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  1. Character(s) Kiara Nocturne (Mateus, Coeurl) A charismatic, spunky Miqo'te rogue seeking adventure and entertainment. She has a knack for befriending all types of people, and is driven by reckless curiosity, often finding herself collecting a vast array of information, as well as gossip and rumors. Her loyalty might falter if her own hide is at risk, or even if she thinks it would be more interesting to switch sides, and generally has no qualms about playing double agent. Despite her bubbly, lax, and outgoing personality, her moral compass is pretty broken and she thrives on causing mischief and chaos. (more to come in the future?) RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy) I'm fine with the whole spectrum! I think it depends on the situation, but I love quick, casual banter as much as long, in-depth storylines! Views on RP combat and injuries I'm not big into rp fighting, but I don't mind letting my babies get injured. Any permanent damage or scars should be discussed beforehand, though! ;w; Views on IC romance Oh lord, I'm a hopeless romantic. ;w; I love writing cute, fluffy, and even angsty ships. But it's gotta be built up and developed naturally between our characters, otherwise it feels too forced and inorganic. If our muses have chemistry, though, sure! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc) Just as good! I love having my muse develop friendships! :3 I usually don't do rp families, but I'm not against them... just a little more cautious, I guess? But even brotherly/fatherly/motherly figures are awesome! And even enemies and rivals are great! Views on lore I'm currently trying to read through all the FFXIV lore, so admittedly I'm not too knowledgeable on it. I don't think it's mandatory to make your character adhere strictly to the in-game lore, since I believe creativity is key! So I think I may end up making alternate bios for my character(s) -- one for the original bio and one that's pretty much an AU that's adapted to the lore -- in case people are picky about that sort of thing. o3o Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc) I'm. . . not sure! ; w ; I'm new to MMO roleplaying so I don't really know what's the norm and what isn't! I guess the main thing is just differentiating between talking out of character, and talking in-character. As long as I can tell that, I guess I don't care where it's coming from. o3o Other Info Country United States Timezone EST Contact info I've got a Discord! I'd rather people PM me about it though, so I don't have to post it publicly. ^_^;;
  2. Hey there! I picked up ffxiv last month and wasted my free trial, but I eventually picked it back up again and i love it. I'm a lvl 42 ARC at the moment but i wanted to look for a possible RP partner on aether/Mateus. I'm not in a FC or LS at the moment, but I'm open to joining one. I don't have any specific requirements for my partners, they can be romantic, platonic, etc. Currently I'm playing on console so discord would be the best way to RP atm, feel free to add me at Ornstein#2761 | Character info | Name: Danah'li Zhahl Race/Clan: Miqo'te, Keepers of the Moon Sexuality: Homosexual Age: 21 Gender: Male Status: Single Home: Limsa Lominsa Height: 5'4 Hair: Orange with black eartips Eyes: Orange/Amber (right) Yellow/Gold (left) Spontaneous and curious, a bit of a trickster at times but otherwise he is humble and caring. Loyal to his friends and allies. | Short BG | Danah'li lived as the youngest sibling to his nomadic family, having minimal to no contact with other people/races until he became of age that he decided to embark on his own journey as an adventurer. Craving to meet new people and see new places, he tries to help other adventurers in need and helps small-folk in the villages surrounding Limsa Lominsa and Gridania whenever possible. | Starter Ideas/Topics/etc | - Adventurer for hire - Shoddy marksman, almost hitting your character with an arrow - Arcanist studying to become a Scholar - Stubborn chocobo/Inept rider - Friends in high places (He enjoys climbing into almost impossible to reach areas) If interested just let me know! I'm new to this forum so the best possible place would be to message me on discord. (Old photo btw, will update after work tomorrow)
  3. Dwassyith Swanra

