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  1. I'm looking for some new interesting situations and possibly a Free Company/LS environment to find a bit of RP surrounding my new character. Her name is Opo Khife, an ex-scientist-in-training for the Garlean Empire. She escaped during the civil war and made a rather non-linear journey towards Eorzea. Most of the things I'm looking for surround her history as a Garlean scientist, and what that might entail. She's slightly enhanced, though in rather subtle ways that are difficult to discern unless you directly encounter her in a fight, or if she chooses to show her hand. She's a bit off her rocker, and tends to taunt simply to gauge reactions rather than speak to people more normally. She has an almost creepily gleeful attitude, and can often put people off simply by being nearby while talking. Or by giggling incessantly at something she's noticed and can't let go of. She's a bit obsessive-compulsive, but not in ways most people would be. EDIT: There is a -reason- behind why she is the way she is, and why she laughs almost compulsively, but I generally try to leave that as something to unfold based on asking the right sorts of questions or forcing her into situations that would compel her to divulge them. I intend her as a rather quirky, strange character, but in a slightly more off-putting than 'delightful' kind of way. I'm looking for all kinds of RP, and wouldn't mind speaking of whatever might be relevant! I'm usually around throughout the day, central time.
  2. Alia Solmachus The Basics Former Imperial conscript turned Engineer. A defector with a versatile skillset. Roamer; has a lot of potential to be anywhere. Bit awkward and technical but she tries. Magitek + Aether are her fields of study. OOC note: This was really long before soooo I decided to scrap that. Less is more etc. etc. I enjoy short-term and long-term stuff. Plot-driven stuff is a bonus but isn't necessary. I play casually for the most part and I like to be pretty chill about RP too.
  3. From the album: Artwork Archive

    Sabs antagonizing his boss with the bubble tea challenge. Ritsuka is having none of that.
  4. Ritsuka Aoki

    Aoki Ritsuka by Brenna

    From the album: Artwork Archive

    Marks of a slave.
  5. From the album: Artwork Archive

    Ritsuka back in his days of captivity.
  6. From the album: Artwork Archive

    Claparo was kind enough to let me see their study/design for Ritsu which I loved so much, I needed to keep!
  7. Ritsuka Aoki

    Aoki Ritsuka by Claparo

    From the album: Artwork Archive

    Inspired by a scene where bakufu rivals sent yet another assassin after Ritsuka.
  8. (I kind of just copied this template from my Tumblr post, and I'm new to this website.. Looking forward to getting to know people! A little about me at the bottom) THE BASICS ––– Age: 24 (at the beginning of Stormblood) Nameday: 14th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (10/14 Gregorian) Race: Miqo’te - Seeker of the Sun Gender: Male Sexuality: Bi/Pansexual Relationship Status: Single Server: Primal - Leviathan PHYSICAL APPEARANCE ––– Hair: Color - Medium shade blue with icy blue/white highlights at the tips Length - Varies, but usually a chin or shoulder-length shaggy cut, bangs in face Eyes: Right blue / Left purple Height: 5 fulms 3-4 ilms (166cms-ish) Build: Both effeminate and muscular, clothing makes the difference Distinguishing Marks: Miqo/te markings underneath the eyes. Left cheek has an X-mark scar, right cheek has a scar from his eyebrow to halfway down his cheek. Has white tattoos on the outside corner of his eyes. Both ears are pierced Common Accessories: Makai earrings, any other jewelry that matches his current outfit, Bard hats, harp/flute PERSONAL ––– Profession: Bard, Monk, First Serpent Lieutenant Hobbies: Carpentry/Woodworking, Acting, Writing, Storytelling, Gold Saucer Minigames Languages: Eorzean Residence: Gridania Birthplace: Nondisclosed Patron Deity: Rhalgr Fears: Small spaces/caves, not fond of large bodies of water, losing his friends/family and/or them getting hurt RELATIONSHIPS ––– Significant Other: None Children: None Parents: Nondisclosed Siblings: None (Maybe) Other: Best friend - Kylen Ignatius Pets: None TRAITS ––– Extroverted / In Between / Introverted Disorganized / In Between / Organized Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded Calm / In Between / Anxious Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable Cautious / In Between / Reckless Patient / In Between / Impatient Outspoken / In Between / Reserved Leader / In Between / Follower Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic Traditional / In Between / Modern Hard-working / In Between / Lazy Cultured / In Between / Uncultured Loyal / In Between / Disloyal Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful (A lot of these 'in between's are so situational!) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ––– Smoking Habit: None Drugs: None Alcohol: Frequently RP HOOKS ––– Gridania/Twin Adders: Charlie’s lived in Gridania his whole life, working and training since he was old enough to do so. Once he turned 18 he joined the Twin Adders, quickly climbing the ranks (unfortunately out of necessity..) to First Serpent Lieutenant. If you’re new to Gridania or have use of the Adders, he’s probably the best person to ask. Gold Saucer: Frequently attends the first floor of the Gold Saucer whenever he has a chance, having a slight gambling problem. He likes playing the mini games and playing both the Mini and Jumbo Cactpots, along with the Fashion Report whenever he can spare the gil for the best clothes. Acting/Carpentry: He’s been with Mhi Khetto’s Amphiteatre since he was 8, and picked up woodworking when he was in his early teens. He could always use