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  1. If you are tired of typical bar talk/slice of life nonsense, look no further. A Xaela with a curious background who is not always a nice person. Antagonistic, eccentric, and often times unnerving. Though, she occasionally displays some semblance of affection towards certain individuals... Name: Saran Amakh Race: Au Ra, Xaela Job: Dark mage Server: Brynhildr (Though I'm almost exclusively on Mateus) Active late night usually, 8:30 PM and onwards, EST I'm looking for those who also wish for something more than bar talk. As fascinating as your life story is, we don't always want to just listen about why you came to a city. Let's go out and have some fun, shall we? Violence is fine. Injuries are fine. Activities of dubious nature and possible illegality? Well, if it's fun and there's a half decent reason to do it. Don't be afraid to propose something grand in nature, either. Let's weave some interesting tales with lasting effects. Feel free to add me on discord - Saran#8888
  2. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our weekly Social Events. Please enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Social Hour Server: Mateus Date: Thursdays Time: 7:30PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://www.uranami-onsen.com **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty. Happy Hour Server: Mateus Date: Thursdays Time: 10:00PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Please enjoy our amenities at half off our normal rate! Early Bird Server: Mateus Date: 1st Saturday of the Month Time: 3:30PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Please enjoy our amenities at half off our normal rate! Special Menu *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://www.uranami-onsen.com **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  3. The Code Named for the infamous document crews on nefarious ships would sign, the Code is a secret speakeasy located in Limsa Lominsa. Each night, a different warehouse is the home for the rowdy party, always one step ahead of local law enforcement. Speaking the password and walking through the door acts as your signature and agreement to abide by the Code. The rules are simple, leave your identity outside and treat everyone inside like they’re crew. No fighting, no cheating. Inside, everyone is safe. In the corner a rich, bejeweled merchant shares a drink with a violent highwayman that would normally rob him blind. Serving them is a yellowjacket, waiting tables and shaking her rear for a bit of extra coin. Normally, she would arrest the dirty criminal, but they all know that here, none of that matters. This is a place for drinking, dancing and maybe a little something more. Enjoy the place so much you'd like to stay on a full-time basis? Take part in the overarching story as the Captain quests to build his business and its reputation. Perhaps, if everyone works together it can go from a pack and go speakeasy to a proper tavern and open new facilities to his customers and friends. Go on an adventure to rescue a legendary blacksmith from an amal’jaa slave camp to tend our gear. Take over a kobold infested quarry to collect the materials needed to build the tavern proper. Perhaps we could even throw in a dancing stage? What kind of characters fit in the Code? Literally anything! Play as an employee or just an adventurer looking for a good time or a job from the board. Young, old, rich, poor, noble and dastardly, the Code is a nexus and melting pot for people of all backgrounds. As long as both player and character are 18+, you're welcome here! Get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of The Code! So what is 'The Code', really? I'm glad you asked, reader. First and foremost, we're a group of heavy roleplayers that enjoys all aspects of the game. We enjoy duties, crafting, questing, but more importantly we want to surround ourselves with other storytellers. We want depth! Immersion! Character development! Adventure! As a group we aim to create engaging stories and our individual interactions can tend to drift into mature waters. If you have questions or would like to join, there are many ways to contact us! Iron Monster (Leader): Discord: TRexIRL#9905 Poppy Jerisha (Second in Command): Discord: Lisa#3822 Officers: Nolalas Nola Discord: Jiljing#8495
  4. Next Event Date: Dec 1st, 7PM EST! Brought to you by Chimera
  5. OUR WEBSITE AND WHERE TO APPLY: https://norvalla.enjin.com/ CONTACT THE LEADER: Ryslo Suramlo#0001 CONTACT AN OFFICER: Nytefall#3282 JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/X67naaB --------------------------------------- GENERAL SYNOPSIS Norvalla is a roleplaying community that has given itself a theme of being a Charitable Organization that strives to bring good will and fortune upon those who have been forgotten and lost in the wake of the war between Eorzea and Garlemald. Out of character we hope to harvest, create, a work together with our members to make this a home that will stand the test of time. We strive to build ourselves up piece by piece and learn from the mistakes we make along the way. We plan to do player vs. environment content outside of our normal roleplay focused events. On top of all this we simply wish to make this a place where you can meet folks and make friendships that will hopefully last well after this game has come to an end. Welcome to Norvalla! It is important to note we do utilize a RP System that utilizes Character Sheets and /random. The system is designed to keep new members and old members practically in line with each other but reward people for their own character strengths and weaknesses allowing people to be stars in critical moments during our story telling process. It is also our way to measure activity by rewarding members with AP (Activity Points) which will be the main factor when it comes to promotions. We've decided to promote people based on what they give and provide the company and eliminated the 'Special Treatment' that often occurs in companies where friends are the only ones promoted (Obviously if your in a FC you should be a friend but were more concerned with special treatment of 'Close' friends). We believe in transparency and this is one of this mechanics that keep things fair and even across the board. Also our /Random system has a greater success rate for characters then standard dice systems where its primarily off the number game. OUR ORIGIN Norvalla is born from the single idea that those who are forgotten should not be. To serve the people who are displaced by war, who are victims of famine, who suffer losses and who are forgotten by the Hero's and Lords of the land during this tumultuous period of strife. Three individuals came together to craft the Idea that would be seeded as Wanderlust first but would begin to