take 4 to 5 slot, ill update it here thanks
  15. Rumor has it that there is a shop steeped in intrigue and filled with curiosities unheard of nestled deep within the shaded boughs of the Black Shroud. The flicker of candle light can oft be seen through the windows, and the scent of burned sage has long since mired into the very soils surrounding this esoteric establishment. Do you fancy yourself a purveyor of oddities? It would certainly not be wrong to say you've an inclination towards research of the many vast unknowns of the realm, but a helping hand or two is what you're searching for? Mayhap you are simply lost and you've wandered in by mistake! It matters little, for the question remains ostensibly the same. Will you walk in the shade of the Sable Tree? From potions and potables, to charms and trinkets, there is something for everyone. A list of wares can be found > HERE < A list of wares can be found > HERE <
  16. Hello everyone apologies but I was curious if we have a list of plants that can be used for healing purpose? I normally cross-check them with IRL plants and then find an FFXIV counterpart for healing roleplays but I was wondering if anyone has compiled an actual list of plants for healers?
  17. until
    The bi-weekly content structure of the University main story continues. The Twin Adders have the results of the results of the trans-mutative herbs found in the bodies of those kidnapped by the Snake eaters. Event will take place in Central Shroud, recommended level 30+ to avoid mobs slapping you around while RPing.
  18. until
    The Royal Order Café are proud to host a Little Ladies' Evening: a celebration for ladies (and gentlemen!) where East meets West. This is a chance to dress up in your finest and sample special cuisine from Eorzea and Othard in honour of Little Ladies' Day, waited on hand by our loyal Royal Café Stewards. Prizes will be given out for the Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Senechal! The Royal Order Café is in the Goblet, 14th Ward, Plot 19! (Omega Server) Please Note: Any and all weapons and arms are strictly prohibited. About the Royal Order Café The Royal Order Café is a haven in the Goblet for anyone seeking a quiet cup of tea, coffee, wine, or cocktail. We also havea plethora of cakes, pastries, or small meals to tempt you, all served in luscious surroundings fit for a Sultana! Our proprietress and friendly staff aim to bring a touch of the royal experience to all of our customers.
  19. __________________________________________ - R e c r u i t m e n t - _______________________________ - R e c r u i t m e n t S t a t u s - N o w A c c e p t i n g A p p l i c a t i o n s! - ** If you are interested in joining, please feel free to send an application to our website located in our link on this page. Otherwise, if you have questions or would like to express interest, please feel free to contact StormyGlormy#8635 or WTHHero#3467 directly, or PM Moneva Farron or Elex Felelle IG ** ________________________________________________________________
  20. Ysa Ysa


    Hello and Welcome to Artifice!! I just want to say thank you for joining us, and I hope to make this experience and stay for you fun and awesome. :smiley: Down below are just a few rules I require everyone to abide by so that we can have a fun and enjoyable experience while we RP and get to enjoy and experience FFXIV together. General Rules - No harassment of any sort. This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted sexual advances, threatening, and otherwise things can be considered an attack against another player. This is meant to be a fun and social environment for all, so let us collectively keep it fun and friendly! - We are an 18+ FC. That being said, it is fine to be lewd and curse, just be within reason. No overtly sexual or violent talk within the Discord, LS, or FC talk. If you’d like to have such conversations please do so in tell. - Avoid religious or political discussion. Such conversations are fine in private, but both subjects can be a bit touchy, and therefore should be avoided in the public chats.(edited) Roleplay Rules - Please keep OOC and IC separate. The fun of RP is that we get to act out characters and make a story, so please keep that in mind. If you have a problem with the person OOC whom you are RPing with, keep it out of RP, and if it comes to be an issue, please contact myself or one of the officers on Discord or IG. Please respect others’ boundaries. If you would like to commit a crime against another person, such as seriously hurting them, sexual assault, etc. Ask the person beforehand to see if it is okay. Some people are okay with anything happening to their character within reason, and some do not want to be touched. Make sure to ask and know your RP partner. No public ERP. I do not mind ERP, as it helps deepen character bonds with one another, but if you wish to do so keep it in private. Also, please do not solicit your character to ERP for gil. When you wear our tag, you represent the entire group, so please keep that in mind when you are RPing out in the world of Eorzea. Avoid purposefully metagaming or godmodding another character. If you do not know what this means, please contact myself or an officer and we will better explain the terminology.
  21. LOCATION: High Bridge (Eastern Thanalan, x: 21.4 y:21.0) DURATION: One sun. (one day oocly, til 9pm est Jan 17.) STATUS: One of the crew is extremely ill, some of the others are slightly injured, but generally fine. MORALE: tense, but relatively neutral. __ OUR STORY SO FAR: __ After recruiting and setting up a stable group of crew members within the past few weeks in Ul'dah, Moneva and few of her crew members make preparations for the start of their infamy: Stealing an airship. Moneva hears wind of the Castrum out in the Shroud having a delivery of a new prototype of Combat airship to test out in the fields, finding it to be the perfect opportunity to take hold of their first ship. Catching wind of rumours about a Xaela teen attacking the fellow Xaela out in the city of Ul'dah, Moneva decides to send her group ahead of her with the assistance of Yara her new assistant, much to the group's displeasure. Upon exiting out of the city, the group encounters a few places of interest along the way to rest, in which a mixture of typical rowdiness and tensions ensue before making their way forward once more. Later on in their travels, the group encounters a fork in the road which causes Yara to split up the two groups respectively; One to go left, and the other right. One of the two groups stumble upon a new face named Rosalinde, offering her assistance to protect the group as they would travel, causing the group to welcome in a new valuable asset to their ranks. For now, the crew of the Vice & Virtue are camped at HighBridge til next sundown, tensions rising between some of the crew members. Would they manage to handle one another during their travels? Well, only time would tell...
  22. To keep a facade, a criminal must *always* know how to hide their vices, and shine with their virtues. That’s the mantra Moneva has lived with all her life in order to survive the harsh seas of the Far East. She was a dare-devil, a live-wire through and through and having grown tired of the seas she had conquered and of her homeland’s formal policies, Moneva set her sights to Eorzea. Upon having heard rumours of pirates attaining prospects of amassing large quantities of gil and infamy, she couldn’t refuse the opportunity and set sail by first light. Upon her findings, Moneva discovered a new “beast” to tame: The sky. With a burning passion deep within her veins, she made the decision to practice and devote her life to mastering the craft of sky-sailing, and all that came with it. Thus, the company called Artifice was founded.
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