a buddy in his hobbies! New Areas: North or East, its all new to him. He’s spent some quick time in Ishgard, and absolutely loves it there, except for the temperature. He’d love to go back and explore it some more, but with the city being so different from what he’s used to he may get lost.. / Both Charlie and his best friend Kylen have been trying to prepare for a trip to the East, needing to find Kylen’s boyfriend after he’s disappeared. They’ll most likely be splitting up for information, and to cover more ground. Unfortunately Charlie’s not been one to go so far from home, and in someplace completely different from what he’s used to. Exploring: Since he started off as just an Adventurer until he was old enough, he loves exploring. He’d often go into the woods when he was a teenager and still practicing Archery, just trying to see every nook and cranny that he could. He still has that curiosity in him, often-times getting himself into trouble for it. Open: I’m 100% open to discussing RP ideas/alternate universes. I’ve probably done everything under the sun in regards to switching things around..I’m just usually not the best at thinking of ideas alone. I’m also open to tweaking ages/timelines, but if its going to involve any sexual things I’d like both characters to at least be 18. Also, I’m used to doing romance-driven plotlines, but if you’re not about that I’m willing to do something else! I could use the experience. If you have anything you think would work or would like to try, just go ahead and let me know! ABOUT ME ––– My name’s Cat, and I’m 24! I am looking for 18+ RP partners, even if the subject isn’t going to be sexual. I’ve been RPing for like..half of my life at this point. I used to do OC-only RPs, but lately its been a lot of fandom-related stuff. Charlie’s my first OC in years that I want to use to RP again. I’m most comfortable with paragraph-style, and can easily go between a few sentences to a few paragraphs, whatever the other person is comfortable with! Unfortunately I’ve not done anything so open before, and I get super nervous when I meet new people..but always try my best to find something we’re both comfortable with! My timezone is GMT-4/Eastern US, but as long as we’re RPing on Discord or some other messaging system, I’ll usually be able to reply as soon as I’m able. I don’t get a lot of time on the game lately, so I’d prefer message-based RP to in-game. I also have a whole fully-fleshed out profile for Charlie if you’d like to see that, this one’s pretty simple but also really good for quick information! If you have any questions feel free to let me know! CONTACT INFORMATION ––– Discord: piratesnfairies#1361 Tumblr: piratesnfairies.tumblr.com FFXIVRPers: piratesnfairies In-game: Charlie Wolfhart on Primal - Leviathan. I don’t mind adding each other if we’re on the same DC or World! If not, don’t worry
  9. I. Basic Info Characters: A'ielia Raha Primary character: A'ielia Raha Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy, it varies. Views on RP combat and injuries: It's something I can get behind, but only if it's planned. Views on IC romance: Go for it! I enjoy writing romance; but please discuss with me finer details first. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I like platonic pals, angry rivals, etc. bring it on! Views on lore: Yoshi-P told me to do what I want and I will. So can you. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): These are useful ways to meet, stay in touch, plan, and play. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: -5 (EST) Contact info: If messaging me here isn't viable I have discord; but I prefer it to be private.
  10. Hello! Currently looking to make some friends to RP with my main character, Senrhi Nyerhah! She's got quite the history since I've been playing her a few years now, and is very happily married to someone she loves dearly, but I've never been able to find a lasting active friendship for her. If any guys or gals out there have been looking for someone to pal around with, hang out in town and chat about whatever, maybe even go to some events now and then, please feel free to drop me a line! Here is her RPC page: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Senrhi_Nyerhah On another note, I (as a player) and Senrhi (as a character) both have a long and terrible history with bad guilds, whether scummy or merely unfavorable, it's a big pile of terrible experiences. So! The point here is that I'd really like to find one that I can love without worrying about being abruptly stabbed in the back after a couple of months, it'd be really cool if Senrhi could participate in something adventure-y, magic-y, or maybe both. Some other notes: I am actually pretty squeamish, so I don't do well with blood/gore/hardcore violence and things on that level. This doesn't mean fighting is bad, but I just don't like super graphic stuff. Senrhi (in-character) and myself (out of character) can be sort of shy at first, it might take time to get used to people and warm up to them. I may come off as a little bit hostile on occasion, but I swear I don't mean it that way. I am generally super nice, and I love to help people out with content (I can provide healer queues!), give tips on lore when needed (on subjects I know about of course), and the occasional 50 and under crafting (sans alchemy and cooking). If my behavior or manner of speaking in any way becomes an issue, let me know. Tell me. I will make an effort to rephrase things, but I will not know I offended anyone if I am not told, because I am not a mind-reader. I am on the east coast US, but most times of day won't be an issue for me if they are planned/arranged beforehand. If there is anything else not answered by this post or the tags on it, feel free to ask via comment or message!