grow into the Organization known as Norvalla. Ayame Tatsuya, Kodama Tatsuya and Yezekael Telesphore are those three individuals who had decided the average day to day labor's of being Mercenaries was not enough and so the idea of doing work for good and charitable cause was the better of the two paths. Of course this is still akin to the work Mercenaries would take, however the way on which individuals are paid for their work is much different. As the seed grew so did the structure of which Norvalla would stand upon. Having a need to keep some resemblance of order among the projected goal of the organization a rank structure was formed. Where new members would be welcomed within the Free Company by being a part of the old guard and assigned someone of the Knight Status and Above. The goal of this assignment is not to place command over the new person but to give them an immediate connection to the Organization. To help integrate new folks and give them a way to engage immediately. OUR EVENT SCHEDULE Currently we are just recruiting and doing Light RP. Once Shadowbringer's has been out for a week we will be hosting regular events weekly and biweekly. The following is what we plan to host throughout a month. Main Story Event (We are utilizing the world as our Canvas!) Training Events Promotion Ceremonies Player Vs. Environment Events (Map Runs, Raids) Social Gatherings Mentor Events (Which are organized into our Academy!) Member's that just join our ranks are initially marked as a Recruit. It is here they are introduced for a short period to our community, delve into its confines and learn about how things work. During the period on which they are a recruit we plan to engage them, get them involved day one into a Mentor Program which Recruits and Squires alike are assigned to a Knight individually or at times in Squads depending on the number of Knight(+) we have available. After you achieve a certain amount of AP (Activity Points) you will be given a ceremony on which you will be elevated to the rank of Squire. The follow will explain each of the ranks a little better but it is very important to understand that your out of character rank is 'New Member' and your in character rank differs. Recruit - Brand new member to Norvalla. They have been interviewed, processed and assigned a Mentor. The first rank of many that a member is granted and a rank that helps identify new faces to the Free Company so current members can provide aid and welcomed greetings. Squire - The Second Rank a Member will Achieve. This rank is a representation of the dedicated efforts of a New Member, their progress through our system and their understanding of it. They are engaging other's and are a part of the community (Involved in events with and without their mentor, joining the Main Story Event and Social Events too!). They are well on their way to becoming Knighted. When you achieve the out of character rank known as 'Full Member' you have now entered the rank of being a Mentor and someone that can be looked upon as a guiding force for our community. The first rank you achieve as a Full Member is Knight. Knighthood is important as it opens doors for you to host events with new members, lead in character and provide solid feedback to leadership to help and aid in Norvalla's Growth. You are a beacon of a future that has yet set its course. From Knight you will advance to Knight Lieutenant where you will be granted access to leading a Small Squad of New Members in times when Knight's are in short demand. You can take new members on one-shot missions leading them into the fray against Bandits, the wilds or even providing succor and respite for the lost. You are nearing the end of the Full Membership Status for when you leave Knight Lieutenant behind you enter the Status of Veteran Member. The following is a brief Synopsis of the Full Member Ranks. Knight - Your a full member now and with it comes the opportunity to lead new members into the greater aspects of Norvalla. Just as you had been raised by a Knight (or higher) you will be given the opportunity to meet someone new, engage them in RP through interactive missions and develop them into a strong asset for Norvalla's cause. You will also at times take point in Story Missions and will be a guide for the future success of the Organization. Knight Lieutenant - You have risen yourself to a prominent role within Norvalla. You have trained, honed and introduced new faces into the ranks of Norvalla's old guard. You will be looked upon for future leadership roles as you continue to grow and continue to aid in the mentorship of new members alike. You may be at times asked if you'd like to raise a Squad (A group of Squires / Recruits) in times when Knight's are in short demand and may even lead missions in the Main Story Event or side ones. Veteran Member's have been with the Free Company for sometime and have gone through the paces. They have seen what is successful and what isn't. Due to this not only will new member seek their guidance, leadership will often go to them and inquire their opinion, their perspectives and their advice. They have the eyes and ears of the community upon them as they have demonstrated loyalty, commitment and a passion to remain with the collective. They have groomed, helped bring in new members and have been a willing participant to many events, stories and affairs. These individuals are the roots of the community where as the Full Member is the trunk and the New Members the Branches. Veteran's start off at the rank of Knight Captain and can work their way up to Knight Commander. Conclave Members fall within these ranks as well, however they have taken on more out of character responsibilities and commitments giving them the out of character rank of Conclave Member rather then just Veteran Member. As stated Veteran Members are very important and in some way an extension of the Conclave itself. Knight Captain - A commanding role among the Membership of Norvalla. Not only have they been around for a considerable amount of time but they have also put in the paces and have helped many Eorzean's during their travels. They've taken on tasks, faced challenges and have been a presence among Norvalla for sometime. They mostly take point in Missions and are sought out for their experienced council. Knight Commander - The pinnacle of the Norvalla Structure. They are a commanding presence in keeping Norvalla on task. They understand the mission better then anyone as they have faced the horror's of those who suffer from them. They are leaders among the members and even though there may be a day when there are Multiple Commander's does not diminish this rank. They are often Kind people who welcome new folks alike while remembering where Norvalla has been and their advice, their words and their council are always appreciated.
