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  1. Alia Solmachus The Basics Former Imperial conscript turned Engineer. Impressive intellect and competency. May as well have created her own branch of Magitek. Poor social skills. Technically minded and rational. Seems to hold physiological characteristics of Seekers and Keepers. Fangs are the most notable. Alarmingly wary of physical contact. Probably seems like she'll deck you in the mouth if you get too close. Boundless interest in anything to do with Aether-related subjects. Not a character for the faint of heart/those who dislike conflict. So let's get down to the OOC commentary here. First of all, I'd like to thank you for checking this out. I'm personally very passionate about roleplay and I'm looking for like-minded individuals who crave long-term storylines and plots that involve some measure of commitment. My refsheet provides a good basis for what my character is about. Anything else will need to be discovered through long-term interaction. I know how Imperial RPers can be stigmatized in some circles and if you're among the people who don't care to associate with Imperial roleplayers, I understand completely and hold no judgement for how you personally feel OOC. My character is a defector, but I know what the Empire represents to some people with personal OOC principle. As a player, I've been involved in various RP communities whether you're talking about forum RP, (~3 years) World of Warcraft (~5-ish years), or Guild Wars 2 (~3 years in which I acted as a leader of a roleplaying community on Tarnished Coast). I'm not one to boast about my experience, but I've been doing this for a long time. I adhere loosely to lore restrictions, meaning that i respect lore but I like to dance around the lines for what's possible. To me, roleplay is more a creative outlet than something totally restrictive. I care about imagination and the stories generated by players--not rules imposed by a community or a select few. I would rather build stories around people who want to explore storyline possibilities than those who strictly adhere to player-imposed lore guidelines. I own the first lorebook SqEnix released and have read quest-text--I know what is and isn't possible for the most part (and if you'd like to get into private discussions about this, I'm all for it. I want to engage with the community in a meaningful way and I am by no means a master of lore.) That all being said, my character is notably AWFUL at walk-ups and spur of the moment RP. I'll admit, that's partially my commitment to long-term story, but it's also the character I'm playing. I'm personally more interested in building friendships OOC and I'm entirely aware that my character can be off-putting or rub people the wrong way. All I can say is that I hope you can put enough faith in me on an OOC level that you'll know I'm simply staying true to my character if she somehow seems disinterested. I'm not my character and I'd like to think I'm pretty chill. I guess uhhhh... The other stuff is that I'm on EST and I work night shifts so I'm around after 4-5am EST on average. If that works for you, reply here, hit me up in game, or PM me for my discord tag and we can talk about setting something up! Hope to hear back from you and I'm eager to set up some long-term storylines that could involve people from the larger community.
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