  11. I. Basic Info Characters: Maeron Citamra Primary character: Maeron Citamra Linkshells: None. Am seeking to gain some Primary RP linkshell: See above maeroncitamra.carrd.co II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All RP Views on RP combat and injuries: Maeron is a sellsword, and she is currently in the employ of a fellow Keeper of the Moon named Slein. She enjoys going on adventures with companions and tends to rush into battles while drunk. Except when it comes to dragons. She hates dragons. (In other words, combat is fine as long as it's not overly done) Views on IC romance: No romance. At all. Whatsoever, IC or OOC. She has a current love interest, and it is one that will continue to grow. In the meantime, she's too young and free-spirited to settle down with only one person. Due to her past and current love interest, she also only engages in ERP with other females. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): She has no family, the closest thing she now has to a family is her employer. That being said, she loves making new friends, when the few who can take her sassy personality stick around long enough. Views on lore: Story is story. Not everyone can be a WoL and have the echo. When playing MSQ together, it's great to play around with, but when not in the process of questing? No, she is a simple sellsword based in Ul'Dah, obsessed with making as much coin as possible. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): My preference is to RP in emotes, but if there's too much going on, the RP is done in a group and everyone prefers to do it in party, or whatever the Hell else, I will use whichever chat function to do so. I am not picky and am pretty adaptable. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: Message me here or find me in game
  12. Primary character: Shino Cerezo A male Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te specializing as a healer, with light purple hair and a tendency to wear either Japanese Kimono or more feminine western clothing despite his somewhat muscular build, and tall height (for a Miqo'te, he is the tallest height). His apparent age is 27. He can be shy at odd times, but more often than not he is affectionate and playful much like a domestic cat (he is fond of cats), especially after becoming familiar with those he likes. What I'm looking for: I want to be very clear, that this would be strictly a role play relationship within FFXIV between our characters. It will be nothing more than good friendship in real life as I am married and asexual IRL. I'm primarily looking for someone who would like to role play a cute "Boys Love" or "Yaoi" type of relationship with my male Miqo'te character. Preferably a relationship that isn't so much focused on sexual but more on the romantic, fluffy, or friendly things. Things such as petting, snuggling, and adventuring together as partners. With a hopeful goal of eventual marriage in the game. Overall I am pretty open to suggestions, so feel free to ask if you are interested! My preferred races for a partner would be a male character of either of the races Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, or Au Ra. Most preferably another male Miqo'te or a male Midlander with an "ikemen" look. Also for apparent age between the 20-35 adult range (or the equivalent for each race). RP Style: I typically do casual light to medium RP. Depending who I roleplay with, I generally try to match. I much prefer light/casual RP for the sake of less thinking/waiting and more playful fun and comedy, though! But if you're interested, do be sure to let me know your own preferences. For even more clarification, here are examples of the two main types of RP I am comfortable using: Light/Casual/Fun: (In which I type as my character would type if HE were behind the keyboard, in first-person.) Medium/Serious: (More descriptive third-person RP style, but still easy to read and not too long like para-RP.) Views on RP combat and injuries: In serious Roleplays, I think combat should be with a form of consent. (for example, roleplaying the attempt of a combat move such as a kick, and giving the other person a chance to decide whether their character should dodge, block, or take it.) Views on IC romance: It's fine! As long as there's understanding differing RL and RP romance and consent is respected. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I would enjoy having a cute family RP as well, such as adopting a child (especially Lalafell) much later on, but it's not required. Views on lore: I am not a fan of heavy lore-reliant RP that requires much inside-knowledge, and prefer to just be able to dive into RPing. So, I tend to prefer more simple and light-hearted slice-of-life RP or something simple like just adventuring around the world from scratch, or at most using the game's own lore. Generally, I am not expecting to roleplay anything too strict to any lore, just basic knowledge of the races and city-states for example is enough for me! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm fine with using any chat system. I have many linkshell slots free to join or create. Country: Canada Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (I am normally online anytime after 8 or 9am, and usually sleep around 11pm to midnight.) Contact info: Discord: Kouki#0418 or in-game: Shino Cerezo.
  13. Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to these forums and I'm not entirely sure what the consensus here on in-game spoilers are, older content or otherwise, but I figure anyone who's reading this and has suggestions on improving the character concept detailed below is already pretty up-to-date on main scenario events. Needless to say, there are a couple spoilers for A Realm Reborn and Stormblood here, but I'll likely remove this disclaimer if that's not an issue. Hey-hey, everyone! I've yet to formally introduce myself here on the forums, but I'm a fairly new player who's been completely engrossed in Final Fantasy XIV for about six months now, and I've been looking to dip my toes into the world of FFXIV roleplay at some point! Although I'm not the biggest roleplayer out there, I do have some past experience with RP in other previous long-time MMO outings such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, and let me just say that the community in FFXIV is one of the frendliest and most helpful I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of in an online experience! Ever