  6. "Does something you acquired need to be sold? Need a hole in your armor mended? Does your trophy collection require dusting? You could do them yourself and take what precious little time you have away from, say, hunting monsters or seeking treasure. Or, you could hire me to do those for you and never miss a potential adventure." --Fyrgeim Horsamskalwyn in an attempt to market herself A quiet and attentive Sea Wolf, Fyrgeim has found her calling as an assistant to others. She speaks in a proper tone while she works, but is privy to less formal speech should the occasion arise. From forging nails for a shipwright to cooking meals for soldiers, this jack-of-all trades has found a niche in doing the remedial work the masters seldom have time to complete. This gave her the idea to become a retainer in earnest as the risky life of an adventurer leaves little time to complete the little tasks. Feel free to get into contact with me in-game. Send Fyrgeim Horsamskalwyn a letter if I am not on! (Edited 11/17/2019. More to be added later)
  7. Name: Ghoul Server: Malboro (Crystal), Mateus (Crystal) Timezone: Central Looking For: Long term or casual RPs in-game and on discord Type of RPs: Romantic, Platonic, Adventures, Enemies, 18+, etc Available Hours: Whenever, usually Discord: G H ♡ U L !#1313 Characters: Mjara Ljanta, Enoch Dotharl, Lady Lachelle, Marcelloix Dailemont I decided it was easier to consolidate all of my rp characters onto one thread, so here they all are! I am looking for long term or casual roleplays to be done over discord and in-game. I'm pretty flexible and relaxed when it comes to plotting. If you are interested in plotting with any of my characters listed below please shoot me a message on here or on discord! Click the image to be linked to my carrd character hub and see more information about each person.
  8. Looking for some long term contacts/partners for my merchant, airship pirate, and bar owner, Q'ruhka! Character driven narratives are my jam, angst, fluff, and drama are all more than welcome, and I like my serious drama with a shot of comedy. Ruhka is not a cat that takes himself seriously but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his dark side. Need supplies? Need a ride? Need a drink? Ruhka's got ya covered, darlin! Open to friendship, enemies, jobs, and romance, he welcomes all types, to the point of possibly having a deathwish. OOC: I'm a long time rper with a full time job, I'm generally open in the afternoons (EST) in game, unless running something with my fc. Discord will be variable, I may appear on, but my actual ability to respond may fluctuate with the seasons. I'm fine with lore bending, and have no issues with voidsent, garleans, sineaters, dragons, ect. Hmu if wanna have a go at this cat! Q'ruhka#8445 or https://placesyoucallhome.tumblr.com/ And his carrd with all his info is https://qruhka-tia.carrd.co/
  9. Hello! Currently looking to make some friends to RP with my main character, Senrhi Nyerhah! She's got quite the history since I've been playing her a few years now, and is very happily married to someone she loves dearly, but I've never been able to find a lasting active friendship for her. If any guys or gals out there have been looking for someone to pal around with, hang out in town and chat about whatever, maybe even go to some events now and then, please feel free to drop me a line! Here is her RPC page: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Senrhi_Nyerhah On another note, I (as a player) and Senrhi (as a character) both have a long and terrible history with bad guilds, whether scummy or merely unfavorable, it's a big pile of terrible experiences. So! The point here is that I'd really like to find one that I can love without worrying about being abruptly stabbed in the back after a couple of months, it'd be really cool if Senrhi could participate in something adventure-y, magic-y, or maybe both. Some other notes: I am actually pretty squeamish, so I don't do well with blood/gore/hardcore violence and things on that level. This doesn't mean fighting is bad, but I just don't like super graphic stuff. Senrhi (in-character) and myself (out of character) can be sort of shy at first, it might take time to get used to people and warm up to them. I may come off as a little bit hostile on occasion, but I swear I don't mean it that way. I am generally super nice, and I love to help people out with content (I can provide healer queues!), give tips on lore when needed (on subjects I know about of course), and the occasional 50 and under crafting (sans alchemy and cooking). If my behavior or manner of speaking in any way becomes an issue, let me know. Tell me. I will make an effort to rephrase things, but I will not know I offended anyone if I am not told, because I am not a mind-reader. I am on the east coast US, but most times of day won't be an issue for me if they are planned/arranged beforehand. If there is anything else not answered by this post or the tags on it, feel free to ask via comment or message!
