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  1. The Ballad of Astrid Lionheart: Chapter Four The solid oak doors were pushed open, and the rusted metal hinges groaned under the door's heavyweight as the metal rubbed together. Midway through their swing, the momentum carried the doors to collide with the wall with a heavy clang. The brass handles rapping loudly against the wood. Astrid wrinkled her nose; the swirl of dust and that familiar uneasiness settled into her core. The girl exhaled uneasily and began to unfasten the safety belt that secured her sword, gripping the hilt of her weapon as she strode across the dirt-cove
  2. ( Have some resources, and immersion from Astrid's quest of tracking down her lineage!)
  3. The Ballad of Astrid Lionheart: Chapter Three A pained cry filled Ishgard's night sky. The run-down Blackwood Manor stood dark and brooding. A single torn, and hole-riddled tapestry fluttered before it's binding finally gave up and was carried off into the wind. The snow continued to flutter down, blanketing the streets, frosting the glass panes, and dusting rooftops within the seldom traveled neighborhood, all the while another scream rose from within the Manor. "Know your place KNIGHT." An aged woman's voice filled the empty hall. The rattle and thunder of powerful mag
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a wonderful day today, and do something you enjoy, be it spending time by yourself, or with family virtually or in person ( provided you are all healthy!) Stay safe, don't drink and drive and if you need anything feel free to poke me! This time of year can be tough for some folks, so never forget how important you are, and how proud people are of you. If you don't believe me. I'll fight you, and protect you from yourself! I'm fresh out of Starlight Gifts! So thank you for letting me wander up and pass out the presents! Have a wonderful re
  5. The Ballad of Astrid Lionheart: Chapter Two Astrid located a bank account opened in her name at the Bank of Limsa Lominsa. There were consistent withdrawals throughout the years and, the account's age mirrored her own. With this information, the girl went about setting a trap for whoever was using her name. She transferred all of the Gil into a different account. She moved it in hopes of earning Someone's attention. She then proceeded to leave a note behind with the Bank which, provided instructions to meet with her at the Mizzenmast Inn. Astrid had begun showing up regu
  6. Astrid is back in action! Starting late November (through December), she'll be wandering about the quicksand passing out goodies! (Mateus) hope to see you there!
  7. The Ballad of Astrid Lionheart: Chapter One The solid wooden pushed open slowly. Astrid had to use both hands to heave the massive thing forward. It scraped and creaked loudly and a gust of wind flowed in behind it. Snowflakes swirled and spiraled into the dark manor. The solid metal knocker which decorated the door clacked against itself as it came to a stop. A single candle which lingered in the window was a sign of someone still inhabiting the home. The wax melting and dripping onto the sill it rested upon. Two tattered banners greeted Astrid as she walked forward, determination in her
  8. Got some more Artwork done! ASTRID IN A DRESS?!! (Artwork done by ahoynateo)
  9. Updated the profile! WOOP WOOP MORE TO COME SHORTLY.
  10. Always still seeking new friends, and ofc long term Rp partners!!
  11. CRASH! The sound of glass breaking would fill the unruly tavern, the entire place was in Chaos, the seedy establishment didn't even bat an eye. People fighting one another, others drunkenly singing and swaying in the corner. A Bard stood atop a square table, dancing and strumming his lute enthusiastically. The Tavern was in an uproar, and the Bartender had no control over the situation, so he merely continued to serve those who slapped coin down on the sticky surface of the counter. "Try that again! I dare you!" A young Astrid challenged the Roegadyn, prodding him in the stomach. He offer
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