since I started playing, I've been going out of my way to complete every in-game quest available, and I do mean EVERY quest - I've made it a personal mission to level every job to 80. I almost never skip cutscenes or quest dialogue, just so I can learn about the world of Eorzea to simultaneously get myself acquainted and up-to-date with the game's rich history. Since I'm a sucker for character customization in MMOs, many of my RP-centric characters have often been made in mind with a specific look and appearance first, then coming up with their personalities, affiliations and goals/desires, and finally doing lots of research and reading up on lore to ensure that everything about their backstory checks out, often adding a touch of a humor to it all to make for a fun and interesting character. Originally, my first planned RP character for FFXIV was going to be a lifelike Allagan construct who was secretly created for the sole purpose of destroying (or re-containing) Bahamut, only to end up being reactivated five years too late and lacking any sort of true purpose in a post-Calamity Eorzea. Ultimately, I decided against it for risk of it being deemed too Mary-Sueish. My second concept was an incognito Teledji Adeleji who had been rebuilt with magitek from the ground-up (or rather, from the waist-down), utilizing those weird Wolfseye/Wolfliege boots that turn you into Aegis from Blazblue for some inexplicable reason. Obviously, the idea of taking a pre-existing NPC and roleplaying as them for the sake of a quick jab at his unfortunate demise wouldn't be all too popular with the RP community at large. And so, struggling to come up with a fun, interesting or unique concept, I went back to the drawing board and decided to glance over countless character and glamour screenshots for possible character ideas. Inspired by a handful of images of how the seasonal Werewolf Ears look on the new races introduced in Shadowbringers, as well as the Mega Mog Station sale currently ongoing at the time of writing this, I decided my first dive into the world of Eorzean roleplay would be the concept of a Viera/Miqo'te half-breed. Often times, I hate leaving how a character actually looks up to one's imagination or some detailed in-game description, given certain limitations of the character creator (features such as body piercings, facial markings and unique or otherwise unobtainable hair styles and skin colors come to mind), and I only ever incorporate features like these into a character's design when I can actually achieve the desired look in-game. The Werewolf Ears will certainly help this specific concept become a reality, and I can't wait to put it into action. As of writing this, I've yet to make her into an official character proper, but I have a good chunk of her concept and design already planned out. Personality-wise, she's somewhat stern and a bit of a tomboy, due in part to a rough childhood and her desire to prove herself and rise above her half-breed status. She's also scrappy, rambunctious and impatient, willing to help others but only doing so as quick as humanly possible. She's often the first one to join the fight and the first one to leave it. This, of course, would be justified out-of-character by trying to speed through as much in-game content as I possibly can. (I've already seen nearly everything the game has to offer story-wise, but I'm not sure I want to watch it all a second time!) Age-wise, she would definitely be on the younger side, in about her early 20s. As for her appearance, most half-breed NPCs in FFXIV often tend to inherit their mother's race and their father's prominent racial features. As such, I plan for her to be a Veena Viera with grey skin and facial markings similar to those of her Keeper Mi'qote father (at least, to the best of my abilities). And, of course, her most prominent feature - her distinctive, cat-like ears portrayed by the aforementioned Werewolf Ears - often makes her liable to turn heads. As a subversion of - or possibly in spite of - the fact that most Viera characters often wear more revealing armor and clothing (for... a number of reasons), I plan to have her prefer wearing thick, protective light armor that covers the near entirety of her body, barring her head and ears; actons, halfrobes and armor such as the Filibuster/Royal Volunteer dungeon sets come to mind here. Of course, I still have a couple holes in her concept backstory that I'm looking to fill, to avoid any part of it conflicting with preexisting lore. And so I turn to you guys for assistance in the matter: 1.) Should her parents be a part of the Dalmascan Resistance? I don't recall seeing a single Mi'qote among those in the resistance during the Ivalice questline, in Echo-induced flashbacks or otherwise, and I know Mi'qote are a bit of a rarity in Othard. However, I definitely feel like it would give some credence to her appearance and attitude; I imagine her parents telling her to "run away from them as fast as you can" being the source of her incessant haste, as well as giving the character another tragic layer to an already rough upbringing. 2.) How common are half-breed characters in the RP community? I take it a good majority of these characters face discrimination on a frequent basis, or go to great lengths to hide their status as a half-breed. Also, I don't plan on marrying her off anytime soon, but I would assume most half-breeds are inherently sterile. 3.) As both a Viera and a Mi'qote, would she refer to the Echo as such, or as the Mist? Would she interchange the two depending on whether or not she's conversing with other Viera? Lemme know what you guys think of this character concept as I attempt to flesh it out! I would love your feedback and I can't wait to be a part of something greater! ~Slapperfish >*)))>{ P.S. My heart pretty much skipped a beat when I accidentally refreshed the New Topic page while my internet was temporarily down. I've been working on and off on this post for a good hour or two, and I'm just lucky the website auto-restored my post. Note to self: Next time, write this stuff out in Microsoft Word first, just in case!
  14. I've read all about the difference in culture and appearance between Seekers of the sun and Keepers of the moon. But has it ever been explained why? If I choose to be a seeker who was adopted and raised by a keeper, or vise versa, would she be just a tanned keeper, or are there biological reasons why they behave more one way vs another?