  10. Free Company Name: The Bone Orchard Free Company Tag: <<Ashen>> Leader: Genixma Fukkatsu Officer(s): Q'ruhka Tia Type of Roleplay: Dark | Mature | Gritty | Supernatural | Adventuring Sub-Type: Casual | Starting Up | Original Lore | Occult Eventual Aim: Militant or Mercenary Alignment: Grey Recruitment Status: Open Discord: Upon Recruitment Location In Game: Gridanian Base of Operations: The Amber Lantern: Lavender Beds - Ward 20, Plot 30 Limsan Tavern of Operations: The Hollow's Sanctuary: The Mists - Ward 20, Plot 14 Long ago, betwix the Third Umbral Era of Fire and the Fourth Umbral Era of Earth. There was a religious tribe of nomads traveling across the realm. Living their life on the fringes of civilizations, twas a grim journey. As their founder and soothsayer had grown eld and ill under the strain of life. Upon her death bed, she witnessed a macabre vision. Within it held the future of her followers and the tribes for many, many eras to come. The Soothsayer witnessed a vision of a great orchard made not for apple or citrus or produce of any kind. But, of bone, the soil fertilized with the carcass of their enemies. As well as, with the fallen of their own tribes, the orchard lined with many a white oak made of ossain carapace. Drinking deep the dead and the rotting, the putrid wasteland feeding this Bone Orchard. To accompany this morbid sight was two armies gathering on either side of the Bone Orchard. On one side were men of the Sand, the Wood, the Sea, the Ice, and the Wind. On the other, men of Iron and Blood. They both entered the Bone Orchard and did combat upon its corpse ridden ground. Each one that fell, was consumed by the white oaks that line the area. When, between their fighting, came men of Shadow. Who rained down terrible calamity upon the heads of both armies and sow discord among their ranks. Then arose, a great White Oak of Bone from the blood soaked group in the center of the Orchard. Greater than all other oaks it reached far above into the sky and emitted a shield of light around it. Protecting the armies of man against the shadow and calamity. Intrepreting the dream, she called her followers and in her dying breath, rechristened the tribe as the Coven of Ash. Their task was survive until such a time when men of Sand, Wood, Sea, Ice, and Wind. Stood against men of Iron, Blood and Shadow. They were then to go forth and find the Great White Oak among the realm and forge a company to protect the world from such things. They were tasks to find the Ashen One. And so, the tribe went forth surviving the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Umbral Calamities. Keeping the words and visions of their Founder alive even as they were long since buried. And when the Grand Alliance met with Garlemald in the Ghimlyt Dark. The Coven reappeared and found a being touched by death and clad in white, the Ashen One they sought. Gathering around them. They were given the title of Leader. So it was, the Bone Orchard Free Company was forged after many, many eras of waiting. The Soothsayer's vision would come to be. The Company would become a shield to aid the Alliance against all threats. Even if they were to sacrifice themselves to the Orchard and the White Oaks. The Bone Orchard The Bone Orchard is a small Free Company starting up on the Mateus Server. This company are seeking to carve out a place of their own on Hydaelyn. To this end, they are searching for beings from all walks of life. A rogue, a mercenary, a grizzled veteran, a tradesman, or a novice scholar. All are welcome beneath its branches as it begins its search for individuals who might serve the vision of the Soothsayer. Initially set on only seeking the Wardens of the Ashen Realms, they have recently decided to cast a wider net. The more eyes, ears, and hands working to find the Wardens and fill the branches with members. The better they might lay the foundation for the Free Company and come to the aid of all realms and shards. The Free Company is of the mind set that even if you are not a Warden, there are now Branches that your character might enter. So they may carve their own destiny alongside the Free Company, itself. How do I join? You can send in an ask to set up a a meeting by throwing one: here Alternatively, just wait for any of the following to come online to express your interest: Genixma Fukkatsu, The Frayed, Hakkotsu Tsuki, Horae Solstice, Lord Shamhat, Don'yoku Mugen, Nikoyoku Sanguinius, or Q'ruhka Tia How would my character of heard of the Bone Orchard? Some characters have dreams, visions similar to that of the, now, passed Soothsayer. Others, would of heard it in whispers around taverns, later at night. Or from a drunkard being hauled off to gaol after having a bad run in with something.
