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  1. Count me as another person who prefers Discord RP, and for the same reasons already mentioned here. Since there seem to be a few of us who have a hard time finding each other, perhaps we can use this thread as a means of doing so. My own Discord name is Ihsan997#7712. Perhaps a few of us on here can talk shop and share ideas for potential scenarios.
  2. I like this! It’s reported like a journalistic piece, or as I see at work sometimes, a real Loss Prevention incident report. Did this scene occur in the current time, or are Esten and ‘Chip’ now grown up?
  3. That’s cool so see the game call back your awesomeness with its awesomeness after several years. Don’t let them keep you down; achieve everything you once had plus even more!
  4. You have a very well-designed card there, so you seem to know the character fairly well. Have you considered adding RP hooks to it? Those might help other players know how and in what setting Crises might be approached without interactions feeling forced.
  5. Irrational fears are a common quirk many of us have, so how does this affect your character(s)? Think of the things they shouldn’t be afraid of, yet still are. Keep in mind that actual dangers like poisonous snakes don’t count because those types of fears are perfectly rational. This thread is for the things which don’t entirely make sense to be afraid of. HARD MODE: write the post in-character! I’ll start us off with my two characters... Thilo: “The ocean. I’m afraid of the ocean. Not of drowning or sharks specifically, but the entire ocean. It’s silly, I k
  6. Hey, I’m another player of a wanderer-type character here. Are you still searching for RP partners? If so, I may drop you an invite on Discord to brainstorm possible story ideas.
  7. I was actually surprised to find at least two other intro threads here on this sub forum for others who played those too. Now I don’t feel so old P.S. Nice to see both another D&D player as well as someone else who just found this site through Reddit and stuff. May we both find lots of good times here.
  8. Hi there! I’m quite happy to read your post because: We’re both disinterested in gore, ERP, drama, dice rolling, etc. You’re open to Discord and Google Docs-based RP I’m in a different time zone from you, and anyway my in-game time is limited compared to my Discord and doc-writing time. If you don’t mind, I’ll send you an add on Discord to run some RP ideas by you re: Aultena’s RP hooks and how our characters could cross paths.
  9. This seems like a very helpful initiative, so thank you for getting it started. Is there an issue with the Discord link, or is it just me? I keep getting a message which says the invite is invalid.
  10. I considered posting this in the character development or RP discussion sub forums, but this is neither about developing a character nor a specific RP situation, so I feel it’s better placed here. How do role players approach the issue of multiple mounts and baggage trains? Across most cultures with riding animals in the pre-modern era, people geared for war typically brought two or three horses when traveling away from their towns; this was both to take a load off the horses and avoid fatigue as well as backup in case a horse got sick and died. In addition, warriors in
  11. I just began the download on Steam, so hopefully I’ll be on there soon enough. As an initial question, does anybody have handy links to threads on server choice? Are there significant differences, or could I pick at random and still find welcoming communities? EDIT: I actually did some research and chose Omega, though there seemed to be a lot of good choices, plus apparently servers don’t matter as much as shards. Either way, I’m glad to be getting started!
  12. Hi everybody! As the title says, I haven’t gotten started...as in, I haven’t yet even downloaded the game due to local internet issues. Rest assured, I began researching ARR about a month ago during my free time, and I’m slowly making the setting and lore a new hobby of mine. I’m slow when it comes to actively video gaming, however; I’m always more active on forums and Discord, so I’m not in a rush to do anything other than read interesting threads, ask questions, and learn from a group of cool people. MMORPG background Do MUDs count? I began playing Dragon’s Gate and D
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