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  1. Always still seeking new friends, and ofc long term Rp partners!!
  2. CRASH! The sound of glass breaking would fill the unruly tavern, the entire place was in Chaos, the seedy establishment didn't even bat an eye. People fighting one another, others drunkenly singing and swaying in the corner. A Bard stood atop a square table, dancing and strumming his lute enthusiastically. The Tavern was in an uproar, and the Bartender had no control over the situation, so he merely continued to serve those who slapped coin down on the sticky surface of the counter. "Try that again! I dare you!" A young Astrid challenged the Roegadyn, prodding him in the stomach. He offered a broad yellow-toothed grin in response as he grabbed the girl by the shirt collar, hefting the shortie off her feet, which began to flail about. "Alright, then Lass~" The Roe cooed teasingly in response to the fiery tempered woman. He hefted her up, above his shoulder and gave her a violent shake. Jostling her about. His long braided beard swayed as he spat off to the side. "Someone oughta show ya how to be a good little Lady." He taunted chucking her back down onto the ground. Astrid grunted as she fell onto the sticky floorboards. She glanced back over her shoulder and kicked the Roegadyn square in the shin with the heel of her boot. The Roe reeled in pain after the blow. "Why you little.." He went to reach for her but she scooted away and clocked him square in the jaw. She quickly snapped into her brawling stance, fists formed and she kept her footwork quick and agile. The Roegadyn merely grinned as if amused by the tiny fighter before him. He cracked his knuckles, a loud series of pops as the cartilage was squeezed together. The rest of the Tavern seemed to pay them no mind, and someone even said that the tempo of the music picked up. Everyone was too wrapped up in what they were doing. She threw another quick series of jabs and punches, throwing her whole weight into each strike. The Roe grunted and attempted a quick uppercut on her, she was quick through and nimbly dodged the blow. "Stupid little Girl!" He roared reaching for a bar stool. Astrid's eyes widened, she saw him grab the piece of furniture, he used it as a club, both hands on two of the things legs as he swung wide, knocking over some poor bystander caught in the 'crossfire'. "You little shit. Stop running!" He roared and swiped wide again. She dropped to the ground, narrowly avoiding the Roegadyn's powerful swings. He brought the stool down to where Astrid had proned herself out, only to impact the ground instead of the Girl. "You are too slow!" She smirked, feeling her sweat run down her brow and along the curves of her jaw, and the bridge of her nose. She kicked at his stomach again, aiming for his diaphragm. The blow connected through the Roe grappled her ankle. They exchanged looks, Astrid's was one of worry, while the Roegadyn grinned maliciously. He yanked her off balance and then quickly hurled her across the Tavern. Her back collided with the far wall and she coughed, attempting to catch her breath. He spat onto the ground, smirking pridefully as he lumbered toward her. Her back pressed against the stone wall behind her and she felt his fat, sausage fingers coil around her collar again attempting to heft her back up. The Roegadyn snarled at her, and Astrid quickly jabbed him in the throat, a direct hit to the Man's Adams apple. He coughed and sputtered a few times, sinking to his knees from the brutal cheap-shot. She quickly got up onto her feet and tackled the Roegadyn with the remainder of her might, shoving him over onto his side. He was recovering from the punch to the throat and attempted to swipe at her though she was already up and off him. She was breathing heavily, nearly panting at this point her arms felt heavy and weak though she brought them back up into her fighting position. The Roe stood slowly and grinned smugly at her. "Ya don't give up do you?" He cranked his head left, them right, popping his vertebrae. She felt the warm, metallic taste of blood on her tongue, Her teeth gritting together as she eyed her opponent carefully. His hand slid into his coat and he pulled forth a pistol. Astrid's eyes widened before CRACK! Eorzea faded from her mind, blurring before fading completely to black.
  3. Mission: Spreading Starlight Cheer ( By Astrid Lionheart) Astrid Lionheart has taken it upon herself to spread some Holiday Cheer. She can be located in The Quicksand ( of the Mateus Shard) donning a baby blue Starlight outfit and lugging around a massive burlap bag filled with small statues and stuffed animals. She may come up to you and offer you a toy! Be on the look out! ( Passing out free in-game goodies, donations are always welcome to help fund the thing! But not required! Happy Holidays!)