  11. Chimera is a free company of contractors with a very obvious goal - the pursuit of coin through whatever means their employers dictate. From assassinations to pest control, there is little that is not within the scope of their operation. As a long-standing fixture in the Limsa Lominsa area, the organization has repurposed the lower floor of their lavish Mist estate to a Far Eastern-themed eatery and entertainment center better known as the Jeweled Cypress. Not only can patrons enjoy a drink and a meal, but they can also utilize the facilities for sensitive, private business meetings or even hire Chimera and Hydra’s esteemed, experienced contractors. We accept characters of all types and are a largely neutral alignment base with a few evil -and- good influences. In short - if you’re in it for the money, chances are your character may just fit in. We’re happy to accept roleplayers of any experience level, even those just getting started. Here at Chimera, we're looking for more than just a member count; we're looking for people looking to engage and be engaged alike. Though we are first and foremost a roleplay-oriented free company, many of us also indulge in a healthy amount of gameplay content including but not limited to dungeon runs, pvp, raids, treasure map groups, and crafting / gathering. We're not only looking for people invested in creating a story, but we're also looking for people to play the game with and all-in-all do what games are meant to let us do - have fun. On the same token, we're looking for people who are laid-back and can handle the occasional good-natured ribbing. If you think the listed criteria fits you? Great! We want you! https://chimera-ffxiv.carrd.co If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or input, our FC leader can be reached as follows! In-Game: Priae Negotium Discord: trashi3st#1313
  12. Characters: Khalja Gharl Primary character: Khalja Gharl Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I'd love to find longer-term partners to RP with; would be fairly fun to just enjoy a story of growth between characters and such like that Views on RP combat and injuries: Totally on board. I would honestly need to get used to the rolling combat just because I have been used to the whole oh you do this type what you do and see what happens. Views on IC romance: I do enjoy it, but I don't push it. It's gotta make sense IC Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Its interesting Views on lore: I try to stick as close as I can, but I'm happy to manipulate things that don't make sense or are just plain dumb. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm cool with using chat, although I find it a bit clunky and prefer mediums like discord and stuff, it's all cool! III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: CST Contact info: Discord: AmbiLati#4214 About Khalja: To those that would notice this Xaela; they would take stock that he was a fairly cheerful and almost optimistic person even though his craft would somewhat say otherwise. While his personality would be cheerful his choice in clothing would beg to differ offering a more darker shades of clothing to either white or things of that nature. The would also note when he chooses to fight and wield his magics his helm usually covers his eyes keeping his ear out making him feel more comfortable with his abilities. ((That is really all i wanna put down for him as of right now he does have more to his back story if some wish to know feel free to ask always fun to give a little more and see what someone character could do with this knowledge. He is normal a Black Mage but he will be also carrying a sheathed sword with him.)) Other: Been Rping in other type of forums and other games hopefully i can get used to doing it in this one and have great times and great memories if you wish to pm me please don't be afraid to at all; stay amazing people
  13. I'm looking for any kind of connections for my character, hopefully for a long-term experience of any kind! Name: Vie'ro Golinn. Age: 27 Sex: Male Orientation: Straight Viero is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn. Before piracy was deemed banned, he was born upon a pirate tub to a wench and a deckhand. The Captain of this vessel had his eyes for this wench, and thus conducted green-eyed murder of the father. Without ever meeting his father, Vie'ro grew with the pirates the raged the edge of the Rhotano. However, the ruthless treatment of his benevolent mother and the murders he had seen contributed to his resentment of piracy, and the lack of rugged stimulus that most Roes are known for.
  14. Hello! Right off the bat to make it clear & easy, I’m looking for a LT RP Dark Knight Mentor(s) on the Crystal data center. I am currently very satisfied with my main RP characters; their schedules and regular contacts, etc. So I feel have the time and ability to pursue a new one. However, rather than starting fully in their job and past a certain point in their story, I’d really like the opportunity to experience their learning the job through a mentor (or group of mentors if perhaps a few existing contacts want to take this on together). And that’s what I’m here to find today! As such I have not boosted/leveled this character yet since I was thinking of just leveling him rogue to a certain point but may still boost to make it easier to RP in them being taught certain abilities with regard to the Dark Knight class (though just reducing the glams down to something more basic/fighter wise for the time being). I might also do this early on for Kugane access. I have checked the lore book with friends and other sites to ensure that it seems like a class that would make sense for this character, since there was an agreement among us that the abilities come more from a person’s essence and innate skill rather than relying on the ability to read or cast a spell. Hopefully a mentor would feel the same. All the character’s information as well as my own as a player and my policies can be found on his carrd. But feel free to DM me here, reply, or grab my discord information off the carrd profile. Please ignore the basic gallery image, as I said, still debating on the job to start and therefore no glams/travel ability yet. https://haruoh.carrd.co/ Some quick facts though are that this character is on Mateus (willing to travel though on Crystal), I’m EDT/EST but usually up for RP between 7pm and 4am every day of the week. (Though for the right mentor can do some afternoons throughout the week too). I really only do multi-para/novella. I’m okay with Discord in addition to gameplay as a supplement (but do still want mostly in game moments when we can). Any questions, comments, or concerns, hit me up, I’m super easy going and friendly