  15. New Ways to Die ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was a knock on the door, and Vorsaile spoke without looking up. “Come in.” Hathaway entered his superior’s office, which was dark save for the light streaming in through the windows to his right. He closed the door, taking a second or two to watch the Elezen scribble something down on the sheet in front of him and then slide it over. “Commander.” “Captain.” More scribbling, along with the muffled sound of paper rustling. The Miqo’te moved forward, deciding to sit on the lone chair across from the desk. “I wanted to ask if there was any movement on the proposal I mentioned to you a while back.” The older man put his quill down and sat back, unable to suppress the smirk appearing on his face. “I’ve had some conversations with relevant people, yes. But before we get into that…” He tidied up the outgoing forms with his hands, stacking them in a neat pile. “I wanted to make sure that we’re both on the same page.” The blond rested his leg on top of the other and raised an eyebrow. “Meaning?” Vorsaile cleared his throat and leaned forward, dropping the pretense of formality. “I don’t want to dissuade you, but what you’re proposing isn’t something that you just ‘do’ lightly.” “I didn’t say that it-” “Hold on.” Hathaway shut his mouth. Pushing a pair of reading glasses up towards his eyes, the Elezen opened a folder, which the lancer suspected had been sitting on his desk for this express purpose. “Let’s take a look at your file again.” Oh boy. “Captain Hathaway Snow, Beastmen consultant for the Twin Adder.” The room was quiet save for the squeaks of Vorsaile’s chair as he casually rocked back and forth. “Instrumental in strengthening Twin Adder relationships with the Slyphs, Kobolds, Ixali, the Vath, the Namazu, etcetera, etcetera…” He went on. “Furthermore, at the Commander’s discretion, Captain Snow has been authorized to handle other sensitive matters involving deliveries, retrieval, and investigations, sometimes with the use of force, so long as it is deemed applicable to the Twin Adder’s operations at home and abroad.” “I appreciate that, but…” The tanned male attempted to interject. “Skilled at lance/staff combat and various martial arts. History of street-level encounters in Ul’dah due to upbringing. Gridanian citizen, one known family member in Kugane, not blood related. Special focus on negotiation and information gathering, and thus, and so on, and so forth…” The folder was snapped shut and slid across the desk towards Hathaway, who didn’t touch it. Vorsaile pulled his glasses off. The Miqo’te didn’t know where to place his hands on the chair. “That’s a flattering summary.” “I know. I wrote it.” “You did? I…thank you.” “Don’t mention it.” His commander rubbed his eyes. “The question I have, Hathaway, is why someone with skills like yours would willing choose to sign up for a line of work that is highly dangerous. You’re correct that there is precedent for something like this, but…” “I just want to make a difference.” The lancer sounded serious. “You already are. Look, if it’s a question of pay, or you want more fulfilling work, there are solutions.” The Wildwood kept going. “I can get you these things, talk to Brookstone. And look, you’ve done well,” he said, indicating to the closed folder. “Trading with the beast tribes has never been easier. You could join the Wood Wailers or the Gods’ Quiver…and in a couple years, move up to commander, maybe even marshal.” “I’m still going to be a part of the Twin Adder, though,” the younger male countered. “I’m not planning on leaving.” Vorsaile was blunt. “With this particular group, it might not be your choice.” “You’re worried I’m going to die.” “Yes.” Hathaway was a little touched. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes for a moment, mulling things over. “I just thought my skills were uniquely suited for something like this.” “What, you mean the prostitution?” Blue eyes widened and the Keeper was unable to speak. His superior chuckled and answered for him. “Did you think we didn’t vet you beforehand? What did you think I meant by ‘street-level encounters?’” “I, uh…I thought it was, like…” He took a shuddering breath. “Frequent communication with people with criminal backgrounds?” “Well, in a way, it is.” Vorsaile held up his hands, laughing. “At ease, captain. If it was a problem we wouldn’t have promoted you.” “It’s not?” The male practically collapsed in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I don’t really do that stuff anymore.” “We’re not idiots. We do keep tabs in other cities.” The Elezen’s voice softened. “I heard about what happened in Ul’dah. Are you all right?” That incident felt like it was a world away now. “Yeah.” “Are you sure?” He pivoted. “This proposal of yours could end up putting you in similar waters. I don’t want some organization to send us your head in a sack.” Hathaway took a deep breath, still reeling a bit from the previous revelation. “I hear you, commander, but I think I’ve made up my mind.” The leader of the Yellow Serpents simply gave a grim smile. “Well, at least I tried.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Red Otters were an elite combat unit composed of members from other factions within the Twin Adder. You didn’t just sign up; you had to transfer in. And they didn’t just take anyone. Truthfully, Hathaway had difficulty even confirming whether they existed at all - there was no official leader, no structure, no list of operatives, even with the resources made available to grand company personnel. But how could there be? For a secretive group like this, wasn’t that ideal? Both he and Vorsaile were standing in one of the barracks, the usual cache of weapons and gear lining the walls. The Miqo’te was drumming his fingers on a wooden railing on the upper level, when the door opened. An older man with gray, close-cropped hair entered in a wheelchair. Both captain and commander exchanged glances, and the Elezen nodded. “Is this him?” The Highlander’s voice was gruff and distinct. Hathaway hopped over the railing and shook the man’s hand, feeling like he was being sized up already. “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, sir.” “Ugh, don’t pull that ‘sir’ shite with me.” The Miqo’te wasn’t weak, but given the scars on the other man’s face, it looked like he’d seen a lot. He could probably crush the bones in his hand if he wanted to. “The name’s Waldo. Short for