    omega [Omega] Dwassyith Swanra

    Dwassyith Swanra [This character is on *OMEGA* only] I. Basic Info Characters: Dwassyith Swanra Primary Character: Dwassyith Swanra. I roleplay him as a sociopathic, prone-to-violence, misogynist criminal. He is the kind of character that is very hard to get along with, but once you go past that (extremely thick) wall of unpleasantness, Dwassyith can actually be a valuable ally. Cunning, viciously sarcastic and heavily disillusioned, Dwassyith leads a life of crude selfishness and endless conflict, which often causes him to get into trouble with anybody and everybody. He begun getting involved with the trafficking of narcotics at young age and he is not a stranger to repeated murder under several circumstances. However, despite what seems to be a hopeless case of lunacy and pride, Dwassyith is actually capable of establishing long-lasting relationships with people. Yet, they often have a twisted sense of oddity to them that makes them take a harrowingly dark turn. To the ones he cares about, he remains fiercely and obsessively loyal to a rather unhealthy degree. Linkshells: RP Network on Omega. Free Company: Path of the Rootless on Omega. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. http://robasarel.tumblr.com/ II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Definitely heavy. I RP every day and I put it as a main priority over all of my other in-game activities. So I can assure that I dedicate several hours everyday to progress my plots and stories. It's like an addition, the most beautiful of them all, for it is based on creativity. I am also a huge fan of dark/mature themes. I've had my fair share of positive, casual, slice-of-life tranquil and easy going RP in the past but I find that in the latest years I need my stories to have something more to it. What packs an emotional punch and takes the breath away, both in positive and in negative, I like. I appreciate the gritty, the sleazy, the crude and the realistic. Views on RP combat and injuries: Can do it both with rolls or without, depending on how my RP combat partner feels about it. I prefer the RP to be without the rolls because it leaves more leeway to creative writing and fairness. I think one can understand much about the other RPers by simply seeing how they handle IC combat, it's a moment where the true quality of someone's RP and attitude shines through. So yes, it is welcomed, as long as there is a person on the other side that is willing to be chilled, relaxed and go for what's reasonable and makes sense rather than anything related to ego-flexing. Views on IC romance: I've done plenty of that and I'm still open to it, just as long as it doesn't become the main thing. It's easy to burn out a relationship if too much obsessive focus is given to it, it's better to savour its sweetness bit by bit. It keeps it fresh, enganging and it's good for storytelling. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Perfectly good, perfectly acceptable. Why not? If it makes sense with the character's background and the natural developments of his present times, I wouldn't certaintly put a stop to it. I have had the pleasure to RP ties a-plenty, and I still do matter of fact, for all my characters have relatives played by other players. It adds a further flavour to it all. Views on lore: I am semi-new to FFXIV but I am eagerly and voraciously trying to learn as much lore as possible. I abide to it, the lore is always my Bible to follow with religious dedication. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'll fill this one up sometimes later! III. Other Info Country: Italy Timezone: GMT+2 Contact Info: Alex6thJuly#1988
  4. Cheeseowl

    Q'ruhka Tia [Mateus]

    I. Basic Info Characters: Q'ruhka Tia Primary character: Q'ruhka Tia Linkshells: None yet, currently looking Primary RP linkshell: None yet, currently looking II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy preferred. I'm an experienced forum RPer, used to multiple paragraphs of text at a time, but I'd to try more ingame things Views on RP combat and injuries: Not big on /rand combat, superficial injuries doable Views on IC romance: Yes please! I prefer, slower, natural romances, especially with angst. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Family will be difficult with his backstory, but friends/mentors are welcome. Others of the Puk tribe would likely be distant relatives, he could possible have a younger sibling. Views on lore: New to lore, but I try to stick to canon when possible, I'm not going to be strict on it though. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): New to RPing on a game, but wanting to try linkshells and discord. /say or /tell should be fine in game, I imagine, I'm looking for linkshells and free companies as well. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: /tell or mail in game, message here, or my discord (CheeseOwl#3984). Ruhka has a tumblr (https://qruhkatia.tumblr.com/) you can attempt to message me there or on my pillowfort (https://www.pillowfort.io/CheeseOwl)
  5. Guest

    Sevariel Silverstorm

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    There's a storm comin' Harry..
  6. Guest

