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  1. Events are, in my opinion, a very good and reliable way to have your character meet other characters and jump into things. Everyone attending will be role-playing, allow your character to freely approach others without any anxiety about it. They're easy to attend on Balmung, because there are multiple public ones happening at any given time - many of them weekly or bi-weekly. Give the calender on here a look and see if there's anything that interests you. There's also the discord for this website, as well as RP focused free companies, of which there are plenty. If you want to estab
  2. Hi, Spellsie. Welcome aboard!
  3. Hey, Avis. You shouldn't have any problem finding potential partners on Balmung. Have fun and welcome!
  4. I'm very late... but nice to meet you! It's okay, don't let the nerves get to you. I felt the same way, but once you start interacting with people and get an idea for the flow of a RP, you'll feel much more relaxed. Biggest step is the first! Hopefully I'll see you out there.
  5. Hey there, Fjora. I like the backstory! I think it gives your character plenty of emotional depth to work with where the loss of her parents is concerned and I like the added touch that the event took place during the Calamity. She suffered and lost during that event, just like a lot of the characters we see populating Eorzea, and it makes her feel like a part of the setting. The hook concerning her mother's relative is good, too, because it gives you some interesting directions to go in later on down the line. While I'm still pretty new to FFXIV myself, as far as I c
  6. Talha understood now why so many Keepers had chosen to make the Black Shroud their home. It was so peaceful and quiet here. Much more calm than the cities, she thought. Then again, she had grown up outside of city walls. It was no surprise she found them to be a little much. Beneath a canopy of massive, ancient trees, she sat by a shallow river that trickled slowly through the roots and wild terrain. She had pulled off her gloves and laid them on the ground beside her. Now she sat on her knees, cleaning her knuckles in the water. Both of her hands were bruised and scr
  7. Hello back and stuff, Dirge! Welcome!
  8. Hello, Josephine! Hope to see you out n about in Eorzea sometime soon.
  9. Hi, Yuna! Nice to meet you.
  10. Hey there, Gideon. Good to meet you! Don't be nervous, I'm new myself and so far the RP community has been very friendly. Enjoy yourself!
  11. (OOC: Thilo is correct, the ocean is terrible and it should be feared. This sounds neat, though. Let me give it a whirl!) Talha: "I'm not afraid of airships. It's not my fault I'm the only one who sees them for the deathtraps they are. Floating up there... like they don't have a care in the world! Well, what if one of those balloons pops a leak, or a wing breaks off? Now who's irrational? I'm not irrational, you're irrational for not finding anything wrong with just floating through the air on a bit of wood!"
  12. Sosuh, I did not get arrested, thank the Twelve. It sure seemed like I was going to be, though. The very next sun after my run in with that swiving merchant, I was at the market, when suddenly one of the Brass Blades approached me. Had a real serious look on his face, too. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword, as though he meant to draw it on me, and asked me about those two merchants. What happened, what I saw, if I really punched that one fool. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous, but I told him the truth. The Blade explained to me that the merchant I punc
  13. These are pretty terrific! I like the group shots with the red background. Real cool.
  14. Hello, everyone! 


    For those of you who may be interested... (*crickets*) I've made myself one of those nifty carrd profiles for Talha. While there isn't much on there at the moment, I thought, why the heck not. Enjoy my terrible layout skills! 

    Talha Olobi


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