Waldomar. I read your file.” “And?” “And it doesn’t matter. If you’re determined to go down this path, you’ll be sticking with me for the next few months. If I don’t want to beat your prettyboy face into a pulp by the end of that, then, well, we’ll see.” The lancer gave a blank stare. “Oh.” “Waldo is a trainer for the Red Otters. He’s very particular.” Vorsaile spoke up from above. “Damn right.” He was already wheeling out of the room. Hathaway blinked. “Wait, when do we start?” The door was closing, but Waldo’s voice carried well. “If you ask me that again, you’re done.” The two men remaining in the barracks again exchanged glances. His superior gave an amused shrug. “You asked for this. I tried to warn you.” “He seems nice.” Vorsaile’s mouth twitched and it looked like he was trying to stop himself from laughing. “I’ll be in the Adders’ Nest with Wood Wailer recruitment papers.” He walked down the stairs and patted his subordinate on the shoulder. “But good luck. You’ll need it.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Come on you bastard, put your back into it.” This was his fifth run up the Matron’s Lethe, the large tree in the Central Shroud. The challenge was to push his teacher up and down the wide trunk as fast as he could without losing his grip or falling. Hathaway grit his teeth; his legs were screaming at him. It was actually going down that was harder, since he had to avoid pitching Waldo over the side. “Careful, careful!” The wooden chair groaned as the wheels bounced and slid perilously close to the edge on their way down. “Watch what you’re doing! You’re in control, no one else is going to save you here.” The Miqo’te leaned to his right and pushed hard, his feet scrabbling for purchase against the rough bark. “If you drop me and by some miracle I don’t die, I will kill you shortly afterwards.” “Right.” “If I do die, I want you to walk up to the highest point of this tree and dive headfirst into the ground. Are we clear?” The wheelchair rumbled over a rock. “…Yes.” He reached the bottom without any major incidents and slapped the hand of a fellow trainee, a Wildwood Elezen by the name of Landemont. An archer with green eyes, he swept back his dark hair and took a few breaths. “Is the old man a quadriplegic yet?” Hathaway gave his partner his best exaggerated smile. “Nope, I’d give it a few more runs though.” He placed both hands on top of his head and breathed through his nose. Waldo cleared his throat. “If you boys have time to joke, you must have time to do three more runs, each.” Landemont started pushing up the Lethe before their teacher could make up his mind. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Ok, let’s see it.” Keeping his form steady, the Miqo’te thrust with the rapier he had been practicing with for the last month or so. Twirling, he followed up with a cross slash, making a Z pattern across the training dummy’s worn surface. “You’re too stiff! Stop.” Hathaway sighed and wiped sweat off his brow. “I don’t understand.” The Highlander rolled up, reaching for the sword. Taking it, he observed its surface, his fingers running across the gleaming blade as he spoke. “You’re not going to become a master of this weapon at the end of this. There’s not enough time with the potential for war on the horizon.” He was right. With the end of the Eastern revolution, there were many eyes on Garlemald, and tensions were rising. He handed the sword back to the tanned male. “But I can teach you the fundamentals. You have the basic movements down, but it needs to look natural. Relax your muscles and don’t be so tense.” The Keeper exhaled and turned back to the dummy, but Waldo tapped his arm. “Additionally…” “…I can’t emphasize enough what you’re going to be dealing with here.” The older man’s voice was less harsh than usual. “Other than occasional assistance from Lan, you’re going to be on your own out there. That includes choosing your own targets. Rubbing shoulders with people who aren’t very nice. Seeing things you’d rather not see, and doing things you’d rather not do. Relying on very little support.” “I know.” “Do you? Do you realize that if you die out there, we’ll deny you were ever a part of this organization? Maybe we’ll get to fish your body out of Ilsabard somewhere and deliver it to that Raen mother of yours.” Hathaway placed a hand on his hip and stared at him. His teacher laced his fingers together. “You need to be prepared for that possibility, Hathaway. It’s…admirable that you want to go above and beyond, but the Red Otters barely exist for a reason. It’s not because of the training. It’s tough, but not impossible.” “I’ve been on my own for the past few years. Most adventurers are the same, aren’t they?” “And yet, they’re not here. Why do you think that is?” Waldo’s voice was firm. “Do you want me to quit? To settle? Is that it?” The younger male crossed his arms. The wheelchair creaked as the man leaned forward. “I want you to make sure this is what you want to do. The training isn’t the hard part. It’s what happens after.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Landemont dropped a stack of books on the desk and his training partner looked up. “The old man wants us to research the Autumn War next.” Hathaway scratched one of his ears, his legs crossed and propped up. He was still deep into a tome titled The Garlean Empire: A History. “I’m going to finish this one first.” There were a few seconds of silence. The archer grabbed one of the books off the stack and leaned against the edge of another desk, flipping through it casually. “So, what made you want to do this?” The Miqo’te said, turning a page. “Oh, I had a death wish, and I heard that this group was handing them out for free, so I wanted to see if the afterlife was worth it.” The lancer gave him a look, not quite used to the Elezen’s frequent use of sarcasm. “In addition to that?” The older male chuckled. “I was part of the Wood Wailers for a while and was sick of being cooped up in Gridania.” He closed the book he was holding. “There’s a whole world out there, and it’s getting smaller.” Hathaway felt the same way. “Do you think the Empire will try to invade again?” Landemont stared up at the ceiling, thinking. “I think it’s more likely than not. Or maybe the Alliance will invade them.” He swept his hair back, which sported gray highlights in places. “Whatever happens, we need to get ahead of it. If I can do anything that helps us be more prepared, if we can do anything…” He used his hand to indicate the two of them and his partner smirked. “We should do it.” The former prostitute clicked his tongue. “I agree.