    Sevariel Silverstorm

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    Feelin' Stylish..
  7. This is going to either be an oddly specific question with no genuine answer or...just an odd question in general. So in Seeker tribes I know how the Nunh works, I know how the tribe works and I know how all those gears fit together to form a perfectly working machine. But here's my question. What happens when a random wrench is thrown into that machine? I'm talking about illegitimate children and the like. Is there anything set in stone on that or is it mostly theory crafting? I know how most hierarchies run animals deal with it, but I didn't know if the Seekers being obviously sensible in most terms would deal with it; if we have a solid fact, or if it is mostly headcanon and theory crafting. I'm looking into (possibly) making a character who is a half breed (big surprise) from either some badly timed meeting, or very unfortunate happenstance. But I was curious just how that goes among the tribe. I can assume that based on their hierarchy and just how strict it is it would be less a 'burn the witch' situation and more a 'you don't come from strong blood' kind of situation. Considering that the Nunh is supposedly the most 'fit' male for breeding at the time, anyone born outside of that I'd assume would be seen as a lesser tribe member but more than likely still a member. Not to be cruelly stated so as to bully the child, but to be more blatantly stated by some of the tribe if asked as it would just be a general consensus. As I'm assuming that's simply how the female seekers would see it, someone born from a lesser male would just be innately weak? That's my theory, but I am unsure if there is a more solid thought process on this or a better theory. Would that theory change depend on if it was a female or male who fathered the child? Aka a female warrior versus a Tia? Aka do you assume a Nunh would be enraged to hear about a Tia fathering a child in his place, more so than a female. Would they even care? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on these, in regards to just seeker children and hybrids honestly? Do you think it would be worse if it was a hybrid? Less? Theories? TL;DR: What do you think Seeker tribes do with illegitimate children? Children born outside the Nunh by either a Tia or one of the female warriors (or both), do you think it changes depending on circumstance? Or do you think it would be more like real lion prides in the way they get rid of children not born from the leader? Thoughts? I'm actually very curious how most people feel/if theres lore on this.
  8. Hello there! I'm looking to get some active connections established with this character, I'm generally available between 12 pm and 3 am Eastern Time, but I can be around earlier than 12 if requested or with planning. The character's name is Y'khurah Seirh, a female Seeker of the Sun miqo'te. She no longer associates with her tribe, but the letter remains part of her name. She likes to go by the nickname "Kuro" for short and will often introduce herself as such. She is currently in a relationship, but she could really use some close friends to talk to and hang out with. She's got a short temper and can sometimes be difficult to get along with, but she's a sweet girl at heart and will easily warm up those that treat her with genuine kindness or friendliness. In-Character Info: Occupation: Freelancer / Adventurer Age: 25 Orientation: Heterosexual Current Residence: None Alignment: Lawful Neutral? She won't deal with anything evil, criminal or illegal-oriented, but she is selfish. Usually Seen Around: You can run into her just about anywhere in the Black Shroud, Thanalan or La Noscea - she is something of a wanderer, and will take work in a variety of places. In her downtime, she will often be around the Quicksand or Gold Plaza in Ul'Dah. Potential RP Hooks: -Are you a male Elezen? She really likes those for some reason. -Perhaps a former member of her tribe from the desert, or a different section of the Y tribe? -If you too are a traveler, perhaps you can encounter her on the road (or at a settlement). -Maybe something about her happens to fit something you like! Whether it's tough girls (she is a lancer), redheads, or even just miqo'te, something about her could inspire you to talk to her. -Perhaps you hold a unique appearance or are doing something she finds unusual or interesting, she may say hello and try to initiate conversation? -She's open to more steady work, but not going out of her way to seek it. If a company suits her interests she may look into it. Out of Character Info: Timezone: I am on the East Coast of the US (Eastern Standard Time) - If you're not sure of the time difference to wherever you are, feel free to ask! Or just utilize google, either works Activity: I am online just about every day, unless something is otherwise planned. Please understand that though I am active on Kuro, she is not my only character, so there may be some times I will not be available to play her, but I can promise overall consistency ♥ Exceptions: I might be able to RP later than the stated time frame sometimes, if things are already happening I won't always dip out right at 3 am my time. If there's anything else not stated here that you'd like to know about the character or my availability or anything else, please ask!
  9. So, odd question but a question none-the-less. I recalled hearing something about there being a possibility of two Nunhs(?) in a Tribe. One being the breeding male and one being a supervisor of sorts or something? I do not recall the exact situation and that is why I am here. Seeker lore, I seem to run into it in places and it is normally sparse or mostly about naming or something. Because it is one of the first races introduced I wanted to know just how much reading material is out there for our dear tribal cats; and if anyone can help me better understand their hierarchy and the like. I know Sounssy(?) keeps large lore posts somewhere but I'll be honest and admit I've lost a lot of that recently ;; Any information is helpful and appreciated.
  10. Jenilee