  4. Astrid Lionheart : (https://calmfishy.carrd.co/) Artwork by queenmercedes Quick Facts Age: 18ish ( It's unknown to her, she just guesses). Height: 5'0. Weight: 94lbs. Eye Color: Blue. Hair Color: Red/Orange. Favorite Color: Green. Home: Topmast Apartments Handedness: Right. Weapon of choice: Gunblade or Bow & Arrow. Sometimes even her adorableness. (The best weapon of them all) Mount: Chocobo - Sunshine Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship Status: Single Description Astrid is a slender, slip of a Hyur; a sunbeam frozen midday, she has a surprising radiance, though suitably hyperthermic traits still showed in her pale tone. Sun-kissed and immortally smooth, edging an almost unblemished and pure from the coruscating. Her hair freely-swaying waves of ginger, woven and braided together in a tight pony-tail, when unleashed, it cascades down her shoulders and to the small of her back, to the dusting of ebony lashes at her eyes. Eyes so similarly touched in muted brook-blue gaze outward, half-lidded, and aloof; necessary in such learned ruse to tame the teeming, wild gleams of youth. Her smiles sway from tawdry to terse, and her mirthless witticisms and a deceptive indecision to cordial compendary suggest that occasional broad, impish grin was far more fitting a tell for her exact preference in comity, which worked poorly to allay the effects of sleepless evenings as she's so used too. Indeed, her most prized possessions were tomes and song supplies, weighty with fettered and tattered covers and adorned with gaily-colored ribbons jutting at the ends of pages like frazzled and forked tongues, whose locations shifted and danced freely with each day. Wrought with various drawings, doodles, song lyrics, and scribbles that would likely only be legible to her. Fashion varied, with a preference in trapping and accessory that did little to hide her familial power. Astrid frequented leather attire, jerkins, britches, usually in colors that complimented the girl's own irises nicely. The attire form-fitted due to her own couturier-work. She was handy and typically fashioned her own belongings and tools needed for her survival, and at other times clad in thick sets of plate armor that coated her from head to toe Background Astrid was orphaned at an incredibly young age. Dropped off at the Orphanage in Limsa Lominsa at around the age of one. She knows next to nothing about her family or even her heritage other than her surname as it was inscribed on a small necklace she had on when placed before the doorstep. Around the age of ten, Astrid decided it was time to leave the Orphanage. She ran off into the city, never to be seen by her caretakers again. The Girl ended up mostly raising herself, with the assistance of strangers she met throughout her journey. She eventually learned how to hunt, and found she had a knack for singing and playing a lute. She cashed in on her skills, earning herself enough Gil for her day to day requirements. As of late, she's found herself working with a Mercenary group. She's earned more confidence through their teachings and training, while eagerly awaiting whatever might come her way next.
  5. Still seeking some RP friends and a Free Company again. Thanks for considering.
  6. I am still sniffing around! I have a character, and a character concept now! So I'm always seeking more roleplay to better establish myself in the community!
  7. I appreciate it greatly! I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions soon enough! Still sort of leveling through some content and trying to figure out the world a bit!
  8. (Hello there! I'm well.. VERY NEW around here. I'm super familiar with MMO's and Roleplaying, but as far as Final Fantasy goes I'm pretty darn fresh. I tried the game a long time ago and couldn't really get into it. But I'm back and found the RP community which I was sniffing around for! I joined Mateus today, and I'm hoping to find some folks who wouldn't mind taking me under the wing for a bit while I get my bearings. I'm mostly seeking contacts, RP buddies, and even a 'Guild' in an attempt to have some fun during my free time! Feel free to slip on into my DM's or reply here. I've been roleplaying for far tooooooo many years, and I simply love it! I have a basic character concept for my character Tehbo Lheiyu. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have an awesome day -CalmFishy
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