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A sizable amount of dust was kicked up into the air as the Miqo’te ran as fast as he could, sliding a bit as he turned the corner near Bentbranch. His feet pounded across the bridge, and he pumped his arms, one hand holding a thin, silver object. There was a rumbling sound a few seconds behind him, then it got louder and louder. Up ahead, Landemont waved his arm frantically, and started to jog. “Come on! They’re gaining!” A mass of squawks and feathers accompanied his pursuers: a horde of angry chocobo. Or perhaps they were just hungry for the specially treated baton he was holding. They rolled across the bridge like a wave, an utter cacophony of chaos and confusion. Hathaway felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest, but he pushed onward, breathing like a madman. Just like they had practiced before, the two matched each other’s pace, like airships docking together for refueling. The Elezen slowed down a hair, and the lancer outstretched his hand. “Take the baton!” “I’m trying!” “TAKE IT!” The chocobos were seconds behind, and if he tripped he’d be trampled underfoot. The archer snatched the baton away and sped past Gilbert’s Spine with the river on his right. Like machinery the birds zeroed in on their new target and left the other male in the dust. “Oh, gods!” This was his second lap around the circular path, which made its way past the large aetheryte crystal as well as the chocobo stables. He took deep, gasping, breaths, because in a minute or two he’d have to take the baton and go again. In the Bannock, Waldo sat in one of the towers, rotating around and observing the two of them run for their lives. Next to him was Vorsaile, who looked more than a little concerned. “This is excessive.” “Nonsense,” the older man said, waving his hand. “It pushes them beyond their limits. Also, it proves they can handle a potential life and death situation.” They watched as the Wildwood passed the Matron’s Lethe, the chocobo showing no signs of slowing up. The Highlander clapped his hands, urging him on. “Besides, it’s all in good fun.” Landemont was running so fast it looked like his feet were about to light on fire. He started screaming. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Their training was winding down, and although the two of them had been through hell, the crash course had served to increase both their physical and mental skills. Along with strength training, both the Miqo’te and Elezen had practiced drills with a new weapon or two. Mastery was a long way away, of course, but they had come far in a relatively short period of time. Hathaway was growing fond of rapiers by now, while Landemont was more distance-oriented, favoring throwing knives. They were standing in the clearing in the center of the Bannock, with numerous volunteers surrounding them. Said volunteers were dressed in sparring gear, some of them with wooden weapons. They had been pulled from the Yellow Serpents and Wood Wailers, mostly, in order to test the new recruits. Waldo and Vorsaile sat off to the side, along with some other curious onlookers. This wasn’t their final test, but it was an important one. “Alright,” the Hyur said, raising his hands. “Although we’ve taken precautions, these weapons might sting a bit. I don’t want to see any broken bones out there, but just in case, conjurers are standing by if some of you morons get a little crazy.” “Please be careful,” the Elezen next to him said. The older man looked over the assembled fighters. “Hathaway and Landemont, when I say ‘switch’, you’re to switch weapons. The exercise is over when either all volunteers take one to two significant hits, or our heroes are overwhelmed. That isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I reckon we’ll know it when we see it. Use your best judgment.” There were a few seconds of silence as people cracked their knuckles, stretched, and readied their weapons. “Volunteers, ready?” There was a loud, military-style cry from the fighters. In the center, the students stood fast. “Hathaway and Landemont, ready?” The Miqo’te twirled the wooden rapier in his hand, and the Elezen nocked an arrow, which were all blunt for this particular exercise. The combatants were trusted to bow out if they were hit once or twice in the chest, since normally that would incapacitate the average soldier in a real battle. “Ready!” More silence. Waldo savored the moment, both teams tense and prepared for combat. He brought his hand down. “Begin!” With a wild yell, the volunteers charged. The two in the middle sprang into action, Landemont loosing arrows as fast as he could, Hathaway slashing with his rapier at all comers. They had smartly decided to stay close to each other instead of wading out into the melee, lest they were beaten over the head. The blond ducked as a sword wooshed overhead and he spun to whack at the back of the assailant’s knees with his weapon. Raising the rapier just in time to block the vertical strike of two others, he grunted and pushed back, then performed a quick one-two strike, the wood catching one in the shoulder, and the other on his neck. They fell backwards, but soon more surged forward to replace them. The initial distance served the Elezen well, as he tagged several of them before they got within striking distance. Like a maestro he worked the string of his bow, firing two or even three arrows at once. Even with protection the soldiers groaned as shafts hit them in the cheek, forehead, and elsewhere and they tapped out. However, there were too many, and his arrows wouldn’t last forever. Gripping the bow tightly the Wildwood punched one in the throat, before blocking a strike with the limb. With surprising speed, he slipped the string across the man’s neck and pulled down, flipping him up and over his back. He wielded the un-nocked weapon like a club, using the edges to tag his opponents before they could finish their attacks. However, the two of them were slowly being pushed back towards one of the tall walls, the sea of volunteers unceasing. Hathaway was doing his best to strike faster, to create more space, twirling and spinning, sweeping some off their feet, bashing at anyone he could reach, but it was tough. His partner was out of arrows and tried using his long legs