  15. MMORPG and Roleplaying HISTORY So I've been around for a while, It was a long time until I found MMO's but I had been enjoying RPG's as long as I can remember. The elder Scrolls was a major contributing factor to this then I found Dragon Age and Mass Effect, needless to say the rabbit hole only gets deeper from there. I got started on mmo's back when I got into swtor for a few years, I played religiously and fell in love with this genre... the gameplay, the social aspect, everything. I only left SWTOR when ARR launched and I got on board the day of, I loved the game to death. I'd found my new addiction or so I thought. My friends eventually left and I moved on to another game as there was little keeping me here. I picked up Guild Wars 2 I played off and on, still do sometimes. Then I dropped entirely out of the mmorpg space for a year or two, nothing was holding my interest and I'd yet to discover the joys of RPing. I eventually did find a new mmo to enjoy in ESO [Elder Scrolls Online] I again got in at launch on the xbox and played for a long time until the joy faded and I once again dropped it, then I ended up hopping from game to game, came back to FFXIV left then went to SWTOR again then GW2 and once more I quit mmo's alltogether, until I went back to ESO some time later. I spent most of my time socializing and this eventually led me to meet some people who roleplayed it was then that something clicked. I went to one gathering at a small tavern, nothing special but I was blown away at how great it made me feel. I could finally give my character a voice, a personality... these things had never ever occurred to me before. I went on to find what few friends I could in that game that rp'ed and met some of the best friends I've ever had, we grew tired of ESO eventually and had heard no end of praise about FFXIV's rp community, having played before I told my friends how great the game itself was and once here we were hooked, that was a couple of years ago now and I haven't looked back. I have rped on discord a lot since I got into RP in general, me and my past rp partners have pages upon pages of stories and rp's we've done together so that's definitely something I'd be interested in. Character/ RP Ideas Hyur/Female/Highlander Strong silent type fairly well defines her, until she becomes comfortable around you. Veteran Adventurer/Mercenary whom has made quite the journey . She's worn many different hats throughout the years but the most long standing and permanent is Dark Knight I'd enjoy finding someone for her to mentor and teach as an adventurer doesn't have to be as a dark knight She's happily married so romance is off the table, but anything else is open especially adventures and the like , though she does find herself in a tavern more often than not I'm searching for long term rp partners and contacts, I'd be willing to talk with just about anyone to find out if we click new or old hit me up More info here https://briar-a.carrd.co/ What kind of role-player am I? Medium - Heavy fairly well defines me, I will rp any chance I'm given, I'd take it over doing content or leveling any day of the week. OOC Stuffs I'm fairly easy going and open to most things, while I do appreciate sticking with the lore you'd find I have little issue if you'd want to bend it to do something you really wanted to, it's all about creativity to me as long as we're having fun that's all I really care about. I am online most nights and usually on much more on friday and saturday my days off from work, /tell Briar Amano anytime in game she's my main or you can poke me via discord at Briar#0229, or DM me here. Hobbies IRL Stuffs FFXIV and Roleplaying are my main hobbies, though I do enjoy listening to music and playing music when the mood strikes me. Other than that I'm just a gamer in general and enjoy discussing anything I know about.
  16. until
    Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern will be selling our wares at the Reunion Market Night on Saturday, November 23rd at 7:00 PM EST at Reunion in the Azim Steppe on the Mateus server. Come RP with us and browse our selection, or just enjoy the rest of the market!
  17. Realm: Mateus FC Name: The Drake Tribe FC Tag: <DT-RP> FC Rank: 8 Leader: U'kesh Nunh FC Estate: Ward 19 Plot 13, Goblet FC Type: Tribal Roleplay, Seekers of the Sun Most Active Times: 6pm to 12am EST (Monday-Thursday), 6pm to 3am EST (Friday), 12pm to 3am EST (Saturday), 12pm-12am EST (Sunday) Time Note: Members start to get on around 12pm daily but events are usually held later in the evening. Alignment: True Neutral Source Links: https://the-drake-tribe.tumblr.com/about About: The Drake Tribe is heavily focused Seeker of the Sun Roleplay FC that is currently at FC Rank 8. The FC has been attending cross world tribal events and has recently obtain its FC estate. IC Story: After concluding that the influx of outsiders to Forgotten Springs threaten their way of life, U'kesh and those that agree with him have decided to leave Forgotten Springs and form their own Sept of the Drake Tribe. Currently they have established themselves in the South Eastern Sagolii and are currently in the process of growing the tribe. DISCLAIMER: Must be +18 IRL to join Currently Recruiting: Seekers of The Sun Contacts: U'kesh (Here), U'kesh Nunh (In-game)