    X'lantah Kett

    Please check out my character's profile on the wiki: X'lantah Kett I. Basic Info Characters: X'lantah Kett Primary character: X'lantah Kett Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would consider myself a heavy roleplayer but am always happy to roleplay with those who consider themselves of the medium or light variety. Also, I do enjoy other things outside of roleplay (PvP, raiding, etc) so if that's something that interests you, let me know! Views on RP combat and injuries: I would prefer to roleplay these types of things out. I like to have a quick discussion as to the outcome just so that both players are on the same page. Views on IC romance: I enjoy romance roleplay a great deal. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm a fan of all types of roleplay so long as it fits. Views on lore: In the interest of full disclosure, FF14 lore is a bit confusing for me and I'm still learning all the details. That being said, I will never roleplay outside of my abilities and knowledge of the lore. X'lantah is my first character and I've given her a simple background to avoid any type of lore conflict. I will always welcome lore advice / suggestions from anyone willing to give it! III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: EST Contact info:In game: X'lantah Kett, on the forums or in the discord (JenileeD20#9861). Always happy to talk!
  11. Shark-Heart

    balmung Kye Rahn'as

    I. Basic Info Characters:Kye Rahn'as Primary character:Kye Rahn'as, part time blacksmith, armorer, black market dweller, and pirate. Full time self-proclaimed 'Sea Prince'. Generally a good contact to have if you need a weapon or piece of armor made for cheap.. if you can tolerate the smiles and smoke. He loves meeting new faces and will treat everyone like a customer. But don't let the soft smile and cigarette smoke fool you. Inside of his mind rest ideas that some might find unruly and wild, but he'll do anything as long as it benefits him in the long run. (More in the wiki below!) Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: Amaterasu FC Linkshell II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium! I'm usually leveling or running dailies/raids and stuff while on the game but I can also make time for RP! I do play other games outside of FFXIV but it's my main game! Discord is also an option. I'm good with dark, mature, anything really. I usually do para RP but I'm also fine with mirroring! Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm fine with both! If there are any serious injuries I think it should be something discussed beforehand. With that being said I do like how my characters are, but if it happens and is planned well I can get behind it. Views on IC romance: I'm all for it! Especially if the characters have good chemistry but like injuries and combat it could be something discussed OOCly! I don't seek it out but I'm all for ships! Usually things that happen over time are right up my alley instead of in an instant. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Kye grew up on a pirate ship and found out he had a sister (now deceased), so I'm all up for plotting old friends/family/guardians. There is always the possibility that old business missions arise that may have gone bad, or maybe they went better than expected but didn't quite catch the name of those involved. And of course, he has enemies galore or people who just don't want him around. Views on lore: I do follow the lore and abide by it. With that being said I also might forget a thing or two here and there. Have a character that other people or yourself think bend the lore a bit? I'm all good with that! I love unique characters and how others portray them, so anything is fine with me! I'm laid back with pretty much all of these topics. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): My FC uses linkpearls (our main LS) for RP. For quick RP I don't mind using say chat or if someone prefers party chat for privacy I'm also okay with that. Honestly I'm cool with using any form of chat, I'm pretty flexible to what people want to use. III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:EST Contact info: Discord:Howl#7428 Can add me in game to plot or Discord-- Kye Rahn'as IG!
  12. Hallos! o/ I'm Xandrie Embercraft - I come from multiple MMORPG's - I can't tell you all of them, that would take more fingers than I can count with! I'm a long time player, but new RPer on Mateus and I'm looking forward to learning all I can, and hopefully meeting some wonderful people along the way. I'm still learning the ropes and reading the fantastic resources here in regards to lore - wow have I a ton to discover. <flops over> RP for me has mostly been in TTRPG (D&D) and such so this is all new stuff...and its going to be great! So...yeah! ...Wanting to expand my horizons, meet new people, experience their stories and ideas...make some friends that I can have an amazing time hanging out with! I'll probably post something in the Directory and tell you a little more there, wanted to send out warm greetings and encourage all to say hello in return!
  13. ((IC)) Hallos! I'm Xandrie! My friends call me...well Xandrie! ...but also sometimes Xan, and hmmm...Kiki? Not sure where that came from but it stuck!..yep, my name is different...and I really think that's just fine. I've come here looking for kindred spirits to spend time with. I seem to have a good amount of my days where I spend it alone and...I need to change that! I've been so busy exploring and learning about new customs and peoples...it's wonderful, but exhausting and as I said...a bit lonely at times! Where am I from?...I'm from a little known area high in the mountainous peaks of Gyr Abania - I don't hail from one of the typical tribes, its really not our thing...but to each his or her own, right? I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, exploring...and just generally getting myself into and out of trouble. I love to make others smile, happy is the best way to be! Among my favorite things are: cupcakes! ...well sweets of any kind, and ...hmmm flowers - peony and cherry blossoms in particular, thunderstorms, and - well - anything cute! ...but I also really like adventuring and a good challenge..and protecting people I care about. My favorite color is purkle...I love to wordsmith - because many times words just don't make the sense they're supposed to by themselves. I've been told I'm not all that good with social graces or norms - I really prefer just to get right to the heart of things and growing up where I did...we didn't have any of those kinds of barriers to knowing people. - so forgive me if I'm at times a little over zealous. I really have the best intentions, despite how it may come across at first. So! There's that...and I think I covered the important things? Look me up if you're in the neighborhood! ((OOC)) Being newer to IG RP I've given Xandrie a loose framework of a background...something that will grow and evolve over time through her experiences and interactions with other people. My goals coming here are pretty much as stated, I'd very much like to connect with others and through that perhaps find ongoing friendships, stories, romance ...whatever may come her way! Please let me know if I've covered enough here or if I should add further information or details. Cheers!
  14. Xandrie

