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  1. Astrid is back in action! Starting late November (through December), she'll be wandering about the quicksand passing out goodies! (Mateus) hope to see you there!
  2. Astrid Journey to Ishgard: Chapter One The solid wooden pushed open slowly. Astrid had to use both hands to heave the massive thing forward. It scraped and creaked loudly and a gust of wind flowed in behind it. Snowflakes swirled and spiraled into the dark manor. The solid metal knocker which decorated the door clacked against itself as it came to a stop. A single candle which lingered in the window was a sign of someone still inhabiting the home. The wax melting and dripping onto the sill it rested upon. Two tattered banners greeted Astrid as she walked forward, determination in her step
  3. Got some more Artwork done! ASTRID IN A DRESS?!! (Artwork done by ahoynateo)
  4. Updated the profile! WOOP WOOP MORE TO COME SHORTLY.
  5. Always still seeking new friends, and ofc long term Rp partners!!
  6. CRASH! The sound of glass breaking would fill the unruly tavern, the entire place was in Chaos, the seedy establishment didn't even bat an eye. People fighting one another, others drunkenly singing and swaying in the corner. A Bard stood atop a square table, dancing and strumming his lute enthusiastically. The Tavern was in an uproar, and the Bartender had no control over the situation, so he merely continued to serve those who slapped coin down on the sticky surface of the counter. "Try that again! I dare you!" A young Astrid challenged the Roegadyn, prodding him in the stomach. He offer
  7. Mission: Spreading Starlight Cheer ( By Astrid Lionheart) Astrid Lionheart has taken it upon herself to spread some Holiday Cheer. She can be located in The Quicksand ( of the Mateus Shard) donning a baby blue Starlight outfit and lugging around a massive burlap bag filled with small statues and stuffed animals. She may come up to you and offer you a toy! Be on the look out! ( Passing out free in-game goodies, donations are always welcome to help fund the thing! But not required! Happy Holidays!)
  8. Astrid Lionheart : (https://astridlionheart.carrd.co) Artwork by queenmercedes Quick Facts Full Name: Astrid Lionheart (AKA last of Wolfe) Nickname: "Asti" Race: Hyur/Midlander Gender: Female Rank: Justiciar Profession: Gunbreaker and fighter. She was a former traveling bard. Age: 19 years old Height:5 Feet Weight: 94lbs Marital Status: Single Usually Found: She can typically be found in Ul'dah or the Goblet. She resides in the Goblet itself, 5th Ward - Goblet Subdivision Space 51 Birthday: 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon Face Claim: TBD Mou
  9. Still seeking some RP friends and a Free Company again. Thanks for considering.
  10. I am still sniffing around! I have a character, and a character concept now! So I'm always seeking more roleplay to better establish myself in the community!
  11. I appreciate it greatly! I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions soon enough! Still sort of leveling through some content and trying to figure out the world a bit!
  12. (Hello there! I'm well.. VERY NEW around here. I'm super familiar with MMO's and Roleplaying, but as far as Final Fantasy goes I'm pretty darn fresh. I tried the game a long time ago and couldn't really get into it. But I'm back and found the RP community which I was sniffing around for! I joined Mateus today, and I'm hoping to find some folks who wouldn't mind taking me under the wing for a bit while I get my bearings. I'm mostly seeking contacts, RP buddies, and even a 'Guild' in an attempt to have some fun during my free time! Feel free to slip on into my DM's or reply here. I've been rolep
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