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  1. I appreciate it greatly! I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions soon enough! Still sort of leveling through some content and trying to figure out the world a bit!
  2. (Hello there! I'm well.. VERY NEW around here. I'm super familiar with MMO's and Roleplaying, but as far as Final Fantasy goes I'm pretty darn fresh. I tried the game a long time ago and couldn't really get into it. But I'm back and found the RP community which I was sniffing around for! I joined Mateus today, and I'm hoping to find some folks who wouldn't mind taking me under the wing for a bit while I get my bearings. I'm mostly seeking contacts, RP buddies, and even a 'Guild' in an attempt to have some fun during my free time! Feel free to slip on into my DM's or reply here. I've been roleplaying for far tooooooo many years, and I simply love it! I have a basic character concept for my character Tehbo Lheiyu. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have an awesome day -CalmFishy
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