    mateus Xandrie Embercraft

    I. Basic Info Primary character: Xandrie Embercraft Female, Miqo'te (Female Player) Marital Status: single Sexual Orientation: Bi/Pan - Love, is love and I think that's that. ((Player info...)) I've generally played mostly PVE but as time goes on I wish to forge new and lasting friendships, and RP has - over the past year or so - been increasingly interesting to me. I enjoy good narrative and meeting like minded individuals. Personality: Xandrie is a light hearted individual, bubbly, friendly, outgoing...sometimes too much? ...social graces are not exactly her thing but she tries hard. The big cities and populated areas are new to her and she is doing her best to fit in. Many of the universally accepted norms are completely foreign to her.. in an endearing way. Her indomitable spirit constantly seeks to make others smile, help others love life as she does, and cut through all the extra unnecessary noise that comes between people. Primary RP linkshell:RPers of Mateus II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I've played a while, but new to RP here. Light to Medium - wanting more medium than light maybe? I have some amazing friends in our PVE/RP FC and I very much enjoy exploring RP arcs and impromptu settings with them. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm really not much for combat RP, I'll watch and cheer friends on, absolutely!.. but participation - that isn't my thing. Views on IC romance: It would be nice to have that special someone to share this amazing place with... though it's not something that I feel can be forced or planned. It's just so much better when it's natural and organic. Also, IC - IG stays IG. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Friends? All the yes! The more the better. Family? I have a tenancy to adopt people as family members, not ICly - I usually develop close ties with people I grow to care about. I very much enjoy getting to know quality people, hearing the stories they've created around their characters, meeting like minded individuals, having fun together. Finding all the silver linings and beautiful places. Views on lore: I don't know much about the lore, I'm learning every day! I will say, definitively that I am not a fan of the whole Miqo'te clan - species propagation methodology, so I do not follow it. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say /shout = IC /tell = OOC/IC /party = OOC/IC /fc = OOC /ls = OOC/IC - (( for OOC )) ...but whatever works for others too? III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:Pacific Contact info: Contact In Game
  15. Hello folks! I am coming over to Final Fantasy XIV from World of Warcraft because... Well, let's not get too hung up on how terrible Blizzard are at designing systems for their game, communicating with their player base, and considering player feedback. Simply put, I am just sick of their sh*t. Some friends really sold this game to me, told me a little about the game's history, and how the developers seem to have a genuine love for their product and an appreciation for their fans. Figured since I am leaving WoW anyway, I'd give this a shot! I am a long-time role player from various mediums. I don't know much about the world of Eorzea, but I have been doing some serious crunching. In the process, I have decided that I will be playing a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. I'll be going for a more tribal and traditional theme to her character. So... Yeah. Just stopping in to say hello!
  16. Udhel