to keep people at bay. “Switch!” The gruff voice rang out. The rapier was thrown and hit an adventurer in the head with a satisfying clunk. Reaching back, the tanned male brought a blunt spear at the ready and followed up with an overhead strike, literally smashing some poor sod into the dirt. “Ouch.” Vorsaile winced. With the lance he could afford long, sweeping strikes, using his momentum to knock two or even three off balance. Hathaway aimed for the head, sliding on his knees and thrusting, creating an opening. He rolled into the gap, the weapon spinning behind him as it came to bear on two more, the Keeper flipping over a swing and sending the attacker to the ground. The tide had shifted in their favor. Meanwhile, the distraction allowed Landemont to acquire some knives, and he tossed a couple of them towards the backs of the volunteers attacking his partner. Two of them were in his hands, and since the assailants’ forces were divided between the two recruits, he sliced and diced with abandon. A downward strike on the shoulder or in both knees was enough to be considered out, and the Elezen took advantage, using his speed to disqualify those deciding to take their chances with him. Still, the two of them weren’t invincible, and they had taken more than a couple whacks to the head and torso. Hathaway was making sure when he hit someone they stayed down, so he was funneling a lot of energy into his strikes. When he could, the Wildwood stretched his aching fingers. Hitting leather armor, even with gloves, wasn’t pleasant. “Switch!” The Miqo’te kicked the lance towards the remaining attackers and suddenly there was a roar as twelve more poured in from the outside, bashing their fists against their armor. He bounded back towards Landemont. “What?!” His partner risked a glance at their teacher and was only met with a smirk. Expect the unexpected, he supposed. It was a slight comfort that the newcomers weren’t armed with weapons except for their arms and legs, which was just as well since the two of them were supposed to do the same. Still, they were tired. Hathaway struggled to steady his breathing. The Elezen brushed his hair back. “Had enough?” The Keeper raised his fists along with his partner, standing back to back. “Never.” The reinforcements came at them, and the two fought like men possessed. The Miqo’te’s fist cracked across a face. The Wildwood headbutted one and then kicked another right between the legs. They flowed gracefully, like it was a dance, ducking under each other’s strikes to lash out with an elbow here, or a foot there. Landemont grabbed one man’s arm and twisted, before using his weight to bring him down. The blond pushed aside punches and blocked a kick with both hands before stepping forward to bury his fist into someone’s nose. He swept his leg, and the Elezen rolled over his back and wrapped his arms around another, giving a clean strike before getting to his feet. Hathaway jumped and used both feet to send an attacker sprawling while Landemont incapacitated his friend with a chop to the neck. There were only three left. One of them foolishly ran at them and the lancer tripped him up while the archer tapped him on the head with his foot. “You’re out.” Two left, in staggered formation. They charged. Landemont went to punch one in the knee, and the Keeper took two or three quick steps back. “Lan, duck!” The Wildwood crouched lower, reducing his profile. It was perfectly timed. As the taller male’s fist connected with the first attacker’s knee, making him drop to the other, the Miqo’te’s foot pushed off the Elezen’s back. He was already spinning in midair, bringing his right foot around to connect satisfyingly with the second man’s cheek as his partner punched the first in the face at the same time. With a whump the men landed in the dirt, knocked out cold. And that was it. Hathaway performed a simple martial arts stance and Landemont pulled at his gloves, flexing his fingers purely for dramatic effect. “Hah!” There was a second of silence and then the crowd cheered, clapping and hooting and hollering. Cries of ‘Well done!’, ‘Expertly fought!’ and similar rang out around them. The two recruits leaned against each other, spent. “We did it…” The Miqo’te said weakly. The Elezen just grinned. “Well, you two, that was quite the show,” Waldo said, rolling up to them. Vorsaile wasn’t far behind, looking impressed. The older male shook each of their hands, obviously pleased. “Your training isn’t quite finished yet, but to say you passed a milestone is an understatement,” their teacher said, nodding. “Keep this up and I’ll be proud to welcome you to the Red Otters, a fact that you can mention to no one and gives Gridania the ability to deny that you ever existed. Wahahahahaha!” In the open space, the Highlander’s laughter seemed to echo. “So I suppose that’s a ‘no’ for the Wood Wailers then?” The Serpent Commander placed his hands on his hips, but he was smiling. “I hope you two know what you’re doing.” Hathaway and Landemont exchanged glances. Was all of this worth it? In time, they would find out.
  16. I. Basic Info Characters: Yen’to Tajaan, Wilhem Hawthorn Primary character: Yen’to Tajaan Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. When adventuring tend to lean towards light, but would also depend on companion player preferences - I am adaptable. Views on RP combat and injuries: Fine with it so long as boundaries are set ahead of time (i.e. permanent injuries, maiming, etc.). Prefer some randomness such as via dice rolls. Views on IC romance: No problems with this type of RP. Have done it before in other MMORPGs. Generally prefer to let it happen “naturally”, but either way communication is key to make anything official. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Haven’t had much experience with others RPing as family members, but Yen’to’s background does leave it open for possibilities. Also open to other past ties. Obviously no issues with having regular friends and acquaintances. Views on lore: Try to stay as close as possible to retain immersion. Don’t consider my characters warriors of light, however. I am fairly open to less conventional approaches as long as they are not completely lore breaking. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Whatever works to keep RP flowing. III. Other Info Country USA Timezone: Eastern Contact info: For now, just this forum handle
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