  18. FC Name: In’yō Tag: <IY-RP> Leader: Miyuki Amamura Officers: Daaric Kusumai FC House/Apartment Address: Shirogane - Ward 14, Plot 59 Type of FC: Medium-Heavy RP, PVE Active Time: Varied (Average: 7 PM EST onward.) Alignment: The Sanctuary is Neutral. It's inhabitants vary. Restrictions: 18+ Website: https://tinyurl.com/y6sfdzv6 Recruitment: Open Nestled in the hills of Shirogane is a healing retreat. What once was an abandoned temple dedicated to the Kami is now a soothing private oasis know as the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides all manner of services; ranging from the healing arts , both Eorzean and Far Eastern methods, to personalized relaxation treatments such as Hot Stone Massage. In-yō refers to the people who live and work at the Sanctuary. Comprised of all walks of life, you will find a melting pot of people, all coming together in support of one another and the world around them. The Yin The Sanctuary offers a variety of services for physical, mental and spiritual health for short term and long term stays. From the spa which features the special hot spring's water for soaking to massage therapy. Healers offer traditional remedies like acupuncture along with new technologies and therapies. The Sanctuary is looking for staff at the present. Are you an exceptionally skilled healer? Award winning chef? Experienced handyman? We have numerous positions to be filled. Everything from accounting, security to housekeeping is needed. No experience necessary in some positions. Seek out a Caretaker for details. The Yang Once in a while, among the residents and staff, someone is chosen by the Yūrei and taken down a path leading them on to dangerous adventures. Honing their skills to preserve the world's balance, even if it means they must bloody their hands to do so. OOC Background: New FC looking for members not afraid of helping a FC grow by being active and contributing. In’yō is comprised of the staff, residents and guests that live and work at the Sanctuary. A variety of events are always in the planning stages. Events like server events where the retreat is open to the public to private DM'd events for the Yūrei. The FC is neutral grounds. Your character can be any alignment. They can join the FC as staff or resident. Your character does not have to be suffering from some sort of malady in order to apply. Your character does not need to be Far Eastern. They could simply be looking for a safe haven or new residence. Joining the Yūrei does requires RP to join. It is not a position that can be taken on as soon as joining the FC. Please visit our webpage for more details, review of our FC expectations and more. Click here to view website. Feel free to reach out to us in game, Discord or here through PM. In-game contacts ; Miyuki Amamura, Daaric Kusumai, Amarisa Chanteuse Discord: https://discord.gg/QRXCeBh This information is subject to change. All typos are made by me. They are mine.
  19. The Forest Children is a traditional Keeper of the Moon community located on Mateus but is open to anyone on the Crystal datacentre. More information about the community and invite to the discord can be found here. Our events are open to anyone over the age of 18 ic and ooc who wish to learn more about Keeper of the Moon culture or simply wish to enjoy the festivities, no matter their race. This moon, The Forest Children will be celebrating the Goddess Nophica. Join us in celebrating the end of a bountiful harvest and hunting season in honour of the Goddess of the harvest and bounty. Hunters and gatherers are encouraged to seek out the best and most bountiful harvests or hunts before the event to share in a communal feast in the name of Nophica. Also, hunters are encouraged to share tales of their triumph hunts with their fellow Keeper’s of the Moon and other attendees of the feast. What: A feast in honour of Nophica. Where: Widjigo Clan House. Plot 33, 16 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Mateus server. When: IC- The 8th sun of the Sixth Astral Moon, at nine bells in evening. OOC- Friday, 8th of November at 9 pm est. Who: An open event for Keeper’s of the Moon or anyone who wishes to celebrate or learn more about Keeper of the Moon culture. All races and people are welcome if they can be respectful to event-goers. We ask all characters and role players attending Forest Children events be 18 years or older ic and ooc as are the rules of The Forest Children community. Any further questions can be directed to Event Runner: Aife Dolabnha(Aife#6195) Admin(s): Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837)
  20. I. Basic Info Characters: Maeron Citamra Primary character: Maeron Citamra Linkshells: None. Am seeking to gain some Primary RP linkshell: See above maeroncitamra.carrd.co II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All RP Views on RP combat and injuries: Maeron is a sellsword, and she is currently in the employ of a fellow Keeper of the Moon named Slein. She enjoys going on adventures with companions and tends to rush into battles while drunk. Except when it comes to dragons. She hates dragons. (In other words, combat is fine as long as it's not overly done) Views on IC romance: No romance. At all. Whatsoever, IC or OOC. She has a current love interest, and it is one that will continue to grow. In the meantime, she's too young and free-spirited to settle down with only one person. Due to her past and current love interest, she also only engages in ERP with other females. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): She has no family, the closest thing she now has to a family is her employer. That being said, she loves making new friends, when the few who can take her sassy personality stick around long enough. Views on lore: Story is story. Not everyone can be a WoL and have the echo. When playing MSQ together, it's great to play around with, but when not in the process of questing? No, she is a simple sellsword based in Ul'Dah, obsessed with making as much coin as possible. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): My preference is to RP in emotes, but if there's too much going on, the RP is done in a group and everyone prefers to do it in party, or whatever the Hell else, I will use whichever chat function to do so. I am not picky and am pretty adaptable. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: Message me here or find me in game
  21. Magic and Mayhem All Hallows Eve party Blackrose Estate. Mateus, The Goblet - W12 P35 | October 27th, 7 pm PST Come celebrate a spooky scary All Hallows Eve, an in-character roleplay event hosted by The Blades of Blackrose. Costume contest with prizes and a DJ playlist (Link provided during the event). Come celebrate the spooky times! - Prizes for Spookiest costume, funniest costume and most creative costume.