    Miqo'te and Thavnair

    Hi folks, I've been trying to figure out as much as possible about Thavnair, specially in relation to the Miqo'te, since that's where I want my seeker to be from... However, there are two (actually three) "simple" questions that I have not been able to find the answers to, hoping you guys can help me out... So here are my questions: 1. Do you guys think/know if there are miqo'te (preferably seekers) that originate from Thavnair (as in having long roots in Thavnair, rather than being travelers/merchants or sons/daughters of these)? The lore book said that the miqo'te tribes crossed the sea from southern Ilsabard to Eorzea, which is pretty damn close to Thavnair... 2. I've heard that Thavnairian culture could be based/inspired by either Arabian or Indian/Hindu culture, does anyone know which one? (if there is not enough information about any of these questions out there, I do welcome speculations and theories). I would really like it to be middle-eastern inspired (since I'm half middle-eastern), but then again we already have Ul'dah and Ala Mhigo, with that same "theme" (as well as Rabanastre, even though it's just a raid it used to be an ancient kingdom, also inspired by the middle-east). 3. (very optional question, probably based more on hunches or theories you guys might have, rather than actual lore info) Considering that it's very unlikely that these miqo'te would have the same naming system (and maybe also culture) than the Eorzean ones, what do you guys think their names and culture could be like? For my character I simply have a middle-eastern sounding name for now, until we get to know more about Thavnair... I'd also like for him to be the son of a wealthy trader/merchant, however if they have the same "tribe" culture as in Eorzea it's probably very likely that most of them are also amongst the lowest of the "social classes", like it seems most miqo'te in Eorzea are...
  17. Zeris