  22. After some research I'm going to go forward with my own interpretations on the possibility of vampires in ffxiv. Aether consumption being their bases, though they could get by on regular food it would leave them incredibly weakened to the point falling into dormancy for lengths of time. Age I am still deciding, I do however believe they not full immortal without magics assisting them however they would perhaps age incredibly slowly. Their abilities might be more powerful than the average mortal's but only if they had proper training and were consuming aether on a regular basis. Consuming aether being perhaps taken from creatures or peoples through a variety of means (this be discussed by those interested in RP with my OC). All of these points are open for discussion and alteration upon contacting me ^^ I will say I am going for a less, random meeting in a city or on the streets and more a happen upon him possibly in a state of dormancy? I am open to him being paired with a specific person or a group of people. I'm also open to simplistic plots and dark er more in depth plots, anything you can think of is open to discussion! I will warn that, until I can get a fantasia, he will start as discord only RP but migrate to in game over time. If you wish to discuss this in length or are interested in rp feel free to contact me here or discord, if discord doesn't let you friend my, PM me here your discord tag and I'll try to friend you! Mine is Evil_Vixxen#0693 Basics: Name: Edward Asgoth Age: Appears somewhere between 19-21 (real age unknown) Height: 5ft 9in Build: Frail looking, short, kind of lanky but soft featured about the face EDIT I have in mind to not have him be met through the usual means, he being in a state of dormancy at the moment in some sort of ruins or wreckage beneath the sea. Not in water, but within a hidden area beneath the waters. Like an under water cave of sorts or something similar. Meaning to happen upon him one would need a background in exploring ancient ruins in some manner. Be you a scholar, treasure hunter or some other background to chance upon the lad. Also for those wishing eventual romantic interests, he is homosexual -> demisexual. Please keep this in mind. END EDIT He appears more or less as you see him in the following screenshot! Here's a screen shot of my OC.
  23. I. Basic Info Characters: Rhothyrt Vaiapte Primary character: Rhothyrt Vaiapte Linkshells: Windward Horizon Primary RP linkshell: Windward Horizon II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Anywhere from medium to heavy. The amount depends on workload and other factors, usually not bad to ask. Views on RP combat and injuries: Combat and injuries are good character building and allow for some interesting development as your character deals with those situations. Normally, I think the severity of injuries should be left to the player as long as it's within reason. Views on IC romance: The only thing I have to say about romance is that somebody has already filled that slot for me, so if you wanna try with one of my characters you're welcome to give it a go. Just be warned, it's going to fail. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I have never had the opportunity to rp anything like this, which is crazy given how many years I have been role-playing. It sounds like fun and I'm always happy to give new stuff a try. Views on lore: I try to remain as close to lore as possible. I think stuff specifically there as game mechanics isn't as lore abiding as it is a system to regulate gameplay and isn't necessarily a rule set in stone. Some things make sense as rules and others only work in the scope of this being a video game. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Say and Linkshell are generally IC. Events I've done in other games establish if chats like party are IC or OOC. I usually defer to the group or other person outside of the usual IC chats. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: EST-5 Contact info: In game is just my character Discord is Sheepshifter#0602 Contacting me here, through DMs is fine as well.
  24. Been having a heck of a time finding decent Rp lately. I'm in the Central time zone and can only log in most days between 930AM and 5PM. With most Free Companies and players having evenings free it makes it hard for me to meet up with folks. If anyone else is free during these times or knows of someone, please send me a PM here. I have characters on Mateus and Balmung at the moment, but I am willing to go to another server if I can find at least one person willing to delve into long term stories with me. I have an extensive history of Rp going back 20+ years with a love of writing.
  25. Windward Horizon Proprietors of The Rose & Thorn tavern. Salvagers of land and sea. Who we are: Windward Horizon is a salvage and trade based company, operating out of The Rose & Thorn tavern. The two businesses work in tandem to bring in plentiful coin and bounty for those that call these walls home. What we're looking for: Interested in joining our ranks? We welcome characters from all walks of life and alignments. Any who are looking for some adventure, coin and a family to join are welcome to apply. We are a brand new FC seeking members to fill our ranks and make a start to our crew! Looking for both social and heavier roleplayers, so if you're interested, fill out our short application below, or get in contact with us for more information on what we hope to achieve in our guild! Examples of IC positions we're looking to fill: Entertainers Tavern staff Salvaging crew Pilots Engineers Medical staff Security Our focus right now: Our focus is on our RP setting, and providing an immersive experience for members. At the present time while we're recruiting for the FC and getting a group together, you can expect light to medium RP (Tavern Rp - training/sparring events - small scale salvaging operations) to take place. Along with that, you can expect us to have a light focus on PvE and content. (Raids, maps, crafting etc). Get in contact! Please feel free to use any of the below methods to get in contact with us for more information, or to apply! Discord - Mirshandri#7315 (FC admin) Discord - Caparzo#9713 (FC admin) Carrd website - https://windward.carrd.co/ Our IG location - MATEUS, Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6 (Feel free to come have a look around the premises!) Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7
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