    Zair'is Wilzuun

    I. Basic Info Characters: Zair'is Wilzuun Primary character: Zair'is Wilzuun Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Good with it. Views on IC romance: Good with it. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Most likely good with it, but ask me first. Views on lore: Ehh... not really sure on this one. Loose, I guess? Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm good with any and all forms of chat. III. Other Info Country: United States Timezone: EST Contact info: Discord (Zeris#0001) Always looking for players for the events that I put on and I'm mainly looking for contacts/connections for my character in general. Thanks for reading!
  18. Is it possible for there to be Keepers of the Moon clans in Othard? If so, where would they most likely be located? Would it be acceptable for their names to conform to standard Miqo'te naming conventions, but with Othard (Chinese/Japanese) elements mixed in it?
  19. I'm playing a Keeper (white mage main, ninja secondary), and I love her to bits. I'm hoping to rp her and I would like some help/advice on creating her backstory. I love the Othard region even though I only recently unlocked the region and I'm hoping to merge that into her character. My idea for a backstory is as follows, seeing as there are currently no signs of any Miqo'te in Othard: She is born to a wandering Miqo'te conjurer from the Black Shroud. Her mother followed in the footsteps of A-Towa-Cant, but instead of going around Eorzea, decided to travel further, eventually arriving in Othard. It was there that she met my character's father, another Miqo'te traveller/adventurer. My character was thus born. Following that, I'm thinking that she loses her parents/family somehow and that's how she started adventuring. My idea is that either both her parents briefly returned to the Black Shroud sometime before the Calamity but they both lost their lives during the Battle of Carteneau, or they lost their lives trying to help the Domans who were trying to take back Doma, or even earlier when they were resisting the Garlean invasion. Does that work?
  20. If you RP Miqo 'te or Au ra, on a sliding scale of 'A human with non-important additions' to 'Half something else entirely', where do you fall? It's always been a curious subject for me, because I meet a lot of RPers that seem to be on a scale of sorts and its interesting! Anything from half mumbling beastial Au ra to ones that are literally... Au ra that are just Hyur that look different. Some people have wild Miqo'tes with extended cat-like features, some don't. What sort of balance do you have between being 'human' and not do you have on your character? I really want to see what others are up to! I myself RP my male Miqo sort of on the beast-y side. He's Thanalan born and bred and I totally abuse the 'wild' aspect of him, from felid behaviors (IE, ear and tail actions) to vocalizations and more. He's a seeker, so I splice 'lion' and 'common cat' sort of. Its sort of like, in the public eye, hes a perfectly composed and normal man, but at home or with people that know him well he tends to get a little too comfortable and ends up being definitely more feline in his actions. I do this because I PERSONALLY feel like SE really ... didn't think too much about Miqo'te and I adore the idea that they are more than just people with cat ears. I like the idea of a race that is proud of its diversity. As canonically spoken by Ysh'tola... I am GREATLY in favor of the craze on tumblr of people drawing their Miqo's with more feline feet too, I adore it. Before anyone mentions anything to do with NSFW stuff, I'm sure some people love that aspect. But to some of us who just want to rp something slightly askew from lore, it merely makes things more 'interesting'. I don't expect lore fanatics to like this thread, so please, no hate or anger? Just discussion, thanks! Go wild. I really want to hear about other peoples chars! Dont be afraid to speak about your character. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I’m a returning player to the game, returned for stormblood mostly but also rp. However, I’m still new to the rp side of things. Used to have a friend core group, but it seems they’ve all either jumped to other servers or quit altogether, so looking for new cool people to hang with along with people to rp with. My character is M’isha Bearclaw. He was brought over to Uldah as a refugee at a young age. Have more on his past, but I’ll save that for his wiki page once I get off my butt and actually work on it. Character wise he’s a bit shady. He’s a career con man, but likes to tell people he’s a “traveling salesman”. What most people don't know is the goods he sells are either stolen or really shoddy quality, but made to look nice(think like bootlegs).Outside of that I imagine him coming up with stupidly convoluted schemes to get gil, just to drink or gamble it all away later. Push comes to shove and he really needs gil he’s not above pick-pocketing or straight up mugging people. I think he’d fit in well with a criminal fc of some kind, I could see him getting into more serious crimes if motivated by coin. Personality wise he’s very outgoing and comes across as very friendly , with his true feelings or intent hidden. He plays things close to the vest. However, the kind visage drops when he feels threatened or angry, in fact he can be a bit of a hothead at times and lose his cool. I’m looking for an fc for him primarily. Also looking for acquaintances, friends, enemies, really anything for him because right now I got nothing. Also a bit unrelated looking for friends in general for pve content, though I’m still catching up with stormblood so can’t do anything endgame just yet. I tend to be on evenings eastern time zone on weekdays and as much as I can on Saturday or Saturday.
  22. Hello everyone! I main a female Miqo'te here on Mateus, and I'm currently looking for a longterm roleplaying partner. A little bit about her I'm sure everytone is dying to know!. She is 25 years old, owns a playing in the Lavender Beds which is a makeshift cafe that she is trying to start up as an undercover program however on the underside it's actualy a cover up for her thief side. She likes to smuggle goods and coins of her victims, selling them on the black market for better profit and more of an adrenaline rush, or deal. Growing up, she was always alone, seeing as her tribe had passed away due to a fatal attack and a fire that broke out, having to survive on her own at an early age. Learning to steal and thrive on her own. Haggling and bartering as well. Deep down past her barriers she isn't as cold and cruel as she comes off, she can be rather understanding and have a heart of gold if you can get through to her. Of course I wouldn't want to give away everything of her here ^_-. But only a small snipit. If your interested you can always reach me on my discord at Suka#8706 or in game at Fyr O'rahatia. Do I have any limits? Nope, but if you do I fully respect them of course, please let me know ahead of time so I don't cross any boundaries of course!!!